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How do I delete my Gmail account permanently? If youve been asking this yourself lately, youre in the right place. Below is a step-by-step guide for deleting your Gmail. It works both for Windows and macOS because you only need a browser. And those wondering how to delete a Gmail account on mobile will find the guides below as well.

1. Click your profile icon at the top-right and choose Manage your Google Account.

2. On the left menu, select Data & personalization.

3. Scroll down and choose Delete a service or your account.

4. Select Delete a service and enter your Gmail account password for verification.

5. Click the Trash icon beside Gmail. You can also click to copy your messages, attachments, and user settings.

6. Enter an email thats not Gmail to associate with the rest of your Google services. Click SEND VERIFICATION EMAIL.

7. Login to the non-Gmail account and open the verification email. Click on the link.

8. At the bottom of the message, tick the box and choose DELETE GMAIL.

Thats it. Your Gmail account is gone forever. Or isnt it?

Empty The Trash And Repeat The Process For Other Tabs

You dont need to do anything more, so consider this an optional step, but your deleted emails will sit in your trash folder for 30 days before Google actually deletes them.

If you want to expedite the process, you can head to the Trash folder and empty it manually. Once done, repeat steps 2-6 with the Primary and Social tabs, and your Gmail will be completely empty.

Learn What Deleting Your Account Means

  • Youll lose all the data and content in that account, like emails, files, calendars, and photos.
  • You won’t be able to use Google services where you sign in with that account, like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, or Play.
  • Youll lose access to subscriptions and content you bought with that account on YouTube or Google Play, like apps, movies, games, music, and TV shows.

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How To Disable Email From Your Account

To turn off an email account on the iPhone but not disable access to the calendar:

  • In the Settings app, scroll down and select Mail> Accounts.

  • Choose an email account.

  • For IMAP and Exchange accounts, turn off the Mail toggle switch. For POP email accounts, turn off Account.

  • On older versions of iOS, tap Done. If you don’t see the Done button, the changes are saved, and you can exit the settings.

    Clean Email Can Help You Achieve Inbox Zero

    How to delete Gmail Account Permanently

    Throughout this article, weve mentioned Clean Email several times as an excellent third-party cleaning app that works with all major email services, allowing you to get your messy inbox under control without any effort.

    Compared with other similar apps and services, Clean Email stands out not just with its impressive functionality and ease of use but also with its focus on privacy and data security. It doesnt sell or analyze your datanot even aggregated, non-identifiable dataand the app has been verified by Google as safe, so you know that you can trust it even with your most personal messages.

    Heres a quick overview of some of the features that make Clean Email such a great ally in your fight against inbox clutter and overload:

    • Smart Views: The app uses Smart Views to display predefined filters applied to your mailbox, making it easy to go through your mail in minutes.
    • Quick Clean: In Quick Clean, the app groups types of emails most commonly cleaned by users, including older emails, social notifications, emails from dead ends, and more.
    • Auto Clean: This feature lets you apply any action to new or changed emails in your mailbox without any manual work.
    • Read Later: Thanks to the Read later feature, you can move mail out of your inbox to catch up with it later.
    • Unsubscriber: Stop unwanted subscriptions from cluttering your inbox and making it difficult for you to focus on important messages.

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    How To Remove An Email Account From Microsoft Outlook

    The procedures for deleting email accounts in the various Outlook versions are similar, with some minor exceptions.

  • Go to File> Info.

  • Select the Account settings drop-down menu and choose Account Settings.

  • Choose the email account you want to remove.

  • Select Remove.

  • Confirm that you want to delete it by selecting Yes.

  • How To Delete Your Old Accounts

    Now youve got one or more accounts you want to delete. Actually deleting the account should be the easy partbut unfortunately, it often isnt.

    Here are some tips for finding out how to actually delete an account:

    • Search for the name of the website or service and delete account using a web search engine like Google or DuckDuckGo.
    • Check, which offers a convenient database with instructions for deleting a wide variety of online accounts.
    • Visit the websites support website and look for information on deleting accounts. You may also want to check the websites privacy policy for specific details about when the company deletes data and how you can request deletion.
    • Contact the websites support and ask to delete the account.

    In some cases, you might try to sign in to an account and notice that the service automatically deleted your old account for inactivityor the service may no longer exist.

    Unfortunately, some services provide no way to delete your old accounts.


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    How To Permanently Delete All Your Emails In Gmail

    To permanently delete your emails in Gmail, type in:trash in the search bar and press Enter on your keyboard. Then check the box to select all your messages and click Select all conversations in the trash. Finally, click Delete forever.

    Once you know how to delete all emails in your Gmail at once, check out our step-by-step guide on how to organize your Gmail inbox to make sure it doesnt fill up again.

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    Things To Know Before Deleting Your Gmail Account

    How To Delete Your Gmail Account

    Deleting your Gmail account is a serious thing. For some, it might even compare to getting a divorce. Before you make the irreversible step, be sure youre aware of these 5 facts:

  • Deleting a Gmail account is final. After you go through all the steps, theres no way back . All your emails and account info will be gone, and you wont be able to send or receive emails. Whats more, neither you nor anyone else will be able to choose the same username.
  • Your Google account will stay intact. If you delete your Gmail account permanently, your Google account doesn’t automatically get deleted together. You will be able to continue using Photos, Drive, and other services.
  • No way to access other accounts. The chances are that at least a few of your accounts are registered using this email. When its gone, you may no longer be able to access those accounts.
  • No way to reset passwords. There are probably at least a few services that youve registered to using this Gmail account. If you forget the password, you wont be able to reset it.
  • You can download all emails. Before you delete the account, you can easily download your emails with Google Takeout. If youre using IMAP, dont forget that only locally stored emails will remain. All folders that are synchronized will be gone like your New Years resolutions.
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    How The Clean Email App Can Help

    Clean Email inbox cleaner organizes your messages into easy to review bundles to assign generic actions to similar emails of certain categories. This allows you to simplify inbox management which used to take hours.

    To delete all emails in Gmail using the app follow these steps:

  • Go to and sing into your account.
  • Select All mail on the left pane of the home screen.
  • How To Delete All Emails On Gmail At Once On Ios Mail

    Naturally, this only applies to Apple users and so, if you are on Android, skip to the next section. If you do have an Apple device though, the process is as follows:

  • Open “Mail” App.
  • Under “Mailboxes” at the top of your screen, select “Gmail.”
  • Wondering how to delete all emails on iPhone for the other mail service providers? Check out our blog for the detailed instructions.

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    How To Delete A Protonmail Account

    ProtonMail has become increasingly popular for its focus on security and privacy, but that doesnt mean youll never want to delete your account. First, however, secure an account if youre not using it.

    Since ProtonMail is so security-focused, they make deleting your account very simple and highly effective once its gone, its gone. So, think hard before following the next steps on how to delete an old email address on ProtonMail.

  • Confirm that you want to delete the account by clicking Delete
  • As with other services, when you delete your ProtonMail account, you also lose access to the other Proton apps, such as Proton Drive and Proton Calendar.

    How To Delete An Email Account Faqs

    How to Delete a Gmail Account

    Google makes it very simple to delete a Gmail account. Simply go to your account, select Data & Privacy, scroll down to the Data from apps and services you use section and look for the . Click on Delete a Google service and enter your password if prompted. Click on the trash bin icon next to Gmail.

    If youre looking to delete an email account from your iPhone, first navigate to Settings then to Mail. Click Accounts and then select the email account you wish to delete. Scroll down and click Delete Account. Confirm your choice by tapping Delete from My iPhone.

    Be aware that since Google accounts sync with Android phones, removing your account will also remove all associated data and access to tools. That said, if you want to remove an account then:

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    Grab The Free Email Inbox Mastery Ebook

    If you’re considering deleting your account become your inbox is getting too disorganized or overloaded with emails, then we have a great solution for you:

    Sign up for the Tuts+ Business Newsletter and . It’s packed with a number of professional email organization strategies you can put to use quickly to take back control of your inbox.

    If you’re still determined to delete your Gmail account though, then let’s get to it.

    How To Delete All Emails On Gmail At Once On Gmail App

    Unfortunately, you can’t delete all emails at once using the Gmail app. However, you can remove multiple messages if you still want to proceed with this mobile app. While this is not the quickest option, for many users it is still the easiest way on how to clean up their mailboxes. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Gmail mobile app.
  • Tap the icon just to the left of an email to “tick” it and reveal tick boxes for all of the other messages you no longer need.
  • While this can remove all of your messages, it can take an extremely long time. This is particularly true if you have let your inbox grow to unmanageable levels. For a quicker solution, we are going to look at other methods.

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    Choose The Category Of Email That You Want To Delete

    Once you open your Gmail mailbox, youll find all your emails are segmented into three categories:

    • Primary
    • Social
    • Promotions

    The easiest way to delete emails in Gmail is to tackle them by category a.k.a. deleting the emails of one category after another.

    To keep things short, well show you how to delete the Primary category of your email, after which you can apply the same steps for the other two categories.

    Select the tab you want to clear with a click.

    How To Delete Old Emails In Gmail

    How to Delete Your Yahoo! Email Account

    If youve been using your Gmail inbox for a while, then the chances are that it contains many old emails that can safely be deleted. But how do you delete only old messages without also deleting newer emails along with them? With a simple search query.

    Lets explain how Gmail search queries work on an example. Our goal will be to delete all messages from social networks that are older than a year. Heres how to that using the native search feature:

    Step 1: Craft your search query

    The search bar in Gmail is much more useful than it may seem at first. In addition to making it possible to find specific emails based on their sender, subject, and text, it can also be used to display groups of similar email messages based on shared criteria, such as their category and age .

    To display all messages from social networks that are older than a year, you need to copy and paste the following search query into the search bar and hit Enter: category:social , older_than:1y

    Gmail will then let you narrow down the search results even further by displaying a series of contextually aware buttons under the search bar. We wont use them for the purposes of this article, but you can explore them on your own.

    Step 2: Select all search results

    Assuming that youve correctly filtered out your inbox so that only emails from social media networks that are older than one year are visible, you can now go ahead and click the Select box. All visible email messages will be selected.

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    How To Delete An Email Address From Gmail

    Sometimes you need to delete an email address simply because its outdated. Other times, you might have made a typo. Either way, you want to delete these addresses, so they dont show in your auto-complete or autofill list.

  • Log into your Google account.
  • Click the 3 vertical dots on the right side.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Delete.
  • Click Delete.
  • Log out of Gmail.
  • When you compose an email message and start typing in the To: field, your changes should show. However, you will not see any entry for Jane Doe in auto-complete.

    Deleting the Google contact will not remove any correspondence. You should still have your emails.

    Search The Old Emails By Date

    In the search bar, type the date in a YYYY/DD/MM format. This will automatically filter out emails before a certain date.

    Image Source: BoxySuite

    For instance, if you type before:2014/01/1, youll see a list of all of the emails you received prior to 1st Jan 2014.

    Similarly, you can also search for emails based on how old they are.

    If you type older_than:1y, youll see a list of all emails that are older than one year. In the same way, you can use m for months or d for days.

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    How To Automatically Delete Old Emails In Gmail

    Deleting old messages once isnt enough. Since new messages keep coming every day, you need to learn how to auto delete old emails in Gmail:

  • Go to the Filters and Blocked Addressed tab.
  • Enter older_than:1y in the Has the words field.
  • Select the Delete it option and click Create filter again.
  • Gmail will now automatically delete all emails that are older than 1 year . If Gmails native email filtering feature seems too awkward to use, then you can use the Auto Clean feature in Clean Email to get rid of all future messages that match your criteria with a single click. All you have to do is check the Selected and future similar emails option before applying an action in Clean Email.

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