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Email Overload – How to Clean Up Your Inbox !

Gmail has a ton of built-in tools and features you can use to clean your own inbox, and Ill be covering some of them in the following 10-step program.

One of the best features is its intuitive search feature, which you can use to sort your inbox however you see fitand identify exactly the right messages to delete as quickly as possible. There are also built-in sorting and categorizing features that can help you organize the important messages that remain .

However, if thats not enough, you can look to third-party tools to help you search, sort, organize, and delete your inbox messages. One of my personal favorites is, a bulk email cleaner that allows you to define your own rules and filters to apply across your inbox. With just a few clicks, you can set a new set of criteria for the organization of your inbox, and get to work sorting your email inbox.

For example, with the Quick Clean feature, will recommend old emails, miscellaneous notifications, and other emails that should be deleted. With the Smart Unsubscriber feature, you can quickly see the marketing and sales email lists to which youre subscribed, and unsubscribe from them permanently. You can also use the Auto Clean feature to get rid of emails that meet certain criteria automatically.

It will be far less overwhelming, and it will set you up for a positive organization habit you can use well into the future.

Unsubscribe From Annoying Lists

Most of us get at least a few emails every day from lists we subscribed to a long time ago, but are no longer relevantor maybe we ended up on a list we never subscribed to in the first place. Theres a simple solution: unsubscribe. But most of us dont take the extra time to take ourselves off of these listsinstead, we just delete emails one at a time and roll our eyes whenever we get a new one.

Stop the cycle by using a tool to generate a list of all your current subscriptions, or use Gmails search bar to search for all emails that include the word Unsubscribe in the body. It will take some time to manually unsubscribe from all these lists, but its worth the investment.

Stop Getting Emails From Current Sources

Its called opting out the process of taking steps to unsubscribe to an email list by letting them know you dont want any more emails from them.

Maybe youre thinking, I dont have time for that! But heres something you might not know: Gmail and other email programs let you unsubscribe right from one of their emails.

If you have Gmail:

  • Go to a message from one of your subscriptions.
  • Look for the prompt that says you can unsubscribe by clicking a link.
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    How To Block Email In Outlook

    Automatically routing email is one thing blocking, deleting, and auto-archiving email is quite another. Deleting email actually means several different things within Outlook.

    Within the Outlook desktop app, you can right-click an email and select Ignore. This essentially eliminates the conversation youre having, sending it and any future email responses to the Deleted Items folder. By clicking instead, Outlook will open up a second pop-out menu where you can block the senders email address, routing any future email from the sender to your Junk folder. You can manage this by selecting , which opens up a small menu where you can add or subtract email addresses from your blocked senders list. The Options tab also allows you to control how aggressive Microsofts assessment is of whether an email is in fact junk.

    Finally, you can also set an Outbox inbox rule, and instead of moving the email, you can delete it instead.

    The Outlook eeb app offers similar functionality. You can right-click an email and select Ignore, or go to Security options > Mark as junk to do just that.

    Stop Signing Up To Get More Emails

    How to Clean Up Your Messy Email Inbox [Video]

    Its called opting inthe process of clicking a button in response to an offer to receive valuable news and updates. When you click yes and give them your email address, youve subscribed to their automated email system.

    The problem is, you never really know how often that website or advertiser is going to send you updates. It might be monthly or it might be daily. If you already have enough emails flowing in, dont sign up for more! Bonus tip: Stop giving out your email address just because someone asks for it.

    One exception: the subscription to get IP Insights. It comes just once a week, averages 160 words and will make you safer and smarter online.

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    Turn Your Inbox Into A Productivity Hub

    Your inbox doesnt have to be a place of doom that drains your productivity. Your inbox should be just another task on your to-do list with a little organization and planning.

    Reduce the time it takes to deal with emails using tools like labels, filters, and stars. Also, try to make use of the Delete, Take Action, Delegate, Defer strategy to cut down on the time spent procrastinating in your inbox.

    Any email can fall into one of four categories, so it’s okay to send it straight to the trash or archive it for later. Hopefully, following these email management tips will finally get you to the holy grail of email: a clean, organized inbox!

    How To Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox By Quickly Deleting Old Email

    If you have too much email in your Gmail account, it may finally be time to clean it out. This is not simply to reach the Zen-like nirvana of inbox zero, but to address a looming threat: As of June 1, 2021, . By default, Gmail users receive 15GB of storage, shared across Gmail, Drive, and Photos. Some data, like Photos, is currently exemptedbut that goes away in June. If your total data exceeds your free allotment, youll either have to delete data, pay Google for more storage, or risk losing whatever extra data Google chooses to delete.

    Dont let that happen! Here are some tactics for deleting lots of email, pronto.

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    Minutes 30 To : Use The Two

    The emails youre left with now should only be ones that need action. If the action can be completed in less than two minutes, do it now. If you need more time to take care of the message, add it to your to-do list with a notification to remind you to actually do it. Then, archive the email to keep your inbox clear .

    If youre just not a list maker, you can instead use Gmails new snooze feature to have the email show up in your inbox when youre ready to handle it. Or, if youre an Outlook user, the follow-up feature lets you do the same.

    Very Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox

    How to Clean Up Your Inbox to Efficiently Use Outlook 2013?

    With so many emails flying around these days, its really easy to get overwhelmed by the junk and miss the important stuff you actually need to see. Whether its an email that doesnt apply to you, or one of your contacts needs to recheck their definition of frequent, keeping a clean inbox is a constant battle.

    However, by applying some basic filters and utilizing Gmails Mute option, you and your inbox can get along much better.

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    Best Email Cleaner Apps To Take Back Your Inbox

    Going into work on Monday morning and staring down the barrel of 487 unread messages simply isnt a fun experience.

    Sure, with enough free time on your schedule, you can muscle through the weeds, deleting emails you dont need, and preserving the ones that are most important.

    But who has the time?

    And the patience? Is there an app to clean up email?

    Yes, there are a handful of good ones! In this article, Ive hand-picked my favorite email cleaner apps thatll help you with cleaning up your email inbox

    Clean Out Your Email Inbox

    Dont you hate starting out your day with a full, disorganized email inbox? Me too! There are two important reasons, to clean out your email and keep it that way:

  • Emails get lost and forgotten when there is a bunch of clutter in there. When you dont respond to an email in a timely fashion, it makes you look unprofessional, or if its a personal email, uncaring.
  • A cluttered inbox makes you feel overwhelmed. Starting out the day with a a ton of emails that need to be read and sorted makes you feel as if you are already behind when you havent even started!
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    The good news is cleaning out your inbox and keeping it organized and manageable is pretty simple. Heres how:

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    Filter Based On Priority

    When it comes to email tricks, automated filters are old news for most of you but did you know you can also use hashtags to filter your emails, just like you do on social media? Simply insert the hashtag in the body of the email and use your email clients advanced search function to ferret it out as needed.

    Use Your Email Providers Sorting Or Filtering Features

    How to clean up your Gmail inbox by quickly deleting old ...

    Most people dont take time to explore their email programs special features. On Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook, you can arrange it so that emails from different senders will go straight to a separate folder that you get to name . Gmail will automatically push your less-important emails into folders called Social or Promotions. Its not spam, but it figures youd like having less clutter.

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    The Complete Guide To Cleaning Up Your Email Inbox

    Mailbutler offers the complete guide to cleaning out your inbox, helping you to stay productive and sane when the emails are rolling in.

    James has five years’ experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master’s in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Its no secret that email anxiety is a real thing. If you have experienced any of the following:

    • Guilt due to the fact you left emails unanswered for way too long
    • Annoyance because you dont know what to do after you receive an email
    • Frustration because you have no idea how to prioritize incoming emails from different departments, clients, projects

    then theres no better time to sweep away all your email worries! Our team has put together the most complete and actionable guide on cleaning up your email inbox. We even added six effective organizing habits that you can instantly adopt to curb all your email woes.

    Perform An Email Audit

    Once you have your inbox, folders and rules put in place, the future looks bright for you and your emails, but what about all the clutter left over from before? Performing an email audit will help you clear out the remaining junk from days, weeks and months past.

    In Outlook, start by creating a new folder in your inbox titled Email Audit, Detox or something of that sort. From there, select all of the emails left in your inbox minus the last week or so of communications . Once youve selected these emails, drag the group into the new folder and begin sorting the remaining emails.

    In Gmail, select the latest email you would like to archive and then scroll down to the very bottom of your inbox. Utilize the Shift + Click method and select the very last email on the list to select all emails between the two. From there, select the Archive button on the top banner. This will move your selected emails out of your inbox and into the archive section within Gmail, allowing you to focus on your most current emails.

    For both Outlook and Gmail you can now start to delete or unsubscribe from the remaining junk, reply to the important, create tasks and appointments for some and create folders and rules for any others you see as necessary. The idea is to create a clean slate for you and your new rules to work with as you and your email inbox begin a new, uncluttered life.

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    Minutes 50 To : Update Your Settings For Easy Maintenance

    Congratulations on the worlds most organized inbox! OK, not the worlds most organized inboxbut your best inbox yet.

    But dont let the party go on for too long or youll find it filling up again. You can avoid this by setting up filters thatll automatically sort your incoming messages so you dont have to.

    My favorite filter is for newsletters and offer emails I actually want to read but dont always have time for right when they come in. Instead, I set up a filter in Gmail which sends them all to a Read Later folder.

    You might also consider setting up an auto-reply for your Gmail or Outlook when you wont be able to reply to emails as quick as you usually would .

    And, to really fly through your messages, you can enable and learn some keyboard shortcuts for Gmail or Outlook.

    After this clean-up, youll be rid of that nagging feeling that you missed a message, or that sinking feeling that you have to face a full inbox every morning. In fact, you might even be ready to move onto more advancing email organization such at taking advantage of the new Gmail, using Chrome extensions, or trying out this Inbox AI tool.

    Or, on the flipside, if you find that you still have a lot of work to dostart setting aside 20 minutes every week to tackle these steps one at a time. Do that for a few weeks and youll find yourself with an inbox that actually makes your life easier.

    This article originally appeared on The Daily Muse and is reprinted with permission.

    Yahoo Users: Heres How To Delete Thousands Of Emails At Once

    How To Clean Up Your Inbox – Gmail Management Trick: How To Clean Up Inbox For Good

    Just like Gmail, Yahoo Mail also lets you filter your search bar. Its not as easy as typing a code into the search bar, though. Youll have to tap on Advanced Search, which lets you search by these filters:

    • Sender
    • Type of email
    • Image
    • Attachment

    In the current version of Yahoo, you can use these filters to mass delete emails. Lets say you want to clean out all the unread emails.

    In this case, look to the left side of your email inbox. Go to the Smart Views drop-down menu. Next, tap on Unread. Now, all the read messages are filtered away, so you can collect every unread email in your inbox.

    You may find thousands or even hundreds of results. No worries: Just click on the Select All checkbox and hit the Delete button to clear them away.

    Now, everything you didnt want is discarded in the Trash folder. If you want to clear them permanently, navigate to the Trash folder and select All Emails to delete them for good.

    Repeat this process for any other kind of email you want to clear out of your Yahoo account. With this nifty trick, youll save hours of work.

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