How Does Email Validation Work

How Should I Verify My Emails And How Much Will It Cost

How To Validate an Email Address With JavaScript

You can sign up for Kickbox and verify your emails by and following the steps.

As for cost, proper email verification can save you money.

For example, maintaining 100,000 subscribers in Benchmark Email costs $424 per month. If 20% of those emails are invalid , that means the user should ideally only be paying for 80,000 valid subscribers at a cost of $340 per month.

Without verification, the user is paying the higher price. The difference between the real world and the ideal world is a recurring loss of $84 per month or $1,08 per year.

Kickbox has paid plans but you can verify 100 emails for free.

The benefits of cleaning your list are direct and measurable. And by continuously monitoring the quality of your emails before sending is a must, as email data decays faster than we think.

Email Verification Best Practice

Not all invalid addresses are intentional. In fact, mistyped email addresses are a commonplace incident. These addresses represent the portion of your target demographic that wants to receive emails from you. But due to typos, theyre excluded from the mailing list.

Similarly, it might also be possible that the owner of the mistyped address does not want marketing emails. In which case, he or she would have marked the mail as spam, which would ultimately hurt your brand.

As a result, the only way to be sure that the owner of the address wants to receive your email is to send a confirmation email. The confirmation mail will have a unique URL which will allow the owner of the email address to verify that he or she indeed wishes to receive further communication from the brand. This process is also known as double opt-in.

In addition to helping you qualify your subscribers, it also allows the business to sift through malicious users who sign up with third-party email addresses or stolen email addresses.

How Can I Be Sure An Email Is Deliverable

A typical .csv or .txt file you download after the verification contains several columns. The column to check regarding whether a particular email address is valid is what we call at Hunter the verification status.

Lets take a look at the most common email verification statuses and what exactly they mean:

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Why You Must Validate Email Addresses

Lets suppose you have collected email addresses and run an email campaign without email validation. Youll get hard bounces for invalid email addresses. And the existing email recipients will get their emails, right? Wrong!

Hard bounces impair your senders reputation, and a poor reputation means decreased email deliverability. So even if some email addresses exist, youll not be able to deliver the email to their inboxes. And that may be a big problem for an entire email marketing team.

These are some of the top reasons you must validate your email list:

  • Get rid of spam complaints
  • Stop check-all and temporary accounts
  • Increase the engagement rates
  • Enjoy the low-cost email marketing

And the list goes on. Thankfully you dont need to do the email validation continuously.

Do it only if:

  • You get new recipients added to your list
  • Your bounce rate increases
  • Or you get low open rates

But do it at least once a month, even if nothing terrible happens. Doing the email validation regularly ensures you have a clean deliverable email list.

Now that you know the basics of email validation and why you must do it lets understand how it works.

Manually Check Each Email Address

What is email validation and how it works?

Google email checker or email verifier and youll find a host of free options to verify an email address without sending an email.

At Wiza, we offer our Free Email Verifier. Its free and doesnt require any installation. The quick and easy email checker will tell you whether or not an email address is valid in a matter of milliseconds.

Heres how it works:

  • Enter the email address you want to verify.
  • Verified email addresses will say Deliverable, invalid email addresses will say Undeliverable

This approach to verifying an email address without sending an email will work fine if youre sending a handful of emails at a time. Its free and straightforward, after all.

But will this approach work at scale?

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What Is Email Validation: Everything You Need To Know

    The ROI of email marketing can be 122% or more without a doubt. But its possible only if you do it correctly. The foundation of any email marketing strategy is the email list, which should be clean and deliverable. The first thing you must do is email validation. But what is email validation? What are its benefits? And how to do it correctly?

    Ill help you answer all these questions in this post. Youll get started with a bang in email marketing, even if youre a beginner. So lets get started right away.

    Introduction To Email Validation In Javascript

    Email Validation in JavaScript is defined as validating user credentials according to user requirements. Validation is a process to authenticate the user in any programming language. As with other programming languages. JavaScript provides the feature to validate the page elements on the client side. Therefore no need to double cross-check at the server-side to validate again so, the process will become faster at the server-side.


    Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

    In general, in Email form validation we can validate name, password, email address, mobile number, etc. Client-side validation overcomes the client from knowing about the form is correct or not before submitting the page.

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    Reasons Why You Should Verify Your Email Addresses

    Eliminate hard bounces

    Hard bounces mostly occur because the email address no longer exists, was a fictitious email address, or was closed by the user.

    Reduces Spam Complaints

    Best practice dictates that for every 5,000 email messages sent out you should receive less than five spam complaints.


    Getting blacklisted stops your messages from getting accepted by the server.

    What Type Of Email Validation Is Right For My Business

    Email Validation in JavaScript | JavaScript Form Validation | JavaScript Tutorial | Edureka

    There are several ways to validate an email address, but in order to find the right one for your business, it is a good idea to research each where possible.

    Regex email validation

    Regex, or regular expression, is a string of characters that is used to describe a search pattern. A regular expression can be used to validate the format of an email address.

    However, there are several key issues with regex that should be taken into consideration. The main problem is that it is extremely restrictive, failing to cater for rare email addresses. Characters such as !#$%& ‘*+-/=?^_`~ are all valid, but not recognised by regex when used before the @ symbol, meaning any email address that includes these before the local string will not be recognised as valid.

    Another area where regex falls against the alternatives is that it fails to check several important factors, such as whether the email domain exists, and whether the user account exists.

    Post email validation

    A second option when it comes to email validation is post validation, or double opt-in, where an email is sent to the email address that was provided and the user then clicks through to confirm their email address. While this is obligatory in many European countries, if an email address is mistyped, the user wont receive a confirmation email, meaning you will never capture the email address.

    Real-time email validation

    Batch email cleanse

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    Fme For Data Validation

    Software like FME enables you to customize data validation workflows precisely for your needs. You can create workflows that are specific to data validation, or add data validation as a step within other data integration workflows. Additionally, you can automatically run any data validation workflow on a schedule which means you can build a workflow once, and reuse it over and over.

    To ensure that data is fit to serve its purpose most effectively, you can add validation-based transformers to your workflow. For example, FMEs GeometryValidator, AttributeValidator, and Tester transformers all help you verify that data is formatted and structured based on your specific data validation rules. These transformers can be used at the beginning of workflows to validate that the data youre reading is correct, or at the end of a workflow to validate that data has been converted and transformed properly.

    FME supports over 450 formats and applications through tools called readers and writers. Each reader and writer has been designed to understand the specific nature of its data format to aid in the validation process. Readers and writers go beyond just understanding a file extension. They understand based on function, too. For example, not all .xml files are the same. You may be using XML to store data for CityGML, GPX, LandXML, or Microsoft MapPoint Web. Each of FMEs readers and writers will interpret the data by need, not just by format.

    Reason : It Improves Email Deliverability

    When you use an email verifier to filter out invalid email addresses, you can be sure that those that remain are capable of receiving emails, meaning your messages reach the inbox. Subsequently, your email deliverability stays high. This helps save on email sending and, once again, preserves your email sender reputation. Speaking of

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    Complete Data Management And Email Deliverability Solutions

    BriteVerify is more than your standard contact validation tool. It offers solutions that grow and scale with your business. It integrates directly with other industry-leading Validity products, including Everest and DemandTools, providing complete email marketing and data management solutions that solve your biggest pain points and generate more revenue.

    Why Do You Need To Verify Your Email List

    Email Validation: Definition, How It Works, Benefits, How ...

    I already mentioned at the beginning that cleaning your email list of invalid email addresses improves email deliverability. It also keeps your domain safe.

    Sending emails to addresses that dont exist causes these emails to bounce back to your inbox. A high bounce rate may harm your sender reputation, or even worse: get your domain blacklisted.

    Why is that so? A lot of bounces alarms the email service provider, who flags you as a potential spammer because spammers usually dont care about their email list quality. When your sender reputation gets damaged, your emails will go to the SPAM folder or wont be delivered at all.

    The worst-case scenario, when you ignore a bounce rate higher than 2% and you dont do anything about it ASAP, is that your domain may end up on a blacklist. And in many cases getting off a blacklist is like escaping from Alcatraz prison: very difficult and practically impossible. Quite often its easier to set up a new domain, then removing the old one from a blacklist.

    So to prevent this nightmare from happening, take good care of the quality of your email list. Dont buy ready-made email lists and always verify the email addresses shortly before sending a campaign. This takes us to the next question

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    Also, keep in mind that it may take some time for insurance companies rapid test reimbursement systems to become fully operational. Some insurance companies may change their approach in the coming weeks and months.

    When Do You Need To Verify Email Addresses

    For each list of new emails you get, youll need to run a bulk email verification before reaching out to those prospects.

    You should do this every time you collect email addresses from email lookup services or get a list of emails from any other external sources.

    For , you should run verifications regularly. The frequency depends on your list and how fast its growing. The faster the growth is, the more frequently you should verify it.

    You can create a verification schedule and set up notifications in your calendar so as not to forget to clean up your list regularly.

    If you notice that your newsletters bounce rate is higher than 2%, you should immediately run the verification. Continuing to send emails to the email addresses that bounce will damage your sending reputation and decrease the deliverability of your future sends.

    A more technical way for verification is to run real-time verification via the API. You can integrate an API at many different points of the customer journey to collect higher-quality, deliverable, and valued email addresses in real-time. This method could be implemented for your opt-in forms, event registration, and other business forms.

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    The Importance Of Data Quality

    A wide range of businesses across a variety of sectors now rely on email as a key way to communicate with their customers.

    For example, it is used by companies in retail, hospitality, banking and insurance to send confirmation of goods, services and accounts, as well as sending offers and important notifications, and for organisations such as charities, collecting email addresses allows a smooth signup process, enabling the user to register for an event or donate money.

    Your contact database is an extremely precious asset it holds all your customer data. However, as with address or phone data, if your email address data is inaccurate, your customer relationship opportunities will suffer. With incorrect email addresses, poor delivery and response rates occur, leading to negative brand reputation, mistrust and frustration. It can also damage your sender reputation, which can be extremely harmful to your company and your marketing efforts. Incorrect email address data also leads to high bounce rates, both hard and soft, which will affect sender reputation.

    If your email address data is inaccurate, your customer relationship opportunities will suffer.

    It is therefore necessary to ensure you are capturing only valid email addresses in your online forms, and the most effective way to do this is by implementing a trusted email validation tool.

    Sender reputation

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