How To Check If Your Email Is Blacklisted

Is My Email Blacklisted 3 Indicators

BlackList Check – How To Check to see if you are Blacklisted

If youre guilty of the things I mentioned earlier, then you might be already visiting your preferred search engine to search the phrases: check if my email is blacklisted or has my email been blacklisted.

I totally understand your frustrations. So, before you do in-depth research or read every article you encounter on the Web, here are three indicators your email is most likely blacklisted or spam listed.

What Is Blacklisting And Why Is It Bad

An email blacklist is a tool that servers use to decide which emails should be considered spam and which shouldnt. You have blacklists to thank for why youre not constantly clearing out fake promos and financial opportunities from foreign princes in your inbox. Theyre also why you might be struggling to reach your audience.

Essentially, each blacklist serves as a filter that helps servers trap spam and keep it in the junk folder where it belongs, with various ways of parceling out the spam from the other emails being sent. This is why you might know blacklisting by its other common name: spam trapping.

For the most part, blacklists do an excellent job at their intended purpose. But the ways that they decide whats spam and whats not means that sometimes well-meaning email marketers can also end up getting boxed out. When this happens, its usually due to one of three different specific traps that a marketer has fallen into:

  • Typo traps. If there are lots of typos in the email addresses in your contact list , spam traps are likely to assume that your list and your intentions arent so great. A few contact typos shouldnt harm you, but it does become a concern if its happening in excess.
  • Recycled spam traps. Beware of emailing dormant contacts. Email addresses that constantly bounce back are flagged as spam trap addresses, which could end up harming you if youre not paying attention.
  • What To Do So Your Emails Are Not Blacklisted & Placed Spam Folders

    The best thing you can do for your email marketing is avoiding a blacklist in the first place.Heres how to stay off blacklists:

    • Email Content What you send to your email subscribers keeps them interested and engaged in your emails. If youre sending out blanket emails to everyone on your list, you may get some spam complaints.

      Be sure youre sending what your subscribers are expecting from you and keep the content interesting to them by personalizing the emails and content.

    • Watch Email Campaign Stats Youre probably keeping an eye on opens and clicks, but also watch domain opens as well. If you see opens drop off significantly in a specific domain you should check your blacklist status.
    • Good lists Never, ever buy an email list. The addresses are at the very least stale and at the worst, spamtraps. Youll get more spam complaints and delivery issues than youll get business, so dont do it.

      Also, keep your lists clean by removing any bounced addresses or ones that are old and not performing. If someone hasnt opened your email in a while, you may want to remove them from the list.

    • Segment your lists To help ensure your email subscribers are getting what they need from your email marketing, break your lists up into segments.

      This could mean having lists based on where your customers live, what types of products they buy, or what their interests are. This will make it so much easier to send exactly the right email to each of your subscribers.

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    How To Remove An Ip Address/domain From An Email Blacklist

    Most of the blacklist vendors have information available on their websites about blacklist removal.

    Delisting can be requested via a link or form. You just need to follow the necessary steps and put in place the recommended actions to improve your email marketing practices.

    Ideally you want to establish new rules and practices for yourself so that you dont appear on any more blacklists. Ever. ?

    How To Check If My Domain Is Blacklisted

    How to Keep Your Small Business Off an Email Blacklist ...

    Blacklists generally list IP addresses on their blacklists and not domains. If you dont know the IP address you are sending your emails from, you can enter your domain, and we will retrieve the IP address your domain resolves to.

    Baer in mind your domain may resolve to a different IP address than the IP address you send your emails from, especially if you are using a 3rd party email marketing tool to send your emails. It is always best to find out what IP you are sending from.

    The domain blacklist result page will show the blacklist check results for the IP address we have found.

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    Heres The Full List Of Gmail Error Codes:

    421, 4.4.5, Server busy, try again later.421, 4.7.0, IP not in whitelist for RCPT domain, closing connection.421, 4.7.0, Our system has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address.421, 4.7.0, Temporary System Problem. Try again later.421, 4.7.0, TLS required for RCPT domain, closing connection.421, 4.7.0, Try again later, closing connection.450, 4.2.1 The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail too quickly.450, 4.2.1, The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail at a rate that prevents additional messages from being delivered. Please resend your message at a later time. If the user is able to receive mail at that time, your message will be delivered.451, 4.3.0, Mail server temporarily rejected message.451, 4.3.0, Multiple destination domains per transaction is unsupported. Please try again.451, 4.4.2, Timeout  closing connection.451, 4.5.0, SMTP protocol violation, see RFC 2821.452, 4.2.2, The email account that you tried to reach is over quota.452, 4.5.3, Domain policy size per transaction exceeded, please try this recipient in a separate transaction.452, 4.5.3, Your message has too many recipients.454, 4.5.0, SMTP protocol violation, no commands allowed to pipeline after STARTTLS, see RFC 3207.454, 4.7.0, Cannot authenticate due to temporary system problem.454, 5.5.1, STARTTLS may not be repeated.

    See the full list of the Gmails SMTP error codes here

    Is Your Email Blacklisted Heres How To Find Out

    Benchmark Team writes on June 16, 2021

    No one wants to end up on the email blacklist.

    If youre struggling to reach people with your emails, theres a small chance that youve somehow found your way onto a spam blacklist. These prevent your emails from ending up in your subscribers inboxes, which, as you might expect, is going to have a majorly negative impact on your ability to succeed with email marketing.

    There are hundreds of spam blacklists, and unfortunately, they sometimes catch the good guys along with the bad. So how do you know if youve been blacklisted? Weve put together this quick dive into blacklists for email marketers, including how to check if youve been blacklisted and what to do if you have.

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    Choose The Ideal Spam Blacklist Check For Your Email Servers

    The Spam Blacklist tool in ETS can enable you to more easily determine which blacklists make the most sense for your corporate email servers. You can test the source IP addresses of recently received spam to determine which website blacklist checks are most effectively blocking spam, see which DNS blacklist servers are needlessly blocking the IP addresses of email servers youre expecting mail from, and help keep systems operating efficiently.

    How Do I Get My Email Off The Blacklist

    How to check email server is blacklist
    • If youre managing your email delivery, then check your return path/abuse mailbox, if your domain is on the blacklist. You might have got an email regarding the blacklist from the DNSBL list owner and a link to delist your domain name from the service.
    • If youre using some Email Service Provider like Pepipost, then contact them to help your domain to get removed from the blacklist.
    • Some RBLs automatically do listing and delisting according to the last blacklisted time. That means if you have been listed on their blacklist, they wait for a certain duration of time to delist your site automatically. This is works only if there are no repeated listing made on your IP in that particular time duration. The time duration to delist can defer depending on the service. So what you want to do after being listed is to stop the emailing activity entirely and resolve the issue that got you blacklisted in the first place. After the issue being resolved, you will be automatically removed from the database If you are not listed again.
    • You can also directly contact the blacklisting service through email.
    • The domain blacklisting services mostly have a delisting form in case you want to delist your IP or domain from the blacklist. Just fill in the form with your domain name and contact details and a valid reason for delisting. The reason should be that whatever scenario that has got you blacklisted has been fixed.
  • Lookup into the DNRBL or MULTIRBL site for your Domain / IP address.
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    How To Check If Your Domain Is On A Spam Blacklist

    The worst nightmare of an email marketer is to find themselves on a blacklist. Unfortunately, even if you run clean marketing with a subscriber base collected legally, your domains IP address can still get blacklisted.

    The good news, however, is that the problem can be fixed. More importantly, you can avoid it in the first place by regularly validating your contact list. The topic is complex and might be overwhelming, so Id recommend first checking what Brian Minick, COO of ZeroBounce Email Validator, has to say about maintaining a healthy contact base hygiene.

    Next thing you need is a domain spam check: see whether your website is currently on the list. There are a number of services you can use to do it:

    For example, in Spamhaus, go to Blocklist Removal Center > Domain Lookup Tool and enter your domains name. Youll get instant result.

    You may use other services. The procedure will be the same.

    How Isp Use Their Internal Email Blacklist

    Every email service provider including Gmail, Y-mail, and Outlook has a domain reputation list that would mark you as a good or bad sender based on your email activity and would use your domain reputation to decide your email eligibility to be delivered to the inbox. Take an instance of Gmail, they provide a tool called in which you can check your domain reputation. Based on the domain reputation action on the received email is decided by the Gmail ISP.

    We all know that there are many ISPs other than google and they too have their reputation list and blacklist, but right now you will only get notifications regarding emails being dropped as warnings. These services haven’t kept their reputation list to be checked and accessed by the public right now, but you can expect it in the near future.

    You can see those warnings if you send your emails to yourself and check the email.

    Getting listed in the ISP’s own blacklist sometimes can a lot problematic than being listed in the third partly RBLs, mainly due to strict policies they use to filter spams and they don’t go easy on emails who don’t comply with their email policies. Mailbox services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook are one of the largest MSPs and provides inboxing to most of the number of people in the world, so you want to be on the good side of these services.

    Gmail Spam FilterYahoo Spam Filter

    What can we conclude from the above discussion?

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    Microsoft Exchange Blacklist Background

    Because Microsofts Hosted Exchange blacklist is private neither you nor a blacklist monitoring service can pro-actively monitor it to see if your emails are being blocked. The only way to find out if youre blocked is by checking your email server log files , or waiting until your users or recipients complain.

    Microsoft Hosted Exchange and You also need to know that is the email server domain used by Microsoft for their Forefront Online Protection for Exchange . For example, Office365 Microsofts subscription-based version of Office, includes hosted Exchange.

    In fact, if you go to youll end up on Microsofts Hosted Exchange Server product page

    How Does Dnsbl Work With The Msp And Isp

    How to Check if Your Email Domain is Blacklisted ...

    Every MSP and ISP uses one or more DNSBL services to identify blacklist emails. They either set these services locally or use them through a remote connection. Either way, the DNSBL service uses the local DNS server to map through the domain IP to identify the emails into the list. This helps MSPs to catch hold of the incoming spam at the entry MX level itself, protecting the entire infrastructure and surely the recipients mailbox from receiving spam. The MX server generally drops these emails and sends a bounce email back to the sender address based on server policy. Which we will be discussing next.

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    Clean The Email Lists Routinely

    Executing proper management of the email list and assessing it to detect latent spam traps can help avoid getting placed on a blacklist. It is better to update the email list by removing non-responsive subscribers to filter out spam traps. Checking the email address of the subscribers can help in avoiding junk like spelling errors and invalid email ids.

    Email checker tools and email validation in sign-up forms can also prevent such errors. Keeping a healthy contact list may help in avoiding spam traps and increasing email deliverability.

    How To Check Whether I Am Listed In Any Blacklist Using One Of The Blacklist Check Tools / How To Check If My Email Is Blacklisted

    There are several sites that can provide this information, few mostly used sites are listed below. : This checks in 120+ blacklists. : It is free and blacklist check-in around 46 blacklists. : Check your IP and domain here, checks in 97 blacklists. : Blacklist Check-in 88 blacklists.

    So, how can we avoid the chance of our email or IP listing in blacklist check-in a blacklist? / How do I send a mass email without being blacklisted?

    There are few tips given below which can be of great use for avoiding this blacklisting. If you follow the below tips then you can reduce the maximum chances to be listed in the blacklist.

    1. Keep your identity up to date: when you send the emails to a large number of users then your email address and your domain should be compulsorily verified.

    so that the receiver server does not keep you in a category of phishing emails and further reject your emails.

    2. Keep your list clean, it should not have any spam and bounce emails. Make a habit to clean the email list before you send a new email campaign.

    3. Double-opt is not only good to have in the procedure, it√Ęs a security blanket for you and your subscribers. It is always good to have an authentic subscriber list.

    11. Never send your emails using BCC list option.

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