How To Add Email To Gmail

A How To Add A Label To Emails On The Gmail Mobile App

How to Add Another Email Account to Gmail (2 Methods)

On the Gmail mobile app, you can choose to assign a label to an email or assign a label to multiple emails at once.

Ill go over both methods here.

Method 1: Assign a Label to a Single Email

Step 1Open the Gmail app on your mobile device.

Step 2Select an email and open it.

Step 3In the top right-hand corner of the screen, tap the More options button.

The button looks like three vertical dots on an Android phone. On an iPhone and other iOS devices, the button has three horizontal dots.

Step 4

Select the multiple labels you want to add to the email and tap OK.

Method 2: Assign a Label to Multiple Emails

Step 1Open the Gmail app on your mobile device.

Step 2Select the email messages in your Gmail inbox you want to assign labels.

Step 3Tap the three vertical dots or three horizontal dots icon at the upper right corner.

Step 4

Heres what the Move to window looks like:

From here, select the multiple labels you want to assign to the selected emails.

How To Add New Contacts In Gmail

If you get an email from someone whom you’d like to add as a contact, Gmail lets you do that with just a few clicks.

1. Open Gmail on your Mac or PC in a web browser and click the email message from the recipient you want to add to your contacts list.

2. Hover your cursor over the contact’s name. You can do this either in the message list or the reading pane.

3. In the pop-up contact details, click the Add to contacts button to the right of the person’s name.

After a moment, the Add to contacts icon turns into a pencil-shaped Edit contacts button, which you can use to add details to or otherwise change the contact entry.

Quick tip: You can only add individuals to your contacts list from Gmail using a web browser. You can’t do this with the mobile app for Android or iOS.

Attach A Pdf Using Google Drive

As mentioned earlier, attaching an email using Google Drive is pretty simple. This is a two-step process, but we promise it is really simple.

Save Your Email to Google Drive

The easiest way to save a Gmail to your . Install the extension and sign in to your Gmail account.

Open the email youd like to send and click on the puzzle piece icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then, click on the Google Drive Extension. This will automatically save your email to your Google Drive.

Send Your Email From Google Drive

Press the Compose button in Gmail to open the New Message text editor. Click the Insert files using the Drive button to open the window shown directly below. Select a Gmail email PDF to attach from there, and press the Insert button.

You should see the Gmail PDF attached to the top of the new email as shown directly below. Click that attachment to open a PDF preview of it in Google Chrome. You can remove the attachments by clicking their X icons.

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Add A Gmail Account To Outlook

With the latest update to Outlook for Microsoft 365, it’s now easier to add a Gmail account to Outlook.


  • This new setup experience for Gmail and Outlook will be enabled for Outlook for Microsoft 365 customers slowly over the next several weeks. If you don’t see the exact screens shown here, see the topic Add an email account to Outlook for email setup instructions.

  • If you’ve previously added a Gmail account to Outlook for Microsoft 365, you may receive a prompt to update your password.

These steps are the same whether you’re adding your first Gmail account or additional Gmail accounts to Outlook.

  • Select File> Add Account.

  • Enter your email address and click Connect.

  • Outlook will launch a Gmail window that asks for your password. Enter the password and select Sign in.

    Important: Once you connect your Gmail account to Outlook, you may receive a warning message in your Gmail inbox telling you that a new logon from Internet Explorer was detected. This is expected behavior.

  • If you have previously enabled 2-factor authentication for Gmail, you’ll be prompted to enter the code sent to your mobile device. If you haven’t enabled 2-factor authentication, skip to step 6.

  • The Google account permissions window appears. Click Allow.

  • Once Outlook finishes adding your Gmail account, you can add another email account or select Done.


  • How To Add Another Email Address To Gmail Using Pop3

    How to Add Contacts in Gmail: 12 Steps (with Pictures ...

    If you want to manage another account under Gmail’s roof, while still using it to send and receive emails, you’ll take a slightly different route.

    Tip: Worried you might import a lot of spam? See how to find accounts linked to your email address first.

    To add a third-party email account to Gmail, follow these steps:

  • In Gmail, go to Settings> Accounts and Import.
  • Under Check mail from other accounts, click Add a mail account.
  • Once you enter the email address, Gmail will probably pre-fill some information supplement the password and select your preferred settings.
  • Tip: Creating labels for the respective accounts is recommended if you want to treat the additional account as a separate email account. In that case, I also recommend the Archive incoming messages option. In the second part of this article, I will explain how you can create a second inbox for an email account based on its label.

    Once you successfully added an account, Gmail should offer to add it as an alias, meaning you’ll be able to send emails from that address. If you agree, you’ll have to verify your new email alias, as described below.

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    How To Edit Gmail Contacts

    One of the chief advantages of keeping your most important contacts in Google’s contacts list is that they’re easy to edit and keep up to date. Plus, you can store personal information so birthdays and addresses are always easily accessible. Here’s how to edit a contact:

    1. Open Gmail Contacts on your desktop using the steps explained earlier in this article, or you can go directly to in your browser.

    2. Find the contact you want to edit. You can search for it using the Search field at the top of the page or browse the list below.

    3. When you find the contact, there are two ways to start editing:

    • Hover over a contact and then click the pencil-shaped Edit contact icon that appears on the right side of the screen.
    • Click the contact and, on the contact’s details page, click Edit.

    4. Make any changes you want to the contact’s information. You can add or revise personal details to see all your options, click Show more.

    5. To add a label to your contact, click the Label button at the top of the page and choose the labels to add . You can use these labels to easily send a group email to everyone with the same label.

    6. When you’re done, click Save.

    G How To Automatically Label Incoming Emails On The Gmail Web App

    While Gmails labels help organize your inbox, manually adding labels to emails can be time-consuming.

    Fortunately, Gmail offers an effective workaround the functionality to automatically assign incoming emails to labels based on specific criteria.

    Heres how you can create Gmail filters to do that:

    Step 1Open Gmail and click on the Show search options button at the right end of the search box.

    Step 2In the dialog box that appears, enter the parameters based on which you want to label emails.

    For example, to filter future emails coming from a specific sender , Ill enter their email address in the From field.

    Step 3Once youve included all the relevant criteria for filtering, hit the Create filter button.

    Step 4The next screen will ask you what you want Gmail to do with the incoming messages.

    Click the checkbox next to Apply the label:, select the label where you want to send the filtered emails, and hit Create filter.

    Gmail will now automatically send incoming emails matching the criteria you provided to a specific label.

    Next, well explore using labels on Gmails mobile apps.

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    Gmail Tips That Will Help You Conquer Email

    Google’s free email service has come a long way since its debut. It’s time you became a Gmail power user. These tips will get you there.

    Gmail has come a long way. It’s not perfect and occasionally prompts ripples of outrage across its user base. But let’s be honest, with Gmail you get plenty for nothing.

    As a web app, Gmail is a constant work in progress, but the amount of under-the-hood power is astounding. Sure, there are plenty of browser add-ons and extensions that can enhance Gmail specifically, far beyond its original parameters. However, not every bit of power-user tech in Gmail requires special accessories. Plenty is possible without ever installing something extra.

    Mastering even a few settings will help you take full advantage of what Gmail has to offer beyond the basics. Let’s get started.

    How To ‘undo Send’ In Gmail

    How To Add Contacts In Gmail [NEW]

    We all know the panic of hitting “send” on an email too soon. With Gmail, you can add a buffer to recall a mistakenly sent message. The feature, dubbed Undo Send, is on by default and you can’t deactivate it. But you can adjust how long you get to unsend an email. Click the gear icon and select See all settings > General > Undo Send and click the drop-down menu to select how long you want to be able to undo a sent message . Then scroll to the bottom and Save Changes. Whenever you send a message, you’ll see an Undo link in a black box floating at the lower-left of the screen on desktop and the lower-right on mobile.

    If you click the link before the time runs out, your message will not go out. You’ll get a chance to re-edit it, or delete it entirely. You can even undo discards, so when you delete a message in progress, you can bring it back and start again.

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    How To Add Contacts In Gmail

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to add someone to your Gmail contacts. Gmail automatically adds people to your contacts list when you send them a message, but you can add contacts manually using Google Contacts. If you have an Android, you can use the Google Contacts app. If you’re using a computer, iPhone, or iPad, you can access Google Contacts on the web at . You can also add contacts directly from Gmail messages when viewing your Gmail inbox on a computer.

    How To Import And Manage Multiple Email Accounts In Gmail

    Want to manage all of your emails in Gmail? Learn how to manage multiple email accounts on Gmail and add more accounts with ease.

    Why would you use a desktop email client to manage multiple email accounts if you could just add another email address to Gmail?

    You can use Gmail on your desktop and your phone it’s convenient. We’ll show you how to add multiple emails to your Gmail account and manage them with ease.

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    C How To Automatically Label Incoming Emails On The Gmail Ios App

    Note: While you can automatically assign labels to emails on the Gmail mobile app for iOS devices, you cant do so in Gmails Android mobile app.

    Lets go over the steps for assigning labels automatically to emails on Gmails iOS app:

    Step 1Open the Gmail app on your iOS device and click the Menu icon on the top right corner.

    Step 2Scroll down the menu bar and tap the Gmail Settings button.

    Step 3

    Now that we have seen how to use and manage labels on Gmails web and mobile apps, Ill share a few tips to help you make the most of this handy feature:

    How To Add Another Email Account To Gmail

    3 Ways to Add Contacts in Gmail



    • You will need your incoming and outgoing mail server addresses as well as their port.
    • The username and password for the email account
    • SSL settings
    • A Gmail account

    To make things easier, let’s assume that the email account that we are trying to add is

    Ask your email service provider for the configuration settings, but typically the settings to set up the above email look like this:NOTE: We need the SMTP and POP3 configuration.

    Use the email accounts password.
    Incoming Server:
    IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.

    If you have the information above, let’s go ahead and add the email account to start receiving emails in Gmail.

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    How To Add An Account To Your Gmail

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 182,169 times.Learn more…

    Adding another account to your Gmail can have many benefits. One is convenience. For example, if you have separate for-work and for-play accounts, you can combine them. This means you can then look at your work account without having to sign in to it on your vacation and days off. Adding an account to your Gmail is incredibly ergonomic and quick to do, and will save you a lot of frustration when switching between accounts.

    Sending From An External Email Account In Gmail

    • Once logged in to your Gmail account click the Settings gear wheel on the right hand side
    • Select Settings from the Menu
    • Select Accounts and Imports from the menu along the top of the page.
    • Click Add a POP3 mail account you own
    • Enter the accounts address under email address
    • Enter your email accounts username usually the entire email address.
    • Enter your email password
    • If necessary change your POP server name under POP server
    • Tick the box to leave a copy of messages on the server if you dont want Gmail to download all your emails just to Gmail
    • Check to label all incoming messages automatically .
    • Enter the name you want to appear as the sender.
    • Make sure Treat as an alias is checked
    • Check the email you are adding to Gmail for the verificaiton code and then add it to Gmail.
    • You can now send emails from that new account, not just your Gmail one.

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