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Quickly & Easily Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox

Mailbutler is a free plug-in for Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook that lets you control when you want to send an email in the future and when to follow-up if you have not received a reply after X days. Instead of just leaving the email in your inbox to remind yourself, Mailbutler allows you to smartly schedule emails at times that are most practical for you. The follow-up feature reminds you to get back to your contacts at the perfect time.

Inbox Zero Trick: How To Clean Out Your Inbox On Gmail And Start The Year Fresh

by Liz Gumbinner | Jan 4, 2021 | Tips and Tricks |

As someone with anywhere upwards of 10,000 emails in my inbox many of them unread, to the dismay of my OCD friends I am always looking for tips and tricks to help me manage my email. One of those is to start each new year with an absolutely clean inbox. Remember what that looks like? Yeah, me neither.

While on one hand you can and simply delete every old email and start over, I have a better trick for how to clean out your inbox if you use Gmail, and plenty of other services too.

This has been so popular since I first published this in 2015, that Ive updated for 2020, to incorporate some of the new Gmail features added since then.

How To Purge Your Near

It’s an all too common scenario. Your inbox is suddenly full and your boss is asking why her emails keep bouncing back. You need to make space, and fast.

But with so much email, how can you quickly decide what you should delete? If you have Gmail’s priority inbox enabled, a system that marks your most important emails and brings them to the top of your inbox, the solution should be simple: just erase your non-priority emails. Sadly, it’s not that easy.

Gmail doesn’t offer a seamless way to select your non-priority emails and delete them. That’s why we’ve devised these five steps to clean out your Gmail inbox in a jiffy. The results depend on how much non-priority email you have, but when this writer did it, his inbox went from:

Keep in mind this technique is most effective for those people who don’t regularly delete emails. If you do, make sure there are no messages in your Trash folder before you start.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1 – Separate your priority messages from your non-priority messages.

To do this, you’ll need to click the little arrow near the right end of the search box:

Advanced search options will appear. Now select the “Doesn’t have” field and type in “label: important”. If you want to save your Gchats too, type in “label: chats” as well.

This will supposedly — we say supposedly for a reason you’ll find out below — select all the messages that aren’t marked as important .

Step 2 – Move to trash.

Step 3 – Do something else for a while.

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Move Your Email Conversations To Chat

More companies are seeing the value of Chat software over endless email threads, lost conversations, and missing files. In fact, data from a Smarp report found employees tend to use 25% of their day checking emails.

With so much going on, it’s also a challenge for companies to manage their internal communications with company announcements, updates, and other important information that tends to get lost in email.

Software like Teamwork’s Chat helps teams communicate faster and more efficiently with a central hub to share ideas and get feedback from your team. Chat helps teams reach a consensus and make better decisions faster by connecting them to appropriate channels and groups.

A McKinsey and Company report found employees are more 25% more productive when they are connected and empowered to work. Give your employees the tools they need to succeed.

Implementing an internal chat software that works seamlessly with your team management tools is a great way to keep collaboration alive and teams more productive.

How To Delete Promotions On Gmail

Quickly &  Easily Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox

Promotional emails are emails sent by companies or organizations to consumers with the general goal of selling products. These types of emails are automatically filed in your Promotions tab to keep them separate from your primary inbox.

You may get promotional emails from retailers after making a purchase on their website, or from a blog after signing up for their mailing list.

1. Log in to your Gmail account. Click on the Promotions tab at the top, above your list of emails.

2. Click the Select all box to the left of the Refresh button. This will select all promotional emails on the current page . To delete all emails in this category, also click Select all conversations in Promotions.

3. Then click the Delete icon at the top, which is shaped like a trash can.

Quick tip: If there are promotional emails you want to save, manually review your Promotions tab instead of mass-deleting, or place them in a different folder before mass-deleting.

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How To Clean Gmail Inbox Using Clean Email

It takes just a few minutes to perform a Gmail cleanup using Clean Email, which is why we consider it to be the best way to clean up Gmail.

This is how to clean Gmail inbox using the app:

  • your account.
  • Connect the app to your Gmail account.
  • Wait for it to analyze your inbox and present you with several options on how to clean it up.
  • When it comes to inbox cleaning, email segments and advanced filters are your two best friends. Email segments allow you to stop thinking about your inbox in terms of individual emails and start thinking about it in terms of email categories. Some of the many examples of possible email categories with Clean Email include old emails, unread emails, starred emails, emails from dead ends, junk emails and spam, bounced email notifications, large emails, subscriptions, travel emails, drafts, emails to yourself, emails where you are in the copy, and many others.

    Clean Email allows you to label an entire segment, move it, delete, or archive. Once you start organizing emails by hundreds and thousands, youll understand what makes Clean Email such an effective tool for Gmail cleanup, and how much time it can save you compared to doing the same thing manually.

    Before you know it, your Gmail inbox will be sorted out, and youll finally be able to find important old messages without going through hundreds of junk emails. With Clean Email, even something as tedious as inbox cleaning can be fun and take no time.

    The Complete Guide To Cleaning Up Your Email Inbox

    Mailbutler offers the complete guide to cleaning out your inbox, helping you to stay productive and sane when the emails are rolling in.

    James has five years’ experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master’s in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Its no secret that email anxiety is a real thing. If you have experienced any of the following:

    • Guilt due to the fact you left emails unanswered for way too long
    • Annoyance because you dont know what to do after you receive an email
    • Frustration because you have no idea how to prioritize incoming emails from different departments, clients, projects

    then theres no better time to sweep away all your email worries! Our team has put together the most complete and actionable guide on cleaning up your email inbox. We even added six effective organizing habits that you can instantly adopt to curb all your email woes.

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    The Value Of Clean Email

    You might be saying to yourself, okay, but how important is a clean inbox, really? Dont geniuses thrive under pressure? I heard Einstein was really messy

    Yeah, okay, there are some dubious scientific claims that intelligent people are messier.

    But thats not a good justification of taking a disorganized approach to your email inbox.

    With the right email cleaner app, you can enjoy a ton of benefits, including:

    How To Delete All Read Or All Unread Emails On Gmail

    How To Clean Out Your Gmail Inbox Fast | 5 Minute Inbox Cleaning Plan (Gmail Hacks)

    1. Log in to your Gmail account.

    2. In the search bar at the top of the screen, type label:read to display all read emails or label:unread to display all unread emails.

    3. Click the Select all box to the left of the Refresh button. This will select all emails on the current page . To mass delete all emails in this category , also click Select all conversations that match this search.

    4. Then click the Delete icon at the top, which is shaped like a trash can.

    Quick tip: To delete all read emails from a specific sender, type from:username label:read in the search bar and follow the steps outlined above.

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    A Scattered Gmail Inbox Overflowing With Emails Is A More Common Problem Heres A Mass Delete Solution To Your Inbox Woes

    Reported By:| |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Jul 27, 2021, 05:51 PM IST

    If you have hundreds or thousands of unread emails eating up vital storage space in your Gmail inbox, know that youre not alone.

    Keeping a clean inbox is an arduous task. A task that only few of us are meticulous to undertake. The rest keep letting it pile one.

    Overfilled inboxes can be problematic, not just in locating crucial emails but they can also make your mobile Gmail app sluggish. The problem stems from the fact that Gmail doesnt offer a way to mass delete unwanted emails. The max limit that you could select at one time is limited to 100 mails. Add to that the fact that you have to manually select and unselect the mails to be kept and erased.

    Nevertheless, there is a trick to mass delete emails in your Gmail inbox. The only limitation is that the trick works only on web-based Gmail. Heres what you need to do.

    How to mass delete emails from your Gmail inbox?

    Youll have to first take care of the emails that you need and dont wish to be erased from your inbox. You should either mark all of them as unread or move them to another folder to ensure they are not deleted with the trick.

    Next, you need to open your inbox and type in the search bar the command is:read and press enter. Gmail will sort and show all emails that you have already read. Now select all of the messages at once with the check box option.

    Get Rid Of Old Emails

    Gmail gives its users plenty of storage space for email and attachments, which has one downside: some users never delete their old emails, allowing them to keep piling up until they run out of available storage space and become unable to receive any new emails.

    If this bad habit sounds familiar to you, the best thing you can do is stop treating old emails as precious love letters from a tragically deceased lover and simply get rid of them. If you havent had the urge to open an email for several years, the chances are that you never will, so why allow it to steal valuable email storage space from you?

    This is what you should do to clean up Gmail and get rid of old emails:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Type before: and hit enter.
  • This search option tells Gmail to find all emails that were sent or received before the specified date and display them. Instead of a full date, you can also just specify the year. A good rule of thumb is to delete all emails that are older than five years without opening them first. You should also be safe to delete all emails that are older than 1 year, but caution is advised.

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    Trim Down Your Email Folder System

    Out of sight, out of mind is a famous saying that can easily go wrong when it comes to organizing your emails: the more layered and complicated your folder system is, the more hidden spaces you are creating to bury emails you should simply delete. Chances are once you moved an email into folder, youll never remember it again.

    This article from Fast Company sums up the only 5 email folders you need. To keep your inbox manageable, keep your filing system as minimal and simple as possible, and remove:

    • Folders within folders that can be easily merged
    • Folders for email topics

    Clean Up By Deleting Duplicate Emails

    How to Clean Gmail Inbox Easily with Clean Email

    Did you know that Outlook has an automated tool to delete duplicate emails? Now you do. Use this feature to quickly reduce the number of emails you need to look through every day in only a few clicks.

  • Open the inbox you want to clear. Make sure to stay on the default Home tab you can check which tab youre on by looking at the Ribbon header interface.
  • Expand the Clean Up drop-down menu, then choose either Clean Up Folder or Clean Up Conversation, depending on your needs.
  • A prompt will pop up on your screen. Confirm that you want to clear the conversation or folder, and see how the number of unread emails in your inbox decreases.
  • Whats good about the Clean Up feature is the fact that all deleted items can be recovered for a certain amount of time. You can find them in the Deleted Items folder on the side of your Outlook window.

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    How To Empty Your Gmail Inbox Quickly

    To archive or delete all emails in your Gmail inbox at one time, open Gmail and:

  • Enter in:inbox in the Gmail search field.

  • Select the check box at the top of the Select column to choose all the emails.

    If you have tons of emails in the Inbox, you might see a link called Select all conversations that match this search. Choose that link to select everything in the Inbox.

    When you search for everything in your inbox, the selection includes messages in the inbox tabs, including Primary and Social.

  • To archive all messages from the inbox, click the Archive button, which is located immediately to the right of the Select check box in the header. When messages are archived, the messages are still available through All Mail and search, but those messages are gone from your Gmail inbox.

  • To delete all messages instead of archiving messages, select the trashcan to move the emails to your Trash folder, from which messages are permanently deleted after 30 days.

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