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How to Create a Business Email Address in 5 Mins (2022)

With more than 200 domain names to combine with your user name, the odds are good that you can create a unique and memorable email address. If you want to create an email id based on your name and it is not available, you could check to see if you can register it in combination with a different domain name. Or you could try changing the order of first and last name or adding an initial, for example smith.john, j.smith, or john.w.smith.

How To Create A Professional Business Email Address

Why use an email address on your own domain instead of a free one?

As a business, having email on your own domain is a sure step toward gaining trust and improving your credibility. After all, how much would you trust a company where employees use free personal email accounts?

Our website plans provide you with a professional email service thats not only reliable and secure but they also come with an integrated calendar and address book.

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Build A Professional Website

A crucial step to starting a business is creating your website. Whether you want to showcase your work, offer your services, or sell your products, your site is where your customers expect to find you. Remember that a great website is able to help you manage and fulfill multiple functions – marketing, online store and communication center – all of which are necessary in order to smoothly operate a business online.

If you havent already built an online presence, you can begin by choosing from any of these professionally designed website templates, which are entirely customizable to fit your brands vibe and message. All websites created on Wix are also mobile-friendly. Furthermore, you can communicate with visitors on the go using the Wix Mobile App, which allows you to engage with clients and run your website all from the comfort of your portable device.

Check out some tips on how to create a business website to ensure that yours is built to leave a lasting impression.

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How To Use Your Professional Email Address On Mobile Devices

Since youve set up your email address through Google Workspace, accessing it on your mobile phone is very simple.

Using the Official Gmail App

If you arent already using the Gmail App, which is available for both iOS and Android, download it and log in with your freshly-created Google Workspace credentials. Easy peasy.

If you are already using it with another address, youd need to add your new professional email address to it.

To do so, open your Gmail App on your phone.

On Android devices, press the hamburger icon to expand the menu, scroll to the bottom, and click Settings.

From here, all you need to do is click the Add account link.

Next, click the Google button to open the Google Account login page.

You may have to enter your smartphones pin code before being able to continue.

Once you see the Set up email page, log in with your Google Workspace account.

Thats it.

If youre using an iPhone, the steps are pretty similar. Tap on your thumbnail in the top-right corner of the Gmail app

This will bring up a new window where youll need to choose the Add another account option on:

You should now have the possibility to add your freshly-created professional email address, simply pick Google as your preferred option here:

What if you dont want to use the Gmail app, but rather the standard mail app on your devices? Well, heres how to add your professional email address to it.

Using the Standard Android Email App

Using the Mail App on iOS Devices

How To Get A Professional Email Address With A Custom Domain

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Email is alive and well. Especially in a professional setting with the average U.S. worker spending 28% of their workweek reading and responding to and sending emails.

Sleep better at night with Kinstas premium WordPress hosting

Despite alternative means of communication like Slack or other collaboration tools, 90% of surveyed Americans over the age of 15 still actively use email.

Heres the bottom line: email is the leading communication channel in the workplace.

So if you are thinking about starting a business, your own agency, or freelancing, having the right professional email address is essential.

In this article, we cover why this is important, provide examples, and walk you through how to get a professional email with a custom domain.

Lets get started!

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What Is A Business Email

A business email is a professional email address that uses your companys domain name after the “@” symbol. Your domain name is your organizations website name followed by a top-level domain like “.com” or “.net.” Including your employees names before your domain name makes the employees and your business more recognizable and accessible to clients.

Which Are The Best Business Email Providers

The right email provider for you depends on your needs and preferences, though the best are reliable, easy to use, include a reasonable amount of storage, are affordable, and are feature-rich. We recommend Bluehost for those who need web hosting and for those who already have a website and just need comprehensive business email. Learn more about these providers and more in our article on the best business email hosting providers.

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Benefits Of Having A Business Email

Benefits of having a business email include:

  • Building awareness of your brand: Each time you email customers from your business address, you remind them of your organization by building name recognition.
  • Establishing trust in your business: An email using your businesss domain name can reassure customers that you are a bona fide business, helping you build trust with clients.
  • Remaining consistent with your brand: Starting a new business is essentially establishing your brand and making it easy to identify. Remain consistent with your brand on all marketing and communication channels, especially your email.

How To Create A Business Email Account In An Instant

How to Create a Business Email | Complete Setup with Gmail for Free

Having a business email address is essential for any brand or business looking to grow its online presence.

A business email address allows you to use your companys domain name instead of a generic one. In place of something like , you will have a branded email address similar to .

This guide will walk you through how to create a business email address. Well explain the reasons why a professional business email address is essential, what the requirements to have one are, and a few ways to set it up.

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Imap Internet Message Access Protocol

IMAP is a lot more flexible than POP3 since it enables you to sync your emails across multiple devices. So, if you want to be able to check your email from different devices, as well as integrate your custom email address with webmail services such as Gmail or Outlook, you should use IMAP to set up your email.

However, one downside of IMAP is that it does not delete any messages on the server. This means that if you receive a lot of emails, you can exceed your storage space quickly.

Adding A Mailbox To The Email Client

Once youve got all the incoming and outgoing mail server details, add them to your email client. Heres how the process will look like in Thunderbird and Mac Mail.


Access the Mozilla Thunderbird client or the program if you havent already. Start by clicking on the Email button.

Enter your full name, current email address, password and click Continue.

Thunderbird will determine your account settings based on your domain name.

If the system cannot find your account settings, click on the Manual Configuration to edit your server names and enter the IMAP/POP3 ports that were located earlier. Then, click on the Done button.

Thats it you can now send emails and manage everything directly from your Mozilla Thunderbird client.

Mac Mail

Note that Mac Mail or Apple Mailis only available on Mac OS 10.0 or later. With that in mind, access your Mac Mail client and navigate to Mail -> Add Account. Then, click on Other Mail Account.

A pop-up screen will appear, select your email account provider, and click Continue.

Fill in the necessary details, such as your name, email address, and password. After that, click Sign In.

Mac Mail will attempt to connect with your email server automatically. If the system fails to do so, an error message Unable to verify account name or password will appear.

However, dont worry you can manually enter the incoming/outgoing mail server values and ports. Once finished, click the blue Sign In button to finalize the setup.

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Set Up The Email Client

The email configuration page is incredibly useful, especially if youre setting these business email addresses up for your entire team. You can print/copy the information at the bottom of the page so they can set them up themselves, or you can click any of the links at the top of the page to run automatic scripts for the machine youre on, and cPanel will configure the email client of your choice.

After that, youre done. Just log into whatever client youre going to use and get to sending and receiving with your new business email account.

Can I Change My Address After I’ve Already Set It Up

How do I create an email address with my own domain?

Changing your email address is a snap. No matter whether you’ve renamed your company, your business requirements have changed, or you’ve changed your name, you can change your email address in just a few clicks. Simply log in to the IONOS control panel, select your email address under My Products and replace it with your new name. For a smooth transition to your new email, you should forward mail from your old address to the new one. In case you want an entirely new domain, you can add new ones on your own time all you need to do is check the availability and then secure your new domain name.

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Set Up Your Custom Email Address

Once your website and domain name are set up, the next step to getting a business email is purely elementary. Start by choosing the number of email addresses you want, their usernames, and the subscription plan that fits all your business needs with Wix. Or you can simply connect an existing business email that was purchased elsewhere to your new one.

If you manage a company with multiple employees, you can give each one a custom email address, like and In this same line of thinking, if your business were to have multiple departments, you can create separate accounts for each one, such as and – all of which works toward strengthening your brand.

Explore Your Local Listing

After your listing is created, the goal is to get your Google My Business listing as close to 100% complete as possible.

This means adding little things, like your business logo, business operation hours, and business description, to your Google My Business profile.

You can begin posting directly to your Google My Business listing for customers to see. Google My Business also can create a unique business email for your business through the platform that looks like on the G Suite.

On your Google My Business dashboard, you will find:

  • Posts Tab. This is where you can add and manage posts to your Google My Business account.
  • Info Tab. This is the main place to start with your new Google My Business account. This is where all of the current information about your business resides. You can also add or change information about your business on this tab.
  • Insights Tab. This tab explores how customers are finding your Google My Business listing and what actions they take once they do.
  • Reviews Tab. This tab allows you to manage your business customer reviews.
  • Messaging Tab. This tab allows you to respond to messages from customers who find your listing on Google.
  • This tab allows you to add and manage photos of your business, products, and services.
  • Website Tab. This tab allows you to manage the website that is linked to your Google My Business account.
  • Users Tab. This tab allows you to manage and add .
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    Creating your own ecommerce store lets you gain full control over the process, including the brand, the design, and running sales and promotions. You get to build everything from the ground up and call the shots about how your shop will be presented to your audience.

    With Shopify, you pay a monthly fee to keep your shop running, depending on which plan you choose. If youre selling on Etsy, you can migrate your sales, products, and customer information to Shopify by importing your Etsy data.

    Note: Many online sticker stores sell on both Shopify and Etsy to diversify their reach and reap the benefits from both platforms.

    The challenge of running your own sticker shop is youll need to spread the word about your business, which you can do by working with influencers, using social media, or through strategies like email marketing or customer service.

    Why Do You Need A Business Email Address

    How to Create A Business Email For Free (And Use It with Gmail)

    Though the primary reason for having a business email address is to help your customers identify you, there are many others that can be added to the list. A business email address helps you:

    • Project your professionalism

      Having an email address that matches your brand show that you’re serious and professional about your business. This way, your business will also be taken seriously by your customers, as they are most likely to choose and trust a business with professional email address.

    • Show your authenticity and earn customer trust

      When you or your employees send emails using the address that includes your business’ name, your customers can know for sure that the email is from an authentic source. They will identify you even before opening your content. This will help them build their trust with you and give them confidence to reply to your emails or contact your support team.

    • Promote your brand

      With your business’ name in your email address, you are promoting your brand with every email you send. This way you’re sure to stay in their memory for a long time.

    • Be consistent

      When you create individual and group email addresses with your domain, you make sure that every email that goes out has a standard format and thus maintain consistency.

    • Keep away from getting spammed

      When customers recognize you by your brand name, they are less likely to mark you spam. If you use generic email accounts, your emails might not receive the recognition they deserve and end up being spammed.

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