How Do I Check An Email Address Is Valid

Online Tools To Check The Validity Of Email Id

Check Email Addresses are Valid in Excel

You can go with simple online tools available like and They can validate email ids for free but I doubt they are storing and using your submitted addresses to send advertising mails.

  • Email-checker will verify email address in just a click of your mouse. It extracts the MX records from the email address you provide and connect to mail server to make sure the mailbox really exist for that user/address.
  • MailTester also gives you the result within a few seconds. The functioning is similar to the previous one. It tries to establish an SMTP connection and then tries to send several commands, almost as if an e-mail is going to be sent.

The problem with these services is that they fail to recognize disposable email addresses which can be used to block you at will. It also fails to recognize emails that are that are queued at a secondary SMTP server. So email verification may not always work.

What Is Email Verification

If only you knew how much time and effort it took me to find out the exact difference between these two.

Online, in every blog and on every website, people use verification and validation interchangeably however, the correct definition is slightly more precise.

Email verification is the process of checking an email address for being existent and active, aka valid. A valid email is the one that can receive messages from other senders. Every email verifier, either bulk or single, performs multiple steps of the verification process. The most common are the syntax, domain, catch-all, and MX record checks, as well as email address ping .

Email validation is the final result of the email verification process thats provided to the user. Depending on the result, an email gets one of theemail verification statuses, usually valid, invalid, and unverifiable Sometimes, validation also implies checking any additional information that comes with the leads email or checking the source of that lead.

What Is Email Verifier

Email Checker is a simple little tool for verifying an email address. It’s free and quite easy to use. Just enter the email address and hit the check button. It tells you whether the email id is real or fake. Sometimes, its unable to correctly predict and say unknown because some email providers have put some limits and restrictions or they simply dont like any verification checks on their mailboxes.

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When You Should Check Email Addresses

You dont need to verify your email addresses excessively. It is valuable to keep your mailing lists clean by periodically validating them. However, you only need to check if there has been a major change to your list or if you are struggling with poor metrics.

For example, you want to verify email addresses when they are added to your list. You also want to check email validity if your bounce rate exceeds 2% or your open rate is low.

In addition, it is a good idea to clean up your lists on a regular schedule. Consider checking roughly once per month. If you have a relatively small number of emails, you may be able to do this quarterly.

If you have very long lists that change a lot, you may need a more frequent schedule.

Please note that B2B lists need to be validated more often than B2C.

How Do I Verify An Email Address Without Sending An Email

4 Ways to Verify If an Email Address Is Valid

Were glad you asked.

You have a couple of different options for email verification.

  • Free email verifier tools: If youre sending a low number of emails , a free tool will work great.
  • Email finder tools with built-in verification. If youre scaling email campaigns and dont want to risk bouncing, go with an email finder tool that will automatically find and verify any given email address.
  • Whether you need a handful of verified email addresses or a list of thousands of lead emails, verifying an email address without sending an email is pretty simple.

    Heres how.

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    How To Check If An Email Address Is Valid Or Fake

    As time goes by, more businesses rely on email marketing campaigns as their primary source of communication with their consumers. According to Statista, there were 269 billion emails sends per day worldwide in 2017. Whats more, we expect the numbers to grow to almost 320 billion daily emails in 2021.

    With these increasing numbers and competition, it is essential to run an email marketing campaign successfully. The question is, how are you going to break through the consumers inbox or ultimately deliver your message?

    In other words, what is the key to a successful email marketing campaign?

    Use An Email Finder Tool With Verification

    Most email finder tools offer the ability to verify email addresses. The key is to find a tool that automatically verifies your email address, rather than using up credits or charging you extra to take the verification step.

    A couple of things to look for:

  • Ideally you want a tool that gives you the option to verify emails from a prospecting tool like Sales Nav or upload your list, depending on your workflow.
  • You need a tool that only charges you for verified, up-to-date email addresses.
  • You have a few different options that meet both these criteria.

    • Hunter doesnt validate emails, so they are often outdated.
    • ZoomInfo can provide good data, but is often a budget buster for growing teams. It also becomes outdated quickly, as it will never update as fast as Linkedin profiles will.
    • Wiza finds and verifies email addresses, and is best used in conjunction with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    Wiza verifies email addresses as you scrape lead data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    Youll need a Sales Nav account, but setting up your workflow ensures one thing: youre getting up-to-date, verified email addresses for the people youre trying to reach. Finally, youll only pay for verified email addresses.

    Heres how to verify an email address with Wiza:

    • Upload your .csv with the people you want to find email addresses for
    • Select Process List, then Scrape and Find Emails
    • After the search ends, youll be able to download your verified email addresses

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    What Is The Purpose Of An Email Verifier

    An email verifier, or email checker, is a tool to validate that anemail address exists and can receive emails.Verifying is important before contacting new recipients toavoidbounces and protect your sender reputation.

    Hunter’s Email Verifier does a complete check of email addresses,verifies if it appears publicly on the web and returns the sources.

    Should I Send Email At Night

    How to Validate Email Address

    Unless its an emergency, wait to send the email in the AM. Unless the email is an emergency and you actually have people waiting to hear back from you, then I advise you hold off on it till the next day. Its also OK to send it if your colleague lives in a different time zone where its daytime to your night.

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    Verify Email Address Using Password Recovery

    A very smart method thats perfect to check single email address is using Forgot Password option. You can use Gmail Recovery to check whether the email ID is valid or not. Go to Gmail and type the email id you received and click on Forgot Password. If its not a valid email ID, Gmail will notify you. This method applies for other services like Yahoo and outlook too. You might consider it as a longer but a stealthier way.

    What Is A Bulk Email Verification Service

    Bulk email list verification an indispensable tool for companies sending mass emails determines whether or not a list of email addresses is fully valid and deliverable. The process involves an address-by-address analysis of each email on an uploaded list and is offered as hosted software.

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    Email Address Verification Process

    To figure out if an email is valid, it is crucial to perform the following checks:

    • Verify if the email address adheres to the IETF/RFC standards
    • Check the DNS and perform a MX lookup
    • Connect to the mail server and engage in a chat with the server in order to validate the existence of the mailbox.

    In order to complete this process manually, you should have an in-depth technical knowledge. You must be familiar with several command line tools and understand a few underlying protocols that make the Internet work such as DNS, SMTP, and telnet. Furthermore, the process is likely to get more complicated due to the fact that many email servers do employ policies that deny a connection from untrusted addresses, like your computer.

    Furthermore, with email lists containing thousands or tens of thousands of email addresses, it is unfeasible to use a manual process to check the validity of email addresses.

    Mailboxvalidatorcom Hassle Free Email Verification Service

    4 Ways to Verify If an Email Address Is Valid

    MailboxValidator is an easy-to-use email list cleaning service that helps to reduce your bounce rate, while boosting sender reputation.

    It validates your email lists to check for invalid or undeliverable emails so that you can maximize your marketing campaign potential. You can either upload your email list and clean it in bulk using the CSV format, or integrate with MailboxValidator API.

    MailboxValidator interface is fully integrated with major ESP . Alternatively, a list can be imported from an ESP within few minutes which makes the process fully secure. Integration is available for MailChimp, Zapier, AWeber, Mailgun, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid and SparkPost.

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    How To Ping The Server To Validate An Email Address

    One way to check if an email address is valid without sending an email is to ping the mail server.

    Youll need to use a console app to do this. Its an accurate test, but its longwinded, technical, and overly time-consuming for more than a few addresses.

    1. First, youll need the MX record from the domains DNS server. You do this by using a lookup command in your console app. Once youve accessed the list of mail exchanger MX records, you want the one with the highest priorityand thats the one with the lowest preference value.

    2. Validate the address via SMTP. Again, using your console app and the appropriate commands, connect to the email server via the MX record previously located, establish an SMTP handshake, specify the email address that needs validating, and finally perform its validation.

    3. View your results. You will receive a 250 OK message for a valid address or the following message for failed addresses: The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipients email address for typos or unnecessary spaces.

    As we said, this is a long-winded process that requires a more than a basic level of expertise. Its useful if you only have one or two addresses to validate, but if youve got a long list of addresses to validate, its really not a practical option.

    Check If An Email Address Is Valid With Qev

    QuickEmailVerifications Real-Time Email Verification Demo

    • Software download / installation required: No
    • Customer support: 24/7 friendly, personalized service support
    • Privacy Policy / Data Protection Policy: This information can be found in the privacy policy outlined on QEVs website.
    • In addition to above checks, QuickEmailVerification also detects Habitual complainers, Bad domains, Spam keywords, Role Based accounts, Disposable email addresses .
    • Additional Features
    • Email validation capacity: 200,000 email addresses can be validated in just two to three hours using their self-service application.
    • Accuracy ratio for validating Yahoo and Outlook emails: High among the best in the industry.
    • Importing and verifying email list from other ESPs: QuickEmailVerification boasts seamless integration with major ESPs, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Emma, GetResponse, VerticalResponse, AWeber, ConstantContact, and many others.
  • User Questions & Answers ::
  • Does QEV provide data validation services that can be integrated with our homegrown database and Marketo database through API?

    Yes, by integrating our email verification API with your own application or with , you can validate your email addresses in real-time. For pricing, please visit our website.

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    Verify An Email Address Without Sending An Email

    To simplify, we will classify email verification methods without sending an email according to the type of fake email address you are dealing with.

    Email Verification for Invalid Email Addresses

    To identify an invalid email address, you can choose one of the following options :

    Ping the Mail Server

    To skip the need to send a test email, you can ping the mail server and ask whether the email address is valid or not. To do so, you will need a tool such as Telnet on Windows or PuTTY.

    Then, you should insert the command nslookup -type=mx along with the email domain name.

    Next, you will get a list of MX records on the domain At this point, you need to pick one of the servers and connect it to your tool.

    You need to enter telnet mail server address 25 to send a test message to the server. Then, you should type: HELO domain name to the server.

    Finally, you can check whether the email is valid by sending the address to the server. More precisely, you should type mail from your email address and rcpt to the email you are verifying.

    If the email works, you will get a message saying, OK. If not, you will get something like, The email address you tried to reach is disabled.

    Even though pinging the mail server is quite a time consuming and very risky for your infrastructure, it is free, and it has proven as accurate.

    Send an Email from another Address
    Use Paid Email Software

    Email Checker Email Verification You Can Trust

    check valid email addresses

    Email Checker is one of the most robust and accurate email verification services in the marketplace.

    With multiple tiers of service, Email Checker offers something to fit all budgets. Email Checker provides high levels of knowledge and experience, which, combined with their robust and dedicated server infrastructure, gives customers peerless email verification.

    Subscriptions and pay-per-use will provide an email validation platform that ensures email addresses are accurate and checked in all situations. To learn more about pricing plans, service levels, and customer support options, please visit their website.

    • Cost: Basic plans begin at $14 for 1000 verifications and $299 for 100,000 email verifications.
    • Accuracy: 99% Deliverability accuracy
    • Turnaround time: Process 100,000 email addresses in under three hours.
    • Free trial: Yes receive 50 verification credits free upon registration, with no credit card required for free trial.
    • Real-time verification through API: Yes Email Checker leads the industry, with detailed integration documentation for Python, Java, PHP, and C#.
    • Formats accepted for list and email uploads: .csv and .txt format
    • Format available for downloaded results: .csv or .txt formats, The cleaned file will have additional two cloumns, Main Status Code and Additional Status Code. You can find the details about each status code.
    • Customized / scalable services: Yes please contact their sales team for more information.
    • Bulk email checker: Yes

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