How Large Of A File Can You Email

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How to Send Large Files
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This is super convenient and it works well in most circumstances. Thats partially because you have a Google account already, which means youll have access to 15 GB of Drive storage space by default for free.

However, this can also be a pain if youre trying to manage multiple files or if you want to stay organized long term.

You can also access independently and upload your files there as you see fit, using folders or whatever other structures you need to stay organized.

Whenever youre ready, you can open an email composition window and upload from Drive using the triangular Drive icon at the bottom of the screen.

Send Large Video Files Hassle

Hopefully, you can now confidently email large video files. Give it a go and share your online videos via email today.

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Use Gmail Google Drive Integration

Aneven faster way you can upload a large file and send the link is by using theintegration that exists between Gmail and Google Drive.

Ifthese are two services you use and youre sending your email using Gmail, allyou need to do is attempt to attach a file thats larger than the 25 Mb.

Gmailwill automatically upload the file to your Google Drive account with visibilityfor the email recipient. Youll see a message notifying you of this.

Whenthe upload is done, youll see the Google Drive link inserted into your email.

Thatsall there is to it. This is the fastest way to send an oversized file viaemail, but again you need to have both a Gmail and a Google Drive account forit to work.

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How To Open An Attachedfile

If you are on thereceiving end of a Gmail message with a file attachment, you may wonder how toopen it.

Before opening aGmail message with an attached file, always look at the sender’s name and the subjectline. If you don’t recognize the sender’s name and the subject line lookssuspicious, delete the message without opening it.

While Gmailattachments are automatically scanned for viruses, there’s still a possibilitythat the Gmail attachment you received contains a virus or malware.

If you recognizeand trust the sender of the email message, it’s probably okay to open themessage and the attached file. Here’s how to do it:

How To Open An Attachment Ingmail

How to Send Large Files Over Email

Save to Drive

The attachmentappears at the bottom of the message. In this case, a thumbnail of the attachedimage is visible.

Move the cursorover the image and two buttons display over the image along with the file nameat the top. Click the button on the left to download the attachment to your computer. Click the Save to Drive button on the right tosave the attachment to your Google Drive.

You are now readyto begin working with the attachment file.

Note: The buttons that appear when you move the cursor overthe attachment vary. For example, if the attachment is an MS Word file ,an Edit with Google Docs buttonappears on the right. If you click the Editwith Google Docs button, the file opens in Google Docs where you canperform various editing functions.

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Why Emails Have File Size Limits

Attachment size limits can restrict your communication. Whether youre trying to send a video or a PDF, these size caps can get in your way.

This issue can be particularly frustrating if youre using email for business. Recent studies highlight the remarkable benefits of email marketing for businesses. However, you cant reap these rewards if limitations are preventing you from pressing send.

Nevertheless, email companies have these size limits for a reason. A server can only process so many requests. Thus, it wont be able to handle thousands of gigantic emails sent at the same time. That would probably result in a total system collapse.

Send A Link Via Icloud

Are you Apple mad and Use a Mac instead?

Well, the iCloud Mail Drop feature has you sorted.

Its very straight-forward and follows a similar process to OneDrive and Gmail. Oversized files that you want to attach will be uploaded to iCloud instead. Anybody youre sending it to gets a link on which to click, or a preview they can view.

FYI, the link you send via iCloud will only be available to use for 30 days.

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How To Send Large Files As Email Attachments: 8 Solutions

Want to send large files via email but running into file size limits? We show you how to send large files via email attachments.

Many email servers prevent you from sending large files over a certain size. When this problem happens most users don’t know how to email large files. To send large files via email, you can either upload your attachment to cloud storage and get a link to email the recipient or use a file sharing service.

Whatever method you choose, in the long run, you won’t be restricted by size limits and you can reduce the clutter from your inbox too. We’ll show you some easy ways to send large files for free.

Gmail Attachment Limit: How To Send Files That Exceed The Limit

How to Email Large Files with Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox

The Gmail file size limit can be quite frustrating.

As Gmail refuses to send emails with more than 25MB of attachments, its hard to send large presentations, images or videos.

However, theres a workaround. In this article, Ill show you how to bypass the current Gmail attachment limit and send as many big files as you want!

Heres what well cover:

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Way 2 Free Send Large Pdf Files Via Email Through Zip File

If you do not install Adobe Acrobat software, or the Adobe Document Cloud services, you could try to compress them in one zip file, and then send it as the attachment.

Select the large PDF files that you want to send via email > Right-click the files to select Send to> Compressed folder from the drop-down menu.

In the either way, you could put all the PDF files into one folder, and then right-click the folder name to select Winzip or other compression software > Compress to XXX.7z and email to input your email address to send the large compressed PDF files.

We made a test, after compressing a PDF folder from 113MB, the zip file is 90MB, and get a 20% compression rate.

The zip file compression is OK for the PDF files which are slight larger than the limit size. However, for the large PDF files which exceed the limit size more, you need the professional PDF file compressor.

That takes us to the third way.

Zip File Attachments To Combine And Compress Them

Outlooksautomatic resizing feature is very useful, but it wont work for some types offiles. For example, suppose you had a large spreadsheet or other large documentyou wanted to send by email. The resizing feature wouldn’t work. Video files are another type of file thatfrequently exceed the Outlook email attachment limit, but that can’t be resized using the resizing feature.

Theanswer the answer for these large file types is to compress them using a zip file before you attach them to your Outlook email. A zip file can also combine multiple files into a singlefile.

Creatingthe zip file automatically compresses your files, but it isnt useful for filetypes that are already compressed. For example, .jpga popular image formatisalready in a fairly compressed state. So, zipping files of this type wontreduce the size much.

Whenthe recipient receives the zip file, they simply extract the files from the zipfile. Lets get started. In this example, Ill show you how to email large files of this type through Outlook email.

Step 1. Create a Zip File

Thefirst thing you need to do to is zip your large files. Go to Windows File Explorer and find the files youwant to zip. Use CTRL+Shift toselect multiple files. Heres an example of selected files:

File Explorer.

In this example, I’m using large video files. Notice thattogether the selected files are slightly over the 20 MB limit. Right-click on theselected files to bring up a pop-up menu:

Step3. Extract the Files from the Zip File

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Why Is There A Maximum Email Size Limit

Mainly for security reasons, all email server providers limit the maximum email size that an email account can receive. Otherwise, if there would be no maximum email size limit, the email server would risk to be bombarded with very large emails, causing it to cease working properly.

Some free email address providers also enforce commercial limitations on the email size: the free account gets a low maximum email size limit, but you can increase the maximum limit by upgrading to a paid account.

Send The File Through A Cloud Service

3 Ways to Email Large Video Files

Youcan also put a large file in a cloud storage area and then share it. Commoncloud storage services include Dropbox,, and OneDrive.

OneDriveis Microsofts cloud storage area. Its built into Windows. If you’ve got a Microsoftaccount, you can store up to 15 GB on your free OneDrive account. You can find OneDrivein your Windows File Explorer :

Step 1. Copy Your Files to OneDrive

Letsexamine how to share large files using Microsoft OneDrive. In the exampleabove, Ive already created a few folders, including one called . To share the filesthrough OneDrive, I open two instances of File Explorer on my PC. I click onthe files I want to share to select them and then drag them into the OneDrivefolder:

Step2. Get the Sharing Link

Oncethe files are in the folder you want share, right-click on the folder name tobring up a pop-up menu. Select MoreOneDrive Sharing Options. The OneDrive window opens with the dialog box:

Youllsee a variety of ways to share the files in your folder, including throughsocial media. To share the files through Microsoft Outlook, click the Copy button to copy the link shown tothe clipboard.

Step3. Add the Link to an Outlook Message

OpenMicrosoft Outlook and create a new message. Press CTRL+V to paste the link into your email message:

Whenyou’re ready, click the Send buttonto send your email message. When message is received, the recipient can clickthe link in the email to access the large files you shared.

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Smtp Errors Related To Email Size

Instead of offering a conclusion, lets review the most common SMTP errors related to the mail size. There are two of them:

Error codeReason and how to solve
Error 523The Recipients mailbox cannot receive messages this big.Your message exceeds the size limit of your recipients server. Check the size of the email body and attachments. Use the recommendations above to optimize it.
Error 552Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage allocation or size of the incoming message exceeds the incoming size limit.The email box of your recipient is full. In this case you have nothing to do: your recipient should clean up his or her inbox.Or your message exceeds the limit set by the administrator. Check the size of your message and optimize it.

SMTP codes will be completed with additional numbers and messages so you will be able to understand the exact reason. The general rule is to keep your email size as compact as possible, check, and test it before sending to real recipients.

Faq: Why Is Google Drive Lowering The Quality Of My Videos

Large video files immediately uploaded to Google Drive will appear to be blurry. This happens because Google Drive displays a lower resolution version of your video while theyâre still processing the HD version behind the scenes.

Donât panic, your video wonât stay blurry. Once it has finished processing, your video will appear in high resolution again.

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Sign Up For A Free Dropbox Account

DropBox is a popular online storage service that lets you keep important files backed up in the cloud. It also makes it easy to share those files with other people, who can download them through a sharing link or add them to their own DropBox accounts.

DropBox offers a free 2 GB of room to anyone. If your cloud storage needs are more demanding than the free account can accommodate, then you can check into paid tiers that offer more space. Services like and Microsofts OneDrive offer similar features to DropBox. You can always sign up for more than one free storage service if youre getting low on space.

How To View The Size And Properties Of Email Messages In Outlook

How to Email Large Files

Commonly you can reduce your mailbox size with removing large email messages, and the easiest way to find out large email messages is to sort by message size. But how to display and view messages sizes in Outlook? What if email messages properties? There are a couple of tricks to help you solve it with ease.

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View the sizes of all email messages in one folder

In the first section we will guide you to view the sizes of all email messages in one folder easily.

Step 1: Shift to the Mail view with click the Mail in the Navigation Pane.

Step 2: Select and highlight the email folder in which you will view the size of messages.

View the size and properties of one email message

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Reduce Photo Size If Necessary

  • If youre not sending images that will be printed at some stage, its rarely necessary to send them as the original, full resolution versions.
  • Even halving the photo dimensions will not usually reduce quality that much, and in many cases can even make photos look sharper .
  • This will also significantly reduce the file size you can reasonably expect files to be less than half of the original size .

Youll probably want to use some software that can do this automatically for multiple images:


Windows A good option for batch photo resizing is Irfanview. After installing, select Batch conversion/rename from the File menu. There are a lot of options here, but all that needs to be done is select the image files from the file browser in the top-right, then click on Add to add them to the list of images to be processed .

  • Now click on the Use advanced options checkbox, and then the Advanced button beside it. This will open a dialog with even more options, however, all that needs to be selected here is the Resize checkbox, then in the Set new size as percentage of original boxes, put in 50% .

Mac You can easily resize images using the Preview tool, see here for details. Note that you can select percent instead of pixels to get more consistently resized images.

Chromebook Batch image resize options are currently a bit more limited on Chromebooks, however you could try the Bulk Resize Photos free Chrome Store app.

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