How To Attach A Video To An Email

Using Icloud Drive’s Mail Drop

How to add video to Emails
  • 1Open the iCloud Mail website. If you aren’t logged in, you’ll need to do so with your Apple ID and password first.
  • If iCloud Mail doesn’t automatically open, click the Mail option in the top left corner of the iCloud page when it loads.
  • 2
  • 3Select Preferences.
  • 4Open the Composing tab. It’s at the top of the Preferences window.
  • 5Select Use Mail Drop when sending large attachments. Mail Drop allows you to include an attachment of up to five gigabytes as a link in your email.
  • If this is already checked, don’t un-check it.
  • 6Click Done.
  • 7 It’s the pen-and-pad icon at the top of the webpage.
  • You can also open a new email by holding down Alt + Shift and then tapping N.
  • If you’re using a Mac, you’ll hold Option instead of Alt.
  • 8 It’s at the top of your email window.
  • 9Select your video. Depending on its location in your computer, you may have to navigate to its location.
  • 10Enter your email details. These comprise your recipient’s email address, a subject field, and email text.
  • 11Click Send. Provided your email fulfills the necessary criteria, your video will arrive in your recipient’s inbox in the form of a link.
  • To view the video you’ve sent, your recipient will need to download it from the email.
  • Embed Video In Outlook Web

    Embedding video in is quite different, you simply need to copy and paste your youtube URL and the video thumbnail appears.

    Go to Outlook online version , Click on New message and type the email address that you want to send email to in the To box.

    Copy and paste your youtube URL and the video thumbnail appears, your recipient directly plays the video in their mailbox.

    Now you can remove the URL address and type your message content, You cant lose the thumbnail video once you remove the URL address.

    This copy-paste method is not designed for Outlook applications, it doesnt show the thumbnail, you need to add video using an image, explained above.

    Above are few examples to Embed Video in Outlook Email.

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    What Is Video Email Marketing

    When we talk about video email marketing, it simply means adding a video to your email. Why are we talking about it?

    Its one of the best ways to get people to open and engage with your emails. People love videos. They are easier to consume than reading a long article, especially for those of us with tiny attention spans !

    There are a few things to consider before embedding a video into your newsletter. For starters, the video MUST be relevant to your newsletter. How does the video fit into the rest of your messaging?

    Best practices for using video in email newsletters

    If the video is the right fit for the newsletter, you are nearly ready. Heres a quick checklist before you use video:

    • Be careful not to overuse videos. Yes, they work well, but if you are inserting videos in every newsletter, they’ll lose their power.

    • Insert the video under a headline or some text so that your email subscribers know what they are going to watch.

    • Let people know there is a video by mentioning it in the subject line. It will increase opens.

    • Before you send the newsletter, preview it to ensure it looks good on mobile.

    • A/B testing: You can test GIF vs static image, video location in the email, or mentioning “video” in the subject line.

    Now you’re ready to embed your video. We added a special block to our drag & drop editor so you can insert a video in seconds. Lets take a look.

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    How To Identify Contacts Who Watch Your Video

    To ensure each email recipient who watches your video is properly identified in Vidyard, you’ll need to add a special string to the video URL in the embed code.

    The string combines Vidyard’s identification parameter with for recipient email addresses: ?vyemail= and %%emailaddr%%

  • Find in the < a href> tag of the embed code
  • Add ?vyemail=%%emailaddr%% to the end of the URL
  • The end result should look like this:

    < a href="" target="_blank" title="short video"> 

    What Is An Email Attachment

    Attaching Multiple Files to an Email Using Zipped Folders ...

    An email attachment is a file that one person sends to another with an accompanying email. Its purpose is usually to enhance the value or benefit that the email offers the reader by providing additional content that you can’t express in the body of the email. The attachment can have different formats and sizes, with the most typical attachments being large text files, various types of documents, spreadsheets, scanned files, forms, pictures and videos.

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    Write The Email’s Subject Line

    The next step is composing the email’s subject line. As many potential recipients tend to disregard emails with attachments unless they know what the attached files are, the email’s subject should reflect the fact that it contains one or more attached files and provide information regarding what they are.

    Enable Autoplay But Turn The Sound Off

    Autoplay can bother users who dont know its coming, but email marketing is the big exception. When viewers click your thumbnail in the email, theyll expect the video to play instantly. If they have to click again once it loads on your site, theyll get frustrated. But do keep the sound off by default. Nobody wants to get blasted with noise in a quiet office.

    Pro Tip: To set a Vidyard-hosted video to autoplay, simply add ?autoplay=2 to the end of the URL, like this:

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    How To Embed Video In Outlook Email

    Embed Video in Outlook Email technically reveals two meanings, first Video didnt have a link, or its a link-based video.

    Microsoft Outlook application does not support embedding video in emails.

    There are few methods available, you can easily embed video in your email message body.

    • Embed a video in Outlook emails by linking it to a picture
    • Add video to Outlook emails by inserting it as an attachment .

    Here in this article, I will walk you through the step-by-step methods to make this happen.

    Faq: What Is The Fastest Free Way To Share A Large Video

    How to attach a file to an email

    If you have an internet connection, the fastest free way to share large video files will be to save them to online cloud storage. Share your video link with as many people as you like. Just make sure they also have internet access.

    If youâve edited your video in Clipchamp, share your video via . There are also online file-sharing tools like which can help you send videos securely without compressing the original quality.

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    How To Embed Video In Outlook Using Image

    In a normal state copy any youtube video and paste it into your message body, help you send the link to your recipient, but its not considered as embedded. Follow these steps:

    • Go to insert > > Click Pictures > > This Device

    Once your image is set, click the right mouse button to add Hyperlink to the image.

    Insert Hyperlink window pops up, which consists of multiple keys the user got confused about it, but its quite simple.

    Click on the Existing file or web page from the left portion of the window, enter the desired video link for your hyperlink image, in the Address field:

    Not Able To Attach A Video To An Email

    Original title: Email App Not Working

    PC Windows 8 Email App

    I can send emails with no attachment fine, but when I try to send an email with a video attached, a message pops up saying there was a problem. I click on “Go To Message” and then my message comes up with a message in red saying “There is a problem sending messages from *email*. Please contact your provider for more info.” How can I fix this? If it helps, when I was trying to send it last night, an message popped up that said I have apps that need updating so I hit update all and they were all updated successfully. HELP

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    Option #: Send A Video Through Email Using Bonjoro

    With Bonjoro you can record and share video through email instantly.

    You’ll add your customer’s email into Bonjoro, record your video on our simple web or mobile app, and send it out. Super simple!

    Heres an example from one of our customers, showing how your video would appear in your recipient’s email inbox:

    When the recipient clicks your video thumbnail they arrive at your video landing page where they watch your video.

    This video landing page can be customised with your own branding and call-to-action, which is handy if you want the recipient to take an action, like booking a call with you. Here’s an example video sent with Bonjoro, shared by one of our customers :

    The cool thing Alex does here is that he links a his shorter welcome video email to another resource that will be super helpful for his customer. That way, the customer gets a delightful personal message, which builds trust with him and his team, and they get inspired to go and read all the important info he put together.

    Compared to a standard text based email, the experience so much more engaging, and the chance of Alex’s new customer sticking with his product is way higher. That’s why Design Pickle have sent over 12,000 video emails with Bonjoro, with an 85% open rate – and that includes cold prospecting emails!

    What Video Formats Work In Email

    attach files in gmail

    HTML5 supports three main video formats: MP4 , OGG, and WebM. It also supports GIFs and animations, which are both viable alternatives that well dive into a bit more later.

    The H.264 codec in particular is ideal for compressing videos into a smaller file size for streaming without a negative impact on quality.

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    How To Send Large Videos Using Gmail

    Gmail imposes a message-size limit of 25 MB. When your video is smaller than 25 MB, attach the file to your email message.

    When you want to share a video file larger than 25 MB, save the file to and send recipients a link to the file. Your recipients select the link to view the video.

    To send a Google Drive link to a video in a Gmail message:

  • Select Compose within Gmail to open a new message window.

  • Select the recipientof the email, add a subject, and type your message.

  • Select the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select the Upload tab to save a video from your computer to Google Drive.

  • Choose Select files from your computer.

    If you saved the video in Google Drive, select My Drive, choose the file, then select Drive link.

  • Choose the video file and select Open.

  • Select Upload and wait while the file is saved to Google Drive.

  • When the upload finishes, the video appears as a link in the email message.

  • Select Send. You’re asked if you want to turn on link sharing.

  • Select Send to email the link and allow anyone who has the link to view the video.

  • When the recipient selects the link in the email, the video opens in Google Drive.

  • In addition to viewing the video, recipients can add the video to their Google Drive, download the file, and embed the video in a web page. If your recipient has a Google account, they can also make comments and share it with others.

    How To Email A Video Using Outlook And Onedrive

    Outlook imposes a message size limit of 20 MB. With a business account, the file size limit is 10 MB. When your video is smaller than the file size limit, attach the file to the email message.

    When sending large video files with Outlook, save the video file to OneDrive and send a link to the file that anyone can view.

    To email large videos using Outlook and OneDrive:

  • Open OneDrive and select the destination folder for the file.

  • Select Upload > Files.

  • Go to the folder containing the video, select the file, then select Open. The file uploads and a notification appears when the upload is finished.

  • Select .

  • Enter the email address or name of the recipient. As you type, you’ll see suggestions based on your contacts list.

  • Enter the message text, then select Send.

    Select Outlook to open a new message window containing a sharable link. Select Copy Link to copy the shareable link to the Clipboard and paste it into any document.

  • You and your recipient will receive an email with a link to the video. The link enables your recipient to play and download the video.

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    Send Out A Test Email

    After completing steps #1 to #3 above, send a test email to yourself to make sure that everything works as it should. This is basically the same process as sending the email to your mailing list just send the email to your personal email address first and make sure everything works properly and youre good to go.

    Scan A Document Into An Email

    How to add video to an email | Brighton West Video
  • Tap in the email where you want to insert the scanned document, then tap above the keyboard.

  • Tap above the keyboard.

  • Position iPhone so that the document page appears on the screeniPhone automatically captures the page.

    To capture the page manually, tap or press a volume button. To turn the flash on or off, tap .

  • Scan additional pages, then tap Save when youre done.

  • To make changes to the saved scan, tap it, then do any of the following:

  • Crop the image: Tap

  • You can use Markup to write or draw on a photo, video, or PDF attachment.

  • In the email, tap the attachment, then tap .

  • Using the drawing tools, draw with your finger.

  • When youre finished, tap Done.

  • Tap in the email where you want to insert a drawing, then tap above the keyboard.

  • When youre finished, tap Done, then tap Insert Drawing.

  • To resume work on a drawing, tap the drawing, then tap .

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    How To Send A Video Through Gmail Using Google Drive

    1. Go to in a browser on your Mac or PC and log into your account, if needed.

    2. Create or navigate to the email to which you wish to add your Google Drive video attachment.

    3. Click the Google Drive symbol, located in the bottom toolbar of the email, between the “Insert emoji” and “Insert photo” icons.

    4. Select the video you wish to add and click “Attachment” in the lower right corner, then hit “Insert.”

    5. Click “Send.”

    Can You Embed Youtube Videos In Email

    Unfortunately, no. Embedding YouTube videos requires Javascript, which doesnt work in email. If its not a video from your brand, create a clickable graphic or call-to-action that takes subscribers directly to the content on YouTube, or to a landing page where youve embedded the video.

    You may have noticed that if you include a YouTube link in a personal Gmail message, it creates a playable pop-up shadow box within the application. However, the video appears like an attachment at the bottom of the email, and this probably isnt the viewing experience you want in a marketing email.

    Essentially, if you are going to include embedded video in an email campaign, youll need to host that content on your own server or content delivery network .

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