How To Ask For A Raise Email

Be Clear With Your Boss That You’d Like To Discuss Getting A Raise

Ask for a Raise in Email

If your boss usually prefers a more laid-back style, now isnt the time to suddenly get super formal. Does she prefer to have meetings in the late afternoon? Dont schedule your salary conversation at 9 am. If she likes a detailed agenda outlining meeting topics ahead of time, be sure you give her one.

Switching the style of communication you and your boss usually have can cause confusion and put her in an uncomfortable headspace. She may be less receptive to the information you present to her.

Dont get trapped in the belief that you have to be more stuffy and formal in your approach because the subject is money. How do you and your boss normally interact? Go with that.

What To Say When You Ask For A Pay Rise

Few things are as nerve-racking as asking for a pay rise. Asking for more money can be complex, but doing the right research and preparation can make you feel more confident and better set for success.

How you prepare for a salary discussion can include getting a sense of salaries in your industry, finding ways to demonstrate your performance, and checking in with the bigger picture including what economic conditions are like.

Then its important to set up a meeting with your boss or manager. Ideally, you want to do this privately and in person, but a video call is an option, too. Ask to set up a short meeting to discuss your salary, rather than bringing it up at an unrelated meeting or without notice.

Once youre ready to have the conversation, try using this script to guide you.

  • Start with the positives about your role and what youre proud ofThank you for making the time to meet with me today. As you know I have been working here for and have recently been focusing on .I have really enjoyed being part of and am proud of the role I played in this organisation.
  • Why Wouldn’t I Get A Raise My Employer Promised Me

    There could be many reasons you wouldn’t get a raise your employer promised you, including:

    • Financial: If your employer promised you a raise and you didn’t get it, it’s possible your employer is having some financial difficulties.

    • Forgotten: As time goes by, your employer or manager may have forgotten about your promised raise.

    • Unearned: Promised raises often come with conditions, and it is possible you haven’t met those conditions yet.


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    Follow The Review Schedule

    Most companies have a review schedule that either happens half-yearly or annually.

    If you are not sure about the review schedule, consider enquiring about it with the human resource department of your company.

    If your company has reviews twice a year, its best to bring up the conversation about your raise around the time when your company prepares its financial planning and budgeting.

    How To Negotiate More

    How To Ask For A Raise In Review

    When a managers proposal for your raise doesnt match the salary you objectively deserve, its time to negotiate for more.

    These 5 steps will guide you through this negotiation:

  • Set your expectations. You may not be able to get the salary you want immediately.
  • Do your homework so your manager doesnt have to. Establish your target salary and the accomplishments and accolades that justify this salary.
  • Start the conversation. Start a conversation with your manager to begin working out how to reach your target salary.
  • Set a goal and establish a timeline. Establish specific goals on a timeline with your manager for reaching your desired salary.
  • Work with your manager to reach your goal. Make sure to meet your goals and that your manager is paying close attention to your progress.
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    What To Say To Get A Raise

    After preparing your evidence for why you deserve a raise and choosing a good time to talk to your manager, its important to think about what youre going to say during your raise conversation.

    You dont need to have a strict script, but you do need to be clear and specific in your delivery and it helps to have a few phrases up your sleeve to help guide the conversation.

    Be clear

    An easy way to begin a raise discussion is to say something like: As Im looking forward to working and growing with the company, Id love to discuss my salary. Or Im interested in discussing my salary, is now an appropriate time?

    Be specific

    Mention your desired salary number and specifically outline how you came to this conclusion. Bring a copy of your Know Your Worth salary estimate. Also, be clear about when youd like your new desired salary to be effective, and any other details that are pertinent to your desired compensation.

    Accomplish As Many Goals As Possible On Your List

    Now it is time to earn that money, honey! Can you believe that some people actually will get a raise for doing nothing but showing up to work every day?

    You want to go above and beyond your goals. This will blow your boss out of the water if you can accomplish more than they asked.

    This could be taking on more responsibilities in meetings, finding ways to save the company money, or getting to work before everyone else to get a jump-start each day.

    Once you have taken on all responsibilities that your boss has asked of you, it is time for the next step.

    During this time you want to be in constant communication with your boss.


    Because you want to proactively communicate wins. Your boss isnt watching you all day long . So communicating your wins will keep reminding them what a performer you are.

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    How To Ask For More Money The Right Way

    Research shows that about half of workers have never asked an employer for higher pay. Why is it so hard to negotiate salary?

    It may come down to our cultural discomfort around discussing money. In a PayScale survey, 28% of respondents who said they had never negotiated salary said they were uncomfortable asking for more. Nearly a fifth of respondents said they didnt want to be perceived as pushy.

    But asking for what you deserve doesnt have to come off as aggressive. There is a right way to negotiate salary. Heres how to ask for more money.

    Writing Your Email: What To Include

    How to Ask for a Raise | Christine vs. Work

    There are 6 major components that you should be sure to include in your email that are the keys to successfully asking for a raise. They are:

    • Happiness and Loyalty to the company
    • Responsibilities and additional contributions
    • Make the ask
    • Follow up

    We will go over each of these sections and provide examples of what to include in your email giving you a sample email and outline of what to send to your manager.

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    Set Up A Time To Ask For Your Pay Raise

    Asking for a pay increase is an important discussion and deserves its own meeting. So rule #1 is dont try to bring up the discussion at the end of another meeting, a weekly check-in, etc.

    To schedule a time to bring up your request for a higher salary, I recommend sending an email or going to your boss face-to-face. Either way, the message is similar.

    Example of what to say when setting up a meeting to ask for a raise:

    Hi Amy,

    Do you have 15-20 minutes available today to talk in private? Theres something Id like to discuss with you.

    If you decide to stop by your managers office and tell them in-person that youd like to discuss something, just make sure youre prepared with how you plan to ask for the increase in pay because theres a small chance theyll just say, Im free right now, actually. Why dont you step into my office and we can talk?

    This is why I prefer sending an email to begin the process of asking your boss for a higher salary.

    Opening Paragraph Introduction Of Yourself And Your Request

    In the first paragraph of your request, clearly outline the reason for the letter, your role, how long you have been at the company and briefly why you believe your work warrants a raise.

    For example:

    Dear Bill,

    I have greatly enjoyed working for ABC Consulting over the last three years. During my time here I have become a key part of the team, working across all our specialist areas and delivering consistent results. As my annual performance review approaches, I am writing to request a review of my current salary in tandem.

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    A Sample Raise Request Letter You Can Use

    To help you get started as you craft a salary request, start with this template and customize it to meet your situation.

    Dear. Ms. Young,

    Im writing to express my gratitude for the opportunities that my role at this company has provided me, as well as to formally request a salary review. As you know, Ive been in the position of XYZ for XX years now, and Ive consistently taken on new challenges and responsibilities.

    Over the last XX years, Ive increased my skills, and my role has evolved to include A, B, and C. In just the last six months, some of my accomplishments have included:

    Whats more, in my most recent evaluation, my peers and colleagues gave me a high rating, illustrating that Im a highly valued member of the team.

    Based on my research with the Local Chapter of the XYZ Association, the average salary for my position in this region is currently $85,000 my current compensation is more than 10% below that. Im requesting a 12% raise to better align with industry standards as well as recognize my contributions to the company.

    I am eager to discuss this matter with you further and am open to negotiation. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Copy & Paste Email Examples To Ask For A Raise

    Sample email how to ask for a raise

    Actually asking for a raise can be difficult, but starting the conversation doesnt have to be hard. Here are some email templates you can copy, edit, and make your own. But, remember, its always best to have the raise discussion in person so you can have a detailed conversation with your manager about why you feel you deserve a raise and also hear any feedback they may have for you.

    Starting the raise conversation:

    Dear ,

    I would like to set up some time to discuss a performance-based salary increase. Due to the supporting points referenced below, which significantly moved the company forward, I believe my performance warrants the review of my existing compensation.

    Completed which created that resulted in .

    Please let me know if you would be willing to have this conversation with me, and what day or time would work best.

    If you feel you are underpaid:

    Dear ,

    I would like to set up some time to discuss my current salary. According to market information referenced by PayScale, Indeed, and Glassdoor, the average salary for a with experience in is . My current compensation is below the industry average. Respectfully, Id like to ask for a review of my salary to ensure its aligned with the market average in our next one-on-one meeting. Please let me know if I can provide any additional details ahead of this conversation.

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    Use This Script To Ask For A Raise In 2022

    This article is part of Money’s January 2022 digital cover, which features 22 ways to make 2022 the best money year of your life. Browse all 22 articles here.

    Few workplace conversations drum up such universal anxiety as asking for a raise.

    But heres some reassuring news: the winds are blowing gusting, even in your favor. Its an employees market, with companies desperate to find and keep workers amid record levels of quit rates. And surveys show that most employers anticipate giving out average raises of at least 3% this year.

    Still, you shouldnt just sit back and wait to see if more money appears on your paystub.

    Instead, figure out the best time to ask for your raise , and schedule a meeting with your manager where it’s clear that pay is the primary agenda item.

    Then, prepare, prepare, prepare, says Mori Taheripour, author of “Bring Yourself: How to Harness the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly.”

    Research what pay is typical for positions similar to yours, given your education and experience level. You also want to create a highlight reel of sorts, quickly summarizing what youve achieved in your role and how youve contributed to team-wide goals.

    This preparation is key, says Taheripour, who teaches negotiation and dispute resolution at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It gives you objective data to support your case for getting a raise. And it should give you confidence, too.

    Think About Why Your Boss Would Want To Give You More Money + The Time Of Year

    Introducing The “Career-Only” Conversation

    “a path to or at least compensation equivalent.”“Thanks for sharing what your future goals are and taking the time to discuss how I fit into those. I know we have reviews in a few months and with my , I’ll also be looking forward to also re-visiting my compensation and I’ll start brainstorming some creative ways to .

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    It Will Help You And Your Boss Feel More Comfortable

    Putting together a case for why you deserve a raise will ensure your supervisor has plenty of time to review your points and bring the appeal to any senior personnel for approval. Submitting a letter with your reasoning is better than surprising your boss with a request they may not be expecting or fully prepared to address.

    Talk In Numbers And Share Examples

    How to Ask For a RAISE in 2022

    Including figures when talking about your achievements and contributions can create more impact.

    Talk about the percentage or the exact figure that you saved or brought in for the company.

    Did you bag a deal with a valuable client? Did you go the extra mile to increase the companys revenue? Did you receive excellent feedback from customers?

    If you did, be sure to highlight all that.

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    Sample Template For A Letter Asking For A Raise

    Dear ,

    As my X-year anniversary gets close, I would like to request a review of my salary. During my time at , I have taken on additional responsibilities and have achieved success in several areas. Ive made a brief list of just some of my accomplishments and responsibilities, which include the following:

    • Taking the lead on
    • Improving efficiencies that led to a savings of $X for the company …
    • Achieving success in
    • Adding to my

    Aside from my X skills in this role, I have also demonstrated excellent X abilities and proficiency with X. The team can count on me for X.

    Given the added value I have brought the company, I think it is fair to request a bump in pay. Based on the research in the Robert Half Salary Guide, Ive found that the midpoint salary for this position is $X for my experience level. Considering regional variances, an X percent raise would put my compensation closer to those salary benchmarks.

    Thank you for your consideration. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss my request and the company’s needs. Please let me know if you are available for a short meeting.


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