How Do I Start An Email Address

Cold Email Writing For Networking

How to Make an E-mail Address

These emails are meant to build a rapport with a common connection, a sales prospect, or someone with shared interests.


Hello Mr. Cyrus,

I noticed you and I are both members of the CleanTech Association on LinkedIn, and that you just opened a new office in the Bay Area.

Since youre a Bay Area local and share similar ideas on clean technologies, I wondered if youd be interested in catching up over a cup of coffee next week. Id love to know your thoughts on a sustainability initiative Im developing.

Create An Email With Google Workspace Alternatives

Without a doubt, Googles collection of online applications is the most popular one. Its hard to find someone who has not created a Gmail account or who has not used Google Docs to edit an online document at least once.

Its hard to find flaws in the Google Workspace when you are working in a small team. It simply has everything you need and works flawlessly. But with every extra member you add, the monthly bill increases. Cost is the main reason why people search for Google Workspace alternatives that can offer pretty much the same for a lower price. Thats especially true if you need a simple email service without any extra bells and whistles.

In the following lines, we are about to introduce you to six potential G Workspace alternatives.

Are Business Emails Free

Just to clarify Its not possible to get a free business email address with a website domain on the end of it like You could get a free email that ends in, or, but that could look pretty unprofessional.

Youll need to pay for website hosting to get that free email address that ends in your own domain, and many hosts like Bluehost offer a free business email address with their hosting plan.

Because these plans offer so much with them, including the free email address, they are nearly free solutions to get you a business email address.

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Why Is Google Workspace The Best Choice For Professional Branded Email Address

With best-in-class spam filters, smart search, an intuitive and tidy inbox experience, and extensive add-on integrations, Gmail is one of the best email services out there.

And the best part is we get so much more than just email. All our team members get 30 Gigabytes of storage and access to advanced features in the entire Google suite of cloud apps.

You can also use , or even extend and create custom workflows with Google Apps Scripts. Read our dedicated post about for more in-depth information.

Cold Email For Lead Generation Or Sales

How to Set Up an Email Account that Uses Your Domain Name

The beginning of your sales letter should be interesting and convincing enough to:

  • hold their attention long enough to get them to read the entire letter.
  • come across like you have their best interests in mind.

Address your reader by their name, mention the reason for your letter, and make it more about them than about you!


Dear Ms. Miles,

During lunch yesterday with Mr. Duggan, he mentioned your firm is looking to fund the education of underprivileged children and it happens my company specializes in developing education technology solutions.

It may be mutually beneficial for us to meet since I recently helped ABC Inc meet their corporate social responsibility goals by implementing our edutech solution in 50 government schools in rural XYZ.

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Setting Up Email On Your Iphone

  • Go to Settings > Mail > Add Account > Other.
  • Select Add Mail Account.
  • Enter your name, email address, password, and a description for your account .
  • Choose IMAP or POP .
  • Enter your name, email address, and a description for your account.
  • Enter the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server information .
  • Select Save to finish.
  • Creating A Business Email Address With Zoho Mail

    Zoho Mail is a secure, private, ad-free platform to host your custom domain email and gives you the best of all the factors mentioned above. Here’s how to create a free business email address.

    Features under the free plan of Zoho Mail are as follows:

    • 5 user accounts
    • Email hosting for a single domain
    • Two factor authentication

    Visit Zoho Mail’s pricing page and select the pricing plan of your choice. If you don’t have an account with Zoho, you can sign up from here. You can also refer to our deployment guides to get an overview of the steps.

    If you already have a domain of your own:

  • After you’ve chosen your plan, you will be asked to set up your account. Select Sign up with a domain I already own.
  • Enter your domain and click Add.
  • Enter the registration details as required. Click Proceed.
  • Check if all your details are entered correctly and click Sign Up and fill in your information in the sign up form.
  • Once you’ve added your domain, you will have to Verify your domain. You can then add users and create email accounts for them. Set up MX records to have all your emails delivered to your Zoho Mail account. Migrate your emails to Zoho Mail via POP or IMAP protocols. Finally complete the SPF and DKIM configurations. Read in detail about these setups.

    If you already have an account with Zoho, go to Zoho Mail and click Enable Email Hosting from the top of your page and follow the above steps to set up your domain.

    If you want to buy a new domain:

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    Send And Receive Email Securely

    To ensure that youre sending and receiving your email securely select the new account you just set up, and scroll to the Advanced section.

    • Make sure Use SSL is turned on
    • Make sure Server Port is set to 995
    • Tap the Back arrow
    • Hit SMTP under Outgoing Mail Server
    • Tap on the server called

    This may be under Primary Server or under Other STMP Servers.

    • Once inside, check that Use SSL is turned on and Authentication is set to Password
    • Your Host, username and password should already be set
    • Make sure the Server Port is set to 587
    • Tap Done

    You can now send and receive email from your email account

    Quick tip: You can have your mail download your email messages and remove them from the server, or leave them on the server so you can access them from other devices. Just change Delete from Server to the setting you want instead.

    Dont have an iOS device? and we can walk you through the process on your operating system.

    Coming Soon.

    How To Address Multiple People In An Email

    How to Create a Business Email Address in 5 Mins (2021)

    Whenever addressing one, two, or three people, state each persons name in the salutation, e.g.:

    • Dear, Tom, Mia, and Jim.
    • Good afternoon Jose and Camila

    When addressing a larger group, you can use a common salutation: Dear Team. In the case of an email reply, use a salutation in the first reply. After the first reply, it is no longer necessary to keep using a salutation. Think of the email chain as being in a conversation: You dont need to keep saying the persons name every time you reply.

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    How Do I Choose An Email Address

    Up to a point, youre free to make up whatever address youd like. Typically, you use your own name, and the remainder of the address is provided by the email service itself.

    However, a common name might already be taken, so you may need to add a number or a middle name to distinguish the new address as a unique one. You cant create the same email address as anyone else in the world, even if they have exactly the same name as you!

    The system will warn you if an email address is already taken, and it will suggest variants you can use instead.

    What about choosing an email password?

    Its very important to set up a secure password for your email address, and its a bad idea to make it something that is to easy to guess.

    While its unlikely that an individual will target your account, there are automated hacking systems that will attempt to hack email accounts en masse. Once theyre in, they can create mischief, such as sending spam emails.

    We’ve got some tips on creating a secure password here, but, broadly, don’t use something a hacker could easily guess, such as your pet’s name, your place of birth, your favourite football team etc. A simple pass phrase made up of three or more words, such as “umbrella kitten pink”, is easy to remember and much harder for the hackers’ automated systems to crack.

    Better still, use a password manager such as LastPass or Dashlane to generate very secure passwords and manage them for you. We’ve got more information on password managers here.

    How To Make Your Own Email Address With Your Own Domain Name And Gmail

    How do I make an email address with my own domain name? Many ask this question. If you want your email address to be something like instead of , then follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Bluehost. From the side navigation of the Bluehost dashboard, click the Email and Office tab.
  • Select Google Workspace as your email provider.
  • You have the freedom to choose your desired business email address based on your own domain.
  • Fill out the necessary information about your business.
  • Set the number of users and click add to cart.
  • After following these steps you should have a custom email from Gmail.

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    What Does Thunderbird Provide

    Thunderbird is currently working with two major email service providers:

    Usually email address providers will charge you an annual fee to set-up and host your personalized account. Depending on the email address provider, the personalized email account can come with other services. We encourage you to examine each mail provider’s offering and pick the one that’s best for you. Here’s a quick glance at the paid offers :


    Note that both of them support POP and IMAP, secure connections, and some other features. If you have special needs then you can simply upgrade to another email package at the same provider.

    How Do You Greet Multiple Recipients In An E

    How to Create a Gmail Distribution List

    How do you greet multiple recipients in an e-mail?

    Assuming they’re both male, I just use “Sirs”, but it seems a bit informal.

    • 7 Antony QuinnOct 6 ’10 at 9:29
    • Haha.. I love using those for informal emails. this is in a professional context though. I’m gonna wait for a few more votes. The answers vary from one end to another.Oct 6 ’10 at 11:04
    • 5Dec 15 ’10 at 10:28
    • I use Sirs/Mesdames sometimes :)May 3 ’11 at 0:58
    • 2

    If you don’t know the recipients’ names, I refer you to the other answers. However, if you do know their names, then I will add that I would actually just write:

    Dear John,Dear Jack,

    I have been using this formula for more than a decade. So far, nobody has complained. For me, this approach has quite a few advantages. First of all, it is more personal than simply “Greetings” or “Hi all”. Secondly, if one of those people is the main recipient and the other is CC, or if one of them has a higher rank , I can reflect that in my address by mentioning him first. Lastly, this formula can be easily adapted to many situations. If some of the recipients are female I simply write:

    Dear John,

    If I need to make it more formal, I simply write:

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    And I can easily extend it to three or even four people:

    Dear Mr. Smith,Dear Ms. Black,Dear Mr. Blunt,

    Dear Prof. Black,

    If the email is really to be sent with equal priority to a number of recipients and they regard themselves as part of a group , then I would use

    Dear All,

    Dear Sir,

    Dear Sir ,

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    How To Start An Email

    There are a few key best practices to keep in mind when composing the beginning of your email:

    • Spell any names you use correctly. Misspelling the name of your recipient can make them feel disrespectedif you havent taken the time to learn their name, they are unlikely to trust youve paid attention to other important details. To ensure your entire email is read with care and to build relationships with your recipients, be sure to spell their name correctly. If you have been emailing back and forth with them, their name is likely already in their email and/or signature. If not, do a bit of research to ensure youve got their name right.
    • Keep it professional. It might be tempting to seem friendly or excited in an email greeting by using a fun greeting, smiley face or exclamation points. Keep in mind that its always best to err on the side of professional and minimal.
    • Know your audience. You should tailor your greeting to your audience. If you know the recipient well, it can be appropriate to use a more laid-back greeting. Your greeting can also change if you are addressing a single person, a few people or many people. Make sure your greeting matches the people youre writing to.

    How To Use Your Professional Email Address On Mobile Devices

    Since youve set up your email address through Google Workspace, accessing it on your mobile phone is very simple.

    Using the Official Gmail App

    If you arent already using the Gmail App, which is available for both iOS and Android, download it and log in with your freshly-created Google Workspace credentials. Easy peasy.

    If you are already using it with another address, youd need to add your new professional email address to it.

    To do so, open your Gmail App on your phone.

    On Android devices, press the hamburger icon to expand the menu, scroll to the bottom, and click Settings.

    Gmail App settings add account

    From here, all you need to do is click the Add account link.

    Gmail App login

    Next, click the Google button to open the Google Account login page.

    You may have to enter your smartphones pin code before being able to continue.

    Once you see the Set up email page, log in with your Google Workspace account.

    Thats it.

    If youre using an iPhone, the steps are pretty similar. Tap on your thumbnail in the top-right corner of the Gmail app

    Adding a new email address in Gmail

    This will bring up a new window where youll need to choose the Add another account option on:

    Adding a new email account in Gmail

    You should now have the possibility to add your freshly-created professional email address, simply pick Google as your preferred option here:

    Adding Gmail address to iOS device

    Using the Standard Android Email App

    Android add account

    Samsung Email add account

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