How To Add Social Media Icons To Email Signature

Best Practices For Using Social Media Icons

How To Add Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature in Outlook 2010

Thanks to widespread use of reshaped and revised icons and third-party sites like Iconmonstr or Iconfinder, many brands and social media managers dont realize that use of altered icons is strictly forbidden.

Here are some common guidelines you should be familiar with before adding social media icons to your marketing materials.

The Importance Of A Strong Email Signature

Your email signature is like your digital business card! It states all the important details like your name, title, company, contact information, etc. It creates an impression and has the potential to be the first or last thing the person youre communicating with sees from you. And like an elevator pitch, you only have a few seconds for your reader to skim your signature to really capture their attention.

Do Strengthen Business Relationships

If you just communicate with a few of your recipients via email, adding social media icons gives them new opportunities to connect with your business.

People are highly likely to engage with brands on social media when they have an existing relationship with the company or brand. Thus, social media icons in your email signature are bound to turn into a potential lead-generating avenue.

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Having Social Media Icons In Your Email Signature Is A Clever Way Of Linking To Your Twitter Facebook Instagram Or Linkedin Profiles But How Do You Add These Icons To Your Own Signature In Gmail This Will Guide You Through The Process In 3 Simple Steps

Gmail will not let you upload images to their servers so you have to do a small workaround to add images to you email signature. You can choose to copy the link to the icons directly from, but that is not always a good solution since we cant guarantee that the URLs wont change at some point.

Our architecture is not built for hosting images with permanent links and sometimes icons are removed from the site. If you buy a premium icon on Iconfinder, the icon without watermarks will only be available to you. Linking to the image on Iconfinder will not work in this case.

Adding images to your signature in Gmail requires more than just copy-pasting the image. Heres a small guide that will show you how to do it it only takes 5 minutes to set up.

My Social Accounts Have Low Engagement

How To Add Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature in ...

If youre in the midst of battling low engagement on your social pages, including social icons to your email signature is a great way to increase engagement! Youd literally be driving potential followers directly to your account without any extra work.

Everyone starts somewhere. If youre not as active on your pages, I guarantee, your potential leads and clients are still checking your social media. If you havent been prioritizing this area of your business, then nows the time to dive deep into your social presence. Heres a social media checklist for freelancers to get you back on track.

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Add Hyperlink To Each Of The Icons Your Inserted

  • At first, select the Social Media icon you just added into signature and
  • In the Insert Hyperlink window, copy or type the URL starting with http:// of your social site that matches with the icon > select OK
  • Repeat the step 4 and 5 for the each Social Media Icon you inserted

Top Tip: You can add text before the Icons such as Connect with me or. Providing Taglinelink to you latest blog post is also a great idea. Just typethe title of the post and highlight it. Now click on the Hyperlink Icon and type the URL of your blog post.

Do Not Add Links To Social Media Accounts That Arent Used

Now, this is really important. Suppose youve not tweeted anything from your official Twitter account in over a year or so. In that case, its no use including a link or icon of Twitter in your email signature.

Recipients are only interested in reading up-to-date and relevant content. Hence, adding social media icons to inactive social media profiles is a waste of time and will probably disappoint them.

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Uploading Images To Imgbox

Now we need to upload the icons on Imgbox. Go to You can use similar services such as, but this guide uses Imgbox.

Important: When the file is uploaded, click Full size. Then copy the image source URL from the HTML-Code box . It is essential that you copy the URL to the file ending with .png or .gif.

Integrate Your Website Url

How To Add Social Media Icons To Your Email Signature

When you create your advertising campaigns email signature, it is essential to integrate your website URL. After all, it is no secret that the internet is one of the most popular advertising and marketing methods in todays digital age and most of your audience will research your brand via your website and digital platforms. However, with so much information out there, making your website visible and easy to access is crucial to your campaigns success. Having a direct link to your businesss URL embedded in your email signature helps drive more traffic to your website and specifically to the landing page or web page carrying the call-to-action you want the user to take.

Using email signature software will allow you to easily add your website URL in custom fonts, sizes, or styles. It also furthers your businesss branding initiatives and expands awareness. To ensure your email signature advertisements success, be sure to integrate your website URL into your email signature before sending out your email campaign or newsletter blast.

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What Size Should My Social Icons Be

It’s important to balance your signature by adding the right size of social media icons. You don’t want to overwhelm your logo or other important elements like your name or contact details. For most signatures I recommend adding as small as social media email icons as possible. Its nice that they are there, but they are not the most important content in the signature. Keep them small and unobtrusive if possible. Situations where you might want larger icons might include if your signature and logo are already large enough in proportion to support larger social icons, or if your job/company is primarily about social media then it may make sense! The three sizes used in our generator include:

  • Small: 22px by 22px

Examples Of Email Signatures With Social Media Icons

All of the following email signatures with social media icons were created using our Software and Templates.


Login to your Email Signature Rescue account.

2 Step Two

Create a new signature and add a Name, Role and Email. If you already have a signature, select Edit.

3 Step Three

Switch to your Links tab just below your signature preview window.

You now have three options: Add some of our icons, upload your own icons, or add text links.

If you don’t have your own icons, select Our Icons. You will see a range of social icons with some Filter options to the top right. Use these to change the color, shape and size to match your business’ branding.

4 Step Four

5 Step Five

Now that you have added your social media icons and your links, simply install your signature by following one of our installation guides that suits your mail client.

Other Icons

Add links to your custom profile, file download, shopping cart, map, portfolio, music or video too.

Upload your own Custom Social Media Icons

If you have already purchased your own custom social media icons elsewhere, simply upload them to the Social Media Icons – Your Icons tab and add them to your email signature.

Request Free Trial Demo Key

Enter your details below and we will instantly email you a Demo Key you can copy and paste into any of our Windows, Mac or Browser Installer Apps, so you can try our Demo Signature in your very own email client.

Email Signature Software for Businesses and Designers

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Download Social Media Icons Images

Firstly, you need to download Social Media icons which are not too big for the Email Signature . You can download the Big Five Social Media icons below or if you use other networks you can find them and download them here

  • To download the images make a Right Click on the above icon you want to download > click on Save Image As. You can now save the image on your desktop or anywhere else you want.
  • Repeat the steps with each icon you want to add to your Email Signature

Find Social Media Icons

How to Add Social Media Icons to Email Signature

Below, we will tell and give official links on how and where you can find popular social media logos for email signature. For example:

  • Facebook logo for email signature,
  • LinkedIn icon for email signature,
  • Website icon for email signature,
  • Twitter logo for email signature,
  • Email icon for email signature.

Of course, you can always download any of them on Google, but it is better to use official images.

In case you have a staff designer , you can create your own interpretation of the social icons for email signature that you need. Do it according to your business brand style.

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How To Add Social Media Buttons To Email Signature

The popularity of social networks is slowly but surely surpassing old-school means of communication. As a result, it is becoming quite normal to have your own or your companys email signature contain not only a name, phone number, email address and website, but also links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

It is easy to just add a hyperlink to your email signature, but a button with the logo of a specific social network looks more professional. To add such a button, you need to follow the steps below.

Note: To learn how to create an event-triggering hyperlink for your email signature, scroll here.

Obtain An Image Of The Social Media Icon

First, search for an image copy of the social media icon you wish to use.

  • in the search box , type the name of the social media icon you wish to use
  • find the icon you wish to use and right click on the icon
  • select save image to save the image to your computer

The image needs to be smaller than 65kb. To give you an idea, a square image that is 250 x 250 pixels is around 50kb.

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How To Add Social Media Icons For Your E

Social Media has become a way to bring people into our lives and show who we are. Workplace psychology is similar that companies prefer to hire people who they can connect with. Its easy to do that through social media. It has become essential to add Social Media icons for e-mail signature so the clients can see who you are.

The first step to connect with a potential client is through e-mail. Adding social media icons for your e-mail signature is a great way to let your clients in without asking them to connect.

Adding a hyperlink to social media icons is the same thing as adding a hyperlink to images or text. Icons downloaded from the internet are legal to use and looks better than hyperlinking words you wrote for people to want to connect with you.

Adding social media Icons for e-mail signature is not difficult, and it starts by downloading icons you like from the internet. You can download the icons from websites that can be found by a simple google search.

Are the icons downloaded? Lets begin.

Many Companies Like To Have A Basic Social Presence On The Most Popular Social Channels:

How to add social media icons to your email signature – Tamsin Fox-Davies
  • – Even though this is primarily considered a highly personal social channel, it is becoming more popular for businesses to have a presence and post on it. There are many people on Facebook that engage with brand related content every day.
  • – Short and sweet, this social network is great for getting to know the personality of your brand.
  • – Known for being the professional business network, this is an important one to represent your company. It can often be the place where people look first for basic information about your company and browse through some of your employees if they are interested.
  • – Instagram is great if you have visual things to show. Brands who do well are giving their customers what they are looking for. Have your customers send in their photos of them using your product and ask their permission to post it here!
  • – Many companies dont use YouTube as much as a social media channel, but rather a repository of videos about their company, their products, and their content. It may include how tos and other helpful content for your customers to use in a self-serve manner.
  • – If your audience includes more women than men, Pinterest can be a great place to start. This platform excels if you have something collectible for people. Recipes, fashions, inspiration, step by step tutorials, anything of that nature.
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    Instagram Icon For The Email Signature

    Sooner or later, all brands begin to maintain an Instagram account. One billion monthly active users is an impressive figure and a massive opportunity for any marketing company. A wide variety of targeted audiences allows you to find customers for literally all kinds of products or content.

    Already an active user or have an account for your business? Then complement account promotion, learning how to add Instagram link to email signature. Add an Instagram logo for email signature with our step-by-step guide and attract hundreds of new subscribers through the Gmail service. Use this official link to download the most famous Instagram icons for email signature: “Glyph Icon,” “IGTV Icon,” and “Boomerang, Hyperlapse & Layout.”

    How Do I Add Social Media Icons To An Outlook Email Signature

  • Open the Outlook application on your desktop, choose New Email.
  • With the blank email message open, choose Insert.
  • Within the Insert menu you can now click on Signature and then Signatures.
  • Choose the Signature you want to edit and add a line or click inside the signature to choose where you want the icon to be added
  • In the formatting menu above the signature click on the button with a photo of mountains with a small computer in front of it, this is the Insert Picture button.
  • Find the social media icon among your computer files and click Insert.
  • Once the image is added you can click on the image to edit it and drag the corners of it to resize it.
  • To add a link to your social media profile, you will want to click the icon, and then hit the chain button to add a hyperlink to the site.
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