How To Buy Email Lists

How To Build Your Email List

How to Buy Emails for Your Email List

Email marketing helps you build a relationship with your customers. Heres how to combine popup forms and Facebook ads to start growing your list in a few simple steps.

Email marketing helps you not only to build a relationship with your customers, but gives you a proven way to nurture leads and convert them into long lasting customers.

No matter what type of business you operate, an email list is the most important element of a successful marketing strategy. With that list, you can share your story, promote your business, and showcase your products, all while turning subscribers into paying customers.

Online businesses that want to attract potential customers can use opt-in forms in their website to attract sign ups, experienced content marketers use lead magnets to generate leads. You can also combine popup forms and Facebook ads to start growing your email list in a few simple steps.

In this recipe, youll learn how to quickly build a list from scratch by combining 2 of Mailchimps most powerful tools: pop-up forms and .

TIME: 50 minutes or less

Lack Of Control Over The Quality And Health Of The List

When you buy email lists, you have no control over the contact information you receive. The seller might offer some vague demographics, but you still wonât know whether those people are interested in hearing from you.

A high-quality email list becomes a sizable asset. However, a low-quality list essentially turns your efforts into a waste of time.

When you grow your email list organically, you can choose how and when to attract subscribers. Consequently, the list becomes healthier and the quality improves. You also will know that, when you take the time to craft an email, people will actually appreciate your effort.

How To Grow An Opt

Now that you’ve learned a few ways to acquire email lists, let’s explore how you can acquire them through the third method stated earlier in this article the opt-in method.

Generating your own list of email contacts who have opted in to receive content from you doesn’t just comply with legal regulations and protect your brand reputation. It also presents you with opportunities to grow this list through genuine relationships with new customers.We’ve already written about clever ways to go about doing this, which you can check out here. But, below are the basic best practices that have a very big bang for their buck when it comes to consistently growing an email list.

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Purchased Lists Can Damage Your Brand Reputation

Nobody likes receiving unsolicited emails even from sources they know and trust. Receiving consumer emails from an unknown company, or a newsletter that they havent signed up for, is even worse.

If you buy an email list, you cant be sure that those purchased contacts are even in your target audience! Do they even care about what youre offering to become new customers?

Consider that if you purchase mailing lists, many of the individuals on the list dont know who you are. By sending unsolicited email theres a risk theyll associate your company and brand with spam.

For larger brands, the decision to purchase email lists can have even more negative consequences when exposed. It takes a long time to build up a brand, and just one mistake to really damage it. Negative brand awareness is a thing.

Your Email Deliverability And Ip Reputation Will Be Harmed

Buy email lists with 95% Delivery Rate Guaranteed. Email List for Sale ...

Email providers and blocklist providers utilize spam traps to catch malicious activity. While there are several types of spam traps, in general they use a seemingly real email address whose sole purpose is to identify unsolicited emails.

Since you have no true visibility into how a bought email list is sourced or created, you will have warning if a spam trap email address ends up on the list. Setting off even just one spam trap can severely damage your email deliverability and domain reputation with your internet provider.

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Add A Signup Button To Your Facebook Business Page

If you are using social media to market your business and to create a mailing list, you can always add a button to your Facebook page, asking them to ‘click here to sign up.’

This will attract all your followers, including the ones who are not already on your mailing list, to subscribe so that they could continue to get emails from you.

Gate High Value Content To Exchange Knowledge For Contacts

White papers, guides, templates, and even webinars are a great way to showcase your valuable expertise in exchange for their valuable contact information gated content is also known as lead magnets.

HighSpot not only offers robust resources for their audience, but they also have live and on-demand webinars that go beyond product demos. Such resources help demonstrate your brands industry expertise, making them great lead magnets.

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Why Should I Buy An Email List

As an astute marketer, you should buy email list for effective multichannel campaigning. When you buy targeted email list you get access to authentic data on key decision makers, technology users and C-Suite executives. At Span Global Services we ensure that once youbuy email list you get higher market penetration and that your campaigns reach a genuinely interested audience base.

Skip The Research Process And Start Pitching Clients Right Away

How to Buy a Mailing List for Direct Mail
  • Building a mailing list for business is a noble task, but its also a time-consuming one. When you purchase email addresses, you get to skip the long research process and start pitching clients ASAP. This perk can be especially attractive if you are entering a new market and need to start turning a profit sooner rather than later.

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Consumer Email List Business Email List Vs Targeted Email List What Was The Difference

Consumer email list consists of email leads for potential buyers who can choose to buy or subscribe to your products or services if targeted with promotional emails in their email inbox.

A business email list is the email list database consisting of email leads of the potential business consumers who can choose to buy business solutions, tools or technologies for their businesses. This list consists of information and emails of top business people or organisation whom you can reach in their email inbox with promotional emails.

A targeted email list is very niche specific email list that is used to run promotional email campaigns in any set of the industry to target the consumers or businesses for promoting the products and services in the email inbox.

Buying Data For Email And Emarketing Campaigns

So the decision has been made to buy some data and the job is on your desk. Youve Googled it and a couple of dozen companies are advertising that their mailing list is up-to-date, award-winning and offers excellent ROI. Every marketer knows someone who bought a dodgy mailing list and felt ripped off, how can you buy the cleanest, most responsive list and avoid hooking up with a cowboy?

1. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Weve all had the emails promising 100,000 email addresses for £199. Dont be tempted. Youre buying email addresses that have been scraped from the internet using software, so will feature defunct, incomplete and generic email addresses such as info@ or sales@. Some of those emails may be spam-traps.

2. eBroadcasting with poor data If you buy bad data, you will run into problems sending out your marketing email. Email broadcasters and email software providers will spot these bargain lists and refuse to take the job. You might send out the emails from your own server thinking that youve nothing to lose and hey, even if only 30% are correct, youve still had a good deal. However, if you send large numbers of emails to incorrect addresses, you are likely to be identified as a spammer, get your companys servers IP address on a blacklist eg SpamHaus. Being on a blacklist will adversely affect email deliverability for everyone in your company. This will affect your personal popularity in the workplace.

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Use Lead Generation Offers

Using a lead magnet to attract customers to make them give you their email addresses can be a great strategy.

You can add a call-to-action on your website or your social media page like subscribe now or ‘subscribe to explore more.’ This is your way of engaging them.

Here is an example of a lead magnet below that is fully up and running. You can click on it below to see how it works.

What Is An Email List

The Truth About Buying Email Lists

To start with your email marketing, the very first thing that you as a marketer would be needing is a list of email addresses that you can send emails to.

This list of emails usually has people who have permitted you to send them emails.

These are the people who have subscribed and, therefore, this list can also be referred to as the subscribers’ list.

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What Is Bought Data And How Do People Buy It

Bought data is essentially contact information you have purchased to put into a CRM or email marketing provider. This contact information can represent that of businesses or individuals, and can be bought from various online sources.Companies selling data, providing they are reputable and authoritative, will ask you what sort of data you are looking for, and then provide you with a segment that matches your demographics from their huge database. You could ask for 20,000 email addresses of UK citizens under the age of 40, and they will provide that for a certain price.

HOWEVER, we strongly advise against doing this, for reasons you will discover further down in our guide.

Damage To Brand Reputation

An effective email marketing campaign works towards building brand awareness an ineffective one will do the opposite. This is the problem that comes with the ambiguity surrounding bought lists you dont know if contacts are sourced illegally or whether leads are cold.

If you buy a list that invades privacy and uses contact details without consent, not only do you risk low levels of engagement, but you put your brand reputation on the line. Users might start leaving negative reviews on your site or on social media, creating negative brand awareness and decreasing customer retention levels.

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Why Buy Frescodatas Email Lists

  • Stroke 4@2x Created with Sketch. Nail you target audience : Our targeted email lists help you find and target the right audience in the geographical areas where you do business in. This empowers you to research, market, and sell your products & services effortlessly.
  • Stroke 4@2x Created with Sketch. Cost-Effective : FrescoData emails guarantee you greater returns on your investment. Every time you buy email lists from us, you have the assurance that you will enjoy greater ROI from your email marketing campaigns for the right price.
  • Stroke 4@2x Created with Sketch. Up-to-date Email lists : FrescoData offers the most accurate and up-to-date email marketing lists. You wont waste your time or money chasing unqualified or incompetent leads.

How To Buy Email List For Email Marketing

When Does It Make Sense to Buy an Email List?

You can buy an email list from the leadsblue website for your email marketing campaign. Just make a search for your desired email list product in the search bar of the website, your product will get listed. Simply click on Add to Cart and proceed to the payment gateway to pay via options like Paypal, bitcoin or using your credit card in the Checkout page.

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Purchased Email Lists As A Business Accelerator

First of all, it is logical that a list built in house over the years will probably achieve better results in terms of opens and clicks . But it is equally true that even an individual valid email address can make the difference. If a purchased email list is treated in accordance with the privacy regulations and guaranteed by a reputable provider, it can be the right way to boost and accelerate your business.

Many marketers may choose to spend their budget on social media or , but these tools could not lead to the desired results. Especially today, auctions for the right keywords are increasingly daily, while emails are an evergreen. Everyone reads them, everyone spends many hours on platforms like Outlook or Gmail. Thats why email lists cannot be left behind in these strategies.

Email marketing must be part of the multi-channel strategy and every company should implement it to make products and services reach target audiences. For this reason, it is important to build your own network of contacts. If you start from scratch, it can take a long time and, whether you are a startup or an established company, there are difficulties to be faced. To get results, it is necessary to reach large numbers. And buying an email database of companies, with verified and guaranteed email addresses, can be a business accelerator tailored for you. This is whether you want to get started, or you are interested in populating a contact list you already own.

Use A Chatbot To Engage With Potential Customers

Chatbots, a technology still realizing its full potential, already offer a few effective ways to introduce automation into your messaging-focused channels, which can save you valuable time and effort in customer support.

MobileMonkey, for example, allows you to expand the opportunity of messaging by creating marketing campaigns within a custom chatbot. You can share a special offer via your chatbot campaign to encourage users to submit their email address in exchange for a special discount from your shopnot unlike a traditional form, but valuable due to it being an automated prompt and native to a wildly popular channel.

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The Right Way To Buy An Email List

If you think you can forgo email marketing in favor of Twitter of Facebook you are sadly mistaken. Email marketing is still the most responsive form on online bar none.

So, building up lists of emails is a task you must put some effort behind in order to kick your email marketing efforts into gear. The problem is nobody really wants more email, particularly spam from unknown sources. When I talk about buying email lists, Im am not talking about buying or renting so called opt-in lists from list brokers. Im talking about offering something of value as a way to motivate someone to willingly exchange their email address with you in order to receive your offers and additional contact.

Thats right, the price of getting emails has gone up over the last few years and youve got to get creative in order to build your lists. Youve got to earn those email subscribers!

Here are a few offers that work every time

1) Great how to information. Create checklists, forms, and detailed instructions for things that your prospects might want to know or use. This is something you should be doing no matter what, but using this information to attract email addresses is a proven winner. Hubspot is a great example of a company that produces tons of useful info.

2) Free tools. Create templates, rank checkers, calculators and widgets and let people use them to their hearts content and even enable them to pass them around. Aaron Wall of SEO Book is a master of this one.

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