How Do You Make An Email List

The Money Is In The Email Sequence

How to make a Contact List in Gmail

The front end offer enables us to keep reinvesting in more traffic. Which gives us our email list.

The autoresponder sequence is where we make the big bucks. An autoresponder sequence is a series of emails that are sent to your list after they initially opt-in.

Most autoresponder services, like Aweber, allow you to build it as big and robust as you want. Its a good idea to have a full sequence ready to go.

Heres the first 5 emails in my sequence:

My Aweber sequence currently has 110 followup emails. And I still keep adding to it.

The sequence MUST have promotions but it ALSO must add value to your subscribers. If you only send promotions, it wont take long for you to burn through your leads.

Burning a list means that subscribers no longer open your emails or click on your links. Its a very bad thing. And its easily avoidable by adding some value in between your promotions.

My email sequence has a nice balance of value submissions and offers. Its taken me awhile to put together and tweak, but its been worth it.

Extra Tip:

How To Create A Group Email Account In Gmail

called Groups to enable project teams, clubs, and classes or people within any other group to communicate and share content with. One way to use a group is to set it up as a collaborative inbox. Your team can use this account to read and reply to messages posted by group members or even customers.

To create a group email account, follow the steps below:

  • Visit and click “Create Group.”
  • Enter a description of the group for members to view
  • Select “Collaborative Inbox” from the Select a Group Type drop-down list.
  • Choose the types of members you want to authorize to access inbox features.
  • Pick the necessary permissions you want to apply, such as allowing the public to view topics or allowing all members to post messages.
  • Tips For Building An Email List From Scratch

    Dollar for dollar, email is one of the most powerful marketing channels available to digital entrepreneurs today. On average, it returns $42 for every $1 spent.

    Thatâs why 81 percent of SMBs turn to email as a driver for customer acquisition, and another 80 percent use it for customer retention, according to Emarsys. But it all starts with building an email list.

    In this guide, youâll learn the basics of building your email list from scratch, including both free and paid strategies.

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    Creating Distribution Lists In Outlook 2013 And 2016

    Follow these steps to create email groups in Outlook 2013 or 2016.

    Step 1: Go to contact management in your Outlook application by clicking the People button in the navigation bar.

    If youre using the compact navigation bar, youll see an icon for the People section.

    Step 2: Under My Contacts in the sidebar on the right, select the folder where you want to save the new contact group. The default folder is the Contacts folder, which Outlook automatically creates when the program is installed.

    If necessary, create a new contact folder.

    Step 3: Click New Contact Group. This button is in the New section on the Home tab.

    The Contact Group window opens.

    Step 4: Name your new contact group.

    Step 5: Click Add Members and then choose from one of three options:

    • From Outlook Contacts
    • From Address Book
    • New E-Mail Contact

    If you select From Outlook Contacts or From Address Book, Outlook opens the Select Members window. Alternatively, if you choose New E-Mail Contact, the Add new member window opens.

    Step 6: From your address book, select the people you want to add to your contact group. To do this, select a contact in the dialog box and click the Members -> button.

    If necessary, add people to your contact group who are not already in your address book by creating these contacts.

    Want to add contact information from other applications to your Outlook address book? For a clear step-by-step guide, see our how-to article Importing Outlook contacts.

    How To Create An Email List From Excel

    How to Add Contacts in Gmail: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    Creating an email list from Excel is actually simple, particularly if youre a Campaign Monitor client, because you can easily import addresses from Excel and those that are formatted using a comma-separated values format.

    CSV simply means tabular data that is saved as plain text but is separated by commas. This is the file format you use to save your email addresses in Excel.

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    You Must Understand Your Audience

    Who are you targeting? Before you begin building an email list, its helpful to have an idea of who these people are.

    I recommend that you create a a made-up person that represents your ideal customer.

    A basic persona should look something like this. Fill in the gaps with everything that you know about your target audience.

    Image Source

    A complete persona would look something like this:

    Image Source

    Image Source

    Heres why creating a persona is so important. You need to figure out where your audience hangs out.

    First, you need to find people, and then they will give you their email address. One of the most valuable places to find your audience initially is through social media. If you can discover where your audience hangs out socially, you will be able to get their email addresses more easily.

    Sponsor A Booth At An Event

    Most conferences have an exhibit hall. There, vendors can pay for a booth, where they show off their products, generate leads, and sell. Attendees browse the booths and stop to chat when they see one that interests them. Have a laptop or tablet ready, so you can show people your website. Then ask them to opt in to get a package of resources youâve put together for them.

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    Why Is Starting An Email List So Important

    Let me guess, youre on a budget . If youre just starting your own venture you probably dont have the cash to spend on a bunch of pricey promotions. But you need to promote your blog or website content to get new readers and visitors, which will attract potential sponsors and customers and make all kinds of good stuff happen as your traffic numbers grow.

    For just a few cents per message, you can send kick-ass email campaigns that drive people back to your blog. Plus, the ROI is remarkable about $43 for every $1 spent. Wowza.

    And, even if they dont click through to your site, sending amazing emails gives you a captive audience to tell them about products and services you think they should buy. More on that later!

    I can tell you need a little more convincing. Lets break these numbers down so you can find out just how affordable this email game really is. For less than $10 a month, professional email marketing programs such as GoDaddy Email Marketing enable you to send emails to 500 people .

    Lets say youre paying $10 a month for 500 email recipients to receive one newsletter a month. Thats just two cents per person! You cant even print 500 decent full-color flyers for that amount of dough!

    But thats not even the best part of using a solid email marketing program.

    Once youve got your handy new email marketing software all set up , its time to start getting people to sign up.

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    Run Ads To Drive Traffic To A Landing Page

    How to create a mailing list

    Since landing pages are usually built with a single outcome or conversion point in mind, theyre often very useful for building your email list. Not only will you be able to create a specific offer on a distraction-free page, but measuring your results is much more straightforward.

    Because of this, landing pages are also a great place to send page traffic. For example, you can create targeted ads on Facebook to drive people to a downloadable guide that connects to your product The targeting options available today mean you can build an offer with an audience already in mind, then tweak attributes like location, age, gender, profession, interests, and more to reach the right people.

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    Keep Your Email List Healthy

    Simply put, a quality email list is full of engaged subscribers who want to hear from you.

    When you build your list organically, your subscribers become a treasure trove of potential revenue just waiting to be tapped. Think about it. People who are interested in your business actually gave you permission to start a relationship. This is an amazing opportunity!

    On the other hand, if your email list is full of people that have no interest in you, your emails will fail to connect, or even worse, get marked as spam. This happens when you buy email lists or keep subscribers on the list that have become inactive.

    List quality is more powerful than list quantity.

    is the best way to stay on top of your list and keep it healthy.

    First Find The Best Email Service Provider

    Now, you may be thinking, Why do I even need an email service provider? Ive got a Gmail account and can just send emails to my friends and family that way.

    Heres the thing: dont send bulk business emails to your list through your free email service. Not only will you be breaking email marketing opt-in laws, youll also have no real way to grow your list.

    When considering an email service provider, youll want to make sure you can:

    • Build a database of subscribers
    • Send emails to several people at the same time
    • Setup automated follow-up sequences
    • Place signup forms on your website and landing pages
    • Tag or segment your users

    Signing on with an email service provider thats built specifically to help you manage and grow your list is incredibly important and, in my opinion, ConvertKit is the way to go. I use it currently, and its especially friendly to those just starting out.

    Also, they’re offering a 30-day free trial if you get started today!

    You can use the strategies and tactics you learn in this tutorial with any ESP however Ive personally experimented with a lot of different ESPs over the years, and I recommend ConvertKit to you because it’s the one that has everything I need to grow my business, while still being very intuitive and easy to use.

    You can read more about my choice to switch over to ConvertKit here in this post.

    Heres what well be covering, video-by-video:

    Lets begin!

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    Take It To The Street Fair

    Spring, summer, winter, and fall your community probably has at least one street fair or similar event throughout the year. Participate in the event and collect email addresses right at the fair. Sweeten the deal by offering new subscribers a discount on their first purchase in exchange for sharing the email with you.

    Are There Any Downsides To Using The Gmail Label Method

    The Best Way to Create a Group Mailing List in Gmail

    As with anything that is free, there are going to be limitations and downsides. Here are a few things you may want to think about:

    • There is no possibility of sending automatic follow-ups. If youre in PR, sales, or outreach, this will be a little frustrating. Email sequences are popular in these fields nowadays, and you dont want to follow up with all of the contacts manually. Luckily, Right Inbox can help with that.
    • There are no statistics or analytics. How are you going to know how an email performed if you have no analytics data?
    • This method just isnt practical for large contact lists. We wouldnt recommend this way for creating email marketing campaigns. That said, its sufficient for the casual user.

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    Offer Something For Free In Exchange For Email Addresses

    Email lists usually lean on the exchange of value in order to encourage people to subscribe, but since readers cant necessarily get any value until your first broadcast, freebies are commonly used to provide a more immediate reward.

    Free offers and downloadable how-to content are tried-and-true approaches, but you can also explore partnerships with complementary brands to mix up your offers and gain a promotional partner. For example, if you sell cooking utensils, you might entice subscribers with a $20 gift card to Thrive Market.

    Tortuga backpacks offers a free packing list in addition to ongoing tips for travelers, when you sign up for their newsletter.

    If you dont currently have a great understanding of how much the average subscriber is worth to your business, you may want to invest in an offer that has an upfront cost but no ongoing costs once the offer is complete.

    A free guide, usually in the form of additional tips and tricks around your product category, is the perfect example. After the cost of your time or the associated writing and design fees, you can offer a strong incentive to join your newsletter and you wont have any recurring costs, aside from hosting the guide itself.

    Tools To Help You Build Your Email List

    Now that you know the two-part formula for building your email list, have thought about the kind of amazing incentives you could offer, and devised where to place your simple subscribe opportunities, its time to put it all into action.

    To help you out, weve pulled together a list of tools that you can use to help you build a massive email list that grows your business.

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    Create Contact Lists To Increaserelevancy

    We highlyrecommend creating separate email lists for contacts with different informationneeds or preferences. Use your lists to store people with similarcharacteristics and send them relevant communication.

    Compare these 2 examples:

    1. One list for all the contacts that gave consent to receive email marketing communication

    2. Several lists for different groups of contacts:

    • potential customers,
    • one-time customers,
    • frequent customers.

    Now, imaginethat you are planning a personalized email marketing communication. Which ofthe above examples is more likely to bring you better business results? Whichone would you choose if you could?

    I suppose youd rather go with the second option. And thats exactly what makes you a pro!

    You shouldcreate multiple contact lists because:

    • It allows you to reach the right people with the right messages
    • It makes it easier to plan relevant content
    • You can track contact activity and optimize communication
    • The more relevant the communication the bigger its impact on the business

    Easy Ways To Build Your Free Email List Right Now

    How to Create Mailing List on Gmail

    You may have just as many hours in a day as Beyoncé, but building an email list from scratch is hard work, especially when youre already busy building your online store, creating content, and providing customer support. But, its possible to build a free email list without letting everything else go.

    Building your own list is one of the best things you can do for your business. And, we dont mean that in an it builds character, youll thank us later kind of way.

    When you build your own list, youre going to end up with a higher quality list. Period. Plus, theres so much you can do to build an email list for free, you dont even need to think about buying one.

    Is it quick? Sure. But, youre also going to end up with a low-quality list. Not convinced? Here are 8 reasons why you should never buy an email list.

    In this post, were going to cover some awesome ways you can use social media and your existing website to grow your email list for free. With these tips and your killer content, your list will be thriving in no time.

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