How Do I Send A Photo By Email

How To Attach A Photo To An Email Using The Photos App

How To Send Picture with Gmail

This approach dedicates the entire screen to select the photo, making it easier to pick the right one.

  • Open the Photos app and locate the photo you want to email.

  • Tap the button. It’s the button that has an arrow coming out of a box.

  • To share several photos, tap each one you want to attach to the email message. Scroll through the images by swiping from left to right or from right to left. A blue checkmark will appear next to the photos you select.

  • To attach the photo, tap the Mail button.

  • When you tap the Mail button, a new mail message will appear. Type your email message and send it from within the Photos app.

  • Shoot Jpeg Photos On Iphone Instead Of Heic

    Your iPhone camera choose which file format to use while capturing images. If you want to take photos in JPEG instead of HEIC, there is an option for that. Let us see how to shoot JPEG photos on iPhone.

    Open Settings on your iPhone and head to Camera.

    Choose Formats option.

    From the next window, select Most Compatible instead of High Efficiency.

    Once this is selected, your iPhone will shoot in JPEG from the moment.

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    How To Email Pictures From A Cell Phone

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    Emailing pictures from a smartphone is quite easy. You will normally use two apps, one for the email and one for browsing your gallery of pictures. If you are using an Android phone, you can use the Gmail app and the Photos app . If you are using an iPhone, you will be using the Mail app and the Photos App.

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    A Note For Professionals

    If youre a professional photographer looking to share photos with clients, the cloud storage method above will work but can be a bit awkward to manage. Instead, you should check out dedicated online client galleries and proofing services like and PixieSet. The extra features they offer, however, are far beyond the needs of regular people.

    Scan A Document Into An Email

    How to Send Many Email Using One Gmail With Google Docs ...
  • Tap in the email where you want to insert the scanned document, then tap above the keyboard.

  • Tap above the keyboard.

  • Position iPhone so that the document page appears on the screeniPhone automatically captures the page.

    To capture the page manually, tap or press a volume button. To turn the flash on or off, tap .

  • Scan additional pages, then tap Save when youre done.

  • To make changes to the saved scan, tap it, then do any of the following:

  • Crop the image: Tap

  • You can use Markup to write or draw on a photo, video, or PDF attachment.

  • In the email, tap the attachment, then tap .

  • Using the drawing tools, draw with your finger.

  • When youre finished, tap Done.

  • Tap in the email where you want to insert a drawing, then tap above the keyboard.

  • When youre finished, tap Done, then tap Insert Drawing.

  • To resume work on a drawing, tap the drawing, then tap .

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    Send Photos On Android Phone By Text Message

    Open the Messages App on your Android Phone and tap on the + icon to open a new message or open an existing message thread by tapping on it.

    Next, tap on the + icon and this will open attachment options.

    From the attachment options, tap on the Photos icon to browse Photos from the Photos App or you can tap on the Camera Icon to take new photos.

    Select Photos that you want to send by tapping on them. Once the Photos are selected, tap on the check mark located at the top-right corner of your screen.

    Finally, type a Message as required and tap on the Send MMS button to send Message and attached Photos to your recipient.

    Mail App On Android Phone Or Tablet

  • Access the app to view the pictures on the phone or tablet.
  • Find and tap the picture you want to attach to an e-mail.
  • When viewing the picture, tap the icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • In the section of the screen, tap the email app you want to use. You may have to tap More to find the right app.
  • A new e-mail message is opened, with the picture attached and displayed in the body of the e-mail. Enter the e-mail address you want to send the message to , the e-mail subject, and any text you want to include in the body of the e-mail.
  • Tap the Send icon at the upper-right corner of the Compose screen to send the e-mail.
  • Additional information

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    How Do I Put A Picture Into The Body Of An Email

    by Leo A. Notenboom


    • Outlook Express: while composing a message, click on the Format menu item, and then click on Rich Text
    • Thunderbird: if your default format is plain text, hold down the Shift key when clicking on Write to compose a new message in Rich Text.
    • Windows Live Hotmail: the default appears to be rich text.
    • Yahoo Mail: To the right of the subject line is a link that says Rich Text or Plain Text which is the mode to switch to. Thus if it says Plain Text, you are composing in Rich Text.
    • GMail: just above the message body is a link that says Rich Formatting if you want to switch to Rich Text.

    As you can see, each is just a little different, and other mail programs may well be even more different.

    Another approach that works in many email programs is to copy/paste the image into your email. The process works like this:

    • Open the image you want to use in an image editor or viewer like Microsoft Paint.
    • Use that editors Select All function to select the entire image. In many programs, typing CTRL+A will do this.
    • Use that editors Edit, Copy command to copy the image to the clipboard or type CTRL+C.
    • Switch to your email program, where you are composing a new email. Click in the body of the email and type CTRL+V or use the programs Edit, Paste function.
    • If your email program supports it, the picture should appear in the body of the email.
    • Put your image on a photo sharing website
    • Pull in that image with some simple HTML in your email.

    Attach A Picture To Your Email Message And Resize It

    How to send a photo to email

    When you attach a picture as a file, the picture won’t display directly in the body of the email message. Instead, an icon of the picture will appear under the message subject. For image files, you’ll also see a small preview of the picture along with the name and size of the file.

    If the picture attachment is too large, you can tell Outlook to resize the picture for you when you send the message.

  • Select File.

  • If your image is large, you’ll see this message: Some recipients may not receive this message because of image attachments. Resizing large images may help the message get delivered. Resized images will be a maximum of 1024×768 pixels.

  • Select Resize large images when I send this message.

  • Select the left arrow at the top left corner of the screen to return to your message. Compose your message, and when you select Send, all picture attachments will be automatically resized.

  • Note: If you embed the picture in the message body the picture appears in the message by using the Picture command in the Illustrations group, the image attachment resize feature is not available.

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    Put All The Images Into A Single File

    If you have more than 5 or 6 photos to send, its going to be much easier to send them as a single archived file .

    To create file archives, were using 7-Zip as its free and high performance, however there are many options available here.

    After installing, simply select all of the files you want to add, right-click on the group and Add to archive.. . It will create a single .zip file with all of your photos in it.

    On Macs, selected the files then Control-click and select Create Archive. For Chromebooks, see here.

    If you have previously resized the images, you may have two copies of each photo , so check that youre only selecting the smaller versions when creating the archives.

    Four: Group All Photos In A Single File

    Youve read this far in search of how can I send large photos via Gmail, well, were getting there. These tips along the way are there to help you not just this one time. Actually, sending large photo files over email is similar to sending large PDF files via email.

    If youre sending over 5 photos, put all of them into a single archive file . Search and only use a file archiver thats easy to use and is free. There are a lot of options online. Search, compare and contrast before selecting.

    If you go with 7-Zip, follow the instructions to install, then select all files you want to send, right-click on the group and select Add to archive A single zip file with all your photos will be created.

    To create a zip file on Mac, select all files, Ctrl + Click, then select Create Archive. Double check to make sure that you only selected the smaller version of those photos that you resized or altered.

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    Attach Files Or Insert Pictures In Outlook Email Messages

    It’s easy to attach pictures, files, contacts, emails and many other items to your Outlook messages. Outlook keeps track of the documents youve recently worked on, whether they’re stored on your computer or saved in OneDrive . And no matter where they’re stored, Outlook lets you quickly choose whether to send the document as a traditional attachment or upload it to OneDrive and share a link to the file. You can also set permissions on any file sent from OneDrive that allow message recipients to view and edit them, or share them with others.

    What would you like to do?

    How To Send A Lot Of Photos Over Email

    How to send email via Gmail with file attachment

    Here are some steps on how to send large photo files over email. These tips apply to any instance, even when sending the email from your phone. But, if you are sending out a large number of photo files, its recommended to transfer them to a laptop or desktop prior to sending. Dealing with huge files from a PC is easier than when you do it from a mobile device.

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    How To Send Large Photo Files Over Email

    Smart apps such as Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp are making communication easier. In offices, people can now share files while seated across from each other. However, these platforms are not as professional and efficient as email. With all their popularity and glory, email remains a favourite, especially in the professional scenery.

    Sometimes, while sending out an email, you might find yourself needing to attach large photos. Its convenient to send files via email, especially from your smart device. But, when you try to attach large photo files, you come across the annoying File too large warning. Keep on reading to find the best ways of sending large photo files over email.

    Quick Reminders On File Attachments

    No matter what format your photos or videos are in, you can attach them to your e-mail. Keep in mind, though, that most e-mail services will have limits on the size of the file you upload. You may only upload short videos and a definite amount of photos in an e-mail.

    What if youre sharing an entire photo album or a lengthy video? In that case, you may have to use photo-sharing services like or websites like Flickr. You can use cloud storage services that allow easy collaboration and effortless sharing like Dropbox, too. But if you want to save photos to the cloud, keep them safe with these security tips.

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    How Can I Upload Photos By Emailprint

    Modified on: Tue, 22 Jun, 2021 at 12:03 PM

    Its easy to upload Photos into your account by sending them via email. You can do this using any email program that can attach photos to your email message and then emailing those photos to a special email address in Keep& Share in your Email Settings. Both you and your friends can then email photos to your Keep& Share account using this unique email address.

    How To Send Large Photos Via Google Drive With Gmail

    How to Email Photos From Your iPhone

    Google Drive is the file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. User can get the first 15 GB of storage to store data.

    Google Drive works well with Gmail, so that you could send large photos by inserting the files using Drive easily.

    Firstly, you should upload the massive large images that you want to send, to Google Drive.

    Step 1

    Insert files using Drive

    Step 2

    Send large photos via Gmail with Google Drive

    Note: Before you click the Insert button, there are 2 options on the right side, Drive link and Attachment.

    Drive link works for any files stored in Drive, including files created using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms, while Attachment only works for files that werent built using Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Here the option is chosen by default as Drive link.

    Step 3

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    Sending Pictures By Email

    Do your images take a long time to email to your relatives? Do your friends ask that you not send pictures to them because of the download time?

    This usually happens when your photos are a very large size. Large images take a long time to transfer over the Internet.

    Fortunately there is a solution. Your images don’t need to be sent at full size to everyone. In fact, if your friends will only look at your photos on the computer screen , then you can save a lot of time by reducing the size of your picture files before sending.

    Use an image editing program like Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro to reduce the size of your files. Or use my favorite program, the free which makes emailing photos really easy.

    I reduce the size of my images to 800 pixels in width . This creates a large enough photo so that my friends can see what’s in the photo, but the file size is small enough – between 0.1 and 0.3 megabytes – that it’s quick and painless to send over email.

    If you have a whole lot of photos to send in the one email, I recommend reducing the size even further to 400 pixels wide. The resulting file size will be under 0.1 megabytes per image.

    Remember to never save your reduced size photo over the top of your original file. By reducing the size, you’re also removing detail from the image. If you save over the top, you’ll lose the additional detail of the original photo forever.

    Here’s how I do the resize:Google Picasa

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