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Top Email Opening Lines We Are Okay With You Stealing To Drive Mad Engagement

How to Create A Business Email For Free (And Use It with Gmail)

If you think only the subject line holds importance in driving engagement and not the opening line, you are delusional!

The opening line is what truly enchants your receiver to read further than the subject line.

Here are some of the best email opening lines to help you drive MAD engagement!

  • Congratulations on
  • Hello fellow
  • Did you know?
  • I saw your post on
  • I noticed how well you
  • I noticed that is
  • I saw that you are . Hows that going?
  • Your views on are so similar to mine
  • Im sure you will be glad to know
  • Quick question!
  • Can you do me a favor?
  • I hope you will lend your thoughts on
  • And the list goes on.

    We hope you are no longer drawing a blank on how to write the best email opening lines.

    Writing the best email opening lines is no monkey business! It can be tedious and exhaustive, especially for those from a non-technical background.

    Dont waste another moment, go ahead and use the lines we have mentioned here.

    Customer retention rate and engagement rates are sure to boost when you invest your time writing the best opening lines for your emails.

    And fear not, this post is forever here to help you swim to shore in case you find yourself lost in the ocean of words, which are many!

    Clever and intentional marketing is directly proportional to increased sales, higher ROI, and better numbers in the business altogether.

    And if you are a small business, you should try all the best marketing tools for success.

    How To Schedule An Email In Gmail

    Are you working late, but want your email to arrive in your clients inbox first thing tomorrow morning?

    We used to suggest using Boomerang to schedule emails but now you can do it right within Gmail. If you click the little arrow to the right of the send button you can specify when the email will send.

    Scheduled emails will appear in a new folder called “scheduled” right under the “sent” folder. From there you can cancel the send at any time before the email sends.

    Caution: If you are sending information to recipients who report to you, don’t send late evening emails because it can create an expectation of 24/7 work across your team. Schedule the emails to send at the start of normal work hours.

    What Is A Business Email Format

    A business email is correspondence you send via email for business purposes. They are typically sent via your company account or your professional email account. When sending business emails, create an address that is memorable and professional. Organizations usually have predetermined formats for their members. For personal emails or those of entrepreneurs, format your address as the name of your business or a version of your name.

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    Breaking Down The Structure Of A Formal Email

    Informal emails tend to be a little more carefree. They dont have a set structure, and they can be long or short, funny or serious, with GIFs or emojis.

    Formal emails? Not so much. Obviously.

    A formal email structure is nearly as important as the greeting you use or how you sign-off. Because formal emails should be relatively short in length, you only have to get four elements right:

    • The subject line: It should be short and specific. Anything over ten words is probably a litttttttle too much!

    • The salutation: Always mention the recipients name and a suitable greeting. Lose the Hey and replace it with a Hello or Dear.

    • The body: Like any other email, formal emails have a body of text. This section is short, uses proper grammar, doesnt have sentence fragments, and only has one ask.

    • The signature: Your signature needs to be as formal as the email itself. Its also essential that you use your first and last name and include your companys name if the email is being sent on behalf of them.

    What Makes A Solid Formal Email

    Formal Business Letter Address

    The hint is in the name.

    A formal email is an email that uses formal language, introductions, and signatures compared to other emails. Its structure is also different because it should follow proper English writing standards. Yep, thats rightno comma splices, no sentence fragments, and no conjunctions.

    Formal emails also have a certain way theyre structured and delivered. The punctuation is more professional, the greetings are traditional, and theyre shorter in length.

    So, when are these emails normally used?

    You can use formal emails for all types of situations, whether youre trying to win a contract with a new client, respond to a complaint, or reaching out to an official or CEO. The nice thing about formal emails is that no matter who youre sending them to, all formal emails have the same basic structure.

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    Essential English Email Vocabulary

    • Recipient This is the person youre writing an email to.
    • Sender This is you, the person sending the email.
    • Attachment Any file attached to the email is an attachment.
    • CCCarbon copy
    • BCCBlind carbon copy
    • Subject line This is the topic of the email, which the recipient will see when the email arrives in their inbox.
    • Draft When youre writing an email, its saved as a draft. This is an unfinished email, as you havent sent it yet.

    Below, youll find a guide that includes some additional specific language you can put in emails. For more ideas, check out the video Writing a Business Email.

    Better yet, since that video is available on FluentU, you can be sure youll get a lot out of it.

    FluentU takes authentic videoslike music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talksand turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

    You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. or download the iOS app or Android app.

    Try FluentU for FREE!

    All right, now here are the seven steps to writing a strong business email.

    Tips For Addressing An Email

    Before you send your email, carefully consider whether you chose the right way to address the recipient. Use these tips to help you address an email appropriately:

    • Use the right spelling of their name. Make sure to spell your recipient’s name correctly. If you don’t know how to spell their name, locate it on their company’s website. If you can’t find the right spelling, consider using a generic greeting such as “Hi” as opposed to “Hi Ms. Jones.”

    • Be specific. Instead of using “sir,””madam” or “to whom it may concern,” look up your recipient’s contact name to address them specifically. This shows that you took the time to get the right name. Using their specific name also prevents your email from feeling too stiff or formal.

    • Save informal greetings for your close friends. Avoid using too many exclamation points that make you come across as overly excited. Doing this can come across as unprofessional. Avoid greetings such as “Happy Friday!” or anything too casual unless you’re drafting informal correspondence to a close friend.

    • Reflect your recipient’s style. Consider the previous emails your recipient may have sent you. When you use a similar style to the one they used in their emails, you’re likely to receive a favorable response. For example, if they prefer formal greetings, greet them in a similar manner.


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    How To Write A Business Email

    Business emails are a pillar of modern communication. On any given day, the average office worker receives over 80 emails.

    Thats a lot of communication.

    While we send a lot of emails, many of them are not effective. Everyones inbox holds those difficult to read or process emails, hanging around because the recipient is unclear on how to reply or act. Dont let that happen to your business emails. Etiquette, style, and format are essential to writing emails that get results.

    This article will highlight best practices and walk you through an effective business email, step-by-step. By integrating these methods into your email preparation, you will write better emails and improve overall communication.

    There are four questions that you must consider as you begin to draft a business email:

    Spell Their Name Correctly

    How to Create a Free Business Email Address in 5 Minutes (Step by Step)

    To verify the spelling of their name, check any documentation you have with their name or find their name online. Doing this shows you took the time to research how they spell their name. It also shows your attention to detail and professionalism.

    While it’s important to spell their name correctly regardless of how well you know them, it’s especially important when you email someone you haven’t known for long. Doing this can help you set your relationship off on a positive start.

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    Best Practices For Creating A Professional Looking Email

    Now that you know how to set up your business email, lets take a closer look at choosing the right username format.

    Its not enough to use a custom domain in your email address. You need to make sure the rest of the email address looks professional.

    Make sure to adhere to these best practices and pay attention to your industrys particular standards too.

    Email Example : Announcement

    Subject: Meet the new Customer Support RepresentativeDear team,I am pleased to introduce you to who is starting today as a Customer Support Representative. She will be providing technical support and assistance to our users, making sure they enjoy the best experience with our products.Feel free to greet in person and congratulate her with the new role!Best regards,

    Subject: Complaint regarding the quality of the headphonesHi there,I purchased the headphones at Perfect Music on Monday, August 11. Later, I discovered that the left headphone wasnt working. Unfortunately, the staff refused to replace the headphones or return my money although I provided the receipt.Im deeply disappointed about the quality of the product and the disrespectful treatment I received in your store.I hope to have this issue resolved and get my money back, otherwise, I will have to take further actions.Best,

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    How To Properly Write A Formal Email

    Do you need to know how to write a formal email? If youreused to writing casual emails to friends and family, you may not know how towrite a formal email properly.

    Dont worry. Youre not alone. Many people struggle withwriting a formal email. This article will help.

    Formal emails are often called for when youre sending anemail to someone you dont know well. A formal email is also the right choicefor some business situations. If youre not sure whether to send a formal orinformal email, its usually better to send a formal message.

    In this article, youll learn how a formal email differsfrom an informal email. Well provide examples of the various parts of an emailso you can see the difference between informal and formal email messages. Wellalso show you how to properly write a formal email, format a formal email, and send aformal email. Plus, youll learn how email signature templates can give yourformal email more impact.

    Get more helpful email tips and professional strategies in our free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Inbox Zero Mastery.

    Now lets get started with learningeither by watching the video tutorial:

    or by walking through the detailed written steps below on how to write formal emails.

    How To Properly Format A Business Email

    30+ Professional Email Examples &  Format Templates á? TemplateLab

    With the emergence of social media and inter-business messengers, email correspondence is still one of the leading communication methods for professionals. Business emails that get responses follow a format that is easy to read and understand. It communicates its ideas clearly and immediately.

    In this article we review proper business email format and discuss how to create them effectively.

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    Best Examples/templates On How To Start An Email

    1. With Managers/Leaders

    Dear Sir,Hope you are having a great day.This email is about
    Hey Mark,The meeting with you went really well. Thanks for being a part of it.I wanted to
    Hey Sir,I read your blog on . Thanks for sharing it. I loved it.I also wanted to let you know

    Communication is the key when you are working in a team but the bets are high when you have to send a summarized MoM, an outline of the project, or the project brief to your team keeping your boss in the CC.

    Lets see how to start an email to a boss to make a killing impression:

    • Your boss probably gets hundreds of emails on a daily basis. So, make sure you are emailing them the most important information only.
    • Add a summarized subject line to give them a brief idea about the contents of the email.
    • Keep your email body to the point and dont mention the obvious things.

    2. With Clients

    Hey Mark,Hope we are serving you well.This email is regarding
    Hey Candice,Hope you are liking our services so far. In case of any doubt or query, you can always reach out to me.Also, I wanted to tell you

    If you are writing an email to your client that means you are trying to close a deal with them and get their business which makes these emails expensive and there is no room for error.

    If you are selling in the email , then dont sell the product. Sell a solution. Tell them a success story about how some Y-company hired you and their profit margins increased by X%.

    3. With Recruiter

    How Do You Start Off A Professional Email

    Searching for some of the Best Email Opening Lines at Work? You owe it to yourself to come up with something better than hope youre well, and weve got you covered.

    If you have ever been on the receiving end of such emails, we are sure you know what we mean.

    Thus, we bring a bag of goodies for you!

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    Question 1 Of : How Do You Address Your Boss In A Letter Or Email

  • 1Use a professional salutation followed by your bosss name. Professional salutations include Hi, Hello, and Dear. Follow that with the name that you normally use to address your boss. If youre on a first name basis with your boss, its fine to use that. Otherwise, use something formal like Doctor Bell or Mr. Rebillet. Then, place a comma after your bosss name to complete the salutation.XResearch source
  • For example, Hi Donna, Dear Mr. Wexler, or Hello Robert, are professional ways to address your boss.
  • Avoid informal salutations like Hey, Hiya, and Yo.
  • Dont use a shortened version of your bosss first name or a nickname.
  • Known Audience Vs Unknown Audience

    How to Create a Business Email Address in 5 Mins (2022)

    It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about your target audience. If you can, address your email to someone known to you within the business organization you are writing to.

    If you don’t know anyone in the organization, try to learn the name and title of the person you are writing to and use them in the email. People are more likely to respond when addressed directly.

    There are times when you may need to send an email to an unknown audience. For example, you may be answering an ad for a freelance gig and the ad does not include a person’s name. Despite your best research on the company, you can’t figure out who to address the email to. In these cases, it’s usually best to start your email with a generic, but friendly, opening such as “Hello.”

    Avoid “To Whom It May Concern” which sounds too stiff and formal.

    Your audience also affects the style and tone of your email. A professional business email you send to a friend can be less formal and more personal than a business email you send to someone you barely know or someone you have never met.

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