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How to set up a global email signature in Office 365

I am a full Office 365 administrator

As the administrator, is there a way to access and change a licenced users personal E-Mail signature?

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Yes once in admin console there is an option to sign in as a particular user

If this signature was created by the user in their desktop Outlook then your answer is no. You need to be on the device where the signature resides. If it resides in OWA you can login as them as mentioned above and access it.

It is web based. So I am in Users > Active Users and I am not seeing any options to sign in as a particular user .

Please can you tell me specifically where the option is to sign in as a particular user

You do it via OWA. Login with an account that has full access to the user , click your picture or initials at the upper right and choose the Open Another Mailbox option and then you can go into that mailbox’s settings.

Thank you. I now realise that only shows in Outlook .

Trying it I am now getting the error:

I am now struggling to find where I need to go to add permissions to access the mailbox and signature settings.

The only Microsoft Page I could find on this says:

But does not say where I specifically need to go to add the delegate access.

Does anyone know where I need to go to add the permissions?

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How To Set Up A Global Email Signature In Microsoft 365

Since this article was published, the Exchange admin center has been redesigned in Microsoft 365. Although the basic functionality of mail flow rules hasnt changed drastically, the UI looks different. Thats why weve created a new step-by-step video which shows:

  • How to set up an email signature rule in the new Exchange admin center.
  • Where to get the HTML code with AD placeholders for the signature template.
  • How the global email signatures work from the users perspective.
  • What the limitations of signature rules are.
  • What tricks you can use to make the signature-adding-rule more useful.
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    How To Swap One Signature For Another In An Outlook Message

    If you want to customize the signature that appears automatically in a new email message, you have two simple options:

    • In the new untitled email, go to the ribbon bar and click “Signature.” Then choose a different signature from the drop-down list. The signature will automatically change to the signature you want to use.
    • You can edit the signature directly in the email message. Just change the signature text or delete it entirely.

    When you choose a signature from the drop-down menu, it replaces whatever signature is already in the email message.

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    Change email signature office 365

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    Create An Email Signature

  • Go to Settings> View all Outlook settings> Compose and reply.

  • Under Email signature, type your signature and use the available formatting options to change its appearance.

    Note: You can have only one signature per account.

  • If you want your signature to appear at the bottom of all new email messages that you compose, select the Automatically include my signature on new messages I compose check box.

  • If you want your signature to appear on messages that you forward or reply to, select the Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to check box.

  • If you dont select these options, you can manually add your signature to a selected message. For details, see Manually add your signature to a new message below.

  • Select Save when you’re done.

    Note: You can always return to the Compose and reply page and select or clear the check box for automatically including your signature.

  • Office 365 Email Signatures For An Entire Organization

    Office 365 does not provide native signature management functionality, but administrators can configure organization-wide signatures for their users with a disclaimer rule.

    To create a disclaimer that can act as an automatic email signature for users, the administrator can follow these steps:

  • Access the Exchange admin center.
  • Select rules under mail flow.
  • Click the plus icon and select Apply disclaimers.
  • Enter a name, i.e. global signature.
  • From the Apply this rule if drop-down menu, choose the conditions that will trigger the rule.
  • From the Do the following drop-down menu, select Append the disclaimer .
  • Click the Enter text link.
  • In the resulting specify disclaimer text window, enter the text or HTML code of your organization-wide signature. Use user attribute properties such as %%FirstName%% for personalization. Click ok.
  • Click the Select one link to enter a fallback action in case the signature cant be inserted, i.e. ignore .
  • Adjust or keep the remaining settings and click save.
  • There are numerous limitations with this method of creating organization-wide signatures using Office 365:

    Alternatively, administrators can manage users signatures with a third-party signature management tool.


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    Make Email Signature Phone Number Clickable

    Select the number, and click the link icon from the tool menu, in the same way you did text in the previous step

    Add the prefix tel: then type or paste in your phone number. E.g. tel:1-800-800-800. After that anybody that clicks the number in their mobile device will see the number open as an outgoing call in their device

    To Manually Create An Office 365 Email Signature Follow These Steps:

    How to Update your email signature in Outlook 365

    Note: Uses Office 365 Outlook Mail Flow Rules which require an administrator to create specific rules for how email signatures are created and attached to each users email

  • Using an Exchange Online administrator account, log into the Office 365 portal.
  • In the navigation pane on the left, select mail flow, and then make sure rules tab is selected.
  • Once the window for the new rule opens, name the rule and configure its settings. For additional settings options, you can click on More options. When selecting the settings, enter conditions you want to trigger the rule in the Apply this rule if section. Youll also want to make sure Append the disclaimer is selected in the Do the following section.
  • With most of the rules in place, enter the text of the signature by clicking Enter text, which will cause a window title specify disclaimer text to pop up. You can use either text or HTML at this point.
  • If you want each email personalized, use the Exchange property variables. These can include First name, Last name, Phone number and other variables. To insert a variable, type %%PropertyName%% .
  • There are a few more rules to set, but these rules have default settings and dont need to be changed as frequently as the previous ones.
  • Send a message to test out the rule and make sure it works.
  • Option 2: Automated email signatures in Outlook for Office 365 using 365 Monogram

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    Add Image To Outlook 365 Signature

    • To add an image to your Outlook web app signature in the tool strip

    TIP: you can only upload an image from your computer. Adding an image from a URL is currently not possible in Outlook 365.

    • Drag and drop, or cut and paste your image into the position youd like it to be in
    • Play with the image size till you find the best visual fit within your signature block
    • To make your image clickable, simply click on the image and hit the link icon from the tool strip, then add the URL youd like the image to link to


    Notice that you cant place the image besides your signature text without the signature structure breaking. To achieve an advanced signature design with the image on the side, I recommend that you try the WiseStamp Outlook signature creator. Its free.

    Build beautiful email signatures like in the example below in just 2-5 minutes.

    A Few Limitations For Office 365 Email Signatures

    Universal and company-wide email signatures can help your business present a consistent image to customers. There are, however, a few limitations. With Office 365 email, you cannot:

  • Add photos to signatures
  • Include signatures in replies or forwards
  • Use HTML format in emails generated via mobile devices
  • Delegate signature management to non-administrators
  • Test email signatures in advance
  • Eliminate blank Active Directory fields in a signature
  • Since many businesses prefer a standard, companywide email signature, it is worthwhile to create a signature that works for most users. Set the standard and instruct your employees on how to make changes to their signatures as occasion warrants.

    As business tools go, email is one of the most important. Choosing the right email client for your business can help boost productivity. Lieberman Technologies can help you to sort out the options available and select the email solution that best fits your companys needs. Contact us for more information!

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    How To Add An Email Signature In Microsoft Office 365

    Here’s how you can add an email signature to the Microsoft Outlook Web App in Microsoft Office 365.

    If you sign all or most of your emails the same way, you can create an email signature. It shows professionalism in business communications and acts as a digital business card. A well-designed email signature can also serve as a promotional tool for just about anything, like a business, website, blog, or a book.

    We’ve discussed how to add an email signature in Outlook for the desktop. But what if you use the Microsoft Outlook Web App in Office 365? In this article, we’ll show you how to add, insert, and change your signature in the Outlook Web App in Office 365.

    Automate A Change To All Outlook Signatures Across An Organization

    How to set up email signature in Outlook on the Web?

    Learning how to change a signature in Outlook isnt that difficult. Yet, the more people you try to get to do something, the harder it issince you are managing a complex system with many people and parts, a simple task can easily become, well, a complicated one. Add to this pain the fact that your employees are working on unpredictable devices from unpredictable locations, leaving them to send emails ending with Sent from my cool iPhone. An email footers minor administrative detail becomes a big deal when your ending virtual conversations on sour notes.

    Thats why we recommend managing your brand, style, logo, and contact information at an administrative level, taking care of the minor but real fuss of creating an email signature for your employees while making sure it suits your overall email design.

    It would be best if you tried an email signature generator like Xink, which relies on years of experience in helping you manage, monitor and maintain your companys famous last words.

    < < Already a Xink customer? Learn how to Install the Xink Outlook App> >

    PC or Mac? It doesnt matter with the Xink email signature generator. Put your best email footer forward with our signature maker that lets you make your entire organizations email signatures look professional, with consistent branding across offices, departments and devices. Xink even works with Outlook 2016 for both Windows and Apple.

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    Codetwo Email Signatures For Office 365

    In this method, you need CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 a third party signature manager for Office 365, which allows you to control email signatures on the servers or clients side. To set up automatic signatures for shared mailboxes and user mailboxes, follow the steps below:Note: To go with this method, you need a valid subscription of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. If this solution is new to you, you can sign up for a free 14-trial here.

  • Log in to your CodeTwo Admin Panel account and go to Tenants. Select the tenant you want to set up signatures for, choose Manage signatures, and then click the link which takes you to the Manage Signatures App.
  • In the Manage Signatures App, add a new rule and name it.
  • On the Senders tab, use the Add button, click Selected senders and select the shared mailbox address.
  • Optionally, you can use the Recipients tab if you want to add the signature to emails sent to selected recipients only, as shown on the screen below. You can also go to the Keywords tab to set up specific keywords that will trigger or suppress this rule.
  • On the Design tab, click Edit signature to create your shared mailbox signature. You can either choose one of the templates available in the signature template library and adjust it to your needs or create your email signature from scratch.
  • On the Options tab, configure other settings. Once everything is set up correctly you can save the changes.
  • Top benefits:


    Useful links:

    Adding A Signature In Outlook

    In the Outlook App, you can use multiple Email Signatures within the same account. You can set a default signature for your emails, but also easily switch it to another one if necessary.

    The easiest way to adding a signature in Outlook is to first open a new mail.

  • Create a New Email in Outlook
  • Select Signature in the toolbar
  • In the dropdown menu, select Signatures
  • If you are using the minimal toolbar in Outlook then you can find the Signatures here:

  • Click on New to add a new signature
  • Give your signature a name. Make sure you use a recognizable name so you can easily select the correct signature in your emails later. You can create a separate signature for your reply emails for example.
  • Create or paste your signature in the Edit Signature text area.
  • If you want to apply the signature automatically to your emails, then select the E-mail account you want to use
  • You can set different signatures for new messages and replies.
  • When you are done, click Ok
  • Your new Outlook signature should now be available in your Email Messages. If you have set a default signature , then you should see the new signature in the body of your new messages.

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