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How To Send A Fax From Outlook Or Hotmail

How Online Faxing Works – eFax

Microsoft recently bundled Outlook and Hotmail together under one name: Outlook. If you havent signed into your Hotmail email address in a while, then you will find that it has been switched into an Outlook address.

Its the same service just branded under a different name. Heres how to easily send a fax over Outlook or Hotmail:

How To Send A Fax From Gmail

Gmail is one of the worlds most popular email providers. Hosted by Google, Gmail started as an invite-only service before evolving into one of the worlds leading email leaders in terms of user base, features, and connected services.

Sending a fax from Gmail is extremely straightforward. If you already have an email fax provider like Ringcentral, then you wont need to install any special software or hardware on your PC. Instead, all you need is the following steps:

Step 1) Start a free trial with an email fax provider or sign up for a paid subscription account with the fax to email provider of your choice. You will absolutely need to do this before sending a fax from Gmail.

Step 2) Log into your Gmail account at

Step 3) Compose a new email. Address the email to your recipient by typing in the recipients number at your fax services website. If your recipients number is 123-4567 and your fax provider is, then you would type into the contact field.

Step 4) Attach the documents you wish to fax. Most computer fax providers accept .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF documents, although depending on your provider, other file formats may be supported. Most providers also accept between 5 and 10 documents per email.

Step 5) Click send and your fax will automatically be sent to your email fax providers server before being directed to your recipients fax machine. The entire process doesnt take more than a few seconds from start to finish.

While Specifics Will Vary With Different Electronic Fax Solutions The Usual Steps For Emailing To A Fax Are:

  • Open a new email

  • Put the To fax number into the email address

  • Create a subject line and the email body

  • Attach any documents

  • Send the email the fax service converts the email information to a fax and calls the fax number

  • Receive the confirmation the fax service will send an email confirming whether the fax was successfully transmitted

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    Email To Fax & Fax To Email: Send & Receive Fax Via Email For Free

    Email was expected to replace fax machines when it was first introduced. It failed and spectacularly at that. Fax machines remain the mainstay in many organizations worldwide. In fact, fax is considerably safer than email, especially when it comes to sending sensitive documents.

    However, theres no getting around the fact that sending and receiving is much more convenient than faxing. You dont need to fiddle around with a fax machine, find paper, and fill it up with some toner . You can email with a couple of clicks.

    Wouldnt it be great if you could fax from your email directly? That way, you could still enjoy all the convenience of email and the security of faxing at the same time.

    Youll be happy to know that you can, in fact, email to fax and vice versa! We show you how to fax from email in this article. We also explain the ins and outs of email to fax and fax to email.

    Which Email Services Support Email Faxing

    FaxGwise tutorial How to send a fax from your mailbox ...

    All email providers support online faxing because email faxing does not require any specialized equipment on your end.

    When you subscribe to an virtual faxing plan, youre effectively paying to borrow fax machine equipment. All you need in order to access that equipment is an email account with the ability to send attachments. Thats it.

    Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or an ISP-provided account, you shouldnt have any problems getting started with email faxing.

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    Start Faxing Onlineits Easy

    Online faxing doesnt have to be expensive, tedious, or complicated.

    Nextiva vFAX isnt just easy to get used toits also affordable and packed with features youll love.

    Plans start at $4.95 for 500 pages per month , and you can try vFAX out for free for 30 days. Theres no contract required, so theres no risk to you.

    With vFAX, you can:

    • Easily send faxes to anyone with a physical fax machine or online faxing service
    • Keep your current fax number or pick a new one from the area code of your preference
    • Set up online faxing plans for your entire company
    • Use your mobile device, PC, or tablet to send and receive faxes

    Sounds good? Head over here to grab your free 30-day trial of Nextiva vFAX. Youll be ready to use online faxing within minutes.

    Gaetano DiNardi is the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva and has a track record of success working with brands like Major League Baseball, Pipedrive, Sales Hacker and Outside of marketing, Gaetano is an accomplished music producer and songwriter – hes worked with major artists like Fat Joe, Shaggy and loves making music to stay turbocharged. To get in touch, follow him on .

    Dont Let Companies Take Your Hard

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    Email To Fax With Fax Machines Vs Internet Fax Services: Which Is Better

    Note that while some fax machines can convert fax to email and email to fax, you still need to connect them to a phone line. You will also need to configure them to work with your email. This can take some doing.

    With online fax services, you dont need a fax machine, nor do you need a phone line. Its all taken care of for you behind the scenes. Its also significantly cheaper than the other option. We recommend using an internet fax service over using a fax machine with email support.

    What Do You Need To Fax From Email

    How to send a fax from your email

    Faxing by email is made incredibly simple by CocoFax. These are what you need to get started:

    • Email account
    • CocoFax account & an email fax number
    • Stable internet connection

    Note: You need to with the same email address. Choose a fax number to send and receive faxes through your email. The number can be regarded as your email fax number.

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    How To Send A Fax From Email

    How do you send a fax from email by using an online fax service? Is it difficult? Nope, its not difficult at all. In fact, it only takes a few minutes even if you have next to no technical skills.

    All you need to do is subscribe to an internet fax service. Afterward, you send the fax like you do a regular email. If you want to fax multiple documents, you attach them to the email.

    Which internet fax service should you use? We recommend CocoFax. Not only does this service offer multiple advanced features, but its also free to use for 30 days. You can try it before you need to purchase a subscription.

    Using Outlookcom To Send A Fax:

    Step 1) Go to and login to your email account

    Step 2) Create a new email

    Step 3) Address that email to your recipient by typing into the To field, where 1234567 is your recipients fax number and is your fax providers website.

    Step 4) Attach the documents you wish to fax to the email

    Step 5) Click Send and the email will instantly be delivered to your fax provider, who will then transfer your attached documents to the fax machine of your recipient

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    What Are The Email To Fax Requirements

    To send and receive faxes through your email, you need to have the following requirements:

    One. A valid email address

    Two. An Internet-enabled device to access your emails

    Three. Registering with an online fax service which supports Email to Fax feature

    FAX.PLUS, the leading cloud-based faxing service, is offering the Email to Fax feature for free and you even get to send 10 free pages to more than 150 countries using your free panel. Its completely free and no credit card is needed.

    How To Fax Via Email

    How Does Faxing Over the Internet Work

    Faxing over email is extra handy if youre on the go and need to send a fax. Your email service is probably already open, so if you want to skip logging into your online faxing dashboardyou can.

    Heres how to send a fax via email with your Nextiva vFAX subscription:

  • Retrieve the fax number youre looking to send a fax to
  • Open your usual email service and start creating a new email
  • In the To: field, enter the fax number followed by
  • Add up to ten files as email attachments
  • Add text to the body of the email if you want to add additional notes
  • Send!
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    Email To Fax Technology

    It is ironic that the technology that has been responsible for the declining use of fax is also the technology that helps keep fax relevant and useable in the modern work environment.

    The development of email has presented businesses and consumers a faster and easier way to transmit documents over vast distances using the internet, which is the same function of fax.

    It is easy to see a scenario where fax became an obsolete technology and email has completely replaced faxing as the only accepted document-transmitting technology.

    However, with online fax services, the old technology is given a modern twist by leveraging the reach of the internet and removing the need for an actual fax machine.

    And instead of competing against email, the modern fax uses email to enhance its usability in modern times.

    More than just adapting email to fax technology, there are also scenarios where fax is still the better choice when transmitting documents.

    The Disadvantages Of Windows Fax And Scan

    Windows Fax and Scan is a middle ground between fax machines and fax apps, but somehow, you get the worst of both worlds. This option doesnt use the internet, which affects the time a fax takes to get sent. You also need to connect your phone line to a computer, which seems like too much trouble, especially when you think about the fact that faxing without a phone line is becoming a standard.

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    How Does Fax To Email Work

    The fax to email process allows the sender to use a traditional fax machine, fax service or fax server to send the document in real-time over the phone network but provides the recipient with the convenience of email delivery. The implementation of an electronic faxing solution bridges the gap from fax to email.Whether implemented as an online service or a network fax server, these systems typically allow multiple options for delivering inbound faxes to the user via email. The first consideration is the routing of inbound faxes. While simple electronic fax systems provide the ability to deliver faxes to a single recipient for manual distribution, more advanced solutions provide dynamic routing options for automatic delivery. For example, each user or department could be assigned a unique fax number for fax to email delivery directly to their mailbox. This not only provides for a more efficient user experience, but also allows the organization to control the delivery of sensitive fax traffic and ensure that only the correct recipient views the information. When compared with traditional faxing, that would print the received fax pages where it could be viewed by anybody walking by, the fax to email process represents a significant enhancement to the organizations security practices.

  • Prepare and send the fax from a fax machine

  • The fax service answers the fax line and the fax machine sends the fax data to the fax service

  • The received fax is stored by the fax service

  • How Does Faxing Over E

    How To Send A Fax With Outlook

      Most people who work in office settings have at least a basic familiarity with fax machines. The concept is simple — the fax machine scans a document, encodes the information and transmits it across the phone line. The fax machine on the other end of the line decodes the signal and prints a facsimile of the document.

      Services that allow people to send faxes via e-mail work on the same principle, but a computer and the Internet take the place of a fax machine. These services assign fax numbers to their customers, and they provide a way to send documents without a fax machine.

      To send a fax over e-mail:

      • The sender attaches a file — like a Microsoft Word file or a scan of a paper document — to an e-mail message through an e-mail program or a Web interface.
      • The sender addresses the message to the recipient’s fax number. Depending on the service, the sender may also add the name of the faxing service .
      • The service translates the attachment so that a fax machine can read it.
      • The service sends the data across the phone line.
      • The recipient’s fax machine decodes the data and prints the fax.

      To receive a document from a traditional fax machine:

      • The sender dials the recipient’s fax number.
      • The fax machine translates and transmits the data.
      • The service receives the data, translates it into an image file and sends it to the recipient’s e-mail address.
      • The recipient opens the email message and the attachment and views the file.

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      Benefits To Using Email To Fax And Fax To Email

      It was once thought that standalone fax machines would be replaced with email messaging. But email cant always guarantee to be as secure a form of communication as faxing.For example, an email message and its content might be archived on any number of servers. Email transmission of information also runs into problems with compliance agencies and regulations, such as HIPAA, that require greater security.Unlike emails, a fax cannot be used to:

      • carry a virus

      • phish

      • harm a companys network security

      Its estimated that there are about 125 million fax machines in use in the world today, and close to six million new purchases each year. According to a 2012 survey, 85 per cent of U.S. businesses make use of faxing in some form. There are three main reasons why faxing is still important for these organizations:1. To obtain a phone line and a fax machine is still the simplest and least technical way for a small company to begin communicating with the outside world.2. Many companies, especially those in the healthcare, legal and insurance space, are required to transmit data via fax because of compliance concerns.3. Companies are maintaining legacy applications, such as purchasing and billing systems, which are only able to transmit a document via fax.

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