How Can I Send A 50mb File Via Email

Bonus: Organize Large Email Files With The Clean Email App

How to send large PDF files via email.

Clean Email is an inbox cleaner solution that will help you keep your mailbox clean and organized. Its features “Smart Views,” “Auto Clean,” and “Quick Clean” will prevent you from getting overwhelmed cleaning out the hundreds of messages sent to you every week. If you receive a ton of large messages, this app will be the perfect tool to locate, organize, and remove them from your inbox to avoid your server from being slowed down.

While the app can’t help you with sending emails, it can help you with managing your messages with large attachments to clean up storage in your mailbox. The “Smart Views” feature automatically sorts through your messages and combines emails larger than 10MB into a separate folder. The “emails larger than 10MB” folder will allow you to determine which messages need to be deleted to free up space, which email attachments can be saved to your cloud or desktop, and which emails need to be kept without externally saving the file.

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    Easy Ways To Send Large Files Via Email Attachment

    Want to send big files over the internet for free? Learn 5 ridiculously easy ways to share large files online using email

    It is known that emails are for professional use , not to send large files over the internet for this reason and many others there is a limit on the size of the mails attachment. Back in time, the limit was barely 5-10 megabytes in total and 10 megabytes maximum for each attachment. Nowadays, the maximum can reach 33mb of attached files.

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    Use A Share Link From Your Cloud Service

    If you’re not using OneDrive, you’re going to need to copy and paste a direct link to your file from your service provider.

  • Log into the cloud service provider like Google Drive or iCloud.
  • Upload the file as normal if you haven’t already completed this step.
  • Copy the link and edit permissions if necessary.
  • Go into Outlook and compose a new message.
  • Paste the link in the document and forward it as normal.
  • If you do have OneDrive you’ll do things a little differently.

  • Log into OneDrive to upload the file.
  • Log back into Outlook and compose a new message.
  • Select the OneDrive option and click on the file you want to send.
  • Once attachment and the message are in place, email the message as normal.
  • What Is The Gmail Attachment Size Limit

    3 Best Ways to Send Books to Kindle from Mac (Including 10.15 Catalina)

    The Gmail attachment size limit for incoming emails is 50 MB. That means you can accept emails from other people of up to 50 MB.

    But when it comes to uploading files and sending an email, the upper limit is 25 MB.

    But that 25 MB limit is based on the actual size of your email message not the size of the file on your disk. When you upload a file into Gmail, your attachment needs to be re-encoded into a new format .

    Because of this, the size of your attachment can practically double. That means the real Gmail attachment size limit is roughly 12.5 MB on disk.


    Fortunately, there are a few ways around this limit.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Sending Large Files By Email

    These days, working with email and using email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail is pretty run of the mill stuff. However, theres a little more to sending email attachments, especially large files, than is general knowledge.

    In this quick skills post, we cover everything you need to know to send large files successfully via email.

    Find more useful strategies forlegal professionals in our Troubleshooting forMicrosoft Word guide.

    Gmail Attachment Limit: How To Send Files That Exceed The Limit

    The Gmail file size limit can be quite frustrating.

    As Gmail refuses to send emails with more than 25MB of attachments, its hard to send large presentations, images or videos.

    However, theres a workaround. In this article, Ill show you how to bypass the current Gmail attachment limit and send as many big files as you want!

    Heres what well cover:

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    Option : Send Using A Different Platform

    If none of these options are attractive to you, youll have to send your attachment files using a different platform entirely.

    For example, you may be able to upload your files to a project management platform or share using an internal company server.

    Or, you could try, a service that lets you send large files easily and conveniently.

    Send Files Via Google Drive

    How to Email Large Files with Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox

    Anotherapproach is uploading the oversized file to a cloud share account like GoogleDrive, assigning rights for anyone with the link to view it ,and sending the recipient the link to the file on Google Drive.

    Todo this, upload the oversized file to a folder in your Google Drive account.

    Right-clickon the file in Google Drive, and select .

    Inthe window, next to Anyone with the link can view,select Copy link.

    Thiswill copy the Google Drive file URL to your clipboard.

    Goback to your Gmail email message and select the insert link icon. Pastethe Google Drive file link into the Web address field.

    SelectOK to finish. This will insert the link into your email message.

    SelectSend to finish. All the recipient needs to do is click the link todownload the file from your shared Google Drive file.

    Usingthis approach, it doesnt matter how large the file is. You can send any fileof any size in this manner.

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    The 9 Best Ways To Send Large Files

    We all know the frustrating feeling maybe you’ve finally finished the script for your next marketing video, or you’ve collected all the images you need for your next campaign. But when you go to press “Send” you’re told, “Sorry. File too large.”

    Unfortunately, our email accounts can’t carry as much storage as you might think. Gmail, for instance, can only hold files up to 25 MB.

    Additionally, large files can eat at your storage space, even if it’s just sitting in your Sent folder.

    If you’ve got a file you can’t send the traditional way, don’t worry we’ve got nine easy and cheap alternatives, to ensure the largest of files can be sent to whoever, within minutes.

    Save Your File To A Cloud Service And Share A Link

    There are many cloud storage services to which you can upload and then share large files. Some popular cloud storage services include OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive. Once your file is stored in the cloud, you can include a link to the document in your email message.

  • Upload your file to a cloud service, such as OneDrive or Dropbox.

    Note: The service you use generates a link to access your file. Your recipient can open the link to download your file.

  • After you upload the file, copy the link, and paste it into your email message.

    Tip: For detailed information about uploading files and creating a download link in OneDrive, go to Upload photos and files and .

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    Is There A File Size Limit Or Maximum File Size For Dropbox

    All files uploaded to Dropbox cant exceed your storage space quota. There is no file size limit for files uploaded through the desktop or mobile apps, and files uploaded to have a maximum file size of 50 GB. For downloads from Dropbox, the following limits apply:

    • Basic accounts: 20 GB of bandwidth and 100,000 downloads per day
    • Plus, Professional, and Business accounts: 200 GB of bandwidth and unlimited downloads per day

    Using A File Compression Software

    Using Dropbox to send Large Files in Professional Webmail ...

    When you want to send multiple files at a go, its better to use a file compression software tool instead of a cloud storage link. Theyre just more time-saving as you can send a folder of files at once. The fact that you can save tons of space is another advantage.

    While you can use third-party applications for this purpose, compressing the file directly on your computer is also possible.

    Well discuss how you can compress a file or folder by converting it into a ZIP version. Heres what you need to do:

    Step #1 Right-click on the large file that you want to email. A dropdown box will appear.

    Step #2 Click on Compress document-file-name.

    And thats it!

    Generally, the files that have been compressed into a ZIP file reduce in size from anything from 10 to 75%. Its definitely a vast range, but thats because the compression depends on how much space is available within the file data for the compression algorithm to do its magic.

    Once your folder is compressed, along with its files, you can simply mail it to your intended recipients as you normally would.

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    How Do I Send Large Files From My Phone

    There is no technical difference between sending files from a phone or tablet as there is from a computer. The biggest issue with file transfers from a phone arises from the individuals data plan. If it is metered, you could end up paying a lot for an extra data allocation. If this is the case, send the file while connected to a WiFi system and turn off data temporarily.

    Send Files Of Any Size Through Outlook

    After a user downloads the Thru for Outlook add-in to their desktop, they can create a new email as they normally would but can choose to send with Thru, as opposed to sending a standard email attachment. When sending files with Thru, users can send files or folders of any size that they have stored on their desktop or that have been stored in the Thru Cloud.

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    Use A Virtual Private Network Or Vpn

    You can use a virtual private network or VPN as well to send large files. But as this isnt the best option, we wont go into too much detail about this.

    Why you ask?

    Firstly, sending large files will slow down your VPN connection. Secondly, there is no guarantee that your files will be intact upon delivery. Think about it: Wont this defeat the whole purpose of sending large files in the first place?

    Using other alternatives mentioned above, especially ZIP compression and cloud storage services, is much more preferable.

    Compress The Files Online

    How to Send Large Files via Gmail in Android Phone

    If you dont want to use a third-party service to send large files via email, compressing your files is a quick and easy alternative. You can even compress files online with a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat online services without needing to download any additional software. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit the PDF editor website.
  • Upload the large file you want to make smaller.
  • Let the software do its magic.
  • This will reduce the size of the file without greatly affecting the quality. Now, you can easily email your files without worrying about reaching the file size limit.

    Discover what more you can do with Acrobat online services to make it easy to edit and share PDFs right from your devices web browser.

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    What Is The Difference Between A Website And A Landing Page

    Landing pages are more focused on completing short-term marketing goals and are typically created to complement other campaigns. Youll also find fewer links and specific CTAs on a landing page.

    On the other hand, a website provides visitors with several pages to explore the different products or services available, a companys mission and vision, shipping policies, and more. Websites are also used for shoppers to finalize purchases.

    Use Gmail Google Drive Integration

    Aneven faster way you can upload a large file and send the link is by using theintegration that exists between Gmail and Google Drive.

    Ifthese are two services you use and youre sending your email using Gmail, allyou need to do is attempt to attach a file thats larger than the 25 Mb.

    Gmailwill automatically upload the file to your Google Drive account with visibilityfor the email recipient. Youll see a message notifying you of this.

    Whenthe upload is done, youll see the Google Drive link inserted into your email.

    Thatsall there is to it. This is the fastest way to send an oversized file viaemail, but again you need to have both a Gmail and a Google Drive account forit to work.

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    Why There Is A Limit On The Size Of The Email

    These are some of the main reasons for the mail size limit:

    • Mail systems often arbitrarily limit the size their users are allowed to submit.
    • You also cant email large files because the message will often pass through several mail transfer agents to reach the recipient. Each of these has to store the message before forwarding it and may therefore also impose size limits.
    • The recipient mail system may reject incoming emails with attachments of a certain size.
    • For security reasons, all email service providers limit the maximum email size that an email account can receive. Else, with no maximum email size limit, the email server would risk being besieged with very large emails, causing it to desist working properly.

    The result is that while large attachments may succeed internally within a company or organization, they may not when sent across the internet. Email infrastructure is not designed to cope with large files. Thats why most email providers impose limits on the maximum size of a single attachment.

    Using A Free Online Service

    How to Send Sensitive Information over Email

    You can send large files over email through a free online service provided the files arent confidential or sensitive in nature.

    There are plenty of free online services that allow you to upload your large files and then email them to your colleagues or friends. Jumpshare, for instance, lets its users use up to 250MB of files with a free account. If you want to send even larger files, you have to sign up with their paid plans.

    Heres how you can send large files through Jumpshare to your email recipients:

    Step #1 Sign up for a free Jumpshare account.

    Step #2 Once your account is set, click on Upload to upload your large files on the platform.

    Step #3 Hover your cursor over the file once the uploading is complete. Youll see a cogwheel icon click on it.

    Step #4 Click on from the dropdown menu. A pop-up box will appear on your screen.

    Step #5 Type in the names or email addresses of your recipients. Then click on the Send button when done.

    You can also schedule to send the shareable link at a later time according to your convenience.

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