How Can I Send A Video Through Email

Solution 2 Reduce Video File Size

How to Send a Video Email

If you have a large video file and want to send it to your friends, you can try a free video editing tool to reduce its size and then send it for free. MiniTool Movie Maker, a free and simple video editor, is recommended here.

  • It is a free and simple video editing software without watermark.
  • It offers 3 options to reduce video size free.
  • It supports different video formats including MP4, AVI, WAV, etc.
  • It includes some other excellent features to help you create a masterpiece. For instance, it lets you add animated subtitles to video to complete your story.

Now, try the following steps to reduce video files size.

First, download and install this simple and free video editor on PC.

Launch it to get its main interface, import your large video file and add the video file to the storyboard.

Next, try the following 3 options to reduce its size before sending.

Option 1. Select the video file, and trim video to remove unwanted parts.

Option 2. Export this video file with a smaller video resolution from the drop-list of Resolution.

Option 3. Convert this large video file to small size formats like WMV, FLV, etc.

Finally, save this video to the file format you like on your PC.

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It is very easy to reduce video size, isnt it? If you want to reduce a large video and then send it to your friends, you can try this free tool MiniTool Movie Maker.

Zip File Attachments To Combine And Compress Them

Outlooksautomatic resizing feature is very useful, but it wont work for some types offiles. For example, suppose you had a large spreadsheet or other large documentyou wanted to send by email. The resizing feature wouldn’t work. Video files are another type of file thatfrequently exceed the Outlook email attachment limit, but that can’t be resized using the resizing feature.

Theanswer the answer for these large file types is to compress them using a zip file before you attach them to your Outlook email. A zip file can also combine multiple files into a singlefile.

Creatingthe zip file automatically compresses your files, but it isnt useful for filetypes that are already compressed. For example, .jpga popular image formatisalready in a fairly compressed state. So, zipping files of this type wontreduce the size much.

Whenthe recipient receives the zip file, they simply extract the files from the zipfile. Lets get started. In this example, Ill show you how to email large files of this type through Outlook email.

Step 1. Create a Zip File

Thefirst thing you need to do to is zip your large files. Go to Windows File Explorer and find the files youwant to zip. Use CTRL+Shift toselect multiple files. Heres an example of selected files:

File Explorer.

In this example, I’m using large video files. Notice thattogether the selected files are slightly over the 20 MB limit. Right-click on theselected files to bring up a pop-up menu:

Step3. Extract the Files from the Zip File

Is It Possible To Compress A Video To Send Through Email

Unarguably, the greatest disadvantage associated with videos is their enormous file size.

Longer, higher definition videos result in larger file sizes. This makes it difficult to attach them to emails.

So how do you send a large video file via email?

There are three main ways.

  • You can compress them into a zip file
  • You can make the video shorter and smaller with iMovie on Mac
  • You can send large video files using a cloud storage service like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer.
  • Lets go by them one by one.

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    How To Send Large Video Files Using Icloud Drive’s Mail Drop

    Mail Drop is Apples solution to send large video files through email on iPhone. It is a part of iCloud that allows iPhone users to transfer contents across devices. Unlike Google Drive or OneDrive, Mail Drop asks you to host the video file to iCloud. Bear in mind that the link will expire in 30 days. Moreover, Mail Drop does not count against iCloud storage limitation.

    Step 1Open your Photos app on iPhone or your video app, and locate the large video file to send via email. Select it, tap the Share icon and select Mail to open the new mail screen.

    Step 2If the attachment is over 20MB, you will get a message requests you to use Mail Drop. Read the message carefully and choose Use Mail Drop to upload the video to iCloud.

    Step 3Next, enter the recipient email address, subject and your message as usual and tap the Send button to send the email. It attaches the video link rather than the video file.

    Note: Apple introduced Mail Drop into the Mail app on iOS 9.2 and later. Apple customers can use it on iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac. On Mac, you can enable Mail Drop by clicking Mail> Preferences> Account> Advanced in Mail app for Mac. Then when you send a large video file via mail, you will get the Mail Drop suggestion. To use Mail Drop on PC, you can access iCloud website, and set and send Mail Drop simply.


    Send Video Through Gmail From Mobile :

    How to send email via Gmail with file attachment

    Step 1: Tap the Gmail app icon, which resembles a red M on a white background. Gmail will open your inbox if youre already logged in. If you arent logged in, enter your email address and password before continuing.

    Step 2: Tap the New button. Its a red and white pencil icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. A new email window will pop up.

    Step3: Click on the paper clip icon on the bottom of the compose box.

    Step 4: Enter the persons email address by typing his email address and then write about the subject in the subject area, which gives the basic description and title of the sent video or message.

    Step 5: Tap the location of the video and tap on the choose icon the video will be transferred to the compose box on Gmail app.

    Step 6: Tap the send icon which is the paper plane-shaped icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Doing so will send your email to your recipient with the video attached.

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    How To Send A Video In A Business Email

    In a video trends survey, consumers named video as their favorite type of content to see from brands on social media. And that goes for email too. Consumers like to engage with video. And, if you run a business with an email list, video can be a nice way to boost open rates and click-throughs.

    But how do you send a video to your customers in an email? The first thing to know is that you wonât be embedding a video so that customers can watch it in the email itself.

    Although HTML5 embedding is possible, many email clients still donât support it. And you want to make sure that everyone on your email list has a good experience. For this reason, we recommend simply including a link to the video in a clear and enticing way.

    How do you do this? Well, in a plain text email, you could simply include a hyperlink out to your video. But we recommend doing it visually, using a hyperlinked image or gif. Weâll look at both those options below.

    Transfer Compressed Videos To Phone

    Once the compression process is done, locate the file in the storage and switch to the Toolbox tab in the software interface. Connect your device with a USB cable and click on the Transfer button to send it. You can skip this step if you don’t need to sync your videos to phones and click on how to transfer videos to devices> > to know more details.


    If you have a video file that is not compatible with your mobile devices, the following guide about how to convert video for iPhone, iPad, Android devices may help you. You can move to How to convert video for mobile devices > > to learn more.

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    Can I Text A Video

    Yes, its easy to text a video. All you have to do is upload the video to Dropbox, create a shared link from within the Dropbox app and then share it directly via email, chat or text. If you havent already, make sure all your media is automatically uploaded and accessible across all your devices. This makes it easy to grab any video file and send it anytime you like.

    Best Practices For How To Send Video In Gmail

    How To Send Large Video Files Via Email – Quickly and Easily!

    Want to make sure your recipient watches your video? There are a few best practices to ensure they press play

    Carefully craft your subject line: Most people will choose on whether to open or trash an email based on the subject line alone. That means if your subject line misses the mark, your video wont be played. Be sure to write a subject line that piques your recipients curiosity. Consider something like, Hi Janine! Quick question and video for you

    Make the most of your animated preview: If youre recording your video right within Gmail, be sure to make the most of the GIF that will be automatically generated and added to your Gmail message. Use a whiteboard with a friendly greeting and your recipients name on it in your GIF to get their attention right away.

    Keep an eye on your video analytics: When you add BombBomb to Gmail, youll send a panel on the left side of your inbox with video analytics. This BombBomb Tracking feature will keep tabs on email opens and clicks as well as video plays. Pay close attention to these video analytics so you can follow up with your recipient accordingly. Learn more about the BombBomb Tracking feature in this article.

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    Send Your Own Video In Gmail

    Now that you know how to send video in Gmail using BombBomb, its time for you to start sending videos right from your inbox.

    If you already have a BombBomb account, follow the steps above and start sending out those videos.

    Not a BombBomb customer yet? No worries! You can try it free for two weeks here.

    Vivian Lopez | About The Author

    Option #: Email A Video With A Link

    Okay, this is probably the easiest way to add a video to an email, stick a link in the body of the email, add copy, and send. What you’ll want to consider first is your relationship with the recipient.

    For example, if you’re sending this to a prospect or as part of a cold outreach effort, people might not trust you to take them to a second location. That’s why we’d always recommend adding a thumbnail to your email that shows your face. This way your recipient is much more likely to click.

    For this you can easily use a free screen or webcam recorder. Bonjoro has a free Chrome based screen recorder that gives you HD recording as standard, unlimited videos, and unlimited video length. You can upgrade if you want to add branding and CTAs to your screen recordings.

    Just download the Chrome extension, record your webcam or screen recording, and then grab the link only, or the link and thumbnail and drop it into your existing email.

    Here’s how the video + thumbnail or video link only would look in your email:

    If you need a non-Chrome screen recorder there’s a list of the best ones here.

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    Compose Your Email And Import Your Thumbnail Or Screenshot Into The Email

    Write your newsletters copy using solid advice from copywriters and then embed the thumbnail/screenshot of the video into the body of the email as seen below.

    You could make the placeholder a GIF, too. This works even better than a still picture to encourage high engagement rates:

    GIF thumbnails often work better than images in emails because they give your subscribers a better feel of what your video is about, increasing the chances theyll click to watch it.

    How To Send Large Files Over The Internet Using Outlook And Onedrive

    1.3 I can send e has a message size limit of 20 MB. If you want to send large video files free, save this file to OneDrive and send a link to the file that anyone can view.

    Over the years, Microsofts OneDrive service has been significantly upgraded. It is a good choice for storing files and folders online.

    Try the following steps to send large video files for free.

    • Go to the Microsoft Office website and sign in with your account.
    • Select OneDrive. Then, OneDrive opens in a separate browser window and displays your folders and files.
    • Upload the video files you want to upload.
    • Select when the upload is finished.
    • Enter the email address or name of the recipient, then enter the message text, and select Send.
    • You and your recipient will receive an email with a link to the video. Your friends can download this video and watch it.

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    Quick And Easy Ways To Share Video Online In 2021

    Video production is at its peak. With 3.8 billion people owning smartphones and an increased reliance on video marketing, individuals and organizations are looking for new ways to share their videos online.

    The choice of the right file-sharing software mainly depends on your personal or professional needs. Choosing the right tool can streamline your distribution phase, save valuable time, and even contribute to the bottom line of your business.

    Below are the 25 best tools to share videos online in 2021, for those just looking for ways to easily share large video files, and even those who need a more sophisticated video production management software for your marketing function.

    Use The Outlook Automatic Resizing

    Ifyou’re using image file attachments, you can use Microsoft Outlooks automaticresizing feature to reduce the size of the image. To use the feature, click theFile tab on the top left of yourmessage window. Youll see the following screen:

    Clickthe toggle button to the left of the Resizelarge images when I send this message to have Outlook automatically resizeyour image files.

    Note: The image files are resized when you clickthe Send button. So, in the exampleabove you still wouldnt be able to add the additional file.

    Toget an idea of how much the image sizes were reduced, heres a look at the sentmessage:

    As you can see, even the largest file which was 5 MB,Regional .jpg, is now only 284 KB .

    The automatic resizing feature only works whenthe photo images are attached to your email message and sent. If youveembedded theimages into your message, they cant be resized using this method. So, you won’t be able to send a large image file with this method. But it can reduce the size of the images you’re sending, which increases the likelihood that they’ll be accepted by the recipient’s email system.

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