How To Change Your Email On Shein

You Can Change The Email You Use On Your Shein Account

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The first step is to be aware that it is difficult to alter your SHEIN email address, due to this kind of service. If youre in this situation you have the options of either deleting your account, deactivating it or creating a new account with your email address that you want to use for this service.

How To Delete Shein Account

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How To Contact Shein By Phone

Currently SHEIN does not offer the possibility to contact them by phone. However, the SHEIN Chat service is really useful and fast to solve any problem and it is certain that for this reason they have dispensed with telephone customer service.

Contacting SHEIN is easy and there are many different alternatives to be able to contact customer service and solve your doubts really quickly.

Remember that many other articles to learn more about SHEIN await you in this blog, so you can continue reading to learn many facts and curious information about this clothing giant of oriental origin.

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How Can I Leave A Review On Shein

Login to your user account. Click Submitted after that. Finally, on the Submitted page, youll see an option to comment. SHEIN includes an area where you can leave comments and give your purchases a rating, and you can even submit photos of your purchases.

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Contact Of Sheincom Customer Service

SHEIN Forgot, Reset, And Change Password

Contact SheIN: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head OfficeRm 19c Lockhart Ctr 301-307Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai


About SheInSheIn is a Chinese online clothing retailer launched in 2008. The website features trending styles, designs and patterns for young women and teens. SheIn has an in-house production and quality check team checking the standards of items. The clothing retailer currently ships to over 80 countries. It also operates separate websites to cater to shoppers in US, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy and the Middle East. The websites are operated by SheIn Group Ltd. The website is available in multiple languages, with the option of price being listed in USD, EUR, INR, GBP, SGD, AUD and JPY.

Fashionistas can explore the Whats New and Trends section on the website to see fresh and contemporary designs. The Sale section has those items that you can get on fabulous prices. Product categories found on the website include tshirts, tops, bodysuits, shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, blouses, swimwear, mens clothing, dresses, shoes, flats, boots, slippers, sneakers, sunglasses, belts, hats, and scarves.

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You Can Deactivate Your Shein Account Manually:

If you dont have the chance to speak with SHEINs Customer Support department at SHEIN You may look for solutions to erase your account. You are able to upgrade your account to the US version SHEIN website or through an application, and then you can delete your account by yourself.

To be able to erase your account, the account that you are required to open must not be at risk for security reasons. Also, all transactions have to be made in addition that there is no funds that have not been removed off your accounts.

Log out of your account:

If youre not certain that youd like to erase your account, or have difficulty removing the account Shein accounts, then you may sign out and make an account for a new one.

To achieve this all you have to do to appear as if youre on the Web is to move the mouses focus to the icon of the small man, and then click the menu to exit that is available to you.

How Do I Recover My Shein Account


  • If you requested a new password but didnt receive your password-reset email:
  • Check the spam or junk mail folder in your account to make sure it was not filtered out.
  • If this doesnt work, see if you can reset your password by entering instructions here. 3) You may have been accidentally logged out of
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    How Do You Remove Your Card Information From Shein

    Once you have logged in to your account, click on your profile. Scroll until you see the tab that says My Payment Options. Your stored credit card or debit card numbers should be listed. Select the card numbers that you wish to delete.

    If you are unable to complete this process through the website, contact a Shein agent to delete it. You may have to log into your account to contact the customer service representative.

    Contattare Il Servizio Clienti

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    Come anticipato, per poter cancellare il tuo account SHEIN, devi contattare il Servizio Clienti del noto store online, in quanto il sito Web italiano non supporta questa funzionalità.

    Per iniziare, effettua dunque il login al tuo account SHEIN dal sito ufficiale o tramite lapp che hai scaricato sul tuo smartphone o tablet. Dopodiché, se stai agendo da Web, premi sullicona delle cuffie situata nel menu in alto e fai clic sulla dicitura Servizio Clienti.

    Se stai agendo dallapp di SHEIN, invece, fai tap prima sullicona dellomino situata nel menu in basso e poi sullicona delle cuffie. Dopodiché premi sulla dicitura Servizio Clienti per accedere alla chat di assistenza e iniziare a interagire con lassistente virtuale di SHEIN.

    A questo punto, devi cercare di ottenere supporto da un operatore umano. Le modalità di contatto con questi ultimi sono limitate agli orari di lavoro: dal lunedì alla domenica dalle 09.00 alle 22.00 tramite chat, oppure dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 09.00 alle 17.00 tramite Chiamata telefonica. Inoltre, è possibile inviare un Ticket per ottenere una risposta entro 24 ore.

    Per riuscire a parlare con un operatore umano, premi quindi sulle voci Account SHEIN > Problema di sicurezza > Servizio manuale. A questo punto, seleziona lopzione di assistenza disponibile e chiedi che il tuo account venga cancellato.

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    Customer Assistance May Be Reached By Dialing

    As predicted, deleting your Shein account went just as planned. To access this option, Shein must contact customer support at a well-known and well-known online business.

    To begin, go to SHEINs official website or the app you downloaded to your phone or tablet and log in to your SHEIN account. Then, if youre on the Web, go to the menu bar and choose Headphones from the top-left corner. Simply click on the Customer service link to open a new window.

    Make sure you first choose your headphone symbol by clicking on a little man icon in the lower-left corner of the SHEIN apps menu.

    You may contact SHEIN through Facebook Messenger by clicking the Facebook message button on the SHEIN website or the contact section .

    How To Delete Shein Account Via Email

    If you cannot delete your Shein account from the methods listed above, you can contact Shien via email to delete your account from their server.

    This method requires you to send an email to with the subject line Delete My Shein Account to their customer care department.

    Follow these steps to contact Shein via email to delete your account.

    1. Include the following details in the email

    a) Add Delete My Shein Account in the subject line.

    b) Include your display name in your account

    c) Email address under which the Shein account has been registered

    Once you have included the above details in your email, it is time to request to delete your Shein account.

    It is important to note that you should email them with the same email account you are registered with initially.

    Your message should say that you would like to delete your Shein account from their service.

    This is the process to contact Shein via email and request them to delete your account. It may take a while for them to respond and act upon your request.

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    How To Recover Shein Account

    How do I find my Shein password?

    If you cant remember your Shein password, you can reset it by following these steps:Go to Sheins homepage and click on Forgot Password?Enter your email address and click on SubmitA password reset email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link in the email to reset your password.

    How do I change my Shein password without old password?

    If youve forgotten your Shein password, you can reset it by following these steps:Go to the Shein login page and click Forgot Password?Enter your email address and click SubmitYou will receive an email from Shein with a link to reset your passwordClick the link in the email and enter a new passwordClick Submit and youre done!

    Why is Shein not letting me reset my password?

    There could be a few reasons why Shein is not letting you reset your password. One reason may be that they suspect that your account has been compromised and is being used by someone else. In this case, they may ask you to provide additional verification before allowing you to reset your password.Another possibility is that there may be a problem with your account that is preventing you from resetting your password.

    How do I change my SHEIN phone number?

    If you need to change your SHEIN phone number, please email us at with your new number and we will update it for you.

    What happens if you delete Shein account?How do I remove my address from Shein?Can you have multiple Shein accounts?Does SHEIN use child labor?

    Who’s Paying For Our Clothes

    How To Change Your Email On Shein Account / Steps To Delete Your Shein ...

    Besides the seemingly low quality and virgin oil-based textiles used – everything is made with polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics – the main question is, who is making Shein clothing and how much are they paid?

    This is a question asked by those who celebrate Fashion Revolution Week each year, asking #whomademyclothes on Twitter and Instagram.

    The fact that the Chinese brand also copies independent designers is also allegedly public knowledge, Jezebel reports.

    Fast fashion has come under a lot of fire over recent months. In June 2019, Missguided launched the £1 bikini prompting Fashion Revolution to publish the following statement.

    A post shared by euronews Living on Jul 7, 2020 at 4:25am PDT

    “Cheap prices make us believe they bring about savings for consumers. This may appear true in the short term, with a narrow focus and looking just at the money in our wallets, but all of us, as global citizens, will ultimately end up paying the external cost, the true cost for the unsustainable consumption and production of cheap clothing.

    The organisation concludes, “this is why, when garments are priced as cheaply as single-use items, it implies that our clothing is disposable. And if we buy that message, we are buying into a very ugly side of fashion.”

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    Reason : Internet Connectivity Issue

    Internet connectivity issue is the ubiquitous reason for almost every techno-related problem. This issue can happen to anyone and anywhere. So, be prepared for it with the solution. Make sure your device is turned on and connected to the respected wifi/cellular data.

    If youre still having trouble, you may want to contact your internet service provider .

    How To Contact Shein Customer Support

    If you want to contact Shein customer service, they offer live chat and support ticket services. As of now, they do not have any direct phone support and SMS service.

    With their live chat support, you can get almost instant responses to your queries. You can ask any question about the product info, placed orders, shipment tracking info, canceling the orders, return items, refunds, and many more.

    However, their live chat support is not a 24/7 service. In the US, they do offer online live chat support from 06:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST. Shein, Shein customer service,

    For the part of our research, while preparing this Dbd guide, we tested their live chat and support ticket service.

    The waiting time for chat is almost none. We have received a satisfactory answer to our queries in very little time.

    On the other hand, their support ticket takes around 24 hours to get a reply.

    If you are looking forward to getting an instant response from them, then live chat is the best way.

    Lets take a look, how to contact Shein customer service via live chat and support ticket.

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    How To Contact Shein By Chat

    Another way to contact SHEIN is to do it from the chat on the SHEIN website, which will speed up the response to our questions rather than contacting SHEIN by email or social networks.

    To know How to contact SHEIN by chat go to this page and within the chat that appears on the web you must write your message to start the chat and have a SHEIN customer service person attend you and you can solve your question in a personalized and direct way.

    You can also select any of the standard questions or frequently asked questions that you will find in the chat to know if your question is resolved within the SHEIN information.

    Remember that the SHEIN chat can also be accessed from the SHEIN main page by clicking on the headphones that you will find in the upper right corner when you are connected as a user.

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