How Do You Send An Email To Someone

Essential English Email Vocabulary

How to send an email to someone?
  • Recipient This is the person youre writing an email to.
  • Sender This is you, the person sending the email.
  • Attachment Any file attached to the email is an attachment.
  • CCCarbon copy
  • BCCBlind carbon copy
  • Subject line This is the topic of the email, which the recipient will see when the email arrives in their inbox.
  • Draft When youre writing an email, its saved as a draft. This is an unfinished email, as you havent sent it yet.

Below, youll find a guide that includes some additional specific language you can put in emails. For more ideas, check out the video Writing a Business Email.

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All right, now here are the seven steps to writing a strong business email.

Benefits Of Using Bcc

Using the BCC field to send an email message to a large group of people has a number of benefits, including:

  • The privacy of email addresses is protected in the original message. Recipients will receive the message, but won’t be able to see the addresses listed in the BCC field.
  • When an email is forwarded, the addresses of everyone in the To and CC fields are also forwarded along with the message. Addresses that have been placed in the BCC field are not forwarded.
  • If you have placed a large list of recipients in the To or CC field, all of them will receive the reply. By placing recipients in the BCC field, you can help protect them against receiving unnecessary replies from anyone using the Reply All feature.
  • Many viruses and spam programs are now able to sift through mail files and address books for email addresses. Using the BCC field acts as an anti-spam precaution. It reduces the likelihood that recipients will receive a spam message or a virus from another recipients infected computer.

How To Use Bcc Appropriately In Email

With people sending and receiving more than 120 billion work emails every single day, its safe to say email is far from dead. With such prevalence, presumably most people have basic email etiquette down to a science, including common best practices like:

  • Having a clear subject line
  • Remembering your signature
  • Using a professional salutation
  • Proofreading before sending

But what about the proper etiquette for using the Bcc field? Even those who know how to use it correctly sometimes avoid it altogether. Some people still have a negative connotation of the Bcc field. Viewing it as a sneaky or underhanded way to create a paper trail, one that obstructs transparency and violates trust. While some of that may well be true, the majority of uses for Bcc are far from sinister theyre actually necessary to our daily lives. Heres how to make sure youre using Bcc appropriately in email.

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Using Templates For A Formal Email

One way to add extra impact to your formal email is to use aprofessionally designed signature template. A signature template adds graphicinterest to your email. A signature template also includes your completecontact information.

Heres an example of an email closing with a professionallydesigned signature template:

Note: Theprevious example uses the Email Signature Template Pack from Envato Elements, which is a good source for professional email templates like the one used in the example above.

Notice the difference that a quality template makes. For more great examplesof email signature templates, review the article:

Tips To Ensure Perfect Professional Email Messages

How to Write a Professional Email (with Pictures)

Once youve written your email, go through all these steps before you click the send button:

  • Make Sure Your Message is Complete: Double-check to make sure the subject line of your email is filled in, you have included a signature, you are sending the message to the right contact person, and you have filled in the Bcc field to send a copy to yourself, so you have a record of the email message.
  • Proof Your Email Message: Before you hit send, also make sure you spell-check and check your grammar and capitalization. They are just as important in email correspondence as they are in a paper letter.
  • Send a Test Email Message: Before you actually send your email, send the message to yourself first to check that the formatting works and that nothing looks out of place. If everything looks good, go ahead and send the email to the company or individual youre contacting.
  • Send a Copy of the Email Message to Yourself: Use the Bcc field to send a copy of the email message to yourself, so you have a record of when you sent the message and who you sent it to. You can also find this information in your sent folder.
  • File Your Copies: With many email programs you can set up folders to make it easier to find any important past emails. Set up folders for all your job search emails and other professional emails and file your copies after you send your messages.

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Set Up A Slackbot Forwarding Address

  • From your desktop, click your profile picture in the top right.
  • Select Preferences from the menu.
  • Click Messages & media.
  • Scroll down to Bring emails into Slack, then click Get a Forwarding Address. Slack will generate a forwarding email address.
  • Click Copy and use the forwarding address to set up a forwarding rule in your email client if youd like.
  • If you need to stop forwarding emails, go to the Messages & media section of your preferences. Below your forwarding address, click Disable this address.

    Note: If emails you send to Slack arent delivered, incoming emails may have been disabled for your workspace or org. Find an owner or admin to ask for help.


    Thanks so much for your feedback!

    If youd like a member of our support team to respond to you, please send a note to .

    Got it!

    If youd like a member of our support team to respond to you, please send a note to .

    How To Send An Email To Multiple Recipients Individually In Gmail

    You are looking for: Gmail send multiple emails separately. Here we have you covered. Get MailTrack for your individual account or for your company.

    Its fairly common in the online world to want to send an email to a long list of contacts, without having these people know who else is getting the message. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to this issue. Here, well cover how to send an email to multiple recipients individually in Gmail.

    With MailTrack you can create Campaigns to send emails to multiple recipients individually in Gmail

  • Upgrade your plan to start using Campaigns. Send individual trackable emails up to 200 recipients.
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    What To Include In Your Email Message

    • Subject Line: The subject line should concisely convey your purpose for writing. Your subject line can be as simple as “Thank You” or “Request for Recommendation.”
    • Greeting: Even if you are writing a very short email, include a greeting. If you know the name of the person, include it. Unless you are on a first-name basis with the person, call them by their title.
    • Length: Keep your email as concise as possible. People tend to skim long emails, so only include essential information.
    • Closing:Sign off with a brief “Thank you,” “Best,” or another simple send-off, and then your name. Most email accounts let you embed a signature with your name, title, and contact information into every email. It is a terrific way to make each correspondence more professional.

    Show Absolute Belief In Your Products Fit For The Prospect

    Email Tutorial | How To Send an Email For Beginners | Email How To

    In the event that a prospect provides a specific objection to your product or service, dont give up just yet. Ive modified this template slightly from the original source to work as a follow-up email after youve been rejected. Now, it allows you to continue the email thread by demonstrating your absolute confidence in your product or service, while simultaneously reinforcing how recipients will benefit.

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    Tell What Action Is Needed

    Weve given a purpose and details, so now we need to tell the recipient what action they need to take. Lets look at two possible endings for the body paragraph. This first one is not a good option:

    Let me know what you think.


    Its not good because its not clear. Yes, its short, but it doesnt say exactly what James needs to think about or what he should respond . Lets try again:

    Please let me know via email ASAP if you can participate. If you can attend, please include any recommendations you have for the refreshments and an outline of the materials youll need to give your feedback.

    Look forward to hearing from you, Joe

    So between these two options, which one makes the next action clear? Obviously the second example. It tells James exactly what he should do next, and ASAP tells him to respond right away.

    Remember: When you write the body paragraphs of your email, always include three parts: your purpose, useful details, the next action needed. Do those three things, and you will write a good business email.

    Discuss How You’ll Fix Any Consequences

    If any issues arise because of the email you accidentally sent to the wrong person, it can help to tell them what you’ll do to fix them. For example, if you speak to your manager after sending them an email unintentionally, you might want to prepare a list of steps you’ll take in the future to assure them it won’t happen again. Let the recipient know you can answer questions they have about what happened or help with any consequences of the accidental email. Being proactive can help show that your apology is sincere.

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    If Youre Asking A Question Propose A Solution

    Email is not a good venue for debate. Thus, messages that offer nothing but a question like “What do you think about X?” are generally ineffectual. Busy people dont want to figure out your problems for you, and they dont want to write a lengthy response. They want to say yes or no and then move on to the next thing. So if you want to get a responseand to get your waydont just pose questions: Propose solutions.

    Lets imagine youre emailing your boss to ask if you can attend a conference. You could write:

    Hi TinaI noticed that people are already booking hotels for the SXSW conference next year. Id like to go. What do you think?

    Or, you could write,

    Hi TinaIve been thinking about ways to enrich my work skill set, and it looks like there are some speakers and workshops at SXSW next year that would be very helpful. I can also put together a report to share what Ive learned with the team after I return. Ive estimated the cost, and it looks like a ticket, hotel, and airfare would run the company about $2,500. Do you think the company could sponsor me to attend?

    Expert Tips On The Follow Up Email

    15 Types Of Emails To Send To Your Email List (+ 85 Ways To Grow It)

    Youve got the data and cold email templates to design killer cold email campaigns. Sprinkle in a few of these tips from the pros, and supercharge the entire thing.

    • Dont forget to test different email subject lines in addition to the main body. Some subject lines like quick question are falling out of favor, while others may trigger spam filters, especially since the recipient likely wont recognize the email sender. That said, take the advice with a grain of salt and test your subject lines on your target audience. Theres an exception to every rule.
    • A popular alternative: try sending a calendar link with a specific time and date with specific details in the notes section
    • Using video within an email is gaining in popularity, and can increase your click-through rate by 300%.
    • Plan for follow-ups

    Dont leave yourself in a position where youre going to have to follow up mysteriously. Make sure at the end of that first convo that the next thing is already in the books, defined, solidified. Dont leave it to chance. ~Gaetano DiNardi, Sales Hacker

    • Personalization is key. A few quick and easy cheats include mentioning their micro industry, location, and/or relevant competitors.

    Personalization is crucial. Want your follow-up email to stand out in a crowded inbox? Show me you know who I am and what I do. Make me feel like Im more than just a name inside a spreadsheet. ~Kevin J. Duncan, Smart Blogger

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    Peter Paul And Marys Email

    Lets use a concrete example.

    Peters address book includes entries for his friends, Paul and Mary. Paul and Mary have never met, have never exchanged email, and do not know each other they each just know Peter.

    Peters machine becomes infected with malware of some sort, which collects information from his address book. The virus on Peters machine sends email with the virus to Paul, looking like it came from Mary. Paul may wonder who the heck this Mary person is and why shes sending him a virus, but she was never involved.

    From Marys perspective, you can see how frustrating it would be to be accused of something you had nothing to do with and have no control over.

    Spammers have also been known to use other sources of email addresses, including database breaches, harvesting email addresses from public webpages, or even purchasing lists of email addresses from one another.

    Thus, the simple friend of a friend example I used with Peter, Paul, and Mary is just the tip of the iceberg. Its certainly not the only way your email address could show up on a forged From line.

    Whats important is this: one way or another, spam messages lie about who the sender is.

    Send An Email From A Delegated Account

  • Open a new email message.
  • In the Show Fields group, select From. The From field will appear above the To and Cc fields at the top of your email message.
  • Enter the full email address in the blank or search for the email address by clicking . You will only be able to send emails from an email account that you have been given delegate access to.
  • Enter the rest of your email information and click .
  • Keywords: send an email as someone else, send email as my boss, send an email as an org, send email from proxy account, proxy email, proxy access, delegate access, delegee

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