How To Ask For Feedback In Email Samples

What If The Manufacturer Fails To Meet My Expectation


This is where youll appreciate the value of a pre-production sample. It gives you a way to test a manufacturers ability to produce a sample according to your specifications.

Realistically, many of them will be unable to comply and deliver on the requirements youve set. This is normal and it does happen.

Give them a chance to redeem themselves but if they still fall short of expectation two to three more times, its time to move on. You cant afford to waste more time and money on a supplier who obviously cant deliver a product the way you want it.

Customer Referral Letter Templates

Once a new customer is onboarded, let enough time pass to produce some results. You want the customer to decide whether they’re pleased with your work or not. This could take a week, or it could be a few months, but when you’re satisfied you’ve made an impression, follow up by asking directly for referrals using these templates inspired by our friend Rick Roberge:

Customer Success Manager:“You told me you’re happy with my work thus far, and I’m glad to hear that. Have you shared these sentiments on a review board or with a friend or colleague?”

Customer:“No, I hadn’t thought about it.”

CSM:“Is it because you’re not pleased with the outcomes?”

Customer: Not at all, we’re pretty happy with the quality of the product and service we’re receiving.

CSM:“That’s great! Perhaps your clients, vendors, or competitors might need this same level of quality from a software service like ours. What do you think?”

Customer:I don’t want you working with my competitors, but I can think of a few vendors who might want to work with you.”

CSM:“Your vendors then do you have a favorite? Do they sell to other people you know?”

Customer:“Yeah, we have a good relationship.”

CSM:“And are any of your favorite vendors trying to grow their businesses?”

Customer:“Yes, a few in particular.”

If your customer agrees their vendors would be open to the suggestion, send out the email template in the section below.

How To Make Your Feedback More Useful

The following fundamentals will help keep your feedback constructive:

  • Be specific Avoid generalities. Facts and specifics about how a behavior, action, or piece of work affects the customer or colleague are more effective. They can help the recipient identify what they need to improve and how to take action.For example, a sales manager telling a rep to act more professionally can cause confusion and even insecurity with the sales rep.More constructive advice would be dress more formally to meet with clients. Or, spend less time on chit-chat and be more direct and polished on the key points in external meetings.
  • Think it through While reading off a script isnt necessary, you should prepare and even practice, particularly if it is difficult feedback. Your goal is to help the recipient, so you want to make your delivery as clear and neutral as possible. This is especially true for career feedback. Our words can have long-term consequences on work relationships and reputations.Think through your talking points. Try to anticipate how the recipient might respond and the directions the conversation could take. Prepare additional points or examples you might use. Be prepared for difficult conversations to take place.Forethought will help you stay on track and stick to the concrete issues at hand.
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    Mistake #: Not Including A Call To Action

    The final and most common mistake when writing a polite follow-up email is forgetting to include a call to action.

    Instead, when writing a polite follow-up email, be clear about what you want the person to do after reading your email. Do you want them to reply? Call you back? Fill out a form? Be clear and specific so they know what you want them to do. You can do this while still being polite. Keep reading to see the polite follow-up email samples and learn how to incorporate this into your follow-up emails.

    Don’t Show Your Despair

    How to ask for feedback after interview rejection email ...

    Undoubtedly, you can be upset about your failure, but this is not a reason to cry during a phone call or plead for sympathy in your email. Such behavior discredits your self-respect and makes the recruiter feel uncomfortable or guilty. These are not the best prerequisites for a constructive conversation. Therefore, your request for feedback will meet with no response.

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    Stay Connected With Customers

    If you asked for a referral and your customer said no, or if you just haven’t made the ask yet, stay in close contact with that customer. That way, when you eventually do ask them to refer you, the request won’t seem out of the blue or desperate.

    Here are a few ways you can stay in touch in an authentic and human way that will keep the door open for future referrals:

    • Set up Google Alerts for their name or business so you can drop them a quick “congratulations” email if they receive an award, another round of funding, open a new office, etc.
    • Connect with them on LinkedIn, and follow their updates so you can like and comment on statuses, job changes, and blog posts.
    • Follow them on Twitter so you can read their updates and chime in on conversations that are relevant to you.
    • If they live in the same area as you, ask them out for a cup of coffee. If you don’t live in the same area, offer to host them if they’re ever in your city.

    Requesting Feedback From Coworkers: In Summary

    There are many benefits of getting into a regular habit of requesting feedback and the more often you do it, the easier it becomes.

    There are 5 steps to get maximum benefit from feedback from your coworkers:

  • Plan your approach: what, who, when
  • Make the request for feedback in advance of the activity
  • Be clear about the feedback youre requesting
  • Listen and be open to the feedback
  • Act and close the loop
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    Requesting Feedback Via Email

    When you send out feedback by email, make sure to personalize it to your individual customer or a segmented customer group. Address it to the customers first name and sign the email off with a team members name. Always send your customer feedback request from a real person and not from a generic email like .

    If you have an email subscriber list of loyal customers, consider sending out feedback requests at regular intervals.

    What Gets In The Way Of Coworkers Providing Effective Feedback

    How To Ask For Honest Feedback And How To Respond

    Before we look at how to request feedback from coworkers its worth looking at what gets in the way of coworkers providing feedback.

    Understanding these barriers will help you evaluate what will work best as you become more active in requesting feedback.

    • Lack of personal insight. Coworkers will feel most comfortable providing feedback based on their own observations . Its a simple starting point, but make sure your coworker has observed your behavior relevant to the feedback youre seeking. For example, if you want feedback on your performance in meetings, make sure you ask a coworker who has observed you in plenty of meetings! Sharing these effective feedback examples will also build their confidence.
    • Lack of clarity. It may seem obvious to you what it is you want feedback on, but that doesnt mean its obvious to your coworker. Your requests need to be clear, simple and direct .
    • Lack of confidence. The most valuable feedback you can receive is also likely to be the most difficult for your coworkers to share with you. As a result, you need to build their trust over time, which is another reason why you should make seeking feedback a regular habit .

    Keep these three points in mind as you read through the details below regarding how to request feedback from coworkers.

    Here are 5 steps that guide you through requesting feedback from coworkers and how to benefit from that feedback!

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    Why Is Employee Feedback Important

    Employee feedback is one way you can make experiences truly transformative, through the quality of our connections and conversations.

    By developing our feedback muscles and making it a shared accountability to be great at delivering and receiving feedback, we can create distinctive employee experiences.

    Organizations with better employee experiences see:

    • More engaged workers, which improves performance and boosts team morale – The Harvard Business Review found that happier employees have an average of 31% higher productivity and 37% higher sales.
    • A strong company culture that attracts new employees based on shared values and job satisfaction – 38% of US employees are seeking a job that aligns with their interests and 3 out of 5 Americans would take a 50% pay cut for a job they really loved.
    • A decrease in employee turnover or human resource churn – one study found that employees who dont like their organizations culture are 24% more likely to quit.

    Great employee experiences start from the day of onboarding to the day of departure, with many experiences centered around the physical, mental, financial and spiritual health and wellbeing of an employee.

    Email Templates For Requesting Feedback

    1. Post-sale email template

    Strike while the iron is hot and send a customer this request for feedback immediately following a purchase:

    Dear Alice,

    Thank you for purchasing a Toyota Corolla at Smiths Car Dealership we hope youre happy with your new car!

    Wed love to know how you found the experience of purchasing a car with us, so would like to invite you to take our customer satisfaction survey it will only take 2 minutes and will be invaluable for helping us improve our service!

    Thank you so much,

    Founder of Smiths Car Dealership

    2. General feedback email template

    After someone has been a customer of your business for a while, send out this email to encourage them to share their valuable insights. Include an incentive to increase the chance of them completing the customer satisfaction survey:

    Dear Bill,

    Were always looking to make ABC Insurance exactly what you need for your insurance needs. As a valued customer, your feedback helps us decide which services to improve and which new features to add to our insurance policies.

    To help us make ABC Insurance the best it can be, we would love some feedback. Take our survey before March 15th and well enter you into a giveaway for 3 months of free home insurance .

    Thank you,

    Director of ABC Insurance

    3. Post hotel stay email template

    Dear Chris,

    Thanks for staying at Swan Lodge. We appreciate you choosing us for your Thanksgiving Holiday plans.


    Bookings Manager at Swan Lodge

    4. Review request email template


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    How To Create And Send A Customer Feedback Email Campaign

    Getting customer feedback doesn’t mean spending hours in front of your computer sending out emails manually every time someone buys something from you.

    With the right tools, you can create automated email campaigns and collect feedback in the background. Automations are made up of four parts:

  • Triggers: User-based actions that start your automation, like someone buying a product
  • Actions: Everything that happens in your email funnel, such as customers being added to a feedback automation workflow
  • Communications: Your content and messaging, such as sending a customer feedback email
  • Goals: Checkpoints in your email funnel that help customize the journey for each customer and determine what happens next
  • Putting all those parts together, you can build an automated workflow that asks customers for product feedback that looks something like this:

    And the best part about building email campaigns like this is that once they’re built, your team will save a ton of time chasing up customer feedback which will be collected automatically.

    Want to automate your customer feedback process? Start your free 14-day test drive of Sendlane today!

    Real Estate Industry Review Request Template #:

    Free Amazon Feedback Request Template

    Dear ,

    Thanks for choosing me to help you find your dream home! Now that you have the keys I hope it will bring you pleasure for many years.

    I also hope you felt like I did a good job supporting you and guiding you through the process of buying your home.

    If so, would you consider leaving me a review so other buyers can find me?

    You can do so here: .

    And of course, please don’t hesitate to contact me for all your future real estate needs!

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    What Is Employee Feedback

    When exceptional feedback is given, employee strengths are celebrated and opportunities to learn and grow are identified.

    Employee feedback is where employees and managers in teams use combinations of informal and formal feedback systems to connect, align, and accomplish their goals.

    Only one-third of workers in America are engaged, enthusiastic about their work and contributing to their organizations in a positive manner. Teams that use that feedback to set development goals, make feedback a consistent habit and solicit different forms of feedback, see more positive results.

    Heres our ultimate guide about employee feedback and how to make the most of this versatile and effective tool.

    Don’t Expect Immediate Results

    Referrals can be an extremely effective way to grow a business, but they’re a snowball strategy rather than an explosive one. Don’t expect immediate results.

    In order for this play to work, you’ll want to take time building relationships with your promoter customers. Segmenting this group in your CRM is a great place to start because it prepares your entire team to communicate with them more often. For example, you can have your marketing team keep an eye on their social media profiles and interact with them when they post. Your account executives can reach out proactively to check in and see how they’re doing. Spend this time building value.

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    The Benefits Of Customer Feedback

    High quality customer feedback can boost your business in a variety of ways:

    • As social proof. Posting reviews and testimonials on your website, social media profiles, and email newsletters is a great way to establish the trustworthiness of your brand. A whopping 72% of customers wont buy from you without first reading some reviews, making this not just beneficial, but essential.
    • In your marketing campaigns. You can copy + paste reviews directly into your marketing campaigns or use them as indirect guides. For example, you might choose to focus your next campaign on the aspects of your products/services that are most often complimented in reviews.
    • As inspiration for the next stage of your business. How better to determine the next stage of your business than to look at what existing customers want? Use your customers feedback to understand what aspects of your products/services should be updated or expanded. Their words can even be a source of inspiration for new products/services.
    • As a way to strengthen relationships with your customers. People want to feel valued. Asking for their feedback, and actively using that feedback, is a great way to show your customers that their opinions and experiences matter.

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