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How Do I Send Free Anonymous Email?

There are tons of anonymous email options out there such as Guerrilla Mail and Well talk about that in a bit, but were going to assume you need a standard email address with an inbox, sent folder, and all the rest.

Wed recommend using ProtonMailRemove non-product link. Its one of the few well-known email services that you can use without providing some back-up identification like a phone number or secondary email. Plus, ProtonMail is encrypted by default, and it has a TOR-accessible version of its site at making it a solid choice.

Send Anonymous Emails From Disposable Accounts

Those wanting to leave as little trace as possible can use a temporary, disposable account to send one-off emails. Services like Guerillamail make this easy to do, as you just go to the site, select the Compose tab and type in your message. If you want, theres the option to attach documents and files up to a maximum size 150MB.

Although the account remains active once its created, all emails are deleted after an hour and any attachments only survive for 24 hours. One thing to know, as there is no password or login details for the account, anyone who knows the address can visit Guerillamail and access it, hence the short period that the contents remain on the site.

Its worth bearing this in mind if you want to receive replies, as the account could be compromised if someone discovers the address. Thats why its best for sending one-off messages or tips, then walking away. Again, use a VPN while accessing the site for added security.

Get Ready To Send Text Combine Your Contact’s Phone Number With Their Phone Carrier E

Next, you will need to compose a new email message and enter the person’s phone number as the recipient. We know this may be difficult to understand, but you can actually send emails to the person’s phone number. How to text someone anonymously?

To do this, simply fill in the person’s ten digit phone number without any spaces or dashes, and read from the below email template format for the specific carrier your contact is under.

Then choose one of the following e-mail templates for their specific carrier:

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    Transitioning From Gmail To Private Email

    If youre concerned about your privacy and want to use an anonymous email provider 100% of the time, then you can transfer your existing traditional email account to a secure provider.

    Below youll find a few walkthroughs thatll help you transition from Gmail to three of the most widely used secure email providers.

    The first transition step is emailing your most common contacts and letting them know about your email address change. The best way to do this is send an email from your Gmail account with your new ProtonMail address CCd.

    With that completed, follow the steps below:

    1. Export and import your contacts

    The first thing we need to do is export our contacts from Gmail.

    Open up your Gmail account. On the top left-hand corner click the Gmail logo and then select Contacts.

    Then, on the Google Contacts page select the More option from the left-hand menu.

    Finally, select Export and choose the Google CSV format.

    Now, open up your ProtonMail account, and select Contacts from the top menu.

    Select the Import option and upload the .csv file you just downloaded.

    Your contact list has now been migrated to ProtonMail.

    2. Import your Messages

    The only way to import your existing messages to ProtonMail is to use a paid add-on called ProtonMail Bridge.

    If you dont want to upgrade to a paid account, then your best course of action is forwarding your Gmail messages to ProtonMail.

    3. Setup Gmail forwarding

    Alternate Solution Use Vpn

    Stay Anonymous on Twitter

    You can also make use of a VPN to protect your identity online. Also, it can be used to send anonymous emails. The trick behind using VPN is not to subscribe to a free VPN service. Most times, a free VPN service tends to sell user data to third parties.

    With the ability to vanish your IP address, VPN gives you invisibility, not only when sending emails, but also when browsing online.

    Below are some of the trusted VPN service providers:

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    Online Tool : Phoner Web Messenger

    See it here – Phoner Web Messenger

    Phoner Web Messenger is a more advanced web tool that lets you pick you own phone numbers to send anonymous text messages right from your browser.

    How to text someone anonymously and privately using Phoner Web Messenger.

  • Sign up for a new account
  • Send anonymous texts directly from Phoner web messenger
  • New! We just launched our free online SMS tool. Try it here: Free Online SMS Tool

    Added Privacy Use A Vpn

    To help keep your privacy at a maximum, using a VPN such as IPVanish is a great way to ensure your information is confidential.

    A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an important part of keeping your emails and activity secret.

    Whenever you log into your email account, yourIP address is recorded by your service provider .

    You are assigned an IP address by your Internet service provider and that number is specific to your account so whatever you do online can always be traced back to you if you arent using a VPN.

    TROYPOINT recommends using IPVanish VPN due to its blazing-fast download speeds and friendly user interface.

    IPVanish does not retain any logs, which means they will never store any information about your VPN session or information on how you use their service.

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    Importance Of Email Security And Anonymity

    Using a standard email provider, in most cases youll get a decent service, but your privacy might be at risk. These services generate income from ads, and they need to know your browsing habits to tailor these ads for you. Plus, email metadata will expose your private IP address to anyone willing to look at the X-Originating-IP or Original-IP lines. This will enable hackers to find your city, state, ZIP code, internet service provider, and more.

    Why Use Anonymous Email

    How to Create Anonymous Email Account without any verification

    Anonymous email affords you levels of security and privacy you cant get anywhere else. You might not need it 24/7, but it does have certain benefits.

    1. Freedom of Expression

    Sometimes you need to convey information to a person, but dont want to compromise your identity. It could be something thatll ruin the relationship, or youd like to remain anonymous nonetheless.

    2. Send Private Confidential Information

    If you have sensitive information you want to send to the authorities without revealing your true identity, then you can use anonymous email for this purpose.

    You can easily send confidential information without fear of your identity being brought to light.

    3. Whistleblowing Purposes

    Whistleblowing can be a scary and stressful situation. With anonymous email, you can help to escape any harassment and persecution that might come with.

    Think of it as giving an anonymous phone tip from a pay phone. Using anonymous email can be a way to whistleblow about any wrongdoing while protecting your identity.

    4. Hide From Spammers

    You could use a throwaway email account whenever you enter your email anywhere online. This can help to isolate your identity and any spam emails from your main inbox. But, youll still have a link back to your true identity.

    With an anonymous email account, you can create aliases and segment your account to keep your information safe from spammers.

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    How Do Anonymous Email Accounts Work

    Anonymous email accounts work by encrypting the contents of your email, subject line, and metadata in some cases, they even hide your IP address. Some free anonymous email account providers offer a zero-knowledge policy, meaning you don’t need to provide any personally identifying information to create an account. Even better, some offer a no-log policy, ensuring that your activity is not logged by the email provider, which makes it impossible for them to share your data or activities.

    When an email is sent, it takes a digital journey over a network from one server to another. Along the route from sender to receiver, the emails contents, attachments, and sender information are all vulnerable to hackers and cyberthreats. But when that email is encrypted, the contents are scrambled and are readable only by the intended recipient.

    If you’re trying to determine what is the best free email account, look for one that provides end-to-end email encryption. Most everyday email providers like Google and Microsoft provide Transport Layer Security Encryption, which protects the email as it travels between servers. But, without full end-to-end encryption, the inbox itself remains vulnerable to phishing schemes and other cyberattacks.

    Second Step: Anonymous Email

    You can set up a relatively anonymous Gmail account, provided you don’t give Google your real name, location, birthday, or anything else the search giant asks for when you sign up .

    You will eventually have to provide Google some other identifying method of contact, such as a third-party email address or a phone number. With a phone, you could use a burner or temporary number. An app like Hushed or Burner works, or buy a pre-paid cell phone and fib throughly when asked for any personal info.

    There are anonymous email services you can use, so why use Gmail at all? The Electronic Frontier Foundation says it’s smart to use a different email provider from your personal account if you crave anonymity. That way you’re less likely to get complacent and make a mistake.

    Note that you also should use an email service that supports secure sockets layer encryption. That’s the basic encryption used on a web connection to prevent casual snooping, like when you’re shopping at Amazon. You’ll know it’s encrypted when you see HTTPS in the URL and a lock symbol in the address or status bar.

    Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and all support HTTPS Google’s Chrome browser flags all non-HTTPS sites as insecure. The HTTPS Everywhere extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Android also ensures that websites default to using the protocol.

    The point is, once you’ve gone this far, there’s no reason to go back. Utilize a truly anonymous web-based mail service. Here are some to try.

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    First Step: Browse Anonymously

    Your web browser is tracking you. It’s that simple. Cookies may not know your name, but they know where you’ve been and what you’ve done and they’re willing to share. It’s mostly about serving you targeted ads, but that’s not much consolation for those looking to surf in private.

    Your browser’s incognito/private mode can only do so muchsites are still going to record your IP address, for example. And incognito mode doesn’t matter if you sign into online accounts.

    If you want to browse the web anonymously , you need a VPN service and the Tor Browser, a security-laden, Mozilla-based browser from the Tor Project. It’s all about keeping you anonymous by making all the traffic you send on the internet jump through so many servers that those who would track you can’t figure out where you really are. It’ll take longer to load a website using Tor, but that’s the price of vigilance.

    The free Tor Browser is available in multiple languages for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. It’s self-contained and portable, meaning on a desktop it will run off a USB flash drive if you don’t want to install it directly. Even Facebook has a Tor-secure address to protect users’ locations, which allows them access in places where the social network is illegal or blocked.

    Tor is not perfect and won’t keep you 100% anonymous. The criminals behind the Silk Road, among others, believed that and got caught. However, it’s a lot more secure than openly surfing.

    What About A Letter

    Why Won

    My honest recommendation? Send a letter. A physical, put-it-in-the-mail, anonymous letter.1

    This bypasses all the technology that could be used to thwart your attempts to communicate or be used to trace back to you.

    Its also possible a physical letter might get more attention and stand a better chance of achieving the desired results.

    ! Tech problem solving & safety tips & a weekly confidence boost in your inbox every week.

    I’ll see you there!

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    Anonymous Email Account Options

    Below you will find a list of the most popular anonymous email account providers.

    Although there are hundreds of email services available, we only included the most reputable and secure options.

    2.Abine Blur

    Abine Blur is one of the best services available when it comes to staying completely anonymous online.

    In addition to a secure email masking feature, Abine Blur also provides masked credit card payments, anonymous phone numbers, password management, and much more.

    If you are looking for a service that will keep you 100% anonymous online, I highly suggest looking into Abine Blur. You can find our detailed review & tutorial below.


    MailFence is another well-known private email service. There is no tracking, spam, and they offer a quality free plan of up to 500MB.

    The free option also includes email encryption and two-factor authentication. For more information on MailFence check out their official website.


    Tutanota is a Germany based secure email service that provides encryption, no ads, calendar feature, and a solid free plan.

    Their tagline is secure email for everybody. Easy to use and private by design. Refer to the link below for more information on Tutanota.

    5.Guerrilla Mail

    Guerilla Mail is a reputable email provider that provides disposable email addresses. Their scramble address feature allows users to generate a random email address.


    How To Safely Send Anonymous Emails

    To send anonymous emails, start by defining your privacy comfort level. Then, choose a secure email provider and determine if you need a VPN to send your email without a trace. A less secure option is to set up a fake email address with a popular email service like Gmail.

    But even if you dont use your real personal details, most popular email services will still track your IP address and gather data about your activity, which can be used to reveal your true identity and location. And its worth noting that most email providers are obligated to provide this information to law enforcement agencies if necessary. So, to truly send anonymous emails, you should consider using an encrypted email service or a VPN that can mask your real IP address.

    This article contains:

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    Use A Website Service

    This method varies in security, depending on which website you select. However, it does allow you to send email anonymously without going through the legwork of creating a new email account. Some of these allow you to send attachments or add a reply to email if needed.

    Step 1: Identify which website service best fits your needs.

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