How Should Email Signatures Look

If You Use Common Sense And Normal Thinking You Can Eliminate Most Mistakes Easily


And yet, you probably didnt consider this when crafting your email signature design, right? Perhaps now you have a better idea that the design cannot look the same based on the code you feed Xink at least not without having to compromise a bit. And especially not when you paste in a design directly from Microsoft Word. Remember the comparison to developing a website because the analogy couldnt be more fitting.

Your email signature design will most of the time look as you expect in 95% of all email programs and apps, but you also have to know that there is not the same kind of code control in an email signature as there is when designing a web page. Especially in Outlook. That program is an expert in changing your code without knowing it because it uses Word as an underlying editor. You expect things to look great, but they dont. But enough browbeating. Whats the solution?

Add Social Media Icons To Expose More People To More Of What You Do

Throughout this article Ive been telling you to keep what you offer to a minimum, well when it comes to social media buttons you can let loose.

The small and compact nature of social icons means that you can go all-in and use them all, and they will refreshingly look better and more complete .

Add to your email signature any of your social media assets that are alive and kicking, so long as its relevant to your professional goals.

What you shouldnt do is add stale, unkept, or dead social channels that will make you look more bad than good.

As a matter of fact, you have lots of cool ways to present your social media assets beyond icons, such as full-fledged buttons and videos. Check out our page on social media icons and buttons for email signatures that drive clicks, youll find some cool examples in there.

Find The Best Email Signature Examples By Profession Or Feature

Take a look at the content in the left side menu or the slider below to find quick access to laser-focused email signature examples and tips, arranged by professionals and features.

WiseStamp has been around since 2009. Thats a lot of time to expand and perfect our selection of email signatures. So, if you have a specific need in mind , youll find specific examples and guidelines for that here.

Email signature examples by profession

Add advanced features to your signature:

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What Is The Best Email Signature Banner Size

The optimal size of your email signature also depends on your target audience. Do they read your emails on desktop or mobile?

Smartphone screens are generally 320px and 500px wide. So go for the 320px wide signature. The industry standard for PC/Mac is 600px.

Images on the internet are displayed at 72dpi. You can use either JPEGs or GIFs designed for this parameter. This way you can ensure that your image is sharp and not blurry.

Keep the images below 50KB to prevent slow downloading speed.

Email Signature With Ctas

The importance of email signatures

Key takeaway: Keep your signature simple if using multiple CTAs

CTA email signature example

Why it works: While this signature includes two call-to-action buttons , it doesnt appear cluttered because the signature is otherwise very simple. This helps balance the multiple CTAs while also keeping the signature clean and making the CTAs stand out, which will help drive clicks.

Create your signature using the email signature with CTAs.

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Make Your Signature Mobile Friendly

Aside from maintaining visual balance through the less is more ethos, responsive design ensures your email signature is consistent across platforms. People read email on their mobile devices more than ever dont be that person whose signature becomes obnoxiously large or so small to be unreadable on a mobile screen. Be careful with graphics that have small text they may not scale well. When it comes to social media icons, put some space between them or make them large enough to be pressed by a finger.

This email signature has a simple yet striking layout with an arrangement that translates well on mobile. The black and white motif is stark and visible. Note the relative size of the social media icons. The omission of a headshot is a design choice considering the signature belongs to the company owner, there may not be a need for visual identification.

Software Developer Email Signature

Normas signature is gorgeous, it shows off her company as well as herself and what she does.

Image by Email Signature Rescue

Michael shows off his flair for design while also gaining respect by showing off that hes licensed on Google Maps and indoor navigation software. This is a great signature template to use for a Gmail signature.

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An Email Signature For Those Who Want To Include A Headshot

MIT research has shown that people are much more likely to remember images with faces or people, making a signature with a headshot an attractive option.

Check out the example below. This signature gives off a friendly and competent impression for Donalds email recipients.

If you go this route, make sure the image you choose is of professional headshot quality. Avoid distracting backgrounds or photos in which youve cropped other people out.

Heres a template to get you started:

| Name

Company Website

Double Check Your Signature Before You Hit Save

How to Setup an Email Signature in Outlook 2019

Once youve mocked up your email signature, you need to do a few things before you hit save and send your first email.

For starters, make sure its optimized for mobile. Your recipients will be opening and reading your email from a variety of devices, so you need to check what it looks like on different devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The last thing you want is for your recipient to have to zoom in to read your name.

Secondly, make sure you go through all your hyperlinks and calls-to-action to double check that they point to the correct destination URL.

And finally, send yourself an email from your account and see what it looks like from a recipients point of view.

  • Is the content balanced?

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What Is The Best Email Signature Image Format

For email signature images we recommend using .PNG files with transparent backgrounds. These will better preserve the integrity of your design in dark mode. Rocketseed also supports JPEG files for images and GIF files for animation. Both PNG and JPEG formats are easy to compress without losing image quality. Do not use WebP or SVG image file formats in your email signature.

Student Email Signatures: A How

Although we talk a lot about the benefits of email signature for businesses, let’s not forget its primary use as a means of self-representation. Student life sometimes requires the use of email communication, not less than a company person does.

Either you are in the middle of your studies, a research fellow, or a graduate looking for a job a robust email signature will come in handy.

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Div Party Email Signature Template

The Div Party email signature template is a simple yet classic email signature design. With light splashes of feature colors in the text to suit your branding and a vertical design to suit all screens, you can’t go wrong with this minimalist template style. Add different colored social icons to mix up your design and add some contrast. Just like all of our templates, you can add green messages, legal disclaimers, banners and a second image.

Try A Signature Generator

Email Signature

If you’re a little design challenged like me, a number of apps will make the process of creating an email signature easier. Here are a few options to consider:

  • WiseStamp works for SMBs, freelancers, and other professionals.
  • newoldstamp provides several templates and lets you add social media icons and a photo.
  • Hubspot’s Email Signature Generator works with many popular email providers – like Gmail, Apple Mail, and Yahoo.
  • designhill is a popular choice that helps with creative options that sell.
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    How To Create The Best Email Signatures

    1. Keep it short!

    While there are many who dont have any email signature at all, there are some others as well who treat their email signature like the mini autobiographies, jamming all possible links, quotes, and tons of information. But what they dont realize is that by adding excessive information, the signature loses its original charm and will seem bulky for readers to even look at it let alone clicking on the same.

    In general, the basic information needed in email signature is as below :Therefore experts recommend to use only the information that best indicates your professional brand, generally the email signature of four lines is standard format. Once you are done with the basic format, the next step is to personalize it.

    PS.. To condense email signature in fewer lines, make use of pipeline or colons to separate links.

    2. Avoid including your email address :

    Adding email address to your email signature is nothing but the wastage of space, the reasons are:

    • The reader can easily get email address by hovering the mouse over senders name even if it is not already visible.
    • One can always hit the reply button.

    You must save this place for something more valuable like your social icons, CTA, your business blog, etc.

    3. Strict NO to multiple phone numbers :

    Ever seen an overstuffed email signature? Here is what it looks like :

    Imagine how difficult and irritating it will be for the reader especially if he or she uses a mobile device.

    4. Add social profiles :

    What Should Be Included In An Email Signature

    A good email signature must have a great design, include important information and function as well.

    To determine what information to include, you need to think through what is relevant for your department to communicate. The IT department probably doesnt deal with the customers so they dont need to add their phone number for instance whereas sales reps want to add it.

    Heres the main information that should be included in your email signature:

    • Name
    • Your Title, Department
    • Company Name

    The basic idea is to identify the sender and make it clear what their role is within the organization.

    You can also enrich your signature with the following optional details:

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      Black & White Signature Example

      Key takeaway: If you want to lead with your name, put the logo to the right

      Black and White email signature example

      Why it works: This is a classic signature design, but with a twist where the logo is to the right instead of to the left of the text. This can help with readability, given that people read from left to right, and it also helps make the users name the focal point.

      Create your signature using the Black & White signature example

      Use It As A Opportunity To Ask For Feedback

      How to add an email signature to all users in Exchange 2016

      Online reputation is everything, and a big part of building your reputation comes from your customers leaving you positive reviews. Research by BrightLocal has shown that quantity is as important as quality, with the average customer needing at least 10 reviews before they believe in the average star rating.

      Given these stats, why not use your email signature to ask for feedback by providing a link to your review page?

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      Play With Your Font Size

      You have lots of flexibility when it comes to fonts while designing your email footer. You can have a font size of 12 to highlight your name, awards, certificates, and so on, while the font size can be 10 for your address and contact information.

      We would recommend sticking to a font size between 10 and 12, though, as it ensures the best readability.

      Signature Tests Before Going To Production

      Quite obvious, but worth mentioning anyway. Any changes you make to your business email signatures should be thoroughly tested before you deploy them in the real environment. You should verify how the signature behaves in different email clients, devices, browsers, etc. Of course, this will not guarantee that the signature will look properly in 100% of situations. But at least, you can adjust it to work as expected in most common email clients and devices.

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      Remember About Email Signature Size

      With email footers, there are two sizes to check. The size in pixels and the size in kilobytes. For desktops, the recommended maximum email signature size is 700px x 300px . It is best to keep your sig 320px x 600px for mobile devices with smaller screens and scaling. Also, try to keep your email footer under 50KB.

      How To Change Signature In Gmail

      Creating an Email Signature

      Now that you have some good email signature templates, its time for the final stephow to change your email signature in Gmail.

      Its easy.

      You can include up to 10,000 characters in your email signature, but God help you if you get anywhere close to this limit.

      Start by opening Gmail, and click the gear icon to go to the Settings menu. Click See all settings.

      There, youll find a Signature section. Clever name, right? Click Create new and come up with a name for your signature. Here, you can add whatever text, images, and other items you want.

      When youre happy with the way your signature looks, click Save Changes.

      Make sure you test your signature by sending an email to yourselfmake sure you havent made any mistakes, and that your signature is displaying as intended.

      Note that you can create multiple email signatures, and toggle between them as you see fit. You could create one for if youre in a good mood and one if youre in a bad mood, but I advise against this.

      Instead, consider setting a different signature for new emails and on reply forward. Youll find these options under Signature defaults, a subsection of the Signature section in the Settings menu.

      If you choose to do this, consider using a longer version of your signature for new emails, and a shorter version for replies and forwards these people will likely be more familiar with you, and will need less information.

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