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Changing Your Default Gmail Account

Can You Change Your Gmail Address?

There could be several reasons why you would want to change your default Gmail account. An example would be that you may use your work account as the default sign-in, but your personal mail is used more often than your work mail. Every time you use Gmail, you will have to log in with your personal mail ID credentials just to switch over to the other account. You can easily remove this obstacle by simply changing swapping out your work email for the default and using your personal one instead.

There may also be other reasons you have for changing the default Gmail account. After all, your default Gmail account is what dictates your default YouTube page, your calendar events, and much more. In order to change your default Gmail account, youll need to sign out of all existing accounts and then re-sign in on a browser that will save your preferences. This will then allow you to add your other accounts to your new default.

In order to achieve this goal, youll need to follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Head over to or navigate to your Gmail inbox in your preferred browser.
  • If you choose to go to your Gmail inbox, make sure that youre currently logged into the default account.
  • On, the profile icon of the current default account will be visible in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the profile icon and then click on the Sign out button.
  • Ensure that you are not currently in Incognito Mode when attempting to change your default account.
  • Forward Emails To Gmail

    Go to Gmail and select the cog icon in the upper right corner and select “Settings.” Select “See all settings,””Accounts and Import” and then “Add a mail account.” Enter your email address and leave the box “Treat as an alias” checked so when you reply to email it will come from your new Gmail account. Keep the option to “Send through Gmail” selected. You’ll then need to “Send Verification” to show that you own your old email account.

    For most email services, all of the fields will be pre-populated, if not, you can get the information from your email service provider. Then select Add Account.

    Once you have connected your account, go back to Settings > Accounts and Import> and choose to “Always reply from the default address,” which should be your new Gmail address.

    Changing Your Gmail Account Can Be Difficult We Show You How To Get A New Name On Your Emails

    By, Contributor| 22 Apr 2020

    When you first picked your Gmail address, it might not have been obvious that this would stick with you for many years and become a primary way people would communicate with you not only when sending and receiving emails, but also on YouTube and any other services Google owns. What seemed fine back then might not quite match the way you see yourself today.

    You may want to change your address because you got married and want to use your new name, or because you hate the numbers that were generated after your name because you were the 7,000th John Smith to sign up, or have come to realise that was fine when you were in the rugby club, but isnt exactly ideal now youre head of communications.

    So, is it possible to change the name on your Gmail address? Well, no, but we show you how to get around this problem.

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    Name Still Displayed Incorrectly In Gmail

    You can use the above steps to change your Display Name within Gmail. However, if you have a Google+ account, any name set there will overwrite anything you put within Gmail. Make sure to log onto your Google+ profile and make changes to your name if it’s incorrect.

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Gmail account by going to and signing in.
  • Once signed in, visit this link:
  • You should then see your Google+ profile
  • Click on the Pencil Icon to the right.
  • You should be able to update your name if spelled or displayed incorrectly.
  • Using Gmail Filters To Forward Only Some Mail

    How to Change Your Default Gmail Account: 11 Steps (with ...

    So, you dont care about most of the mail going to your old address anymore , but you do want to make sure youre getting the mail you need to get.

    This sounds like a situation for filters!

    Open up Gmail using the address youre forwarding messages from. In the Forwarding tab of settings, just below Add a forwarding address, theres a link called Creating a filter. You can select from different criteria and create a filter, then forward all mail matching that filter to the new email address.

    You can set the following criteria:

    • From
    • Has the words
    • Doesnt have
    • Size , kilobytes , or bytes)
    • Greater than or less than
  • Has attachment
  • Dont include chats
  • Click on Create filter to move to the next screen.

    Now youre at the Create filter screen. Youll have a list of options to check or not that determine how all future emails are handled. You have a variety of options but for our purposes here, check the box next to Forward it to: and choose your new email box from the dropdown

    We hope that this has helped you learn how to change your Gmail display name, set up a new Gmail account, and/or use your new Gmail account in conjunction with your old one. Even if you have a dozen email addresses, using these tools in combination makes it easy to use just one of your inboxes to manage all of your mail.

    Thanks for reading and keep an eye peeled for even more great info about email tips and tricks!

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    How To Change An Email Address

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    Changing email addresses can be a frustrating experience. Since most email services don’t allow you to change your email address, you’ll need to create an all-new account and then migrate your information over. By setting up proper forwarding and informing people of the change, you can make the process much easier on your sanity. After making the switch, keep your old account active for a while to ensure that you receive every important message and don’t get locked out of any online accounts.

    Creating Your New Google Gmail Account

    You can create a new Gmail account and still transfer all your old settings and contacts over, easy as pie.

  • Navigate to Gmail and go to the Account creation page.
  • Enter your first and last name and choose your username.
  • Important note: This will be your new Gmail address, not your display username.
  • You may have to try a few different ones to find one thats not in use.
  • Choose and confirm your new password.
  • Click Next.
  • Select a phone number, and a recovery email address
  • Enter your date of birth and your gender.
  • Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Zoe Chew

    When you get to your Gmail inbox view, youll have a series of options below the email window with options to complete setting up your inbox.

    The most relevant for our purposes is Import contacts and mail. Click here and then input the address you want to import from. Follow the prompts to allow Gmail ShuttleCloud Migration to access your account. Once youve granted access to your other account, youll see a screen that says Authentication successful. Just close that window to continue.

    Then, youll choose what options to import. You can check or uncheck Import contacts, Import mail, and Import mail for the next thirty days. This allows you to switch completely over and have a thirty-day window in which email to your old address is automatically forwarded. In a later section, well even show you how to forward your email indefinitely.

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    How To Change Gmail Address

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    There’s no way to actually change the Gmail address linked to your Google account, but you can do so in essence by creating a new Gmail address and linking it to your original, established account. After creating the new Gmail account, change your settings so that messages sent to your new address will be automatically forwarded to your original account. You’ll also need to change your settings so that you can send e-mail as your new alias from your old account.

    Use Gmail To Send Better Emails

    How to change the recovery email address of Gmail® account

    Email aliases is just one example of what Gmail can do. Keeping you safe and secure online, email aliases are a great way to protect your email address. But that’s not all Gmail offers.

    For instance, Gmail also lets you send voice messages now. If you don’t want to write an email, this is a great way to quickly get your message across.

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    Changing Your Google Gmail Address: Is It Real Or Is It Just Fantasy

    So, you want to actually change your Gmail address. The simplest way, of course, would be to simply change your address like you would your user name. Youd go to your settings and input a new email address, make sure its available, and be done. Right?

    Theres a catch, though. You cant do that. Youd have to create a new Gmail account and copy everything over to the new one. Thats a real pain. But there are a few workarounds we can share.

    Adjust Your Inbox Density

    The denser your inbox is, the more content fits on screen. But if your inbox is packed too densely, it can be hard to read your messages.

    Gmail offers three density levels: Default, which gives ample room for each message and shows any attachments Comfortable, which gives the same amount of room without showing attachments, and Compact, which uses as little space as possible. You can switch between them freely.

    You can switch between them freely by clicking the gear icon in the top-right on the website, or the Settings menu in the mobile app.

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    Add Another Email Address

    To add an email alias, first open your Gmail account. Then, click on Settings, and then select See all settings. From there, just select the Accounts and Import tab.

    Then, click on Add another email address, which is visible in the Send email as setting. A popup window will appear, where you can add your name and email address.

    Your email alias doesn’t necessarily have to be another Gmail account. It can be any other account as well, such as Outlook or Yandex.

    Just tick Treat as an alias and then click on Next Step.

    If You Can’t Change Your Name

    How to Change Gmail Address (with Pictures)

    If you get an error that says “This setting can’t be changed for your account,” it may mean:

    • You’ve changed your name too many times during a short period of time.
    • You’re on a Google Workspace account and your admin doesn’t allow you to change your profile name. Your admin may be able to help change your name. Who is my administrator?

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    How To Change Your Gmail Name Only

    You cant change your email name from the Gmail mobile app, so this guide will walk you through the process on the browser site.

  • to your Google account by entering your username and your password.
  • Click the Gear icon on the top right corner of your screen, and select See all settings.
  • Click the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Right under the Send mail as header, click the edit info button.
  • Enter the new name you want your emails to display, tick the button next to it, and click the Save Changes button.
  • Changing Your Gmail Address By Adding Or Removing Dots

    You have to create a new Gmail account weve already mentioned it several times. But there is one exception.

    The catch?

    You dont have to do anything as Google understands them to be the same email address. Therefore, you can just start using the email address you prefer, and all your emails will still be delivered to your inbox.

    You have to add the other email to your account, though. Simply follow the below steps:

    Step #1 Log in to your Gmail account as you usually would.

    Step #2 Click on your profile picture icon located on the top right-hand side of your screen. And then click on Manage Your Google account.

    Step #3 Click on the Personal Info tab located on the left-hand side menu.

    Step #4 Scroll your mouse below to see the Contact Info field. Click on the little arrowhead in the Email section.

    Step #5 Scroll your cursor down to see the Alternate emails field. Click on the Add alternate email option.

    Step #6 Type in your alternative email and then select Add.

    You may be asked to enter the password of your current email account for verification purposes. Simply fill in your password, and youll be directed to the page to add an alternate email.

    Thats it! Go back to your inbox where youll receive and verification mail with the new changes. Click on the verification link to confirm the change, and itll be done.

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    Change Your Gmail Signature On Android

    To modify your email signature in Gmail on Android, first, launch the Gmail app on your phone.

    In the Gmail app, at the top-left corner, tap the hamburger menu .

    From the menu that opens, select Settings.

    On the Settings page, choose the account in which you want to change your signature.

    On the account page, scroll down and tap Mobile Signature.

    A Signature box will open. Here, type the new signature you want to use in Gmail on your phone. Then tap OK.

    And thats it. Your signature in the Gmail app on your Android phone is now changed.

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    Delete And Create A Gmail Account With The New Primary Username

    How to Change Your Gmail Address


    Go the main Gmail page, and log in to your account. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the profile picture, and select “Account.” Click “Edit” next to “Email Addresses,” and then click “Remove” to delete the alternate email address that you plan to use as the new primary username if necessary.


    Sign out of the account, and click “Sign Up” from the main login screen.


    Complete the form with your name, date of birth, gender and desired username and password. Enter the two words shown in the Captcha input box, and then click “Next Step.”


    Enter the verification phone number and check how you wish to receive the confirmation code, either via SMS text message or a phone call. Click “Continue.”


    Sign in to Gmail with the new primary username, and enter the verification code you received by phone call or SMS text message.


    Return to the Account page and enter a new alternate email address, if desired.


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