How To Clean Out Email

Reasons To Strive For A Clean Email List

How to Clean Up Your Messy Email Inbox

A stagnant or bot-infested email list is worse than having no list at all. Yes, you read that right. So, once you have a good system for bringing in visitors and signing them up as subscribers, you should schedule frequent cleanings of your list. Heres why email maintenance will benefit your list:

But How Efficient Are You

Can you spot spelling mistakes, as well as AI, can? Would you be anywhere near as fast as a piece of software or an email clean up app? One that has been specifically designed to spot and clear hard bounces at the click of a button?

Youll get tired, distracted, bored you are the best person for the job, no doubt, but not every job. Right?

What about getting it hand-washed while you do your shopping?

You can pay someone to do the job for you. Itll be easier than doing it yourself, but will you get the same level of thoroughness you need?

In the car park, a paid worker might not be so thorough with a queue of cars waiting in line.In the office, it could well be the same.

How You Got There

One reason your inbox could be overstuffed is all of those automated emails that are sent out by companies and advertisers. One by one, you signed up to receive emails from your favorite shoe outlet or the sporting goods store, hoping for bargains. But maybe you got more than you bargained for. It seemed like a good idea at the timebut over time the unread emails just added up!

Thats part of the problemthey accumulate so fast and in mass quantities that overrun your inbox. And because were all so busy, it seems wrong to take precious time just to delete old messages.

Its time to stop the madness. Here are some ideas to get your email inboxes under control again:

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Consider Using Double Opt

A double opt-in is a way to ensure that your subscribers truly want your email. Heres how it works: once a user submits their information to a form on your site, an email is sent to confirm their subscription. This does a few things: it gets them used to opening your emails, it signals to their email provider that your emails should not be automatically marked as spam, and it gives you an opportunity to ask them to save your contact info so emails dont get lost. All around, a win.

How To Block Email In Outlook

5 Hacks For Cleaning Out Your Email Inbox If It

Automatically routing email is one thing blocking, deleting, and auto-archiving email is quite another. Deleting email actually means several different things within Outlook.

Within the Outlook desktop app, you can right-click an email and select Ignore. This essentially eliminates the conversation youre having, sending it and any future email responses to the Deleted Items folder. By clicking instead, Outlook will open up a second pop-out menu where you can block the senders email address, routing any future email from the sender to your Junk folder. You can manage this by selecting , which opens up a small menu where you can add or subtract email addresses from your blocked senders list. The Options tab also allows you to control how aggressive Microsofts assessment is of whether an email is in fact junk.

Finally, you can also set an Outbox inbox rule, and instead of moving the email, you can delete it instead.

The Outlook eeb app offers similar functionality. You can right-click an email and select Ignore, or go to Security options > Mark as junk to do just that.

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Organize Important Stuff Using A Star System

Stars tag emails so you know exactly who they’re from or how urgent they are. First, make sure the Stars feature is turned on .

If you only have a couple of minutes to check your inbox in the morning before hopping into a meeting, scroll through your emails, star those you need to deal with, and then delete or file away the rest.

When you get some more time in the afternoon to come back, youll know what emails to deal with first based on the stars next to them

Start Cleaning Duplicate Email Addresses

People often forget theyve signed up for an email list. Then, upon encountering the website again in the future, they sign up for a second time.

Remember what I said about ROI? Duplicate email addresses reduce yours. Remove the duplicates so youre not sending double messages and your email list doesnt remain bloated.

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Happy With Clean Email’s Functionality

My reason for upgrading was really the state of my gmail inbox. I have never done anything to manage it before other than use Googles Important category so I have 1000s of unread emails. I quickly found that to do what I wanted to do I had to upgrade. Further I have 5 e-mail addresses I want to manage in an integrated fashion. So far I am happy with Clean Emails functionality.

Using A Software Service

Outlook – how to clean out unwanted emails

Lets consider the car wash. Its fast, easy and efficient, but youll have to part with some of your hard-earned cash for the pleasure. What youll get is high-pressure jets, attention to both the shell and underneath your car, and youll also get a quick polish to finish everything off.

But, the issue with a car wash is, theres a chance youll find a few areas where the dirt didnt quite come off. Those problem areas that you still need to sort out yourself. The bits that youll complain about, that if a jobs worth doing properly, you should have darn well done it yourself.

What youre forgetting, though, is that apart from those few small instances, the car wash has done a far superior job in so many ways than any human ever could.

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Organize Emails With Gmail Labels

You can think of labels as a more versatile alternative to folders. Whereas a single message can belong to just one folder, it can have an unlimited number of labels assigned to it.

The most important advantage of label-based email systems like Gmail is that they make it easier to dynamically organize email messages based on your personal preferences. And since Gmail labels can be color-coded, they reduce inbox clutter by making it more scannable.

This is how to add labels in Gmail:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Scroll down the left pane until you see More. Click on it.
  • You can now add the newly created label to any email just by clicking on the Label as button and selecting it.
  • Keep in mind that you can assign multiple labels to a single message, so take full advantage of this useful feature since it can make it easier to use Gmail cleanup tools.

    Clean Up Gmail Storage

    Now that you know that your Gmail storage space is shared across all Google services, you’re probably anxious to learn how to clean up Gmail storage.

    But before we start with the best way to clean up Gmail, we recommend you first take a look at how much space you have left, which you can do by going to on a computer. Look under Storage Details for a breakdown of your storage use across Google Drive, mail, and Google Photos. That’s how to check Gmail storage.

    If you see, for example, that you couldn’t have possibly exceeded the Gmail storage limit because this service provider barely uses any storage space at all, you need to shift your attention toward Google Drive and Google Photos, which are often the biggest hogs of Gmail free storage space.

    On the other hand, if you don’t use Google Drive or Google Photos, then there’s no reason for you to spend time learning how to clear Google Drive Storage and delete unwanted photos and videos from your Google Photos collection.

    Clean Up Your Google Drive and Photos

    First of all, you need to find out how much space you use on Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Sign in to your account and go to page. Click View details under a pie chart to see the storage breakdown by platform.

    If the majority of your Google Drive space is being occupied by Google Photos, go to Settings and make sure the upload size is selected as “High quality” instead of “Original.”

    Delete Huge Emails

  • Type the desired email size in the middle field.
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    Use Canned Responses For Similar Responses

    If you look in your sent folder right now, its likely that several of your messages require a similar, simple response type.

    For example, there are only so many ways to follow up with a lead or respond to questions from teammates. Thats why the easiest way to cut down on your time spent on similar email responses is to use canned responses.

    The process of setting up canned responses depends on what software you use to handle email. If you use project management software like Teamwork, its simple. Inside the inbox folder, access canned responses from the settings tab.

    Create canned replies for emails you receive daily and then insert them into your responses with just a few clicks.

    How To Delete Old Emails On Iphone

    How to Clean out Gmail or Hotmail emails FAST
  • Open the Apple Mail app to access your messages.
  • In the search bar, type in the month and year or only the year. You can select the information you typed will show up under the date section of the results.
  • All of the messages in that timeframe will populate in your results.
  • You can delete emails one by one by swiping from left to right on the message to show the trash name and icon.
  • If you want to delete multiple emails, click the edit button at the top right corner and then hit select all.
  • Once every message you want is selected, press the trash button to remove them.
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    How To Create Email Folders In Outlook

    First, think about what youd like to store in each folderperhaps all of the automated notifications from Facebook, for example, or emails from a specific contact. You can also organize your Outlook inbox like Gmail does: creating folders for social notifications that you dont want to delete, but you dont want clogging your inbox, either.

    Microsoft Outlook for the Web offers the most convenient way to add new folders. Once created, you can drag them around and organize them as youd like.

    In the Outlook Web app, the process is simple: Click the New folder link at the bottom of the list of folders, way down below your Inbox. If you want to create more than one, just click the link again.

    In the Outlook desktop app, right-click the name of your email address and select New Folder. Outlooks UI makes this unnecessarily difficult, and more often than not youll end with a sub-folder in an odd spot. You may be better off opening the web app via the link above and performing this step with the handy shortcut the Outlook web app provides.

    Next, were going to use Outlooks rules system to organize your existing email automatically, as well as assign email to your new folders automatically as they come in.

    Quick Tips For Cleaning An Out

    Email management is a necessary part of doing business in a digital day and age, so here’s how to keep a tidy inbox.


    It happens to all of us: your emails gradually pile up into a jumbling, Jenga-like mass. With all the subscriptions, newsletters, personal messages, spam and work-related emails, if you decide to address just one, the rest will come tumbling down on top of you. Besides, youre guaranteed to receive just as much the following day

    So why bother?

    Well, believe it or not, this is a completely normal problem. The average person receives 68 work-related emails in their inbox every day, most of which require a response.

    Not only is the amount of emails you receive taxing, but so is the time spent going through them. Employees spend up to 13 hours a week attempting to manage their email overload, and in a survey of 3,200 workers, one in five respondents say they waste the most time on email. Luckily, this problem has a solution.

    You can clean up your inbox and boost productivity by implementing these six practical tips:

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    How To Clean Up Gmail In 10 Simple Steps

    How many emails are currently in your Gmail inbox? If youre like most users, youre forced to sigh every time you log in. There are hundreds, or even thousands of emails cluttering up your inbox. Wouldnt be nice if you knew how to clean up Gmail quickly and easily?

    If you dont have a clear system of Gmail organization, or if you havent always been attentive to your inbox hygiene, this can be extremely overwhelming. Fortunately, theres a simple, 10-step process you can follow to clean up your Gmail inbox.

      Minutes 10 To : Create Folders And Labels

      How to Clean out Gmail or Hotmail emails FAST

      Now its time to organize the messages left that dont need any action, but that you need or want to keep.

      There are as many folder systems as there are email users, but an easy one to try is making a folder for any topic or type of email that have several messages that relate to it. So, that could mean folders like: Receipts, Projects, Trips, and so on. You can always add and adapt folders as you learn what works best for you.

      To speed this process along, you can even create a To File Later folder for anything that youre at all unsure about and an Unsubscribe folder for anything you dont want anymore. Tip: Those are great folders to sort through when you have five minutes between meetings.

      If you want to get even more organized, try some labels to add more info to your messages. You can have multiple labels on one email or even multiple layers of labels. So, that email in your Trip folder can have a main label of New York 2018 and sub-labels of Flights and Monday.

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      Automatically Filter Every Email That’s Sent To You

      Filters can separate your important emails from junk mail and subscriptions as soon as they hit your inbox.

      If you really enjoy catching up on industry newsletters but dont have time to read them every time you check your emails, add a filter so they are stored in a folder for later. In your settings, click Filters and Blocked Addresses and then select Create a new filter.”

      Then, you need to describe the industry newsletters, so Gmail knows which email to filter into a folder. If you have unsubscribed from all of your irrelevant subscriptions , you should be left with only the newsletters you really want to read.

      Quick pro tip: Add a filter for newsletters containing the word “unsubscribe” because that phrase will exist in the copy of any subscription that lands in your inbox:

      After that, click Create Filter and let Gmail know what label you want the newsletters stored under.

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