How To Check Email Id Is Valid Or Not

Email Box Pinging Or Online Email Validators Which Is The Best Option

Simple way to check if an E-mail ID is valid or not

Email address validation using an automated solution is definitely the preferred option. The verification process is fast and user-friendly. Besides, this is undisputedly the best method for bulk email validation. But you should keep in mind that top-notch email verifiers are not free. You pay for and receive a set of techniques in a package, such as:

  • Syntax verification
  • Toxic domain identification
  • MTA validation

Free services are unlikely to offer more than two of these features. Thats why you should be careful with your choice of an email validator. Also, it is always a walk on thin ice when you have to share personal data of users with a third-party service. You cant be 100% sure that a reliable service has no security issues. Thats why you should always check whether a chosen email validator is GDPR-compliant.

On the other hand, email box pinging is truly your area of responsibility. You perform the email address verification manually, which is more reliable in some cases. This is definitely not an option for validating a long mail list. At the same time, if youre looking for a free solution to check a couple of newly added subscribers, you can benefit from this.

What Does The Email Verifier Check

This is the list of validations the Email Verifier performs:

  • Disposable Email Address: We check if the email address has a domainname used for temporary email addresses.
  • Webmail Email Addresses: We verify if the email address uses a webmaillike Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Presence of MX Records: We check if there are MX records on thedomain. If there aren’t, the email address can’t receive emails.
  • Presence of SMTP Server: This check is successful if we are able toconnect to the SMTP server .
  • SMTP Check: We test the email address and see if it bounces or not, withoutsending an email.
  • Accept-all Domain: We check if the server has a catch-all policy whichaccepts all the email addresses.

Why Should You Verify Email Addresses Without Sending Emails First

The reason we check if an email address is valid without sending the email first, is because of email deliverability and to avoid hurting our domain reputation.

In short, if you send a campaign to invalid email addresses, it will result in a higher bounce rate. If you experience higher bounce rates, your sending score will start to go down. You might even end up being blacklisted.

Bounce rate

An email bounce is any email message rejected by a recipient’s mail server and returned to the original sender. To put it simply, you get a bounce if you send a message to a non-existing email.

You might wonder what is an acceptable bounce rate in email outreach?

Our advice is to always keep it under 5%. And in a second we’ll show you how to do that. But first, a few more explanations.

Soft email bounce

A soft bounce refers to an email that landed in your recipient’s mail server but bounced back undelivered before it got into the inbox.

Numerous reasons can explain this bounce, including that the message was too large for the recipient’s inbox, their mailbox was full, the message does not meet the recipient servers policies, or the server was temporarily down.

Hard email bounce

A hard bounce happens when the email is permanently rejected because the email address is invalid or the email addresses dont exist.

This could be as a result of an invalid email address, an outdated domain, or an address that has fallen out of use, and in the worst-case scenario become a spam trap.

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Why More Businesses Choose Quickemailverification Over Others

  • Encrypted data storage for complete security of your data
  • One of the best priced services: starts at $4 for 500
  • Highest free credits for trial: Daily 100 credits absolutely free
  • Super-fast and fully reliable verification results
  • Very high, 97% verification accuracy.
  • GDPR compliant

To date, QuickEmailVerification has helped over 70,000 businesses around the globe from SMBs to Fortune 50 companies with their deliverability solutions.

Their email verification process incorporates seven different validations, including syntax validation and the checking of mailbox existence. At the end of the verification process, clients receive a detailed report, with all safe-to-send emails cleaned and identified and placed in a new ready-for-mailing list. QuickEmailVerification verifies domestic and international B2C and B2B emails.

QuickEmailVerification completes two different APIs: real-time API and bulk verification API. The real-time API, which is a nearly instantaneous process, checks new submissions on a form, while bulk email verification API processes a full batch of uploaded email addresses and validates each one.

How To Verify An Email Address Without Sending An Email

How to Check if an Email Address is Valid and Exists or Not

Gone are the days when you could send cold emails with abandon, spraying and praying that something lands somewhere.

Good riddance, honestly.

Today, email outreach requires attention to detail to get your emails opened and a personal touch to get your leads to respond. For now, lets tackle the first part: making sure your emails land in the inbox.


Simple: verify an email address without sending an email in the first place.

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What Is Email Checker

Email Checker is a simple little tool for verifying an email address. It’s free and quite easy to use. Just enter the email address and hit the check button. It tells you whether the email id is real or fake. Sometimes, its unable to correctly predict and say unknown because some email providers have put some limits and restrictions or they simply dont like any verification checks on their mailboxes.

How To Check If A Email Address Is Valid Or Not In Python:

This post will show you how to do email address validation in Python. A email address looks like . For example, . Not always your-name is a name. It can be anything that distinguish the person behind that address. For example, In this post, we will learn two different ways to solve it: By using regex or regular expression and by using a different module.

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How To Detect If An Email Is Spam Or A Phishing Attempt

So, you got an email telling you that your email account is being upgraded, your account will expire, or maybe your email has exceeded some limit.

How do you determine if the email is valid or not? Well, I will attempt to show our Math Department users how to do this by just loooking at a phish email and checking somecommon email headers and also how to get the full email headers.

How Often Should I Check My Email Addresses

Email & Password Validation Check Using Vanilla Javascript | How To Check Email Valid or Not

For large lists , we suggest checking every 2 weeks. Smaller lists can be checked monthly Email addresses are always changing. People change email addresses as they :

  • Move Internet providers
  • Move to a new employer
  • Change name

If your business relies on email lists for its marketing, it’s important that you keep the lists current and clean to maximize your target potential and reduce the overheads associated with managing too many bounced emails. This is why we recommend frequent checking.

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Check The Email Syntax

First step of identifying invalid email addresses is to validate the syntax of the email address.

Valid email address consist of two parts: a local part and a domain, separated by a @ character and follows following format

Local part may be maximum 64 characters long and can consist of:

  • uppercase and lowercase Latin letters A to Za to z
  • digits 0 to 9
  • special characters !#$%& ‘*+-/=?^_`~
  • dot . , however it should not be at the beginning or the end of local part and it should not be next to another dot

Domain may be maximum

  • uppercase and lowercase Latin letters A to Za to z
  • digits 0 to 9
  • hyphen – , however it should not be at the beginning or the end of the domain part
  • dot . , used to separate parts of domain labels

One could describe those rules in a form of Regular Expression that would look as follows:

Verify An Email Address Without Sending Email

G Suite.Tools now provides you this free email checker. In just one click, no email sent, you can check whether an email address really exists and if it’s actually valid. You’ll also be able to confirm if your own email ID has been specifically blocked by other recipient or mail servers. To do so, just insert your email address in the optional sender’s address field. Thus, our server will use your address as the sender’s identity when communicating with the recipient’s SMTP server. This is definitely your best tool to validate your own addresses and be sure to never miss one email.

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Check For Disposable Emails

A disposable email address is a temporary address that is valid for some time. You should clean your mail of any disposable emails generated by Nada, Mailinator, and similar services. You can make use of a third-party API, such as InboxHit. Those can reliably detect disposable email addresses. Also, you may search for a list of domains used for temporary email addresses and use them in your RegEx.

Why Do You Need To Verify If It Is An Active Email Address

How to check whether an e

Many email marketers think that there is no need for an active email verification process. They assume that they can periodically clean up their lists based on bounces or even just leave them as is.

After all, they wonder, what harm is a bad email address doing? The reality is that verification can greatly benefit your email marketing campaigns. These are a few of the reasons why it is so important:

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How Do You Check Email Address Validity

You have multiple options available to check if an email address is valid. For instance, some email lookup tools have built-in verification, so you can argue that it’s worth investing money in a reliable email finder.

Most popular are, of course, email verification tools that specialize in this niche. It works pretty simple. You upload your email list on their platform and they deliver you a CSV report that labels undeliverable and risky emails.

Furthermore, you can integrate an email verification tool with your cold email software for a much smoother experience. That way, you don’t have to upload your email list two times. You can see how it works between lemlist and Bouncer here.

To check email address validity, these tools perform 3 main types of verification:

  • Syntax check
  • Domain check

It checks the domain and email address on it making sure it works properly.

  • Email ping

Email verification tools send messages to a receiver’s server to confirm whether the email address actually exists on the server and if it is active.

How To Check Email Addresses Instantly

Let me share an extremely simple method for checking if an email address is valid and exists or not.

Go to the login page of the email service and pretend that you no longer remember the password of your email account. The service will ask for your email address where they can send the password recovery instructions. Here if you enter an email address that does exist, the service is mostly likely to tell you that the particular user name does not exist. I have tested this with Google Apps, Yahoo Mail and Outlook and the method works with them all.

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How To Check If The Email Address Is Valid Or Not In Excel

Supposing, I have a list of tasks with start date and end date, now, I want to calculate the percentage of completion of the task based on todays date as the following screenshot shown. How could you solve this job in Excel?

Check if the Email address is valid or not with formula

To check if the Email address is valid or invalid, you should apply the following formula.

1. Please enter or copy the below formula into a blank cell where you want to return the checking result:


2. Then, drag the fill handle down to apply this formula to other cells. You will get the following results, TRUE is indicated the Email is valid, and FALSE is invalid.

More relative articles:

  • As we all known, a valid email address is composed of three parts, the user name, the “at symbol” , and the domain. Sometimes, you just allow others to enter only the email address format text into a specific column of worksheet. Is it possible to achieve this task in Excel?
  • When you import some email addresses form Website to Excel worksheet, there always contains irrelevant text, but now you just want to extract the pure email addresses from the text string . How could you quickly only get the email addresses from the cell text?

With Email Verification Service You Can:

Email Validation Check Using Vanilla Javascript | How To Check Email Valid or Not
  • Ping an email mailbox to ensure it is active and can receive mail
  • Improve deliverability and bounce rates by correcting typos and illegal characters
  • Reduce fraud by confirming only valid, not fake emails enter your systems
  • Maintain CAN-SPAM compliance with FCC mobile domain detection
  • Ping an email mailbox to ensure it is active and can receive mail
  • Improve deliverability and bounce rates by correcting typos and illegal characters
  • Reduce fraud by confirming only valid, not fake emails enter your systems
  • Maintain CAN-SPAM compliance with FCC mobile domain detection

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Checking Validation Of Gmail Email Account

Step 1. First of all copy the email address that you want to check. Now visit the google password assistance page from here.

Step 2. There choose I dont know my password option. Now paste the email address that you want to scan and click on continue.

Step 3. If the account is not valid then google will show it and you will be done with this.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a valid email account it will ask you to enter the last password you remember

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How To Check If An Email Address Really Exists Without Sending An Email

By manoj on December 5th, 2017

How to Check if an Email Address Really Exists Without Sending an Email

Have you ever thought of checking the validity of an email address without sending an email? There are a number of online tools like , available to check if an email address really exists. There are even paid services for checking email validity. What if you dont require any tools or paid services for checking the validity of email addresses before you actually send an email? In this tutorial, you will learn how to make use of the command line to check whether a particular email address exists or not, without sending an email. You can make unlimited email validity checks via command line and it wont cost you a single penny.

You will find these email tools useful if you run a business organization or deals with sending a large number of emails on a day to day life. Many organizations send bulk emails by creating a mailing list/group. The necessary email addresses are added to these groups and bulk mails are send by a single click. You will receive email bounces if the emails are sent to invalid email addresses. To avoid these situations, you can always check the email addresses for validity before adding them to any email groups of mailing lists.

dig mx

The output should look something like this:

< < > > DiG 9.10.3-P4-Ubuntu < < > > mx

Type HELO or EHLO to start the conversation with the Gmail mail server.

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