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How to Add Email Signature in Outlook [2021]

Once you get accustomed to using the signature feature in Outlook, the options for getting creative are endless. Signature is a great tool to showcase yourself and your business to clients and customers. You can either create a simple text or get fancy with colorful logos, fonts, and signs that put your personality into an otherwise boring email.

Signatures with uneven fonts and icons that are bright and attractive breaks the monotony of the black-n-white message and is an easy way to grab the attention of the receiver.

Many prefer to add icons of their social media handles to trigger instant connection beyond emails. Inserting feedback or a tiny survey is another great way to end your email and gain some insight on customer response. For authors, signatures can be used as a featured icon for showcasing their upcoming books which once hyperlinked can drive sales right away!

If you arent that artistic with words and format then Outlook has an option of inserting your digital business card which also adds depth to your signature and relieves you from creating an interesting signature.

So, what are your opinions on the signature? Do you prefer a precise formal signature? Or the concept of signature sparks your creative cells? Tell us in the comment section.

Add Your Signature Details

To begin with, well create the simplest form of Outlook email signature a simple text signature. This may be enough for you. But, in case you want something more professional, later on Ill show you ways to create a much richer and effective email signature.

  • To create your text signature click in the signature editors text field, and type in your full name, your job title, and your contact information.
  • If youre satisfied with this signature layout you can stop here. Simply click OK, and youre good to go. For more advanced signature features, keep reading.

A good Outlook signature would include the following:

John L. Due301 Park Ave, New York, NY


You can use the editors toolbar to add a table and organize your personal information in other ways. But tables can break in different device sizes, so make sure to keep your signature under 360px in width.

Professional Outlook email signature | See more Outlook signature templates >

Secure Messages By Using A Digital Signature

Digitally sign all messages On the File tab, click Options > Trust Center. Under Microsoft Outlook Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings. On the Email Security tab, under Encrypted Mail, select the Add digital signature to outgoing messages check box. If available, you can select one of the …

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Insert A Signature Manually

If you don’t choose to insert a signature for all new messages or replies and forwards, you can still insert a signature manually.

  • In your email message, on the Message tab, select Signature.

  • Choose your signature from the fly-out menu that appears. If you have more than one signature, you can select any of the signatures you’ve created.

  • Using Your Signature In Outlook Desktop Application

    Tutorial: Outlook signature image with hyperlink

    After you write your email, adding your signature is easier than ever. You just need to click on insert, and then click on the signature that you would like depending on the email you are responding too. For example, if it is something that you have been back and forth on quite a bit, you can just create a shorter version of your signature, not including all the bells and whistles. It can be as easy as your name, maybe your phone number, and that√Ęs it.

    I hope that this will make your emails a little more personal and give the recipients of your emails a little more information about you. As stated before, this is the digital business card, be sure to put your best foot, and personality, forward.

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    What Is Signature In Outlook

    Signatures are paramount in formal business emails. Signatures are essentially information blocks about the sender. It contains personal details such as, name, designation, company address, contact number, and email id. You definitely have the option to make a short and crisp, with just your name or make it detailed and credentialed. Simply put, a signature is a formal conclusion to your message, and depending on your creativity signature can grab eyeballs.

    How Do I Make My Signature Automatic In Outlook

    To add an automatic email signature in Microsoft Outlook, you must first create a signature. After this, whenever you open new emails from the email that you had added at the time of creating the signature, then your signature will be automatically added.

    But if your signature is not automatically added, then you click on the Signature option and click on the name of your signature, after that your email will be automatically added.

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    Insert An Html File In An Email

    Another approach some people take is to insert their HTML file directly into the email. This would be good for one-off scenarios. I wouldnt want to do this process all the time because it requires more steps. The first process can automatically add them.

    This methods benefit is you can use it for almost any type of HTML file and not just email signatures. And that includes both .htm and .html file extensions. The downside is you have to add in a command that probably doesnt show on your Quick Access bar.

    The command is related to Attach File. Now, that command does exist on the Insert menu when youre in Email. However, it doesnt display some sub-commands. In particular, Insert as text.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • From the File menu, select Options.
  • On the Outlook Options dialog, select Quick Access Toolbar.
  • From the Choose commands from: drop-down, select All Commands.
  • Scroll down the list and select Attach File
  • Click the Add button. Your command will move to the right side.
  • Click OK.
  • Click the New email button.
  • Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar and check Attach file. Youre just checking that the sub-command is enabled.
  • Write your new email.
  • Move your cursor to the end of the email and click the paperclip button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • The Insert File dialog opens. Navigate to the folder with your HTML email signature file.
  • Choose your Outlook email signature file.
  • Click the small triangle next to the Insert button.
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    Installing Html Email Signatures In Microsoft Outlook

    How to Add Email Signature to Outlook 365 Outlook 365 Signature Setup and Signature Location

    If you have comissioned a custom email signature from us, or created your own, here is how to install it in Microsoft Outlook 2010:Step 1: Add a New Placeholder Signature

    In Outlook, go to File > Options > Mail and click on Signatures. Click New to create a new placeholder signature. Give the new signature a name you can remember.Set to use your new Signature for both New Messages and Replies/Forwards.Hit “OK” to save and “OK” again to close the Outlook Options window.QUIT OUTLOOK

    Step 2: Open Outlooks Signature Folder on Your Computer

    Here are the locations on the hard drive where Outlook places signature files, these locations are usually hidden so make sure you show hidden files and folders:

    Windows 7 and Windows VistaC:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures

    Windows XPC:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

    Step 3: Find and Open the New Signature file

    Within the Signature Folder, locate the file that you have created in Step 1. If you see multiple files with the same name, the file you want to open is the HTM file with the .htm extension. Open it with Notepad. You can right-click on the file and select Open with > Notepad.

    Step 4: Replace Placeholder Text With Your HTML Code

    Send yourself an email to test the signature.

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    Microsoft Outlook Versions 2007 2010

    To create a new signature using an older version of Microsoft Outlook:

  • Opt to create a new message.
  • Click over to the Message tab and select Signature from the Include section.
  • From the E-mail Signature tab, click New.
  • Type in a name for your signature and then click the OK button.
  • Type in the text you want to include in your signature, within the Edit signature box.
  • You can format your text by highlighting the text you want to edit and then using the style and formatting buttons for the options desired.
  • Adding additional elements such as images, hyperlinks, and e-business cards, click the spot where you want the element to appear and:
  • e-Business Card Click the Business Card button and then click on one of the contacts in the Filed As list. Click the OK button.
  • Hyperlink Click the Hyperlink icon and type in the URL that your link will connect the text to. Click the OK button.
  • Image/Picture Click the Image icon, locate the image you want to upload to your signature, select it, and then click the OK button.
  • Once youre finished with the edits, click OK in order to finalize the creation of your signature.
  • The email you currently have open in order to create the signature will not have the signature automatically added into it. You will need to do so manually.
  • Adding The Signature To Your Email Messages

    To automatically insert a signature into your email message:

  • Create a new email.
  • Insert Outlook Email Signature Into Messages Manually

    If you don’t want to auto sign your email messages, the alternative is to add the signature to each message manually. In this case, you set the default signature to :

    And then, when composing a new message or replying to an email, click the Signature button on the Message tab > Include group, and select the desired signature:

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    Add A New Outlook Signature

    Toadd a new email signature in Outlook, make sure that you’re on the E-mail Signature tab on the Signatures and Stationery window. Noticehow the Select signature to edit boxalready has a signature named Primary.That’s your default Outlook signature. If you haven’t set up an email signaturealready, it may be blank.

    Clickthe New button beneath the Select signature to edit box. Thesystem prompts you to create a name for your new Outlook email signature:

    Inthis example I’m setting up a business email signature for MS Outlook, so Itype in the business name: AnyTownConsulting. Then, I click the OKbutton. Now you’ll see the signature name you just typed above your Primary emailsignature:

    Note: You can also use the Delete button below the Selectsignature to edit field to remove an email signature you no longer wish touse. Or, use the Rename button torename a signature.

    Set Up A Different Signature For Replies And Forwards

    How to add, change, setup, install email signature Outlook ...

    If you want to create a different signature for messages that you Reply to, Reply All or Forward, you can use our Template Phrases for Outlook add-in.

    The primary purpose of this add-in is to help Outlook users instantly reply to emails with templates. In addition, this tool lets you assign keyboard shortcuts to most frequently used templates, and automatically add a signature to different email types.

    For example, to have your Outlook html signature automatically inserted in all new messages, just do the following:

    • Select your signature in an email and click the New Template icon on the Template Phrases toolbar to create a new template with your signature.
    • In the new template, select New Mail in the Shortcut dropdown list, and click Save:

    And then, you can create another template with a shorter and simpler signature:

    And assign it to one of the following message types: Reply, Reply to all, or Forward:

    That’s it! From now on, the selected email signature will be added to the specified message types automatically. To see the Template Phrases add-in in action, you are welcome to download a fully functional trial version.

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    How To Make Outlook Email Signature Attractive

    To make an email attractive, an email signature is equally important in addition to the style of writing the email. That is why we should spend as much time in writing the email, the same time should be given in creating the email signature. So that a good and attractive signature can be made by us. And you can give more benefit to your business.

    So to make an email signature attractive, you should create it in a clean and simple style. Clean means that you do not use too many letters in it. In the signature, you can give your contact number, company name, logo, website name, and link, etc.

    Apart from this, you do not have to write anything in the email signature. If you do not know how to make a logo, then do not add a logo, if still, you want to add a logo, then you should first learn how to make a logo.

    Apart from this, you can use different types of signature templates from Microsoft’s official website, which will make your work much easier.

    Modify Your Email Signature

    Onthe Signatures and Stationerywindow, make sure that email signature you’re changing is selected in the boxbelow the Select signature to editfield. Next, click in the box below the Editsignature field where you want your signature to appear:

    Insert Picture

    Clickthe Insert Picture icon. An Insert Picture window appears, allowingyou to select a graphic file for the signature you want to use. You’ll want toselect the .png email signature file you changed and saved earlier. When you find thefile, click the Insert button.You’ll see the email signature in the Editsignature box:

    Edit Signature

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    Professional Email Signature Templates

    Thisflexible bundle of professional email templates from Envato Elements includes360 individual HTML files. Choose from between 30 different layout options and12 different color styles. You can easily personalize these templates with yourown logo, photo, and information. There’s also HTML help documentation to helpyour customization go more smoothly.

    Ifyou’re looking for a sleek, modern professional email signature template withplenty of useful features this could be it. Here’s just some of the featuresyou’ll find in the Modern Email Signature Template:

    • Uses smart objects

    Add My Email Signature To Outlook

    HOW TO ADD A LOGO TO YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE | Microsoft Outlook Tutorial

    Create email signatures in Outlook on Windows so your recipients know more about you, including your phone number and website address. Your personalized signature can be automatically added to the end of your messages and email responses, or only to certain messages.

    Need help making a professional signature? Create your signature in the Email & Office Dashboard, then add it to Outlook.

  • Open Outlook for Windows.
  • Go to the Home tab and select New Email.
  • Select Signature> Signatures…
  • Under Select signature to edit, select New.
  • Enter a name for your signature and select OK.
  • Under Choose default signature, use the dropdown list to select your new signature for New messages if you want to add it to the end of all composed messages, and Replies/forwards if you want to add it to all messages you respond to or forward.
  • Under Edit signature, enter your personal signature.
  • Select OK to save your signature and return to your message draft.
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