How To Clean Out My Email

Understand Your Email Audience

How to Clean Up Your Messy Email Inbox

Before cleaning out your email list, take stock of how much your current audience aligns with your ideal audience. Look for ways to re-engage inactive subscribers by separating them into lists based on their interests and demographics. For example, you could create engaging welcome emails for new subscribers or whip up a discount campaign for older subscribers. Having multiple lists helps you to create campaigns thatll drive conversion rates up.

All in all, the success of email marketing campaigns should not be measured by the number of subscribers but by the quality of the subscribers and the actions they take as a result of your email. Therefore, its better to deploy campaigns to 20,000 active and engaged people than it is to blast the email to 30,000 people if half of them don’t care, will delete it, or worse, report it as spam.

Email Scrubbing: Why And How To Clean Your Email List

Whens the last time you scrubbed your email list?

If the answer is never, then youre likely wasting time, effort, and money on marketing to people who arent interested in your business.

Email lists decline by 2030% every year. Up to one-third of your subscribers will never open your emails, much less click on your call to action. So, whats the point in talking to them?

Thats where email scrubbing comes in.

What is email scrubbing? Email scrubbing is removing unengaged subscribers from your email list so that you can market only to people who want to receive your emails.

This email list hygiene is an essential part of targeting your marketing, so you should do an email list cleanup at least a couple of times a year.

In this article, well look at why email scrubbing is essential, and give you a step by step guide to doing it.

Were going to use MailChimp in our examples, but the process is similar for most popular email marketing services.

How To Clean Up Your Outlook Inbox And Manage Your Email

If youre overwhelmed by too much email in Microsoft Outlook, dont despair! We can show you how to get rid of email you dont want by using filters, rules, folders, and Outlooks own Focused Inbox. As a bonus, well even show you how to use Gmail to manage your Outlook email, tooit sounds weird, but it works. And, of course, well show you to auto-delete and archive old email.

We also have tips on how to get rid of spam in Outlook, and more Outlook tips to manage your inbox by categories. But for now, lets clean up your inbox!

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Create Custom Email Filters

Those who receive many emails on a daily basis need to clean Gmail inbox regularly to prevent them from piling on and gradually becoming unmanageable. If the idea of having to regularly clean Gmail inbox doesn’t sound too appealing to you, we recommend you learn how to filter emails in Gmail to automate certain time-consuming email management tasks.

This is how you can create Gmail filters:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Enter your filter criteria.
  • Choose what you’d like the filter to do.
  • As you can see, creating Gmail filters is somewhat clunky because you must first define which emails you want to filter and then specify what you want to happen to new messages that match your criteria.

    Clean Email’s Auto Clean feature lets you accomplish both of these steps with a single click, making it possible for you to simply apply any action to all future emails.

    To create custom email filters using Clean Email’s Auto Clean feature:

  • Log in with your address and password.
  • Select Inbox and choose the message on which you want to base your filter.
  • Apply any available action to the message.
  • Choose the “Selected and future similar emails” option when asked to confirm the action.
  • What Does It Mean To Clean Your Gmail Inbox

    How to Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox (with Pictures)

    Cleaning an inbox typically means removing the items you no longer need, and setting up a structure that allows you to minimize the presence of unnecessary emails in the future. There are several advantages to this approach:

    • Reduce storage. By default, Google will give you 15 GB of storage space, and you may have access to even more if youre paying for an account. When you first sign up, this seems like a lot, but eventually, you may push against this limit. Clearing out your inbox will make more space, giving you more storage to work with.
    • Eliminate noise. When your inbox is cluttered with messages that dont matter, it can be hard to find exactly the message youre looking for when conducting a Gmail searchor tell, at a glance, what your current workload is. Cleaning you inbox allows you to eliminate this noise, so you can better focus on the work that really matters.
    • Minimize incoming junk. Part of your Gmail cleaning exercise will be focused on minimizing the amount of incoming junk messages you receive from unwanted or unimportant sources, including blocking emails this way, youre less distracted by notifications throughout the day, and your inbox can stay cleaner for longer.
    • Review overlooked messages. Cleaning an inbox is also a great opportunity to find important messages you may have overlooked are there any people youve forgotten to respond to, or threads that died prematurely?

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    Trim Down Your Email Folder System

    Out of sight, out of mind is a famous saying that can easily go wrong when it comes to organizing your emails: the more layered and complicated your folder system is, the more hidden spaces you are creating to bury emails you should simply delete. Chances are once you moved an email into folder, youll never remember it again.

    This article from Fast Company sums up the only 5 email folders you need. To keep your inbox manageable, keep your filing system as minimal and simple as possible, and remove:

    • Folders within folders that can be easily merged
    • Folders for email topics

    Identify Email You Can Delete

    You might think all your emails are precious, but they’re not. Most people subscribe to newsletters and news alerts that are valuable in the moment but become clutter immediately after. For instance, I receive Google Alerts, newsletters, fantasy football alerts and promotional emails from Netflix, HBO Now and many more services. Identify these types of emails as the ones you want to delete.

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    Why Should I Use An Email Verification Tool

  • Bounce rates harm your sender reputation. Detect and remove bounces early from your email lists
  • Email addresses can become invalid. Even with an opt-in an email address can become invalid over time and will bounce.
  • Temporary email addresses shouldn’t be used for email marketing and be removed from your email list
  • Protect your sender reputation to make sure your emails get delivered to the recipient’s inbox.
  • Fever dead emails mean better insights into your audience through open and click rates.
  • Fewer people on your list can save you money and improve your Return on Invest
  • Consider Using Double Opt

    How to Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox Fast – Gmail Hack

    A double opt-in is a way to ensure that your subscribers truly want your email. Heres how it works: once a user submits their information to a form on your site, an email is sent to confirm their subscription. This does a few things: it gets them used to opening your emails, it signals to their email provider that your emails should not be automatically marked as spam, and it gives you an opportunity to ask them to save your contact info so emails dont get lost. All around, a win.

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    Set Limits To How Much Time You Spend In Your Inbox

    Checking emails mindlessly can give us a false sense of productivity and busyness. Instead, we encourage you to set up healthy boundaries that gives you enough freedom in managing every aspect of your work tasks. Tracking apps and tools such as Timing and Timeular can also help you understand your usage and time spent checking your emails.

    This great article from Ink+Volt lists the importance of time-blocking for any kind of daily tasks. Instead of checking emails as they arrive every other minute in your inbox, try booking hours in your calendar to manage emails in batch. Its also important to turn off email notifications when youre not checking them.

    The Importance Of Cleaning Up Your Inbox

    While many of us begin spring cleaning to organize our closets and to remove clutter, this is a friendly nudge to also give attention to your digital space especially your email inbox!

    In fact, studies have found that digital clutter can hinder your productivity in the same way a messy office does. Just like how you should respect your physical belongings and space, cleaning and tidying up your digital space is the key to peace of mind.

    So grab your mops and sponges : here are a list of steps to clean your inbox.

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    My Genius Inbox Zero Trick Heres How To Do It

    1. Search for every item in your inbox. Traditionally you can do this by typing in: label:inbox into the search barand Gmail will autofill it for you.

    If youre using the Gmail tab view , you can search this just by checking off the select all box in the top left that highlights everything in your Primary tab.

    2. Just below this box, click the pop-up notification that reads Select all conversations in Primary. This allows you to click all 8.994 instead of just 100 at a timewhich takes forever. If youre like me.

    3. Create a new label called Inbox 2020. Click apply, then give it a moment it can take a while if you have a lot of emails in need of labels.

    Now all of your emails from the year in your inbox have this same label, regardless of other labels or whether they are read or unread

    4. Next, click the label in your left column called Inbox 2020 , or alternatively, search for label:inbox-2020. Again, Select all conversations that match this search so you can batch edit them and save lots of time.

    5. Now, with all those checkboxes still selected, click the Archive icon.

    Voila! Each of those until-now unfiled emails are no longer in your inbox. They are now archived under theInbox 2020 label.

    6. Behold! As your shiny new 2021 inbox is now empty. Well, unless youre like me and youve gotten 27 new emails since you started the process.

    Make Sure Your List Has Good Hygiene

    How to Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox (with Pictures)

    The key to a squeaky clean list is to have a great routine and stick with it. Create a schedule for cleaning up your lists by looking at your data quantity and quality. This will determine how often you will have to clean your list. No matter how big your list, if most of your subscribers are not interacting with your emails, it is time to assess why.

    When looking through your email lists, check for duplicates, typos, and email addresses that have the word spam in them so that your emails are getting sent to the right person and are not bouncing.

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    How To Stop Getting Emails From Groupon Using Clean Email

    Clean Email combines automation with email to maintain your inbox on your behalf. The Unsubscriber feature takes bulk action against all of your unwanted newsletters from Groupon and other senders, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Target, Best Buy, Medium, Quora, and many more. Set up rules to customize how your emails are filtered. Send specific messages to a dedicated Read Later folder so they dont overcrowd important messages. Its your inbox, your way.

    Take Control of Your Email with Clean Email

    The app works for all mail clients, including Gmail, Yahoo!, Apple Mail, and Outlook. Its excellent for work, school, and personal accounts, and can be used with all of them! Save time in the inbox and kiss SPAM goodbye!

    What To Do Before You Clean Your Email List

    Well get to our email scrubbing guide soon, but before you start cleaning your email list, there are a couple more things to try.

    Work Out Why Emails Bounced

    As we said, there are plenty of reasons why emails bounce. Email service providers will let you know whether bounces are hard , or soft, which means theres a temporary issue.

    In MailChimp, for example, you can find this information by clicking on the View Report tab to the right of the name of any campaign.

    Scroll down to the stats, and click on Bounced.

    Youll see hard and soft bounces.

    Hard bounces happen because:

    • The domain name doesnt exist.
    • The email address doesnt exist.
    • Delivery is blocked by the email server.

    MailChimp automatically tags hard bounces as Cleaned, and they dont count as part of your email quota.

    Its worth noting that if soft bounces happen regularly, then theyll become hard bounces.

    Some bounces happen because of a typo in the email address. That can happen when you or subscribers edit their email information.

    To fix this in MailChimp, click on the name of any of the bounced subscribers.

    Check for typos. Some of these are easy to spot. Common typos include:

    • Misspelling the name of the mailbox provider, such as writing Gmial instead of Gmail.
    • Adding or omitting a letter in a name-based or company email address. For example, if someone works at IBM but their email ends in, youre safe to assume its a typo.

    In both cases, its easy to correct.

    Scroll down to and click Edit.

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    Respond To Important Messages

    Responding to important emails as they come in can feel like a herculean task, especially if you don’t feel up to it, but it makes it way simpler to wade through a full inbox and avoid missing messages.

    And you should avoid using your email as a to-do list and having people send over things they need you to do, according to a 2018 article from Entrepreneur. Instead, use an actual task management software like Asana or Trello, which make it easy to keep track of your to-do list and assign tasks to other people. You can encourage the people around you to use it as well.

    Get Organized: How To Clean Up Your Inbox

    How to quickly clean your gmail email inbox (and unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters)

    How bad is your inbox? Are you being crushed with guilt by all those unread messages? This four-step how-to guide for reclaiming your inbox can help.

    Email causes serious problems for our productivity, and for our psyche. An overflowing inbox weighs heavy on the mind. Returning to it over and over again creates more”work about work,” as the saying goes, which is highly inefficient and rarely actually central to the real work we need to do. If this sounds like your life, it’s time to clean up that inbox.

    My method for maintaining a healthy relationship with email relies on very small and concrete actions that I carry out every daycheck out my 11 tips for managing email. In other words, maintaining my inbox is not a one-time cleanup job. But what can you do if your inbox is so awful that you can’t see beyond that huge and immediate hurdle of dealing with it first? In that case, it’s time to sit down and overhaul the inbox.

    Here’s how to do it.

    Step 1. Sweep Your InboxForget about processing every message in your inbox. It isn’t going to happen, and there won’t be any big payoff. Doing a sweep is better.

    “Sweeping” means moving a whole bunch of clutter en masse to another. Set up a few new folders in your email program and name them by year, quarter, or month , depending on the state of your inbox and how you tend to think about time. For example, you might create these folders:

    • 2010
    • 2013_Q1
    • 2013_Q2

    See the video for how to sweep in Gmail.

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