How To Add A Video To Email

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How to add video to Emails

Email marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your websites, social media handles, Youtube channels, and other video share platforms.

Since videos boost your engagement and click-through rates, embedding videos in our emails will only increase this benefit.

The best part is that this traffic comes at no cost whatsoever.

Embedding Videos In Outlook Emails Using Html5

If you have a knack with HTML5 you can add code to your email that will embed your video along with a preview image of your choice. Make sure that the added code is correct to avoid having error code.

Just look through the code and replace the preset titles, video, and image with you own. For example, in the following set of tags, you would update the text between the title tags to suit the content of your email:

< !doctype html> < html> < head> < title> Video in Email Test< /title>

Depending on the device and email server youâre using the exact code needed is a little different. There are also fallback codes for cases where recipients email servers or devices donât allow for HTML5 embedding. If youâre having any issues, check out this article for more information.

Use An Animated Play Button

This next example is a hybridit links a static image and an animated GIF.

Harley-Davidson used an animated GIF on their play button to call attention to it and compel subscribers to click through and play their video. And by ensuring the circle around the play button is full on the first frame, the image looks good on email clients that only support static images.

You can see the entire email here.

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How To Embed Video In Outlook Email

Embed Video in Outlook Email technically reveals two meanings, first Video didnt have a link, or its a link-based video.

Microsoft Outlook application does not support embedding video in emails.

There are few methods available, you can easily embed video in your email message body.

  • Embed a video in Outlook emails by linking it to a picture
  • Add video to Outlook emails by inserting it as an attachment .

Here in this article, I will walk you through the step-by-step methods to make this happen.

Opt For An Animated Gif

How to Send Email in Outlook (with an Attachment Included ...

Animated GIFs aren’t the kind of traditional video you typically think of, but many marketers lump them in with video marketing.

An animated GIF is a picture that has a few frames of movement to it. The movement lasts for just a few seconds and then repeats. They’ve been around for a while. Remember the dancing baby? That was the world’s first GIF. It came out in 1996.

They’ve been around for a while, but it took marketers so time to figure out how to use them as a customer engagement tool. Facebook started supporting animated GIFs in 2015, which gave way to a whole new wave of marketers embracing the concept.

Fifty-two percent of marketers have used an animated GIF in an email campaign, according to Experian. Take this email from Birchbox, for example. The moving snowflake is an animated GIF and does a great job luring you into the email.

But, animated GIFs do more than just grab attention. Dell used an animated GIF in an email to show one of its laptops. Take a look at the email below.

The GIF shows subscribers how the new laptop flips around. It makes all the difference. Sure, there’s text in the email that describes the new product, but watching the laptop’s ability is a real selling point. Dell saw a 109% increase in revenue from this GIF, according to a MarketingSherpa case study.

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Which Services Support Which Options

Some services support certain parameters, and others don’t. This handy chart identifies which parameters can be used in a particular service’s video merge tag.


On the top, just the video ID is provided: *|BLIPTV:|* On the bottom, the optional parameters are all set to “N”: *|BLIPTV:|*


On the top, just the video ID is provided: *|VIMEO:|* On the bottom, the optional parameters are all set to “N”: *|VIMEO:|*


On the left, just the video ID is provided: *|WISTIA:|* On the right, the optional parameters are all set to “N”: *|WISTIA:” rel=”nofollow”>]|*

On the top, just the video ID is provided: *|YOUTUBE:|* On the bottom, the optional parameters are all set to “N”: *|YOUTUBE:|*


In the past, you may have used video merge tags that look like *|YOUTUBE:xxxx:max_width|*these will continue to work, but you should use the tags above for new campaigns and templates.

How To Embed Video In Your Emails

Your readers will love videos in their newsletter. In this video, youll learn how to add animation to your video thumbnail .

You can now add a video block in campaigns created in the Drag & drop editor and the Rich-text editor.

Create a new campaign, give it a name and subject, and choose the editor you want to use.

On the left side panel, look for the video block.

In the Content tab, you can add the video URL from a platform like YouTube. Click the green arrow to confirm. Now you can choose how to display the video, either as a static image or as an animated GIF. You can also upload your own image if you dont like the default one.

The video link field indicates where the user will be taken after clicking on your video block. Its linked to the video source by default, but you can use the option Links to custom link to redirect the user elsewhere.

In the Settings tab you can customize the background of your video block and select a different style Play button.

Tip: A play button usually generates more clicks than any other CTA!

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Embedding Video In Email Increases Open Rates

Once you decide to focus on email marketing, you want those emails opened, right?

As it turns out, by using video, thats exactly what you can accomplish.

Some reports have shown that:

Whichever statistic you choose to believe, theyre both too good to not test the impact of video on the performance of your emails.

Email And Video Work Well For Personalization

How to add video to an email | Brighton West Video

Personalization is easily the strongest advantage of email marketing. The data doesnt lie: personalized emails increase open rates, click-throughs, customer engagement, revenue, and retention.

Embedding video can amplify these benefits in two directions.

  • First, you can use different videos for various segments of your email subscribers or customers. You can tailor the experience with different videos for potential customers, brand new customers, and long-term customers.
  • Bonus tip

    Creating each of the tailored videos doesnt have to be hard! You can adapt a single video for many stages of the customer journey without lots of extra work. In this guide, we show you exactly how.

    2. You can use your recipients behaviors after receiving your videos in their inbox to segment your list if you havent already done so.

    By tracking clicks in your email marketing software, you can tag your subscribers by interests in topics, products, and more based on the video they clicked on.

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    Embedding Videos For Email Automation

    So far in this article, weve dealt with how to embed a video into email using a free email service provider such as Gmail.

    Lets see how we can do the same using an autoresponder. This section will be particularly helpful if you have a large email list and are looking for a way to improve your engagement rates.

    For this section, I will show you how to complete the steps using the Mailvio easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor.

    The process is fairly the same for most of the top autoresponders out there but Mailvios whole process is the most straightforward and easy to understand.

    We can achieve this goal by adding a customer HTML code to our email body.

    Heres how.

    Create A Series Of Videos

    A single long video often gets dull, so try breaking it into a series of smaller videos. It keeps the audience excited and anticipating whats next.

    For example, Evians Baby Series has become very popular with the public. Each episode intrigues the audience. The videos show babies doing funny things, such as roller skating, dancing, swimming, etc. More importantly, all the videos are keeping Evians Live Young concept fresh by using fun and excitement.

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    How To Embed Video In Email Option : Direct Embed

    Anyone who has tried their hand at adding videos to emails knows that the process isnt that simple. After all, nothing good ever comes easy. To begin with though, this first method of embedding a video revolves around using HTML5 as Wistia did in their Soapbox email.

    To embed video in an email, use the following HTML5 code:

    < video poster=path of the poster image width=100% height=50% controls=controls> < source src=path of the video type=video/mp4> < a href= path of the same video uploaded on youtube> < figure> < figure> < img src=path of the video image width=100% height=50% alt=image instead of video> < /figure> < /figure> < /a> < /video>

    This HTML code also includes the codes for adding a fallback image, so that recipients whose email clients dont support video embedding via this method view a fallback image.

    Keep in mind that were talking about HTML5 over here. Its the latest and most robust version of HTML that offers several options where video is concerned. Another plus is that HTML5 works for iOS devices, which dont support Flash.

    In short, Apple Mail 4, 5, and 6, iPad Mail, iPhone Mail, and Outlook are all compatible with HTML5 videos. In fact, a survey goes on to reveal that 75% of developers are using HTML5 and nearly 35% of mobile traffic is due to HTML5 videos.

    HTMLs latest version also gives you control over video characteristics like video width and image poster that displays before the video plays.

    For the width, insert:

    < video poster=URL>

    Use A Video Thumbnail Image With Play Button

    How to Add a New Email Account to the Mail App on the ...

    What I really like about this step is that it works so well and is supported by all email service providers. Meaning, your readers will be able to see this image and click on it.

    It entails using a free tool like Canva to create a thumbnail for your video then adding a play button to it.

    The finished product should look something like this:

    Of course, you can customize this image to match your brand and resize it in your email editor as needed.

    Once the image is created you need to embed it into your email editor. If you are using a free service like Gmail or Yahoo you can follow the steps in this article.

    After successfully embedding your image be sure to add a url link to the video you would like to share with your audience.

    You can do this by highlighting the image by clicking on the insert link icon in your email editor. It will look something like this:

    Finally, to complete this step, include a call to action to ensure your views know to click on the image.

    For example, you could say

    With that, you would have successfully added a clickable image to your email that will take viewers over to the video youd like to share with them.

    This method helps a lot to improve your click-through rates and even improves readability by breaking up texts.

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    Pros And Cons Of Adding Gifs For Embedding Videos To Your Emails

    Just like the other two methods of video embedding, GIFs arent free from yays and nays. Neil Patel highlights some of the ayes of using GIFs for embedding a video in an email. Some of these pointers are:

    • GIFs dont require any HTML or video coding language
    • They add value to your message by capturing your audiences attention
    • They pair the best of both other video embedding methods

    Besides, the motion that GIFs support entice readers to watch the full video. The biggest spanner in the works here, however, is that high quality or long GIFs can be slow to load and play. They may even eat up your subscribers data plan .

    Both these issues can be annoying for your audience, so you need to be sure about reducing the file size to 200-250 KB.

    An Engaging Visual Preview

    People are less likely to watch your video if you represent it as a long URL link in an email.

    Imagery is the best way to alert readers to a video in your email. Video is a visual medium, so it only makes sense to promote it with images. Not to mention, humans are visually oriented, so imagery is more likely to catch attention in a crowded inbox. Think about clickability when deciding how to present a video in an email.

    Adrenaline Travel newsletter created with MailerLite

    In the example above, it looks like the video is embedded into the email, but its really an animated GIF image with a play button over it.

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    Use A Gif Of The Video

    Another easy way to give the illusion of video in email is to use the ever-popular, animated GIF.

    GIFs are well-supported across email clients. But its worth noting that Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and Windows 10 do not support this image typethey only show the first frame of the GIF.

    You can either create the GIF to show key information in the first frame, or, using the following snippet of code, show an alternative image to Outlook versions that dont support GIFs:

    /* Gif to be shown on all clients */< !--> < !--> < img src="supercool.gif"> < !--< !--> /* Static image specifically for Outlook */< !--> < img src="OutlookStaticimage.png"> < !--> 

    Monica Vinader uses not just one GIF, but two, in this email campaign promoting the brands signature bangle. Click the image to see the animated GIF in action.

    Heres another example from Trelise Cooper. Click on the image to see the animation.

    If you need help creating a GIF, there are plenty of tools available. One online tool you can use to convert a video file to a GIF for free is EZ GIF. Just upload your video, choose where to start and end your GIF, and the tool will generate the file for you.

    Pro tip: Add a play button overlay to your GIF to encourage subscribers to click through to your video.

    Why Video In Email Works

    Adding Video to Email using Mailchimp

    Think of all the platforms youre currently using to share your message as a business.

    Some of them, like Facebook, have been around for over a decade. Instagram truly took off around 2015, a few years after Facebook acquired it, and crossed a billion users in 2018.

    The first email, however, was sent in 1971 almost half a century ago! It preceded the first website, domain name, instant message, video call, and pretty much anything else that were now using the internet for.

    Email isnt going away, but because office workers receive an average of 121 emails each day, your audience needs more motivation to open your emails and engage with what you have to say.

    Your audience needs more motivation to open your emails and engage with what you have to say.

    This is where video comes inhere are the benefits of embedding video in your emails.

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