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What Is The Gmail Attachment Size Limit

How To Send A Email Using Gmail

The Gmail attachment size limit for incoming emails is 50 MB. That means you can accept emails from other people of up to 50 MB.

But when it comes to uploading files and sending an email, the upper limit is 25 MB.

But that 25 MB limit is based on the actual size of your email message not the size of the file on your disk. When you upload a file into Gmail, your attachment needs to be re-encoded into a new format .

Because of this, the size of your attachment can practically double. That means the real Gmail attachment size limit is roughly 12.5 MB on disk.


Fortunately, there are a few ways around this limit.

How To Send Same Email To Multiple Recipients Separately In Outlook

Lets first look at the definitions of Cc and Bcc.

Cc stands for carbon copy, and means that recipients added to this field will get a copy of your message. Addresses that are Cc -ed are visible to all recipients.

Bcc, or blind carbon copy functions the same as Cc, with one difference: Bcc-ed addresses are hidden from all recipients.

Both features are available in Gmail and Outlook.

To send the same email separately to various users in Outlook follow the guide below.

  • Find and add the Bcc field for your message. Go to Options, and in the Show fields section, select Bcc.
  • The Bcc box will now appear by default for every new message.
  • To send emails to small groups where everybody knows each other, use the Cc field. Enter all of the addresses there, separated by commas.
  • To hide addresses, use the Bcc field, just like the Cc field. No one will be able to see the addresses added in this field.

However, there are some problems with this messaging style.

  • Emails with hidden recipients may be considered spam by ISPs . If so, some addressees will not receive your message. Follow the main tips to prevent your emails from going to spam.
  • Generally, for bulk emails, the number of addresses is limited by ESPs , to prevent suspicious activity.
  • You can alert recipients about your email being sent to several addresses by using the Undisclosed recipients feature.

    How to send a mass email and hide recipients in Outlook with the Undisclosed Recipients feature:

    Automate Your Email Signature

    The final thing your mass email definitely needs is an email signature. A clear, consistent email signature is important for your business because it gives a recipient somewhere to go, whether its contact details to get in touch or a link to further reading. Weve already preached all that, and told you how to design the perfect one, in a previous article.

    Heres how to create a signature in Gmail.

  • Head to Gmail and open Mail Settings in the top right corner by clicking the icon.
  • Hit See all settings.
  • Create your signature. Each signature has a limit of 10,000 characters.
  • Hit Save changes at the very bottom of the settings window.

    Heres how to automate your signature in Gmail.

    You can create multiple signatures in Gmail, and each one can have a different purpose. You could have a professional signature, a signature specifically to send to your team, and a personal signature for friends and family. For a work email, its best to have your Professional signature set as the default FOR NEW EMAIL USE and ON REPLY/FORWARD USE.


    Youre all set up and finally ready to start automating your mass email campaigns out of Gmail.

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    Option : Use Emailanalytics

    Why go through all that hassle when you can just use an automatic email counter to do it for you?

    Our flagship app, EmailAnalytics, is a data visualization, email metering, and analytics tool designed for Gmail and G Suite. Its an email counter for Gmail thats incredibly easy to use with a few clicks, well sync with your Gmail account, and youll be able to see detailed data visuals that indicate how many emails you receive per day, plus dozens of other metrics, including:

    • The number of emails sent per day.
    • Your top senders and recipients.
    • Your average email thread length.
    • Your busiest times of day.
    • Your busiest days of the week.
    • Your average email response time.

    If you want to know how many emails you receive in Gmail, this is the fastest and most convenient way.

    Plus, youll learn many new details about your daily and weekly email habits in the process. , and get a better understanding of how you use email!

    People Can See Its A Mass Email

    How to send an email

    One of the biggest downsides is that you have to make sure to blind carbon copy your contacts, otherwise they will know right away that you sent a mass email. In the early days of the internet, it was a common experience to receive a mass email that listed all the other recipients at the top. Today, doing that is a serious mistake.

    An email address is considered private information. People have to opt in to receive emails from businesses. Thats why theres such a huge industry around creating incentives for internet searchers to opt-in, like free videos, educational content, or PDFs.

    If you send a mass email and then forget to Bcc the contacts, you are essentially giving out private information to the other recipients. Now, anyone on that list can go and email anyone else. You dont want to be responsible for that. Also, dont mix Cc and Bcc contacts for a mass email. The Bcc contacts can still see the emails in the Cc field.

    Be aware that some spam filters might mark your email as spam if you Bcc recipients. Its also possible your recipients could mark the email as spam after they receive it.

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    What Is The Best Email Service 2021

    The best email service providers of 2021 are:

  • ProtonMail. Email with an emphasis on security and privacy.
  • Gmail. Googles webmail juggernaut needs no introduction.
  • Outlook. Theres plenty of power here, especially for Office 365 users.
  • 4. Yahoo Mail. A powerful offering with some surprisingly neat extras.
  • Zoho.
  • How Does Gmass Manage Your Accounts Sending Limits

    You can send a mail merge campaign through GMass to several thousand email recipients in one shot. GMass employs several methods for sending large campaigns through your Gmail account but here are the steps we take when simply distributing a campaign over multiple days.

  • GMass will automatically distribute your email campaign over multiple days to avoid exceeding your accounts limits. For example, if you have a Google Apps account, where your limit is 2,000 sent emails/day, and you want to send a campaign to 10,000 people, GMass will evenly distribute your campaign at 2,000 emails/day for 5 consecutive days.
  • GMass counts how many emails youve sent through your account over the past 24 hours when calculating how many emails in your campaign can be sent right now. Lets say that youve sent 15 regular emails through your G Suite account in the last 24 hours using the blue Gmail Send button, and now youre sending a 2,500 person campaign. GMass will send 1,985 emails now, and 515 emails 24 hours later. In cases where youre mixing send types, sending some campaigns natively with Gmail and sending some campaigns over SMTP, GMass will count only the emails sent natively through your Gmail account when determining where you fall within your Gmail accounts limits.
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    Verify Emails And Use Unsubscribe Links

    When you send emails to prospects with unverified emails, a portion of them might bounce. Email bounces, similar to spam reports, also signal your email service of promotional email activity, which in turn might hurt your email deliverability.

    To ensure none of your emails bounce, you can either have double opt-in forms on landing pages you use to generate leads or verify them before reaching out to them.

    Using Saleshandy, you can verify all your campaign prospects in a single click, so this way you can omit sending emails to prospects with unverified emails. This will eliminate email bounces from your bulk email outreach campaigns and improve your email deliverability.

    Similarly, add unsubscribe links to all your emails. Outreach platforms like Saleshandy include unsubscribe links by default, which are also customizable as you see fit. This will help you be free from spam reports, stay out of domain blacklists, and keep your email lists clean.

    Unsubscribe links are also mandated on all outreach emails by the FTC per the CAN-SPAM act, and non-compliance could result in hefty fines apart from other forms of punishment.

    Sending Email To Multiple Or Undisclosed Recipients Separately In Outlook

    Send 10000 Emails using Gmail Mail Merge (Without getting your account blocked)

    If you use this, you will know about the CC field and the BCC field. These are different terms with variable meanings that you should know for sending multiple emails.

    Cc is the abbreviation of carbon copy. It means that every recipient will get a copy of your email. The address that appears in CC-ed is easily visible to the recipients. At the same time, the BCC refers to the blind carbon copy that works similar to Cc but has one clear difference. The Bcc-ed makes addresses hidden for other recipients. It helps to send a copy of the email to unrevealed recipients.

    These terms have similar meanings in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. If you want to send multiple emails to recipients without knowing them, add BCC in your email address.

    Here is the way to send multiple emails through the Bcc box in Outlook. Follow up for better understanding.

    • Compose the email and add the Bcc in your message. To add Bcc, go to Options and then Show field bar. Here you can choose the Bcc.
    • Now, the Bcc box will appear in every message by default
    • Send the email to small groups without knowing any person. You can also use the Cc for small groups where you know each other. Enter the email address of all members with commas and send the email.
    • If you want to hide the addresses, the Bcc field is beneficial, then the CC field. With BCC, nobody will be able to see your email address.

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    You Dont Know Who Has Opened Your Mail

    Another one of the downsides of using Gmail alone for mass emails or email marketing is that you dont have any data telling you who opened and read your email. If you just want to send a newsletter, that might be fine. And you might not need to know whos read your email about the funniest memes youve found during the month, either.

    But if you want any kind of insight after sending bulk emails, youll have to look outside Gmail. All you get from sending a bulk email in Gmail is a single outgoing message, its not even split up into individual messages. Of course, your Gmail account isnt designed to provide much data on its own.

    Fortunately, its easy to install an extension to get more out of sending mass emails, thanks to Mailtrack Lists and Mailtrack Campaigns.

  • For more details on Gmails sent limits and emailing best practices, refer to our support FAQ for Mailtrack Campaign.
  • More information about Campaigns Dashboard. Dashboard for your campaigns, open rates, etc
  • Spf Dkim Dmarc Records

    SPF, DKIM and DMARC records are used to verify an email senders source for authenticity, i.e. if the email is being sent by the person its claiming to be from. These records are added on the domain level, so once authenticated, theyll automatically apply to all your emails being sent. Every email bears the results of these checks in its HTML code, as seen below.

    Not having a pass for these checks is going to get your emails filtered into spam folders.

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    Tracking Data With Mailtrack

    Sending mass emails through Mailtrack is straightforward, but the difference is in what happens after you click send. Automatically, Mailtrack separates bulk emails into individual emails. If you send a campaign email to 50 email addresses, youll see 50 outgoing messages in your Gmail account.

    The advantage of this is that you can track each one with Mailtracks data individually. You can get real-time notifications when any recipient opens an email, and you can scroll down the list of sent messages to quickly see who has read your email and who hasnt.

    You can also get notifications when recipients click the links in your bulk emails. And if someone hasnt opened your email in 24 hours, you can get a reminder of that, too.

    This means you dont have to wonder who got your message and who didnt. Mailtrack for Gmails simple extension makes using Gmail for email marketing quick and easy.

    Is There A Limit On Receiving Email In Gmail Accounts

    How many emails can you send before considered spam gmail

    Fortunately, there isnt a penalty for receiving a great deal of emails. This tends to lean more towards Google seeing you as a legitimate person rather than a bot. They do have recommended limits on how many, but this is not commonly achieved. Most people, even if sending a great deal, dont end up receiving just as many back.

    In fact, if you do receive a lot back, it may even help you get out of the aforementioned Sandbox quicker! Sending emails that are relevant to the recipient is a great start. Ensure that your subject line is not announcing a free iPad or the like. It will basically guarantee deletion.

    You also want to really encourage people to respond. Ask questions, invite responses about things they may need, find out if theyre using a particular tool or not and if its working for them. Try not to link too much to external websites as well. Whatever it is, the more direct responses you can elicit, the better your emailing status will be.

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    Whats The Maximum Number Of Emails I Can Send Per Day On Google

    • Personal Emails: 500/day
    • Business Emails: 2,000/day

    You can learn more about the actual sending limit of your gmail account here. If you get anywhere close to the above numbers, you will likely get an alert from google saying that your email has been disabled for spamming. So how many emails should you send? See below.

    How The Gmail Email Limit Impacts Your Employee Emails

    While Gmail is a great platform for both personal and business use, one of its major flaws is the lack of bulk messaging. If youve ever tried to send bulk emails from Gmail, you have surely encountered the Gmail email limit. Its not that you cant send bulk emails in Gmail you can its just that youre limited to the number of emails you can send. In other words, your bulk emails arent all that bulky.

    To help prevent spam and keep accounts safe, Gmail limits the number of emails you can send or receive per day, and the number of people you can add as recipients.

    While these limits are there to prevent people from abusing Gmail for spam emails and other troublesome purposes, they can also hinder people from conducting legitimate business processes.

    Thankfully, there are ways to manage Gmails sending limits if you know what to do, or what to use.

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