How Do You Get An Email With Your Business Name

What Is Email Forwarding

How To Setup a Business Email & Use It With Gmail For FREE

Email forwarding is a feature that allows incoming mail to a domain email account, such as , to be redirected or forwarded to another email address, such as Email forwarding is the easiest way to set up a new email address without having to change your email program.

Forwarded email addresses are sometimes called aliases. An alias, as you know, is another name that refers to a given person. In our example, John has an email address with gmail He has just purchased the domain name and sets up a forwarding rule which reads: Whenever an email comes in to , forward that email to In this case, the address is an alias for , as all email goes to the same Gmail address.

Many services allow hundreds for forwarding rules or aliases to be created. Suppose John runs a small business but wants to give website visitors the confidence that theyre dealing with a solid company. He could create forwarding rules for , , , and so on, and have them all forwarded to As John adds employees he can change the forwarding rules to go to other email addressesyou can have as many aliases as you want pointing to the same destination email.

Best Practices For Professional Email Addresses

Your email address should identify your name or companyand not much else. Avoid common mistakes that can make you look amateurish, unprofessional, or worse.

Here are some tips for creating an address that won’t raise any red flags:

No Silly StuffYou can’t go wrong by keeping it simple. Focus on your name and skip unnecessary details.

Let’s use the name Kaitlyn Johnson. Her professional email address could be:

First name only:

First name and last name, without punctuation:

First name and last name, with punctuation:

First name, last name, and middle initial, with punctuation:

First initial and last name:

First and middle initial and last name:

Of course, Johnson is a common last name. Most of these addresses likely won’t be available at major email servers like Yahoo and Gmail .

That’s why going with a company like to secure a professional email address makes sense. You’ll have a more professional image, and a better chance of securing the email you want and need.

Should you use a free email address?

  • Yahoo! Mail

While it’s tempting to add qualifiers to your address, even innocent information, like your location, can be limiting. For example, if you add your state name, you’ll need a new email address if you apply for jobs out the area, or if you expand your business.

Find out in the next section how to get the email address you want, even if your name is taken.

  • Race or color

Setting Up A Custom Email With Google Workspace

  • Manage sensitive data with Google Vault


  • Google Workspace pricing starts as low as $6 per user per month for the Basic plan
  • Business plans add extra apps and features at $12 and $18 per user per month
  • Enterprise gives you everything from all plans and more but you need to contact sales for pricing

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Integrate Your New Domain Email With Gmail

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Go to Options, then to Mail Settings, then click Accounts and Imports.
  • Check Send Mail As, and click on Add Another Email Address You Own.
  • In the popup that appears, fill in your details, add the new domain email address you just created, then click Next.
  • Now, click on Compose Email, and see the changes youve made in action.
  • I hope these steps are clear enough for you to set up your own domain email address. However, if you feel Ive missed something, or youre not able to follow up, then let me know in the comments.

    Do you have a blog?Read our guide on how to start a blog to get yours set up today.

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    Activate Gmail For Your Google Workspace Account

    Diverse Solutions Help Desk » How To Use Your Secret Email ...

    The final step is to activate Gmail for your Google Workspace accounts.

    Activating Gmail

    Google Workspace MX Records

    On the page, youll see the following MX records:

    • / priority = 1
    • / priority = 10
    • / priority = 10

    Youll need to open a new tab and go to your hosts DNS tool, or re-open the DNS tool tab from earlier.

    Typically, you would need to copy and paste manually, but not with Kinsta. Since we are big fans of Google Workspace, we have created a one-click solution for helping our customers setting this up quickly.

    Simply access Kinsta DNS through MyKinsta, and click the Add Gmail MX Records button at the top of the page.

    Easily add MX records through MyKinsta

    The MX records, like nameservers, are the same, regardless of the user, so you dont have to change anything. Press the Add 5 records button to proceed.

    Gmail MX records confirmation

    Since it can take some time for the changes to go live, you can take a tea or coffee break before continuing.

    Alternative Method For Other Hosts

    For other hosts, youd need to access your DNS tool, for example, through logging into your cPanel and opening DNS Zone Editor.

    Select the appropriate domain, and then click the Add Record button to open a new window.

    If your host has email enabled by default, you might need to remove existing MX records.

    Activating Gmail in Google Workspace

    Google Workspace business email finalized

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    How To Create A Professional Email Address Domain

    Professional email address generators like GoDaddy have experience in name-clearing and small business email, or you could use one of the big email companies. GMails GSuite currently quotes about £8/year for a professional email address and Yahoo offer their own deals on a multi-inbox package.

    Any of these providers would be a good place to start, all making set-up quick, simple and pretty cheap. Deals and promotions vary, but often you can also set up email accounts for free, if youve bought the domain, or similar.

    Create An Email With Google Workspace Alternatives

    Without a doubt, Googles collection of online applications is the most popular one. Its hard to find someone who has not created a Gmail account or who has not used Google Docs to edit an online document at least once.

    Its hard to find flaws in the Google Workspace when you are working in a small team. It simply has everything you need and works flawlessly. But with every extra member you add, the monthly bill increases. Cost is the main reason why people search for Google Workspace alternatives that can offer pretty much the same for a lower price. Thats especially true if you need a simple email service without any extra bells and whistles.

    In the following lines, we are about to introduce you to six potential G Workspace alternatives.

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    Setting Up Email On Your Iphone

  • Go to Settings > Mail > Add Account > Other.
  • Select Add Mail Account.
  • Enter your name, email address, password, and a description for your account .
  • Choose IMAP or POP .
  • Enter your name, email address, and a description for your account.
  • Enter the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server information .
  • Select Save to finish.
  • Don’t Use Trademarked Names

    How to Create A Business Email For Free (And Use It with Gmail)

    If your chosen business name is already trademarked, you cannot use it without risking getting sued.

    Search the federal database of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Trademark Electronic Search System . You should also run a series of searches with Google and other search engines for your desired business name to make sure there isn’t another company already using your name.

    Part of your availability search should include a domain name search if you intend to have a website to promote your company, products, and services. If your business name is not available as a domain, you can consider using an abbreviation, hyphens, or an alternate top-level domain, such as .net. However, it’s important to also consider how easy it will be for potential customers and clients to remember or use the domain to find your website. If they forget to use the hyphen or type in .com instead of .net, you could lose them to your competition. Ideally, domain names should be short and without hyphens. If you have to get too overly creative in a domain name, you might want to move down your list of business name possibilities to the next idea if there is a better domain name available.

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    How To Use Your Professional Business Email Account

    You are probably used to public, free email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. However, Hostgator and Bluehost will have their own webmail section for you to log in and check your email address.

    BlueHost WebmailBluehost and HostGator both have similar webmail applications that allow you to log into your email anywhere you go from your browser.

    With Bluehost, you can access your webmail client by typing in

    You can also use webmail clients like Roundcube, Gorde, and SquirrelMail. These provide interfaces, IMAP folders, and calendars that you will not find with some of the other mail clients.

    HostGator WebmailThere are two ways to access your business email account once you complete setup in cPanel.

    1. Access through your cPanel dashboard.2. Access via direct link.

    To access webmail through cPanel, you will log into Hostgator and go to your hosting account, then click on Webmail.

    It is much easier to log in and browse your email using the direct link. It is also a professional link that you can provide to employees. Hostgator sets up direct link webmail as follows:

    Type in your web domain and at the end, add /webmail or :2095.

    Example: or

    Type in your email address and password to open webmail and start browsing recent communications.

    Branded Emails Can Help You Stay Out Of Subscribers Spam Folders

    Email marketing can be a profitable strategy, but only if your emails arent ending up in subscribers spam folders. Recipient email accounts are more likely to if it comes from a free provider such as Yahoo or Gmail.

    Branded emails from known platforms send a signal to inboxes that your messages are less of a risk, and its OK to accept them. With this in mind, sending your businessmarketingemails from Yahoo Mail or a Gmail address might be taking a toll on your conversion rate.

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    The Only Business Email Account You Need

    Professional features for freelancers and small businesses

    Choosing your ideal domain name and professional email address is just the first step! gives you the productivity tools you need to run your business effectively. Our easy-to-use interface makes managing your communications intuitive and straightforward. Be even more productive in both your personal and professional life with our:

    With 2 GB of free online storage, this tool is the ideal secure solution for managing and sharing your business files. Plus you have the option to upgrade to up to 110 GB.

    Setting Up Business Email With Cpanel

    How Do I Get my Name, Title and Other Information to Show ...

    Most of the services that weve mentioned here are very straightforward to set up through registration. As you set up your accounts, the typical steps include choosing your domain, verifying ownership , and then you follow standard chose-your-username steps you know well.

    Not everyone, however, is used to dealing with cPanel. So we wanted to at least show you how to navigate the platform to get your teams business emails set up because like we said earlier, you likely already have this capability with your hosting provider.

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    Set Up Your Business Name

    First, go to Bluehosts website and click on the Get Started Now button.

    Next, youll need to select a hosting plan. If you choose the basic plan, youll get a domain and 5 business email accounts free. The other plans, plus and choice plus, allow you to use unlimited business emails.

    Review all 3 plans and select the plan that works best for your needs. Next, you can a select domain name for your business. Just enter your business name and click on the Next button.

    After that, Bluehost will check if the name is available for registration or not. Youll need to try again with another name if its not available.

    Once you have your finalized domain name, youll need to enter your account information and make the payment.

    After that, youll receive an email with your hosting login details. Then, you can log into your hosting control panel and start creating your free business email addresses.

    Managing Your Business Email Address

    Bluehost provides you with easy options to manage your business email address.

    To get started, go to your Email Accounts page and click on the Manage link.

    Now, youll see different options to manage your business account. You can change your password, allocate storage space, and update your account. Then, you can free up your email storage, manage email filters, and also send automated responses.

    If needed, you can delete your email account via the Delete Email Account section at the bottom of the page.

    Thats it!

    We hope this article helped to set up a free business email account with Bluehost.

    If you need more advanced email features and options, you can use Googles premium email service: G Suite. The basic G Suite plan costs $5 per user per month and offers a 30GB storage capacity.

    Plus, it has more powerful options and tools. So we recommend G Suite as a paid alternative to Bluehosts free business emails.

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    Custom Emails Can Help Maintain Security

    When you avoid using a free email provider, you can more easily stay on top of email and data security. Allowing employees to use free, personal email accounts presents a risk to your business. You cant control aspects such as privacy, who they share business information with, and other legal concerns.

    A custom business email can also streamline your onboarding process. Standard and consistent email procedures and set up will make for easier employee integration. Plus, you can avoid losses of information during staff turnover.

    How To Set Up An Email Address For Your Business

    How to Create a Business Email | Complete Setup with Gmail for Free

    These days it is almost more important to have an email address for your business than a physical address. Setting up an email account for your business can be done in a few different ways. The easiest way is to set up a free account. You can also choose to go through your domain provider or through your website hosting company. Whichever way you choose, your company will benefit from it.

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