How To Clean Up Email

How To Clean Up Your Outlook Inbox And Manage Your Email

How to Clean Up Your Messy Email Inbox

If youre overwhelmed by too much email in Microsoft Outlook, dont despair! We can show you how to get rid of email you dont want by using filters, rules, folders, and Outlooks own Focused Inbox. As a bonus, well even show you how to use Gmail to manage your Outlook email, tooit sounds weird, but it works. And, of course, well show you to auto-delete and archive old email.

We also have tips on how to get rid of spam in Outlook, and more Outlook tips to manage your inbox by categories. But for now, lets clean up your inbox!

Delete All Emails From Senders You Dont Care About

Gmail has been around since 2004, which means that many of its earliest users, who were still in college when they signed up, now have children of high-school age. If youve been using Gmail for a long time, youve probably accumulated hundreds and thousands of emails from senders you no longer care about.

Why keep emails from social networks that dont even exist anymore or people you havent met in the last 10 years when deleting them takes just a few minutes? With wildcards, you can easily find all emails from past senders so that you can clean Gmail inbox even if you dont know their exact email addresses.

In Gmail, the wildcard is the asterisk , and it serves as a placeholder for other characters. Lets say you want to delete all emails from Myspace, and you dont care whether they are from other Myspace users, Myspace support, or the social network itself.

Your Ideal Inbox Then Go Through The Cleaning In One Go

The focus of tidying up is not to define what you want to get rid of, but what you would like to keep.

First, picture your ideal inbox: what kind of emails will you be keeping, whats important enought to keep? Then, imagine the peace of mind and the relief of stress that come naturally afterwards.

Holding on to this thought, commit to the cleaning in one go. The key to successfully cleaning up your inbox is to complete this in one shot and not wait until you feel like picking up the task again because lets face it: its now or never.

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How To Clean Up Gmail Storage

Why is my Gmail out of storage?

Your Gmail may be out of storage for three different reasons: 1. You have too many emails in your inbox. 2. You have too many files in Google Drive. 3. You have too many photos and videos in Google Photos.

How can I free up Gmail space?

To clean Gmail space, you should first get rid of unwanted and unnecessary email messages using a bulk email organizer like Clean Email. Then, go through Google Drive and Google Photos and delete all files, photos, and videos that you dont need.

What do I do when my Gmail storage is full?

The first thing you should do when you run out of storage is to learn how to clean up Gmail space by familiarizing yourself with the techniques described in this article. Unless youre okay with wasting hours of your time, dont clean Gmail storage space manually and use a bulk email organizer instead.

Will deleting emails free up storage?

Yes, deleting email will free up your Gmail storage. You can also delete files stored in Drive and photos and videos stored in Google Photos.

How much storage do I have in Gmail?

All users get to enjoy 15 GB of free space. Users can purchase additional storage by subscribing to one of several available Google One plans.

Thats Why You Should Use Bouncer

10 Best Email List Cleaning Services

Bouncer clears issues in minutes that would take you days to complete for a list with thousands of addresses.

Its far better at spotting spelling mistakes and typos, and it certainly doesnt get tired or procrastinate. It deletes bounced, blocked and spam problems without a second thought. It can save you masses of time and money.

Were not saying you shouldnt manually check your lists toowe absolutely think you should. But do yourself a favour, and let us do the bulk of the hard work for you.

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The Complete Guide To Cleaning Up Your Email Inbox

Mailbutler offers the complete guide to cleaning out your inbox, helping you to stay productive and sane when the emails are rolling in.

James has five years’ experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master’s in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

Its no secret that email anxiety is a real thing. If you have experienced any of the following:

  • Guilt due to the fact you left emails unanswered for way too long
  • Annoyance because you dont know what to do after you receive an email
  • Frustration because you have no idea how to prioritize incoming emails from different departments, clients, projects

then theres no better time to sweep away all your email worries! Our team has put together the most complete and actionable guide on cleaning up your email inbox. We even added six effective organizing habits that you can instantly adopt to curb all your email woes.

Email List Cleanup: Who To Remove

In addition to hard bounces, there are other email addresses you need to remove. Dont worry well tell you exactly how to do this in the next step.

For example, look out for duplicate email addresses or duplicate names with different email addresses. For Mailchimp list cleaning, theres an Excel formula to help you identify and remove duplicates. It also works for bounces.

For security reasons , you should also remove spam email addresses. You can usually spot these because of a strange letter or number combination.

Remove people who have unsubscribed, too. Again, you dont want those to count as part of your email marketing service plan.

And if you have ever bought an email list, which is a bad idea, remove those subscribers, too. Theyre not exclusive to you and havent given you permission, so theyre likely doing nothing for the bottom line.

Want to avoid spambots signing up to your email list in the first place? Check out this post to learn how to add reCaptcha to your optin forms!

That will help you keep your list clean right from get-go. Now, lets take a look at how you can scrub your contact list.

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Is Spike Priority Inbox A Safe Way To Clean Up My Email Inbox

Yes! Spike takes your privacy seriously, and we have an entire page dedicated to explaining how we keep your data safe. In short:

  • Spike is ad-free and does not rent, sell, distribute or monetize on your data. To anyone. Ever.

  • Spike passed a security audit by an independent security evaluator.

  • Spike stores only the minimum data needed to provide the fastest communication and collaboration experience.

  • Message data is encrypted using the AES-256 encryption.

How To Create Email Folders In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Email: Clean Up Email Conversation

First, think about what youd like to store in each folderperhaps all of the automated notifications from Facebook, for example, or emails from a specific contact. You can also organize your Outlook inbox like Gmail does: creating folders for social notifications that you dont want to delete, but you dont want clogging your inbox, either.

Microsoft Outlook for the Web offers the most convenient way to add new folders. Once created, you can drag them around and organize them as youd like.

In the Outlook Web app, the process is simple: Click the New folder link at the bottom of the list of folders, way down below your Inbox. If you want to create more than one, just click the link again.

In the Outlook desktop app, right-click the name of your email address and select New Folder. Outlooks UI makes this unnecessarily difficult, and more often than not youll end with a sub-folder in an odd spot. You may be better off opening the web app via the link above and performing this step with the handy shortcut the Outlook web app provides.

Next, were going to use Outlooks rules system to organize your existing email automatically, as well as assign email to your new folders automatically as they come in.

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Tools To Help Clean Up Gmail

Gmail has a ton of built-in tools and features you can use to clean your own inbox, and Ill be covering some of them in the following 10-step program.

One of the best features is its intuitive search feature, which you can use to sort your inbox however you see fitand identify exactly the right messages to delete as quickly as possible. There are also built-in sorting and categorizing features that can help you organize the important messages that remain .

However, if thats not enough, you can look to third-party tools to help you search, sort, organize, and delete your inbox messages. One of my personal favorites is, a bulk email cleaner that allows you to define your own rules and filters to apply across your inbox. With just a few clicks, you can set a new set of criteria for the organization of your inbox, and get to work sorting your email inbox.

For example, with the Quick Clean feature, will recommend old emails, miscellaneous notifications, and other emails that should be deleted. With the Smart Unsubscriber feature, you can quickly see the marketing and sales email lists to which youre subscribed, and unsubscribe from them permanently. You can also use the Auto Clean feature to get rid of emails that meet certain criteria automatically.

It will be far less overwhelming, and it will set you up for a positive organization habit you can use well into the future.

General Tips To Keep Your Mailbox Small

  • Dont store attachments in Outlook but store them outside of your mailbox in a folder on your hard disk where it belongs. Example the Documents folder, the Pictures folder, a corresponding Project or Programs folder, etc
  • Send as little attachments as possible. When you know the receiver can also access the file on the same network, SharePoint website or other web storage like OneDrive or DropBox, think about sending links instead.Since lnk-files to file shares are blocked by default, it is better to send a link to the file by using < and > like this < \\servername\sharename\foldername\filename.doc> or use Insert-> Hyperlink.
  • If you need to send attachments, send them in a compressed format like zip-files. This will save you some bandwidth and the receiver some mailbox space hopefully he/she will return you the favor.
  • Periodically check the size of the individual folders by using the View Mailbox Size button so you can react on a fast growing mailbox in time. This way, youll prevent the need to clean your mailbox for several hours at the end of the year or when it becomes full and be able to do it with just minutes a week or even a month.

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Utilize The Search Feature

If you don’t want to use filters to sort through your emails, or if your email client doesn’t make it easy to set up filters, you can use the search tool. I searched my email inbox for “LinkedIn” and got hundreds of results, so I easily deleted all of the daily digests from the company.

It might take some time to reach zero unread emails, but if you’re willing to rethink how you handle incoming messages and spend a few minutes organizing your inbox, it’s attainable.

Unsubscribe From Unnecessary Email Lists

Email List Cleaning: Clean Up Your Email List

First off, unsubscribing is not the same thing as deleting. Deleting emails from subscribed lists is like attempting to get rid of dust: the second you clean it up, it comes back.

Everyone has made the mistake of signing up for one too many lists. Take some time to go through and unsubscribe from lists you deem unnecessary. If youre unsure whether to unsubscribe from a particular list, do it anyway.

If you dont have the time to go on an un-subscription spree, you can speed up the process by using unsubscribe services. UnrollMe, for example, is a secure and efficient app that filters through your inbox, displays a list of all your subscriptions and gives you the option to instantly unsubscribe all with one click. This will help immensely in cleaning up your inbox and getting rid of future clutter.

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Save Time By Learning The Shortcuts

Another one of our favorite email management tips is using shortcuts. These quick key entries make it simple and fast to clean up your inbox.

There are a lot of shortcuts, so it can take a while to remember them all. However, they significantly reduce the time it takes to get from A to B.

Everything from creating a new email to archiving selected messages can be sped up with a shortcut. First, make sure Keyboard shortcuts are turned on by going to settings and then selecting it under the General tab.

Now theyre ready to use. Here are some of our favorite shortcuts (remember for PCs to use Ctrl and on Macs.

  • C: Opens a new email window

  • D: Opens a new compose window in a separate tab

  • S: Stars an email

  • Shift + 8 + U: Selects all unread emails

  • E: Archives all selected messages

  • R: Reply to an email

  • /: Opens up the messages search bar

  • Command + K: Insert a link

There are plenty more, so remember to check out the full list here.

Your Bounce Rate Is Up

With every campaign you send out, you should be analyzing the performance not just of how many people opened it but also how many bounces it got. If youre getting more bounces, it may be time to take a look at the addresses showing problems and find out why.

You might wonder whether you should delete them all right away and get rid of the problem altogether, but theres a case to be made for waiting. The thing about bounce rate is that there are two different types of bounces, hard and soft.

Types of email bounces

Not all email bounces happen for the same reasons. Hard bounces are the ones that you must get rid of. These are bounces that arent going to be fixed. Maybe the email address doesnt exist or it was permanently deleted. Soft bounces are those that are having temporary issues. Maybe the recipient is out of storage, or theyre having trouble getting a file you attached. When email servers see a bounce, they usually attempt to resend the email a few days later.

So, how do you know whats a deal-breaker bounce and whats one that you should give a second chance? You dont. Thats why the most common thing to do isnt to delete all email addresses that bounce but to keep tabs on them. If they keep bouncing week after week, then scrap them.

Good versus bad bounce rate

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