How Do I Stop My Emails From Going To Spam

You Werent Given Your Customers Permission

How to Stop Emails from Going into Spam in Gmail

Take your customers’ permission if you haven’t yet. This is the golden rule of email marketing. Believe me, people aren’t interested in your special discounts or products if they dont know you.

If youre sending emails randomly, you should know that it is unethical and ineffective. There are lots of marketers and business owners that buy an email list, which is a total mistake!

There is nothing you can benefit from an email list that was bought from somewhere else. You should create a target audience and do your best to convert them into loyal customers.

So, you should add someones email address if s/he only willingly opts-in to your list.

Ask Your Subscribers To Cooperate

If you paid close attention to the point #3 on this list, you should already be in the clear: your Email Marketing Service asks mailbox providers, such as Gmail and Hotmail, to whitelist your domain or Internet Protocol address. Granted that you teamed up with a reputable EMS instead of doing everything yourself and sending marketing emails from your own email server or email account, you should already be verified and can, therefore, bypass spam filters.

To double the efforts, you can also ask your subscribers to add your email address to contacts to ensure they receive all the emails from you, and none end up going to spam. This can be done in the welcome email and will guarantee your subsequent emails a release from the spam filters.

A great example of how such a request can be made is Scotts welcome email:

You Have Low Engagement Rates

We already discussed the importance of getting high engagement rates.

Top webmail providers have stated that they look at how many emails are opened and how many are deleted as a factor in spam filtering decisions.

So if you have low open rates or read rates, your emails are at higher risk of being flagged as spam. You need to do everything you can to increase engagement.

For more detailed tips and 6 more ways to increase your open rates, read our post on 10 easy ways to improve your email open rate.

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Set Up Email Filters To Detect Spam As It Comes In

Depending on what email client you use, there is generally the option to create email filters that automatically send messages with a particular subject line or from a particular sender directly to a junk folder or even to your trash folder. Check your client’s user guide to determine how to smartly train its filters to detect and remove spam. Likewise, you should correct your client if it happens to mark a certain message as spam erroneously.

Monitor Your Email Engagement Metrics

10 Reference Guides on How to Avoid Email Spam Filters

Metrics and email performance are the tried-and-true way to know how your email program is progressing and improving. Before you can utilize these KPIs, its important to understand your baseline metricswe all have to start somewhere, right?

Start with the following basic metrics:

  • Spam complaints
  • Delivery rates

When you start tracking these metrics, dont panic if you notice negative trends. The most important thing you can do is act quickly and calmly to remedy the problem. For example, in the case of dropping open rates, review your subject lines and email frequency. These two variables often have the most impact on this metric.

When testing emails, use real content and recipients. Some practices like seed testing allow senders to test emails sent to small batches of recipients to understand how an ISP will respond, but they dont provide a perfect analysis. Every ISP weighs seed testing differently, so try not to put all of your eggs in one basket here. In most cases, seed testing provides a false sense of security to senderssend tests to real recipients to get a more accurate idea of how theyll respond.

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Your Subscribers Dont Remember You

The second most common reason that emails never reach the inbox is spam complaints.

Every time a subscriber reports an email as spam, the complaint gets recorded by the mailbox provider regardless of whether or not the email was spam.

Once the complaints exceed a certain threshold, all future campaigns skip the inbox and get sent directly to the spam folder.

So why would a subscriber flag your email as spam if it isnt spam?

Well, the most likely reason is that they simply dont remember you. Even though they gave you permission to email them, they dont remember doing it, so they think you are sending them spam.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that the branding in your emails is memorable, and matches the branding on your website. This includes any images, colors, typography, voice, etc. Also, make sure the from line is from a name they will recognize.

It also helps to personalize your email copy to the person youre sending it to. Heres an example from an OptinMonster email that includes:

  • Our companys name where the recipient can see who the sender is
  • Consistent branding with our website
  • Personalized introduction by first name

Even if a subscriber forgot they signed up with OptinMonster, we use these small cues to remind them that weve started the relationship.

To make sure they dont report your as spam, youll want to provide an easily accessible Unsubscribe link. That way theyll simply opt-out of your list instead of reporting you as spam:

Tips To Stop Your Emails From Going To Spam

Email deliverability is not an exact science, which can be frustrating for senders of all types. You can accidentally end up in the email spam folder for any number of reasons, from your email list health to your authentication status, but there are a few tried-and-true tricks that can help you land back in the inbox in no time.

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What To Do If A Legitimate Email Ends Up In Spam

Sometimes emails can accidentally end up in a spam folder when they are legitimate emails that youre expecting to receive. Perhaps someone is sending you a message from a private email client that your inbox cannot identify.

Perhaps youve deleted several emails from a certain address and the algorithms in your inbox determined that the address sending these emails might be spam. Either way, it is a good practice to go through your spam folder every few weeks or months to see if any emails have gotten lost in this section.

Upon opening the email there should be anoption to mark the message as not spam and move it back to your inbox. Thistypically corrects the issue and allows future emails from that address to goto your inbox.

You can also select the box next to the emailsubject to highlight it and then select the Not spam option among the main spam inbox functions at the top ofthe page.

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Youre Using A Bad Email List

How to stop emails going to the Spam/Junk folder

If youre sending bulk emails to a list of subscribers, there are a few things that can get you into hot water:

  • No permission if you didnt receive explicit opt-in from subscribers, that can lead to spam issues.
  • Stale list if your list contains lots of inactive/disabled email accounts where emails bounce, that looks spammy to filters.
  • Low engagement if your emails have very low open rates, ISPs might take this as a sign that your subscribers dont want your emails, which can increase the list of getting marked as spam.

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Set Up Proper Authentication

As the Internet has evolved, spam filters are putting more weight on overall sender reputation rather than just the content of your emails.

The content of your emails still matters, but someone with a sterling reputation might be able to get away with some spam-adjacent content that a sender with a poor reputation cant.

One of the best ways to improve your reputation is to make sure youre properly authenticating your emails with methods like DKIM and SPF.

If youre using a free service like Gmail, you dont need to worry about this. This only applies if youre using a custom email address like

You can set up these authentication methods by adding TXT records in your domains DNS management.

You can get the records that you need from your email hosting service. Try searching the help documentation for SPF or DKIM or ask the support team for help if you cant find it.

Then, you need to add those records to your domain name using the DNS editor. Youll do this:

You should also authenticate your domain name with Sendinblue to further improve deliverability, as we covered above.

The Best Email Verification Strategy To Avoid The Spam Folder In The Long Run

You may have read that before. You have to verify your email list before sending your campaigns.

By verifying we mean checking the validity of the email addresses in your list and removing the ones that are not valid.

Lets see how to do it the good way.

Which tool to use ?

Theres plenty of tools that verify email lists. Weve compared a lot of tools and our top picks are Verifalia and DeBounce but if you still want to compare, this article did a nice summary.

How to filter your list based on your verification results :

There are usually three main verification categories : Success, Risky and Undeliverable.

Success is the best but it does not guarantee a 0% bounce rate.

Risky contains mostly Catchall emails and emails which encountered verifications errors .

Catch all are emails that you cant know if theyre valid or not. Thats a bit like the lottery. But we know from studies weve made that around 20% of catch all email bounce. Keep in mind this number.

Undeliverable are the invalid email addresses : the bad and ugly ones.

Heres what we recommend to follow to protect and maintain a great deliverability.

First, exclude all the undeliverable emails. That seems obvious but do it.

At the beginning, when your domain and your email account is new and youre doing your first campaigns, we recommend to target exclusively the Success ones. It will minimize your bounce rate and you dont want to have a high bounce rate especially if your email account / domain is young .

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Your Subject Lines Are Misleading Or Contain Spam Triggers

Subject lines are typically the first impression a user gets of your message, so they need to grab attention and entice the reader to open the email. However, they also need to be honest. A misleading subject line isnt just poor etiquette, its also against the law, according to the CAN-SPAM Act.

Over half of email respondents report feeling cheated or tricked into opening an email based on the subject line, according to Litmus. Thats a quick way to get your email tossed in the spam folder, and it may even lead some users to unsubscribe.

What does a misleading subject line look like? Here are some examples:

Send Content Relevant To Your Email List

Spam Folder In Outlook

The core of any successful email program is a commitment to sending relevant, interesting content to your recipients. This means being intentional about your sending practices and not sending for the sake of sending. Aimless sending can cause your engagement to suffer, and thats the last thing we want. The emails you send should resonate with your recipients, otherwise, you risk getting ignoredor worse, sent to spam.

The next time you draft an email, consider the following before hitting send:

  • Am I sharing new, urgent, or relevant information with my recipients?
  • Have I shared an update about this topic recently? Is it too soon to send another update?
  • Do all of my subscribers need to know this information? Should I update a specific segment of my list instead?
  • Would I find this email valuable as a recipient?
  • Finding what email content works best for your brand often involves trial and error, so feel free to try new things and experiment with new styles of copy as you get to know your recipients.

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    How To Test For Spamminess

    At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what not to do.

    But theres one tool that I want to point out, and its called Mail Tester.

    Heres how it works.

    Take an email that you plan on sending to your subscribers and send it to Mail Tester first.

    Then check your score.

    From there, Mail Tester will give your email a score based on its spamminess.

    Scroll down just a bit, and youll get more details on whats good and what could use some improvement.

    I find this to be a great way to quickly figure out any mistakes youre making so that you can promptly fix them.

    Use Short And Relevant Subject Lines

    As soon as your email lands in your prospects inbox the subject line is the first thing they see. Depending on how youve framed it, it could make or break your chances of engaging with them. Based on what you know about the prospects through your research, craft subject lines that appeal to their interests and compel them to act.

    Hence while doing your research, look for your prospects interests and activities that can be drawn in parallel with your products and services. This will help set the conversations tone and topic in line with your prospects needs, making it easier for them to open and respond to your emails, rather than finding it irrelevant and marking it spam.

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    Never Click A Link From A Spam Email

    One of the best ways to deal with spam emails is to minimize all interactions with them. You shouldnt even open them, but if you do, avoid clicking on any link within them. Clicking on links alerts the spammer that the account is active, thereby giving them the push to continue inundating you with more.

    Make Sure To Personalise Your Emails

    How to Stop Emails from Going into Spam in Yahoo

    In 2021, email personalisation no longer equates to simply slapping your recipients name into the subject line and the body of the email using macros. Today, its more about ensuring that your email subscribers get the most out of their experience and receive the content they find valuable. Unless that is the case, youre going to suffer from endless unsubscribes, all of which have an extremely negative effect on your reputation and, therefore, email deliverability.

    If you want your emails to be thriving, you need to make sure that youre sending them to the right people. The worst thing you can do is mass-blast a campaign without checking if the recipients would even be interested in the email that lands in their inbox. Youre lucky if your email catches their attention and they open it! Because if they dont, youre going down.

    Dont play russian roulette, and segment your audience to make sure you send them the emails they are most interested in. Just like Society6 did when sending Galentines Day emails to their female customers.

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