How To Block Someone From Emailing You On Gmail

How To Block Email From A Sender In Gmail

How To Block Someone On Gmail From Sending You Emails

To add a sender to your Gmail’s list of blocked senders and have their messages go to the Spam folder automatically:

  • Open a message from the sender you want to block.

  • Select More .

  • Select Block sender from the drop-down menu.

    You will not have the option to block messages from some senders , but you can still employ a rule to block these senders using the instructions below.

  • Select Block in the confirmation window. Now that sender is blocked.

    The sender won’t know that they’ve been blocked. If you want them to know, use a Gmail filter to automatically trigger a response.

  • What Happens To Old Emails From The Person You Blocked

    Nothing. Nada. Old and previous emails youve exchanged with the blocked contact will remain in your inbox unless you delete them. However, new responses to old email conversations from the blocked contact will no longer appear in the inbox as a thread.

    Interestingly, when you receive new emails from a block contact in the spam folder, you can choose to move them to your regular inbox by tapping the Move to Inbox button when you open the mail.

    How To Block An Email Address In Outlook

  • Select any message from a sender you would like to stop.
  • Select the Block option.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on the OK button.
  • If you would like to have more control over how handles incoming messages, open the Settings menu by clicking on the settings icon and selecting the View full settings option. There, you can create complex rules to tell Outlook how to handle incoming messages. For example, you can block all emails coming from a certain domain, or you can automatically move all marketing emails to a separate folder to separate them from important personal and business emails.

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    How To Block Senders In Gmail Using Filters

    You can create a block list in Gmail by setting up a rule to send all incoming email from any sender straight to the Trash folder as it arrives. To have Gmail send messages from specific senders to the Trash automatically using a Gmail filter:

  • Select the Show search options triangle in the Gmail search field.

  • In the From field, type the desired email address. To block more than one address, separate them with the vertical bar , which is typically above the backslash on the keyboard.

    For example, to block both and, type .

    You can block an entire domain by entering just the sender’s domain. For example, to block all mail from both and, type .

  • Select Create filter.

  • Select Delete it in the search filterdialog box that appears.

    To archive and label instead of deleting messages, choose Skip the Inbox , and then choose Apply the label. Next to that, select Choose label to open a drop-down menu of all available filters. You also have the option to create a New Label.

  • Select Create filter.

    Check Also apply filter to matching conversations to delete previously received messages.

  • Future messages from the specified sender will now go directly to the Trash.

    As an alternative, you can archive and label these messages for later review. If you’re receiving mailer daemon spam, you can mark them as spam or junk.

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    How To Block Someone On Gmail On Chrome And Firefox

    How to block someone in Gmail

    You can block annoying email addresses in Gmail with the help of Chrome extension and Firefox add-on- Block Sender, which exists in both two platforms. In Firefox, it named as Block Sender for Gmail some while.


  • May get daily porn spam
  • The free version doesnt work as expected
  • Although Block Sender declares that it can block individuals, unwanted junk emails, newsletters, and uninvited email senders on Gmail, plenty of users leave negative reviews, saying its at least not as advertised. So, I recommend you to use the free version for a period of time and then decide whether to upgrade it or not.

  • Add Block Sender to Chrome or Firefox.
  • Sign up an account for the extension and log in.
  • Open an email from a sender you need to block.
  • You will see a Block button at the top. Click the button > choose an option to block someone, the entire domain or the same subject.
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    What Happens When You Block Someone On Gmail

    Is someone bugging you with unsolicited emails? Or perhaps, some company is spamming your inbox with promotional and marketing emails? Gmail lets you control and filter the kind of emails you receive in your inbox by blocking email addresses. But what happens after you block someone on Gmail? Read on to find out.

    Will you still be able to receive emails from blocked addresses? Can you still email someone you have blocked? How do yo unblock some in your Gmail? How do you even block someone on Gmail to start with? We answer everything in this explainer. Lets get to it.

    Block Emails And Ignore Unwanted Messages

    Is your Inbox full of messages that you don’t want to read? Would you rather not see those messages?

    When you don’t want to see messages from specific email addresses in your Gmail Inbox, learn how to block someone on Gmail and send those messages to the Spam folder. You can block emails on Gmail from your computer, iPhone, or Android device.

    In addition to blocking emails from specified addresses, you can also stop messages above or below a certain size and emails containing attachments.

    Gmail isn’t the only email service that offers a block feature. Learn how to block emails on Yahoo or find out how to block emails on Outlook.

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    How To Report Serious Threats And Harassment

    For the most part, this guide covers annoying emails, but if you’re receiving threatening messages, being harassed or bullied in any way, or think you might be in some kind of danger, then it is very important that you bring this to the attention of the authorities.

    In the UK you can visit Get Safe Online for more advice on the steps that can be taken to stop internet abuse, while US readers should contact their local law enforcement service with details of the harassment.

    With modern technology its a sad truth that people are a lot easier to find than they might have been a few years ago, so online threats should be taken very seriously.

    Be sure to contact the services on which the messages were sent Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, emails, etc. so that the provider can investigate the problem. Your actions might help prevent others from suffering the same discomfort as those you are currently experiencing.

    How To Block Someone On Gmail

    How To Block Someone on Gmail From Sending You Emails

    How do I permanently block someone on Gmail?

    First, open a message from that person. Then, go to the More menu and select Block. Email messages from that email address go to the Spam folder.

    How do I permanently block an email address?

    Most email services provide a way to stop unwanted emails from specified email addresses. Look for a Block feature. If you can’t find a way to block the email address, set up a filter that either deletes messages from that email address or sends them to the Spam folder.

    How do I block unwanted emails on Gmail?

    You have several choices to stop unwanted emails. The first is to use the block feature in Gmail that sends unwanted messages to the Spam folder. Another way is to set up a filter to move emails from specified addresses, emails that are a certain size, or messages with attachments to any folder you choose.

    Why am I still getting emails from blocked senders Gmail?

    One reason you may still get emails from someone you blocked on Gmail is that the sender changed their email address. Another reason is that the sender used email spoofing to hide their actual email address.

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    If You Are On A Computer

    If you’re on a computer, the process is pretty straightforward.

    Step 1: Navigate to your Gmail inbox and open an email from the sender you would like to block.

    Step 2: In the upper-right corner of the email on the same horizontal plane as the senders name and address is an icon made up of three vertically stacked dots. Click on the Dots icon to open a drop-down menu.

    Step 3: From this menu, select Block , which should appear near the middle of the list.

    Its that easy! Now any messages you get from that address will automatically be directed to your spam folder.

    Reasons Why You Might Need To Block Someone

    • We all sign up for deals or promotions from companies from time to time. But some senders take advantage of having your email by sending you too many promotions. You may simply decide you are no longer interested in that companys offerings and unsubscribing isnt an option.
    • Rudeness Its true, it can be harder to convey the right tone or expression when communicating in writing. But occasionally, it is obvious that someone is being rude and causing negative emotions via email. If thats the case, blocking is a natural solution.
    • Spam If youre getting strange emails from new senders, that should be a red flag. Anyone asking you for personal information, financial assistance, or for a signup on their new site is probably spam. Its best to block them and move on.
    • Harassment Unfortunately, some people may be using email to harass, stock, or otherwise bother someone purposely. You deserve to have peace in your digital space, like anywhere else.

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    Block Emails On Gmail On A Computer

    • At, enter your email address or phone number and hit on Next.
    • Enter your password and hit on Next.
    • Pull up an email from the habitual offender and snap the three dots to the uttermost right of the senders name.
    • Enter the Block from the list that drops down.
    • Hit on the Block to confirm.

    At the point when you prevent someone from emailing you on Gmail, a message appears over the message that gives you the choice to unblock the sender.

    If you cant track down a message from that person, heres how to block an email address by going into your Gmail settings:
    • Open the Gmail settings and select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
    • Hit on the Create a new filter.
    • Enter the address you need to be blocked in the From field.
    • Select the Search option. Gmail searches through your messages and displays those that match your search boundaries.
    • Open a message.
    • Hit on the More and select the Block senders name from the menu.
    • When requested to confirm, select the Block.

    Blocking messages dependent on the senders address isnt the best way to send emails to the Spam folder.

    While making the block filter, you have two additional choices:

    • To stop messages that are of a specific size, go to the Size field, enter a file size, and pick whether to search for messages that are more prominent than or not exactly the specified size.
    • To stop messages that have attachments, hit on the Has attachment check box.

    Why Choose Purevpn When Using Gmail

    How to Unblock Someone on Gmail

    Emails are like the blood veins of the corporate world. Professionals rely on this service to maintain both internal and external communications with important contacts. However, regardless of which email service you use, your personal data is always at risk. Most email providers are known to sell personal data to advertisers to generate income. This makes your browsing habits vulnerable. Thankfully, you can rely on a robust Gmail VPN to keep you safe.

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    Protect Your Gmail From Suspicious Emails

    One issue you might experience when you sign up for mailing lists, newsletters, and different types of marketing materials is that your email address might be sold to third parties. At the point when you get unsolicited emails from these sources, they might contain links to malware, or the sender might be phishing for touchy and individual data.

    Gmail naturally warns you when it identifies untrustworthy messages and moves them to the Spam folder. Gmail additionally alerts you when you attempt to download attachments that might contain a virus or other suspicious files or snap links that lead to dangerous websites.

    At the point when you get a spam message, it takes a couple of snaps to report that spam to Gmail and send it to your Spam folder. This is the way to do it on your PC:

    • Select the message by setting a checkmark of approval close to it in the message list.
    • Go to the toolbar and hit on the Report spam.

    To report spam in Gmail on your mobile phone, select the message , hit More, and select the Report spam.

    How To Unblock A Contact On The Gmail Mobile App

    • Find an old email or account from the blocked person and click the three dots again to see the menu that appears. Unblocking Remove the bar by clicking the Unblock option.
    • You can also return to your Gmail settings and remove the block as we previously mentioned.

    Blocking Emails from a Specific Domain Using a Rules-Based Approachblocked

  • Go to your Gmail accounts settings page .
  • Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
  • Create a new filter by clicking the Create a new filter button.
  • Youll be presented with a new window where you can enter the details for your filter. Enter the domain in the From field. If you want to prevent emails from the domain from being delivered,
  • Select Delete from the list of options.
  • Select Create filter.
  • A single email from the domain can also be used to access these settings.

  • Go to Gmail.
  • Select the email by checking the box next to it.
  • More information can be found by clicking here. These kinds of mails should be eliminated from your inbox.
  • Enter your search parameters here.
  • Create a new filter.
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    How To Block Emails In Gmail

    If youre getting messages youd rather not receive, its pretty easy to block email senders in Gmail. This works for both emails from private addresses and from commercial mailing lists, so feel free to block liberally though with the latter its worth trying the unsubscribe route first.

    If all else fails, though, heres how to block emails in Gmail.

    Two: Create A Filter In Gmail For Certain Sender

    How To Block Someone On Gmail รข

    If you wish to block the whole domain or filter emails containing specific words, Gmail spam filter setting would give you a hand.

  • Get logged into your Gmail account.
  • Type the email that you would like to block. Note: To block the whole domain, you should enter In the From text box. As for two or more email addresses, please separate each of them with a vertical bar |.
  • Choose a filter like Delete it. When an unwanted email arrives, it will go to the filter you set.
  • Two: How to Delete Blocked Filters on Gmail App

  • Navigate to Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
  • Tick the options from someone you intend to unblock and click Delete button.
  • In this tab, there is also a button to unblock someone for method one mentioned above.

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