How To Add Social Media Icons To Email Signature Outlook

Outlook Email Signatures For Usf Employees

How To Add Social Media Icons to Your Email Signature in Outlook 2010

An easy way for our community to show a uniform brand is to have a consistent format for faculty and staff email signatures. To accomplish this, we recommend the following configuration in Microsoft Outlook with name, title, unit/department, university name, your primary campus, phone number, and logo.

Everyone’s email settings are different and it will require that you manually create your own signature. The above image is a visual example of one possible layout and the length of your signature will depend upon what information is most important for you to display. Please use your best judgement and remember that people also view emails on mobile devices.

Which Social Media Accounts Should I Use

The largest question to answer when determining which social media channels to promote in your email signature is to ask which ones you or your company are most active on. If you never plan to post to a particular social channel again then there is no reason to include it in your email signature. Consider quality over quantity here. You dont get an award for how many social media channels or pages you are on, only if they are useful to your audience.

Add Hyperlink To Each Of The Icons Your Inserted

  • At first, select the Social Media icon you just added into signature and
  • In the Insert Hyperlink window, copy or type the URL starting with http:// of your social site that matches with the icon > select OK
  • Repeat the step 4 and 5 for the each Social Media Icon you inserted

Top Tip: You can add text before the Icons such as Connect with me or. Providing Taglinelink to you latest blog post is also a great idea. Just typethe title of the post and highlight it. Now click on the Hyperlink Icon and type the URL of your blog post.

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Custom Social Media Icons For Your Email Signature

If you have already created, bought or downloaded a set of custom social media icons for your email signature, simply upload your own custom icons, using our handy custom social icon uploader tool. Or simply choose from over 100,000 social media icons already included in our software.

We already include over 100,000 social media icons, that’s 71 social media sites, in 4 different styles, 20 different colors and 11 sizes. And we add more regularly, as new social media sites become popular. But we realize that sometimes, our social media icons may not suit everyone’s needs.

If none of our social media icons work for you, or you have a certain color, shape or style that you need to use in your email signature that is different from what we provide, simply upload your own custom social icons just like this.

Once uploaded, add a web link to the icon to direct customer’s to your page. You can also sort and delete custom social icons, just like you can with our regular icons.

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Do Use Social Media Icons Instead Of Links

How to Add Social Media Icons to Your Outlook Signature

Adding too many social media links in your email signature makes it look very messy. Use social media icons that your users can easily just click on to and be directed straight to your company or brands official Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page.

We also suggest hosting these icon images online instead of directly embedding them into your signature via an email signature creator. This way, recipients dont need to download the icons when they view your emails.

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Linkedin Icon In The Email Signature

If you or your company already have a profile on the LinkedIn website, you should 100% add a social media icon to your Gmail signature. If not, take a look at these numbers:

  • Linkedin has over 260 million monthly active users worldwide
  • 20 million company pages
  • more than 150 business sectors
  • covers business people from 200 countries.

No, we are not trying to praise this network. It makes no sense. We rather advise on promoting your brand company. Add Linkedin social media icons to your email signature downloading from the official website. It will help you to make new business connections, who will find you from your email signature icons.

Add Social Media Icons Images

  • If you creating a new signature you can now add your contact info keep it simple with no more than 5-6 lines of text.
  • After you added or updated your contact information, click on the Picture Icon

Top Tip: When adding contact information, try to use different colours , fonts and fonts sizes to make your Signature stand out and readable.

  • In the Insert Picture window > Select Icon you want to insert > click Insert

Top Tip: Follow the same steps for any images you want to add to Email Signature

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Use Social Media Icons To Market Your Company

Adding social icons to your company email signature provides new opportunities for target markets to connect with businesses, with every email you or your employees send.

For example, adding your companys Linkedin page is a cost-effective way to help job seekers find you and apply for a job. Adding a Facebook icon will help lead users to your Facebook page where they could see your sales events or company initiatives.

Email signature social links can be seen as an addition to your email marketing channel where users can find everything you have to offer in one place when they need it.

Social media email signature with HR Glassdoor button

Do Not Underrate The Power Of Email Signatures And Social Media

How to Add Social Media Icons to Your Microsoft Outlook Email Signature

Think of how many emails you send on a weekly or daily basis. Each sent email is an incredible opportunity to be associated with a potential customer in your social media network, thus giving you a chance to boost your social reach.

Social media in your email signature basically serves as a free marketing tool. These links or icons will boost a significant amount of traffic to your social media platform pages, which will ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

So, if youre seeking something with more design, you should definitely consider using an email signature generator.

Let YourEmailSignature help you! is a fantastic email signature generator that lets you create professional email signatures in just under 60 seconds! And if you want to add links of your social media networking business pages to your email signature, youve come to the right place!

Adding various social media icons to your email signature is a brilliant way to give your recipients an additional and valuable way of getting to know more about you and your company.

When you have such dedicated email signature solutions by your side, you can easily configure email signatures such that all your social media accounts are included in all your emails. You can add all the official social media icons to your email signature, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., via YourEmailSignature with just a single click.

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Open Your Email Client

  • Newest version of Outlook : In your Email Client, go to File > select Options
  • Older version of Outlook: Tools > Options
  • For other Email Clients: look for Tools/Options/Properties/Settings
  • Newest version of Outlook : In the menu select Mail > click on Signatures on the right hand side
  • Older version of Outlook: Mail Format > Signatures
  • For other Email Clients: look for Signature or Templates

The Dos And Donts Of Using Social Media In Email Signatures

As a well-integrated and familiar channel, email already provides all the interaction that most companies and brands want to maintain out of social media.

But were you aware that every email you send out to your recipients is an incredible opportunity to expand your social reach? By adding social media to your professional email signatures, youre bound to drive all your marketing initiatives more effectively.

And, if you want to learn a bit more, then you definitely need to check out these 6 dos and donts on incorporating social media in your corporate email signatures:

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How To Add Hyperlinks To Outlook Signature

Naturally, nothing prevents you from adding a link to your web-site by typing it in full. But the company name that links to your corporate web-site will definitely look nicer.

To make any text in your Outlook signature clickable, just do the following:

  • In the Edit signature box, select the text, and click the Hyperlink button on the toolbar.

    If the hyperlink text is not added to the signature yet, you can simply place the mouse pointer to where you want to add a link, and click the Hyperlink button.

  • In the Insert Hyperlink window, do the following:
  • In the Text to display box, type the text you want to make clickable .
  • In the Address box, type the full URL.
  • Click OK.
  • In the Signatures and Stationery window, click OK to save the changes.
  • How to make an image in your Outlook signature clickable

    To make the logo, social icons or other image in your Outlook email signature clickable, add hyperlinks to those images. For this, perform the above steps, with the only difference that you select an image instead of text. For example, here’s how you can make your company logo clickable:

  • In the Edit signature box, select the logo, and click the Hyperlink button on the toolbar.
  • In the Insert Hyperlink window, just type or paste the URL to the Address box and click OK.
  • That’s it! Your brand logo has become clickable via a hyperlink. In a similar fashion, you can add links to social media icons such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

    Add A Hyperlink To The Social Media Icon

    How to add social media icons to your Outlook 2010 email ...

    Using the WYSIWYG editor in Outlook is very easy. Select the social media icon, click the Add a hyperlink button in the top menu and enter the URL that leads to the relevant profile. The hyperlink should be the profiles full URL e.g. or .

    To add hyperlinks to images in Gmail and G Suite, however, you will need to add the hyperlink to the HTML code first, and then paste the HTML signature design into the WYSIWG editor.

    If you are working with raw HTML, locate the image code as above, then insert the HTML tags. The code should look similar to the example shown below:

    There you have it. You’ve successfully added social media icons to an email signature. To add more profiles, simply repeat the process as many times as you wish.

    For a simpler way of adding social media icons to email signatures in Microsoft 365 , G Suite or Microsoft Exchange, use a dedicated email signature solution from Exclaimer. Start a fully-functional free trial now!

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    How To Add Signature In Outlook 365 Web App: Your Step By Step Guide


    Using the integrated editor in Outlook 365 you can add text, links, and images, but its quite hard to use this editor to create a professional looking email signature. For better results, with less effort, consider using our Outlook signature creator

    Professional Outlook 365 web app signature | See more templates below

    Where Can I Download Social Media Icons For My Email Signature

    If you want to get them directly from the source, usually searching on the internet for or whichever social platform you are looking for will land you on a page where you can download high quality logos for their website. That said, you may need graphics software to use these files as they may be high quality or in vector format.

    Otherwise the list in this article is a great starting point where you can download the zip folder of all of the social media icons for an email signature, or download just a few that you need. These icons are perfectly sized for use in your email signature.

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    Adding Social Media Icons Using Gmail

  • Go to your Gmail account.
  • Navigate to the Gear icon located in the top right corner.
  • Open the menu > See All Settings.
  • Scroll all the way down through the General to find Signature.
  • If there are no signatures, you can click on Create New otherwise, select the area inside your signature to add the icons.
  • Go to the Insert Image icon and upload the image/icon.
  • Once you have adjusted the icon successfully, click on it, and insert the link using the Link icon.
  • Edit Your Email Signature Design

    How to Add Social Media Icons to your Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook 2007
    • Edit your email signature design using the tools in the top ribbon


    • Give your name and job title a bigger font than the rest of the signature .
    • Give your Name and your job title a different color than the rest of your signature .
    • Put your name, and your contact information labels in Bold . You can also use capital letters instead of bolding.
    • Choose a font thats legible and respectable .

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    Add Social Media Icons To Your Email Signature In Outlook 365 & Owa

    All Outlook web apps have the same integrated signature editor and have the same setup for your email signature. The instructions below apply to Outlook for Office 365 and to the web app.


    Adding a Facebook or Instagram link to your email signature is practically the same as adding an image with a link.

    This means that youll need to have your social media logos/icons ready before we start .

    Follow the steps below to add social links to your Outlook signature:

  • Open your Outlook web application > Click the Gear icon in the right- hand corner
  • Type in signature in the Settings search box and > Choose Email signature from the search results. The signature editor will open up
  • Click the Image icon at the left side of the editor tool strip
  • Upload the social media logos or buttons from your computer > Resize and position the icons and buttons the way you like
  • Facebook Icons & buttons
    Twitter icons & buttons
    Linkedin icons & buttons
  • Select each icon separately > Click the Link icon at the right side of the tool strip > Add the URL address for the relevant social media page > Click OK
  • Click Save, and youre all set up!
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