How To Ask For A Donation In An Email

Keep It Short And Sweet

How to Write the Perfect Donation Letter (or Email)

Brevity is the key to an effective fundraising email. If you write too much, people will lose interest and give up reading. A clear and visually appealing format also plays an important role in an emails readability.

Pointers to keep in mind:

  • Break up large paragraphs to avoid overwhelming potential donors.
  • Limit yourself to four short paragraphs.
  • Use subheads and bolded text for easy reading.
  • Include high-quality photos to help people connect with your cause.

Email Template: Donation Requests To Local Businesses

Subject line :

Hi ,

I am fundraising to , and I could really use the help of local businesses like yours. .

So far, the community has raised toward my fundraising goalbut we still have a lot of ground to cover. Thats where your business comes into the picture.

Would you be interested in joining me on my fundraising journey by making a contribution to my cause? A gift of any amount can make a difference.

To donate, simply click the link to my fundraiser below:

Id love to talk about my fundraiser in more detail, so please dont hesitate to reach out.


How Do You Write A Donation Email

When writing a donation email, consider opening with a surprising or compelling sentence. You’re likely not going to have much time to grab the attention of the donor, so a strong subject line will also help. The goal is to get someone to your donation page as fast as possible, where you can more effectively personalize the message and track effectiveness.

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Donation Letter Template: New Nonprofits


Were, a brand new nonprofit organization in your community. We were founded just ago to help support and lead in .

Were reaching out to you as a neighbor with a vested interest in seeing our community thrive.

But getting a foothold as a new nonprofit is a huge challenge. Raising awareness for our cause and our work is crucial if were going to make any kind of long-term impact!

Would you consider making a donation of to get us one step closer to our fundraising goal of ?

If we reach this target goal before, well be able to , and you can help us get there!

Please visit our donation page here to get started:

Together we can make a difference in our community! Please reach out to me at if you have any questions about our organization or how you can get involved.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Brand new nonprofits have a few major challenges ahead of them securing initial funding, setting up key partnerships, and establishing an original base of support.

Larger grants for startup organizations will most likely make up the bulk of your initial funding, but using letters like this one to find actual communities of supporters is essential in your early days. Its usually not a good idea to include too many calls-to-action in a single letter, but giving your readers the option to donate, follow you on social media, or just learn more about your organization will cover your bases. Every little bit of engagement and attention counts!

Asking For Donations On Facebook

FREE 40+ Donation Letter Templates in PDF

The Basics

There are over 1 billion Facebook users worldwide.

At least a few of your donors are likely included in that billion.

As long as youre posting regular content alongside your donation appeals, you can bring in donations simply by asking for them on Facebook.

Its a platform that your donors access nearly every day, so theyre far more likely to see a donation appeal status while scrolling through their newsfeeds.

Why It’s Important

Asking for donations on Facebook can be a quick and inexpensive way to reach a large crowd and directly point them to your online donation form.

Getting Started

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Donation Letter Template: Pledge Campaigns

Hi ,

We need your help to reach our pledge goal of by!

Weve launched this rapid-fire campaign to, and we know we can count on our community to help us get there.

At , we work hard every day to pursue our mission of, and our last major campaign resulted in . We could never have done it without the support of our friends and neighbors like you.

Pledge your support of now with our quick pledge tool:

Please note:. Together we can make a huge difference in our community!

Thanks in advance for your support! Be sure to share our fundraising challenge with your friends and family, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Pledge fundraising campaigns are a unique way to raise support around a specific goal quickly. Check out our complete guide to pledge campaigns here for more information, including explanations of the pledge conditions mentioned in the template.

No matter the specifics of your pledge campaign, the main idea is to be short and to-the-point. These campaigns are all about speed and quick emotional connection. Remind readers of why the work you do is important, and then challenge them to get involved. You can collect the pledges later, but your goal right now should simply be to mobilize support.

Communicate A Clear Fundraising Goal

Itâs much easier to dismiss a vague request for support than a detailed request for help . Thatâs why itâs essential to explain the reason youâre asking for funds, donated items, or volunteer work.

Your goal should be broken down into three distinct parts:

  • The specific amount of money, items, or time you need to accomplish your mission
  • How youâre going to use the donations you receive
  • The positive impact of each donation
  • The more detailed you are, the more confident donors will be that they can help you solve the problem. Say youâre trying to decide how to ask for donations for your local food pantry. Hereâs an example of a well-written goal:

    âLast year, you helped people like Isabelle feed her family of four when she lost her job. This year, you can provide more meals to your neighbors in need. Each $1 donation lets Greentown Pantry distribute 10 meals. Letâs help them feed 100,000 people this year by raising $10,000.â

    On a fundraising platform like Givebutter, you can set a flexible goal and celebrate progress alongside your donors.

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    What Are Sponsorship Letters

    Sponsorship letters are used by nonprofits that are looking to receive corporate sponsorship donations for a specific project or event.

    Sponsorship letter packages include:

    • A sponsorship proposal cover letter.
    • A sponsorship levels document.
    • A sponsorship acknowledgement letter.

    The proposal letter is the formal request for a sponsorship donation. It explains the nonprofits fundraising need and details how the funds will be used.

    The sponsorship levels document is how companies decide how much they would like to give. This document lists out a few different sponsorship levels and the perks that come with each level. The higher the donation, the more perks the company receives.

    The sponsorship acknowledgement letter is a thank-you to the company after they have made a donation. Your nonprofit can send out an acknowledgement immediately after a donation has been made and after the event has ended.

    Sample Donation Request Letter For Sports Team

    How to write a donation letter ***

    Subject: Help bring home that trophy!

    Dear ,

    My name is and Im with other amazing players and teammates. .

    Each year, this league brings players so much joy and enjoyment, allowing them to engage with others who are passionate about . We are beginning to prepare for the new season, and we are so excited to help bring home that championship trophy. However, with transportation, new uniforms, and equipment for over of individuals, the costs are adding up.

    Since you are , would you be willing to make a donation of ? With just that contribution, wed already .

    If youd like to make a donation or want to help out in other ways, please call me at or visit our website, , for more information. We have attached a form for convenience as well. The players of cant thank you enough.

    Best wishes,

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    When To Use Online Donation Tools

    Fundraising online is the easiest, most cost-effective, and most efficient way to raise money from anyone who has an internet connection. If an organization isnt making use of the many online donation tools out there, its missing out!

    Its important to remember that most online donations will be small . Many people are skeptical about online giving, and they feel more comfortable making large donations via check. Your nonprofit can still reap the benefits of online fundraising by marketing your online donation form to all of your donors.

    Online donation forms have become universal giving tools, and theyre not going anywhere any time soon.

    What Are Donation Request Letters

    Donation request letters are nonprofit fundraising letters that charitable organizations send out to individual donors and/or prospects.

    They can be sent on their own or included in a welcome packet that contains pamphlets, booklets, and additional information. Typically, an effective donation request letter will include a summary of the issue youre addressing with the donations along with a specific call to action. This way, recipients can better understand the urgency behind the donation request and, hopefully, choose to partake in the campaign.

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    Building An Email List

  • 1Don’t buy an email list. Selling and buying a list of email addresses of potential donors is illegal according to the CAN SPAM Act of 2003.XTrustworthy SourceFederal Communications CommissionIndependent U.S. government agency responsible for regulating radio, television, and satellite, and phone communicationsGo to source There are companies that will allow you to “rent” a list for one-time use, but this can be very expensive, as you will likely have to buy thousands of email addresses to see even small returns. It is probably better to put that money toward something else and look for more solid ways to build your email list.
  • 2Collect names at events.XResearch source Any time your nonprofit hosts or is involved in an event, make sure you provide a way for people to sign up for your email list. Put out a pen, a clipboard, and a few sheets of paper with space for interested parties to write their name and email address. Make sure the paper states that they are signing up for your email list.
  • Try a raffle or contest to get more names. At the event, try hosting a raffle or contest for those who sign up to your email list.XResearch source
  • 4Make it easy. Your website should give visitors the opportunity to sign up for your email list. It doesn’t need to be flashy, but it should be easy to find and sign up.Advertisement
  • Donation Request Letter Or Email To Support A Cancer Patient

    How to Write an Email Asking for Donations (with Pictures)

    Dear Recipient Name,

    I am writing this letter to seek your support. My sister, Becca Smith, has suffered from throat cancer for the past two years. She is in need of her medication as soon as possible, but it is not covered under her health insurance.

    I am humbly requesting your financial support to assist Becca in receiving this treatment. My sister is a hard-working, kind mother of three, and this medication could potentially save her life. I know your generous organization helps cancer patients cover treatments, and we would be so grateful for your donation.

    Please contact us at 555-555-5555 for further inquiries. I know you are a benevolent donor, and I thank you so much for your time.


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    Online Auction Item Request Letter Template

    DateCity, State ZIP

    Dear ,

    Its that time of year again! If youve attended before, you know what a big impact our attendees, donors, and supporters have made at past events.

    Our next auction for will take place on at , and youre invited!This event will and our goal is to raise .

    Were currently looking for donated auction items such as that can help us reach this goal. Do you have an amazing item youd like to donate to be auctioned off?

    We hope that we can count on you to help us make this auction our best one yet! Please sign up to donate your auction item online at .

    Thank you in advance for your contribution. We hope to see you at our auction!


    Signature of a leader in the organizationTyped name of organizational leader

    Demonstrate Your Positive Impact

    When choosing which story to share, choose the one that will demonstrate a tangible impact. Show your donors what their donations help you achieve through specific examples.

    For example, show them that $50 could help you purchase school supplies for a student from a low-income family, or that $200 supplies the equipment needed to organize a river clean-up. Always prioritize transparency and forthrightness when asking for donations.

    Showcase the results of your activities by sharing testimonials by those who have benefitted from your programs, by volunteers, staff members, and other stakeholders. Share stories and videos from the field.

    Infographics are another powerful tool to relay complex information in a way thats easy to digest.

    Demonstrating your positive impact will help reassure prospective donors that their money is safe and will be well-used.

    If youre not measuring your impact already, read our Crash Course on Measuring Nonprofit Social Impact.

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    How To Ask For A Donation In An Email

    Did you know that how you ask for a donation is one of the most influential factors that decide the future of your campaign? In fact, it wont be a stretch to say that how you ask for donations can make or break the campaign. Whether you prefer to visit potential donors in person or want to send an email, you get only one chance to convince them to help your cause and make donations with open hearts.

    If you have asked for donations before, you are probably already aware of the fact that persuading potential donors to support and donate for your cause is not a childs play. Therefore, if you are asking for donations through an email, it is essential to do it the right way. If you are interested in coming up with an email that will make your target audience reach out for their check books, read on to learn how to ask for a donation in an email.

    When Should You Use Them

    How to Add Donation Tools to Your Website – GoDaddy Website Builder

    Your nonprofit can use donation request letters at any time of the year! However, they are particularly effective toward the end of the calendar year when donors are determining their pre-tax season finances. People also tend to be more charitable in November and December, which means that your donation request letter has a better chance of encouraging a donation.

    You can send out donation request letters to any of your donors, but these types of communications are better received by older generations. While millennials respond to digital donation appeals, the baby boomer generation overwhelmingly prefers direct mail.

    Bonus: We suggest giving donors the option to reply to your letters by mailing a traditional check or directing them to give through your organizations website.

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