How To Add Email To Android

Add Another Email Account To The Gmail App

How To Add An Email Account On Android

Read and send mail from Yahoo, Hotmail, and other email addresses using the Gmail app, instead of forwarding your mail.

Want to get more out of Google apps at work or school?

With your non-Google address, you can use many of the same Gmail features as Google Accounts:

  • Search for an email by sender, subject, or other criteria.
  • Move an email to a folder.

How To Add Bcc To Outlook On Phone Android Or Ios

If you are using Outlook on a mobile device such as Android or iOS, you can follow the steps below to add Bcc to Outlook.

Step 1: Launch the Outlook app on your mobile device and create a new email.

Step 2: Tap the down arrow in the To field to expand more options.

Step 3: Now you can see the Bcc option. Input your recipients and compose the message. Then you can tap the Send button in the upper left corner to send a Bcc email.

Which method do you prefer? You can share your ideas with us in the following comment zone.

Set Up Outlook For Android For The First Time

Note: If you have a work account that requires the Intune Company Portal app, install it from the Google Play Store before setting up Outlook for Android. Your IT admin may or may not also require you to Enroll your Android device in Intune.

Install the Outlook for Android app from the and then open it.

Tap Get Started if this is your first time.

Otherwise, to add another email account, open the Menu> Settings> Add Account> Add Email Account. Then skip to step 4 under Set up another email account below.

Outlook may detect your Google accounts. To add them to Outlook for Android, tap Google Connect Account and then tap OK to confirm. Tap Allow to give Outlook access to your Contacts.

If you don’t want to add these accounts, tap Skip and then go to step 4 under Set up another email account below..

Select the accounts you’d like to add and tap Add Account. You may be asked to sign in.

Tap Allow to confirm offline access and any other prompts.

To add another email account, tap Continue and go to Step 4, otherwise tap Skip.

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Set Up Icloud Email Access For Gmail

With your separate app password set up, youre ready to sync your iCloud emails with Gmailthe default email app for most people who own Android devices. Remember, this process should also work in other email clients, though we cover more about that below.

To start, swipe down from the top of your device to access the notifications shade, and then tap the gear icon. Alternatively, you can access the Android settings from your apps drawer.

In the main settings menu, tap Accounts. Depending on your device and the version of Android it runs, this might have a slightly different name, like Accounts and Backup.

If youre using a Samsung device, tap Accounts again in the next menu. For other Android devices, you should be able to skip this step.

You see a list of the accounts synced with your device. Scroll to the bottom and tap Add account.

Select Personal with the Gmail symbol next to it.

The Gmail sign-in screen appears. Type your iCloud email address, and then tap Next.

Type in the password Apple generated for you , and then Tap Next.

If your email address and password are correct, Android signs in and starts to sync your iCloud email account to your device. You might have to confirm some additional settings, like how often you want Gmail to sync your emails.

To see if the process worked, launch the Gmail app, and then tap the menu button in the top-left. You should see your iCloud email account alongside your others tap it to switch to it in Gmail.

How To Set Up Outlook On Android

How to Add Additional Email Account in Microsoft Outlook ...
  • Open the Google Play Store and download the Outlook for Android app. It’s a free download.

  • If you’re setting up a new account, tap Get Started. It will automatically detect some of your account information.

    If you’re accessing an existing email, open your phone’s Settings, then tap Add Account> Outlook.

  • Enter your email address and password. If it requires additional information, it will inform you what is needed.

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    I’m Having Setup Sync Or Other Issues In The Outlook App

    First things first. If you’re using an email account, check the server status of here. Now choose from the options below:

    • “I have Outlook set up, but I need help with something in the app.” – See Open an in-app Outlook support ticket and click on “Contact Support” to see how you chat with agents in the app.

    How To Setup Email On An Android Device

    Setting up email on an Android device? We can point you in the right direction. Your Android devices manufacturer will have the most up-to-date support information for whichever model of Android phone or tablet you are setting up. To set up your Shaw specific email on your Android device, follow the tips below.

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    How To Set Up Hotmail Email On Android

    Synchronizing your Hotmail Messages with an Android phone is not as tough as it seems. The speedy world of technology has impacted everyones life people usually find it very difficult to log into a computer, open an internet browser, and visit their hotmail account to check their mails. With the purpose of accessing hotmails inbox easily and in less time, Android phones allow you to sign in to your Hotmail account and keep yourself up to date.

    If you have an android phone then you do not need to search for a computer and go through the whole procedure of logging in. Rather, simply tap your screen and there you go! You are permitted to take advantage from all the services which are accessible through a computer.

    Carefully follow the procedure stated below and enjoy the service of Hotmail on your Android Phone.

    I Want To Change My Password

    How to add your email to your Android phone

    To change your password you must go to your email provider’s website to change them.

  • Go to your email provider’s website.

    For example, if you use a email account, sign into or if you use Gmail, go to

  • Go to your account or profile settings.

  • Change your password.

  • Outlook for Android will detect a sync error and will ask you to enter your password again.

  • If you are having difficulty getting Outlook for Android to sync with your new password, delete your email account and then re-add it.

    Note: If you change the password for your email account that is also your Microsoft account, you may need to login again on other Microsoft applications and websites.

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    How To Setup Email On Android Phone / Tablet

    This article shows you how to set up your email account on the Gmail app for Android OS.

    Pro Tip: Before you set up your email on your android device, check out our professional email and productivity plans . Youll enjoy a domain-matching email address and a robust set of tools and applications to help you run your business more efficiently. And you can access your email from any device too.

    How To Add Bcc To Outlook On Web

    In addition to the desktop client, Microsoft also provides Outlook on the web . Here is how to add Bcc to Outlook on the web app.

    Step 1: Run a web browser and visit the official website for Outlook on the web.

    Step 2: Click Sign in and input the account and password of your Microsoft account to sign in.

    Step 3: When you open Outlook on the web, you can click the New message button to create a new email.

    Step 4: Click the Bcc button next to the From box.

    Step 4: In the Bcc field, input the addresses of receipts and compose the message. You can also click the Bcc option and select contacts in the pop-up window. In addition, you need to input at least one address in the To field.

    Step 5: Send the email.

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    Manual Setup In The Gmail App

    Open the Gmail app. Go to Settings> Add account> Other.

    Enter your full email address and then tap Manual Setup> Exchange.

    Enter your password and tap Next.

    For server settings, set the following if available:

    Incoming Server Settings

    • Make sure your full email address appears. For example, .

    • PasswordUse the password that you use to access your email.

    • Server

    • Enter for any email account ending with , , , or , including any other accounts hosted on

    • Use for any work or school accounts hosted on Microsoft 365 for business.

    Note: If you’re setting up an Exchange-based account and you don’t know the name of your Exchange Server, contact your administrator.

  • PortUse 443 or 993.

  • Security typeSelect SSL/TLS or make sure the Use secure connection checkbox is checked, then tap Next.

  • Outgoing SMTP Server Settings

    • Use if you’re using an account.

    • Use if you have a Microsoft 365 for business account.

    • For Exchange email accounts, contact your email provider or system administrator.

  • Security Type

  • Follow any prompts you may get, including security permissions and setting a display name.

  • You’re now ready to use your email in the Android Gmail app!

  • Open the Samsung Email app and tap Add Account if it’s your first time.

    Or, go to Settings in the app > Add account.

    Enter your email address and password. Tap Sign in.

    Syncing email, calendar, contacts, and tasks may take a few minutes.

    Set Up Your Business Email On Android

    How to Easily Add an IMAP Email Account to Outlook on Android

    Custom email addresses use a unique domain name instead of generic email provider extensions such as Gmail or Outlook. is an example this address allows people to identify the name of a business or a website easily.

    Setting up your business email on Gmail is a convenient solution. Doing it means you wont have to log in to multiple platforms to manage your personal and business emails. Its also free, and the familiar interface is easy to navigate.

    Note that the steps to set up a business email on an Android device will vary depending on your hosting provider and the type of control panel you use. In this article, we will use Hostingers hPanel.

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    How To Set Up Yahoo Email On Android

    Setting up Yahoo email on your Android device follows a similar process.

  • Tap Settings> Add Account.

  • Tap Email, then tap Yahoo mail. If you don’t see the option for it, you can download the app free from the Google Play Store.

  • Enter your existing Yahoo email address and password or choose to set up a new email.

  • You will be given a few options, like adjusting how often your email syncs and what you’d like your display name to be with outgoing mail.

  • After you’ve chosen the options you would like, tap Next to finish your account setup.

  • Learn More About Activesync

    KU’s email service uses ActiveSync to configure email and calendars on mobile devices. When configuring your mobile device to your KU email and calendar, you may receive a pop-up alert message* with the terms of service and features that could be managed remotely, if authorized. The alert message varies on different mobile devices and operating systems, and may include:

    • Set password rules
    • and more

    *Some mobile devices, notably Apple , do not show a pop-up message.

    KU has not activated these settings for faculty, staff and student personal devices. The remote access controls mentioned are typically used where organizations provide mobile devices to their employees.

    To connect your KU email and calendar on your mobile device, you will need to accept the terms of service.

    What is ActiveSync?

    In Microsoft Exchange, ActiveSync is the protocol by which some applications connect to Exchange. It consists of software on the Exchange servers and client software on the users device. Most mobile devices have chosen this protocol to connect to Exchange to get email, calendars, contacts etc.

    If you have additional questions about ActiveSync or its use at KU, contact the IT Customer Service Center at or .

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    Add Yahoo Mail To Gmail

    You can add a Yahoo mail account to Gmail by implementing the given steps:

    1. Navigate to the Gmail application on your Android device.

    2. Now, tap on the three-dotted icon at the left corner of the search bar. In the list displayed, scroll down and tap on Settings.

    3. Next, tap on Add account as depicted in the below picture.

    4. The next screen will display the Setup email option. Here, tap on Yahoo.

    5. The page will load for few seconds, and the Sign-in page will be displayed on the screen. Now, enter your credentials.

    6. Then, tap on Next to finish the sign-in process.

    Note: If you have enabled the TSV feature in your Yahoo account, you will have to create another password for it to be accessed in Android. To do so,

    • Login to your Yahoo account and tap on Account security.
    • Choose Manage app passwords to create passwords for new login devices.

    The Yahoo account has now been added to your Gmail application, and you will be able to access it anytime using your smartphone.

    If You Connect To An On

    How to Set Up Email On Your Android Device
  • If you haven’t already, install the Outlook for Android app from the Google Play Store or to enter your phone number and receive a download link.

  • Open Outlook for Android. If this is the first time, tap Get Started and Skip if you’re prompted to add any detected accounts. Otherwise, open the Menu> Settings> Add Account> Add Email Account.

  • Enter your company email address, then tap Continue.

  • Tap Exchange.

  • Set up IMAP account in Outlook for Android

  • In Outlook for Android, go to Settings> Add Account> Add Email Account.

  • Enter email address. Tap Continue. When asked to select an email provider, choose IMAP.

  • Toggle Advanced settings on and enter your password and server settings.

    Note: If you don’t already know this info, you’ll need to get it from your email provider or administrator. For a list of common server settings and reference help, see Server settings you’ll need from your email provider.

  • Tap the checkmark icon to complete.

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    How To Set Up Your Work Email On Your Android Phone

    Setting up your work email on an Android phone is easyeverything synchronizes through Gmail, the default mail application. You can add an additional email address for your work account from within the Gmail application. The new email doesn’t have to be a Google account.

    Make sure your email is up to date, check out our guide on how to update Android apps for help.

    Keep your favorite apps up to date.


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    You can add an existing email account using the Gmail app.

  • Open the Gmail app.
  • Select your profile photo in the top-right corner.
  • Choose Add another account.
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