How Can I Validate An Email Address

How To Validate Email Address

Verify Registered User Email Id Using Verification Code or Verification Url in PHP/MYSQL

The best way to validate an email address is to send yourself a test message.

You can do that by going to the compose window in your email program, and typing “test” followed by the email address you want to verify.

If the email has been sent, you’ll get a confirmation with an error message saying that it was not authenticated.

There are many different strategies to validate email addresses. You could use an online service like this.

This service will not only check the email address, but it will also check if it is still working, check if there are any typos in the email address, and provide recommendations on how to improve your email’s design.

Combination With Regularexpression Attribute

You can apply more than one validation attribute to a property in your model class. See the following code snippet as an example:

Modify your ContactViewModel class to use the above code for the Email property.

Now, rerun the code and see that the regex validation is also applied.

Form validation using RegularExpression attribute

The Benefits And Limitations Of Regex To Validate Email Address

We mentioned earlier in this guide how Regex was the most used form of email validation, not just in C#, but probably across most programming languages. Due to this popularity, it is worth spending some extra time looking at the benefits and potential limitations using Regex to validate mail addresses in C#.

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How Can I Validate An Email Address Using A Regular Expression

The fully RFC 822 compliant regex is inefficient and obscure because of its length. Fortunately, RFC 822 was superseded twice and the current specification for email addresses is RFC 5322. RFC 5322 leads to a regex that can be understood if studied for a few minutes and is efficient enough for actual use.

One RFC 5322 compliant regex can be found at the top of the page at but uses the IP address pattern that is floating around the internet with a bug that allows 00 for any of the unsigned byte decimal values in a dot-delimited address, which is illegal. The rest of it appears to be consistent with the RFC 5322 grammar and passes several tests using grep -Po, including cases domain names, IP addresses, bad ones, and account names with and without quotes.

Correcting the 00 bug in the IP pattern, we obtain a working and fairly fast regex.

Here is diagram of finite state machine for above regexp which is more clear than regexp itself

The more sophisticated patterns in Perl and PCRE can correctly parse RFC 5322 without a hitch. Python and C# can do that too, but they use a different syntax from those first two. However, if you are forced to use one of the many less powerful pattern-matching languages, then its best to use a real parser.

For PHP, you should not use the pattern given in Validate an E-Mail Address with PHP, the Right Way from which I quote:

The specified e-mail address ,com is invalid. Did you mean ?

Send An Email To The Address

Why can

Perhaps the most straightforward way how to check if an email address is valid is to simply send an email to it. Just write something like:

Hi, Im just checking if this email address is valid. If youre reading this email, please let me know.

If you send an email like this to an email address thats fake, your message will bounce back, and youll receive a message similar to the following one from your email provider:

Message not Delivered: There was a problem delivering your message to See the technical details below, or try resending in a few minutes.

Address not Found: Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

Just keep in mind that some email providers use something thats called a catch-all email address to catch email messages sent to incorrect email address.

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Regular Expression To Restrict Consecutive Trailing And Leading Dots

Now Let’s write a regex that will restrict the usage of dots in the email addresses.

The above regular expression is used to restrict consecutively, leading, and trailing dots. Thus, an email can contain more than one dot but not consecutive in the local and domain parts.

Let’s take a look at the code:

The Benefits Of Email Validation

Email is one of the most preferred and effective communication channels, but worryingly, only 10% of the email addresses captured are accurate, and the reason for this poor data is human error.

Only by collecting accurate email addresses, will businesses really get to know their customers, and the use of email validation is by far the most effective way way to ensure quality email address data.

The key benefits of using an effective email validation tool include increased email deliverability, meaning businesses reach more customers, an uplift in successful email marketing campaigns, a reduction in hard bounces and emails being blocked, helping businesses maintain a positive sender reputation, more efficient onboarding for new customers and a decrease in fake registrations that will clutter databases.

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Quick Email Verification Most Trusted Bulk Email Verifier

QuickEmailVerification is trusted and enterprise grade email verification software.

QuickEmailVerification offers online email list cleaning in bulk using real-time verification as well as batch processing. Because of QEVs accuracy, speed , and relative affordability, QuickEmailVerification is one of our top picks as a bulk email verifier.

Getting Better Results From Your Email Campaign

Please Enter A Valid Email Address Problem Solved| How to fill valid email I’d?

You import a list of recipients for scheduling an email campaign. With large lists, the chances of email bounce also increase. This eventually affects your whole email campaign performance.

Also, you spend a lot of time and energy on an email campaign, which might go to vain if it doesnt provide you with the desired results.

Email account verification excludes the bad contacts from your lists, which increases your email deliverability. You also receive a higher open rate and reply rate that boosts your email campaigning performance.

To grab all the above benefits, you need to know the best email verification practices that can help you in landing your emails directly in your recipients mailbox.

Below we are listing 7 best tactics to verify your email addresses for getting the best results.

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Validating Different Types Of Hostnames

The hostname part of an email address is validated against the Hostname validator.By default only DNS hostnames of the form are accepted, though ifyou wish you can accept IP addresses and Local hostnames too.

To do this you need to instantiate Laminas\Validator\EmailAddress passing aparameter to indicate the type of hostnames you want to accept. More details areincluded in Laminas\Validator\Hostname, though an example of how to accept bothDNS and Local hostnames appears below:

use Laminas\Validator\EmailAddress use Laminas\Validator\Hostname $validator = new EmailAddress if )  else }

% Money Back Guarantee Risk Free

MillionVerifier takes off the pressure of your shoulders. You can use MillionVerifier for verifying your emails without taking the risk. MillionVerifier is the only email verification service offering truly 100% money back guarantee. If you verify your emails with MillionVerifier and you have a higher than 4% hard bounce rate, they refund your money. Only MillionVerifier offers such guarantees because they trust their results.

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How Does Email Address Verification Work

The legitimacy of an email address can be measured through a combination of validation techniques and depending on the internal database proprietary algorithms.

At the end of the email validation process, any invalid addresses will be filtered out, leaving a clean, fully deliverable email list ready for marketing and business requirements.

Below, weve explained in detail just how the email validation process essentially, a process of separating the wheat from the chaff works.

  • Email Address Syntax Check: This removes improperly formatted email addresses, according to IETF standards.
  • Domain/MX Records Check: This verifies the DNS entries of an email address. If a domain is found to be invalid, or an MX entry is missing, this process marks the corresponding email address as invalid.
  • Role-Based Account Detection: Email sends to role-based accounts such as postmaster@, info@, sales@, admin@, etc., can negatively impact your deliverability and even put you in denylist with some ISPs. This process detects and flags such addresses.
  • Disposable Email Address Detection: Throwaway/disposable emails, or junk collector emails, are detected and processed appropriately. These are temporarily created emails and used for signup forms or bypass login forms requiring a valid email address.
  • Validate Email Address With Systemtextregularexpressions

    How to verify the email address on your WeTransfer Account  WeTransfer ...

    Regular Expressions, or Regex, are probably the most popular way of validating mail addresses in your code. A regular expression can be used in a number of programming languages, but for this guide weâll be looking using a regular expression to validate an email address in C#.

    public static bool RegexEmailCheck\.\.\.)|+))$") }

    This method will compare a string with the regular expression pattern and be true or return false depending on the content of that string. The following example shows you how to invoke the method:

    public class Program}

    As impressive as the above code seems, it is important to note that using one single regular expression to validate against all cases will be impossbile. Trying to do so will lead to complicated, overengineered expressions that are difficult to debug and maintain effectively.

    Check out this complete guide on how to validate emails with Regex if Regex sounds like the best fit for your project or web application. However, there are some limitations with Regex that are important to know. Weâll go into more detail later on about the benefits and potential limitations of using a regular expression.

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    Email Validation In Javascript

    The personal information part can contain the following ASCII characters:

    • Uppercase and lowercase letters
    • Numeric characters
    • Special characters – ! # $ % & ‘ * + – / = ? ^ _ ` ~
    • Period, dot, or full stop with the condition that it cannot be the first or last letter of the email and cannot repeat one after another.

    Free Course: JavaScript for Beginners

    The domain name contains:

    • Hyphens
    • Dots

    One of the most popular ways of validating email in JavaScript is by using regular expressions. JavaScript uses regular expressions to describe a pattern of characters.

    Validate Email Address With Data Annotations C#

    Data Annotations allow you to attach attributes or rules to the variables in your code. For example, you can add an attribute such as Required to a class variable, meaning it has to have a value. Failure to provide a value for this variable will result in an error being raised.

    There is also an attribute for validation. From Microsoftâs official documentation, we can see the attribute, Validation, acts as the base class for all validator attributes. One of these validators is the EmailAddressAttribute. Letâs look at how easy it is to implement.

    Add the DataAnnotations package to your project:

    using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations

    Now add the code in the following example, which determines whether the specified value matches the pattern of a valid email address:

    public static bool ValidEmailDataAnnotations

    Letâs see how use this method to check if an email address is valid:

    public class Program    }

    Try out the above code for yourself! You should see the method return false for the first input, and return true for emailInput. The program will write the results to the console. Now that weâve covered all three methods of how to validate email addresses in C#, letâs take a closer look at the regular expression, or Regex, one of the more popular options for email validation.

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    How Can I Be Sure An Email Is Deliverable

    A typical .csv or .txt file you download after the verification contains several columns. The column to check regarding whether a particular email address is valid is what we call at Hunter the verification status.

    Lets take a look at the most common email verification statuses and what exactly they mean:

    How To Verify An Email Address Without Sending An Email

    How do I validate an email address?

    Gone are the days when you could send cold emails with abandon, spraying and praying that something lands somewhere.

    Good riddance, honestly.

    Today, email outreach requires attention to detail to get your emails opened and a personal touch to get your leads to respond. For now, lets tackle the first part: making sure your emails land in the inbox.


    Simple: verify an email address without sending an email in the first place.

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    Check For Disposable Emails

    A disposable email address is a temporary address that is valid for some time. You should clean your mail of any disposable emails generated by Nada, Mailinator, and similar services. You can make use of a third-party API, such as InboxHit. Those can reliably detect disposable email addresses. Also, you may search for a list of domains used for temporary email addresses and use them in your RegEx.

    How Can I Validate Email Address With Jquery

    I have this input in my html:

    < input class"email_address_input" required type="email" id="emailAddress" /> 

    I am trying to validate it with regex:

    function ContactUsContactUs.prototype.isEmail = function )+$/   return regex.test }ContactUs.prototype.emailValid = function    return THIS }

    All I am getting is false even if I put a valid email format.

    What’s wrong?

    • When is isEmail called? guest271314Dec 13, 2016 at 0:38
    • 1Dec 13, 2016 at 0:40
    • 1
    ContactUs.prototype.emailValid = function    return THIS   //seems strange you are passing the object and not a false Boolean}

    it should be

    • if .length) return THIS 

      Use this:

    • Also, there is something very weird going on in your code. This line:


      doesn’t do anything. You’ve added isEmail to the ContactUs object itself. There has to be something else running isEmail on an instance of the object, such as like here:

      var contactUs = new ContactUs var contactUsEmailIsValid = contactus.isEmail 
    • Finally, your email address validator is too restrictive. Please start by reading I Knew How To Validate An Email Address Until I Read The RFC.

    If you truly want to try to do more checking with regex, without accidentally excluding valid email addresses, you might start with this Perl regex script that implements RFC822. I don’t know if it works as-is for javascript but it could possibly be converted. You would need to remove the newline characters:

    You can change your regex a bit:

    function isValidEmailAddress  function validateEmail 

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    Important Questions To Ask Before Selecting An Email Address Provider

    How to validate email addresses effectively

    When it comes to validating an email address, simply checking for an @symbol is not enough. In order to effectively validate an email address, heres three questions to ask your supplier.

    1) Does the service correct syntax errors?

    Often, developers see syntax errors in the form of a dialog box after inputting a piece of invalid code. When entering email addresses, humans make often make mistakes such as typos. Syntax validation identifies these typos, preventing the capture of inaccurate email addresses, while allowing clean addresses to pass through.

    2) Do you check if the domain exists and that the email address is live and in use?

    Ensuring you use a supplier who checks whether the domain, mail server and the account exists is important. It’s also worth checking if your email validation services checks for Catch All to ensure captured email addresses which are live and in use.

    3) How do I avoid spam traps?

    To anti-spam organisations and inbox providers, falling into a spam trap can make you look like a spammer, which can significantly impact your sender reputation. A bad reputation when it comes to sending emails is something to avoid, because it prevents your emails from getting delivered to the intended recipient.

    There are two types of spam traps, pristine traps and recycled traps, and since they look like regular email addresses, and there isnt a publicly available list, it’s hard to spot them in your mailing list.

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