How Can I Retrieve Lost Emails

Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Outlook

How to Recover Deleted Emails From Yahoo

With Outlook for Windows, you can recover a deleted folder if its still in your Deleted Items folder. This is done in much the same way you would a single email, as we discussed at the beginning of this blog.

Unfortunately, you cant recover a folder thats been permanently deleted. But all is not lost! You can use the steps below to recover individual items from the folder you deleted.

If you cant find an item in the Deleted Items folder either because youve deleted an item from the folder, emptied the folder or permanently deleted an item by selecting it and pressing Shift+Delete the next place to look is the hidden Recoverable Items folder.

  • In Outlook, go to your email folder list, and then click Deleted Items.
  • Make sure Homeis selected in the menu bar then click Recover Deleted Items From Server.
  • Select the item you want to recover, click Restore Selected Items> click OK.
  • Its worth noting that if you can only see the Trash folder or cant find the Recover Deleted Items From Server option, your email account doesnt support recovering an item thats no longer in your Deleted Items folder.

    Retrieving Deleted Emails From Trash

  • 1Open the Mail app. Find the the Mail app icon on the home screen of your iPhone and tap it.
  • 2Access the menu. Tap the a three-line icon at the top of the screen to open the apps menu.
  • 3Select a mail account. If you have multiple accounts linked to the Mail app, they will be listed here. Tap on the account you want to retrieve deleted emails from.
  • 4Go to Trash. Tap the Trash folder of the mail account. All deleted emails should be here if you did not archive your mails.
  • 5Retrieve the deleted mail. Open the mail to restore by tapping it, and then tap the second to the left icon to open the Move screen. All your folders, or mailboxes, will be listed tap the one you want to restore the email in and it will be moved there.Advertisement
    • How do I restore archived email?VDubGolfCommunity AnswerGo on the mail app and click back until you see the Mailboxes page. Scroll down to find Archive.Thanks!

    How To Recover Deleted Icloud Emails

    If you are also wondering can you recover deleted emails from iCloud, then the answer would be YES. This is because when we delete emails from the iCloud Mail inbox, they are not removed right away. Instead, they are moved to the Trash folder in the iCloud Mail where they are stored for the next 30 days.

    Therefore, if it has not been 30 days already, then you can easily recover deleted iCloud emails. To learn how to recover deleted iCloud email from its Trash, you can follow these steps:

    Step 1. At first, just go to the official website of iCloud and log-in with your account details. From the home screen of iCloud, select the âMailâ option.

    Step 2. This will display the iCloud email interface on the screen. Now, go to the sidebar and just click on the âTrashâ folder.

    Step 3. It will automatically display all the deleted emails that are saved in the Trash. You can select the emails you want to recover and click on the âMove toâ icon from the toolbar.

    Step 4. In the end, just choose to recover iCloud emails and move them to the âInboxâ where you can access them later on. Apart from the iCloud website, you can also recover deleted iCloud emails from the iOS Mail app or the iCloud desktop application.

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    How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails In Outlook

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    Goodness Gracious! I deleted some really important emails!!!!! How on earth can I get those emails back? Have you had such a situation? I sure did and facepalmed myself until I got them back. This is an emotion of the Outlook user who has lost his crucial emails in Outlook with the Delete action.

    The miracle of modern technology is that you dont have to despair if youve lost some important data. Most of the times, youll get them back. The following write-up is divided into two parts. Each part explains how to get back deleted emails. To get a clear idea, keep on reading!

    How To Recover Deleted Emails From Outlook

    How to recover/restore deleted emails from gmail trash ...

    Its also simple to recover deleted emails from Outlook. In Outlook, you can delete a message by clicking the Trash icon next to it, or deleting emails in bulk with the Delete button. Either way, your emails will end up in the Deleted Items or Trash folder.

    To recover a deleted email:

  • Pull up this folder and find the email youre looking for
  • Right click the emails and highlight Move To, then send them to the Inbox or another folder of your choice
  • You can also use the Restore button that appears to automatically send them to your Inbox
  • Outlook wont delete your old emails automatically. However, you may permanently delete your messages from the Deleted Items folder, individually or by emptying the folder, to clear space. This is considered permanent deletion.

    That said, theres one last-ditch effort you can make to recover items from permanent deletion: you can look for the Recoverable Items folder, a hidden folder that temporarily stores your permanently deleted items.

    To access the Recoverable Items folder:

  • From there, you should have an option that says, Recover Deleted Items From Server. .
  • From here, you can find the emails you want to restore and click Restore Selected Items. Click OK when youre ready.
  • Items recovered this way will return to your Deleted Items folder. From there, you can follow the steps above to restore your items from Deleted Items back to your Inbox, or to your folder of choice.

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    How To Recover Deleted Emails From Outlook Server

    In case if you were unable to recover Emails on Outlook from the Deleted Items Folder, you should probably try to recover it from the Server. It’s a hidden folder under the Deleted Items.

    Most of the times you can find the permanently deleted Emails through this method on the Server. You can recover your Emails through this method and can move it to the Deleted Items Folder, and then can recover those emails from the Deleted Items using the above-mentioned method.

    Go through the following steps to recover deleted emails:

    Step 1 In the side menu panel of Outlook, click on the “Deleted Items” option to go to the Deleted Items folder. Once you are in, choose “Home” in the top menu bar.

    Step 2 Once you click on the “Home” option, you will see an option “Recover Deleted Items from Server” under the Home.

    Step 3 Now, you will see list of many mails, look for your deleted Email that you want to recover from Outlook. If you see the Email, select it and choose the option “Restore Selected Items”. Now, click on “OK”.

    Note: Once you recover your Emails from the server using the above-mentioned steps, your Emails won’t be recovered directly, they will be moved to the Deleted Items folder. You can then go to the Deleted Items Folder and Recover your Emails from there.

    How To Recover Deleted Emails From Yahoo

    Losing an important email from your is never fun, especially if youre responsible for the mess because you clicked on the wrong button. Fortunately for you, we know how you can recover deleted Yahoo emails:

  • Open your Yahoo! Mail account.
  • Navigate to the Trash folder.
  • Select the deleted email you want to recover.
  • Choose Inbox or any other folder where you would like to move the deleted email.
  • By default, emails stay in the trash folder for one week. You can change this by opening the Security tab and choosing a different time period. If you miss the 7-day deadline, theres, unfortunately, nothing else you can do as Yahoo clearly states that messages can only be restored if lost or deleted in the last 7 days. So, thats your answer to how to recover permanently deleted emails from yahoo.

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    Repair The Outlook Pst File

    If your Outlook is crashed and you have to recover your emails, then you can consider repairing the PST file of the application. To do this, you can use any PST repairing tool like Stellar Repair for Outlook.

    Once you launch the application, you can browse and load the corrupt PST file to it. Later, it will take the needed steps to repair your Outlook drafts. You can even preview the repaired emails and extract them from here.

    Retrieving A Deleted Mail With A Shake

    How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Gmail – 2021
  • 1Launch the Mail app. On the home screen of your iPhone, tap the icon of a white envelope with a blue background. The Mail app interface will load on your screen.
  • 2Shake your phone. If you accidentally deleted an email, just shake your iPhone in your hand. A set of options will pop-up: Undo Trash? and Cancel.
  • 3Retrieve the email. Tap Undo and the deleted email will be restored in your Inbox.
  • Note that this only works for an email that has just been deleted. If you exit the Mail app, you wont be able to retrieve the mail.
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    Use Outlook Deleted Email Recovery Tool

    This method recovers deleted emails from PST files of any Outlook version, including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and older. It useStellar Repair for Outlook a professional PST file recovery tool to recover deleted emails from PST files of any size. For Outlook IMAP accounts with purged emails, the software can recover the deleted emails by scanning the backup PST, if available. Notably, the tool also works on corrupted PST files.

    Unlike Method 3, which requires manual efforts and has risks of data loss, the software-based method is safe and fast. Also, it can effectively recover the deleted emails in vast scenarios.

    Here are the steps to use the software:

      • Install and launch the software. The software automatically detects and lists the PST files from the default location.
      • Alternatively, you can use the Choose Location tab to Browse or Find the PST file.
      • Click Repair to start scanning the PST for deleted emails and other mail items.
      • Select the deleted Outlook emails shown in Red color on the Preview screen and click Save Repaired File.
      • Choose PST as the file format to export the deleted emails and click OK.

      The software will recover the deleted emails in a PST file, allowing you to access them via Outlook.

      Scenario 3 Outlook Emails Purged Using Recover Deleted Items

      Aside from normal deletion and using the Shift + Del command, you may have purged Outlook emails using the Recover Deleted Items feature, available with Outlook accounts configured with Exchange Server using IMAP or MAPI.

      Only an administrator can recover such purged emails from the server using eDiscovery features, provided the emails are not purged from the server.

      As an individual Outlook user, you can recover the purged Outlook emails if you have an email backup in the form of a PST file. In that case, you can use Method 4 to recover your permanently deleted Outlook emails.

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      Why Email Gets Archived

      If your missing email is the Archivefolder you can drag-and-drop it from there to the folder where you want it tobe. Use the same drag-and-drop technique I described above for the Deleted Items folder.

      You can also retrieve an archived message using the Move tool to move an archived message into another folder.

      You can avoid the need to constantly be retrieving emails that wereaccidentally archived by understanding and adjusting the Outlook AutoArchive option, so Im going todiscuss the settings now.

      Why Emails Disappear From Outlook

      How To Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail

      There are times when Outlook users are not able to find their emails or even folders. Too often, it can become a persisting situation in which emails would disappear from Outlook regularly. Ideally, if your emails keep disappearing from Outlook, then it could be because of these causes.

      • The pre-set filters or rules on a folder would have blocked the email.
      • Your system might not be connected to a stable internet connection.
      • You would have made a mistake while setting up your email account.
      • There might be some configuration issues with your Outlook server or account.
      • The view settings on Outlook might be tampered with.
      • You could be looking for wrong email subjects or senders.
      • The native firewall could have blocked or removed the mails.
      • The Outlook PST file might be deleted unintentionally.
      • The Outlook’s server could be unavailable or any other syncing issue.

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      Go Through The Steps To Recover Junk Mail Data From Pst File

    • Add your PST file from which you need to recover deleted junk mails.
    • Choose Advanced Scan mode torecover permanently deleted emails in PST data file.
    • View the data in your scanned PST file. The Junk Mail folder will be displayed in bold font.
    • All the recovered deleted spam email messages in Outlook PST file will be displayed in red color.
    • Now select the required emails by checking each of them. And then click on the Exported Selected option. If you need to export whole data from PST, then press Export Button.
    • Now select PST file option to save recovered email messages in PST file. And click on the Export button below in the window.
    • How To Protect Your Outlook Emails

      The guide would have certainly helped you fix the emails disappearing from the Outlook issue. Though, if you don’t want to undergo the same experience again, then consider protecting your Outlook account and data by following these tips.

      Tip 1: Backup your Outlook data

      This is the most important thing that you should do to keep your Outlook data safe. To make it easier for us to back up our emails, Outlook lets up export our data pretty easily. Just go to its Settings > Open & Export > Import & Export files. Choose to export your data and select the format in which you wish to save your Outlook data.

      Tip 2: Enable 2-factor authentication

      The two-factor authentication will make sure that your email account won’t be hacked by someone so easily. Using this security feature, you can link your mobile number to your Outlook account. An intruder would need to access your phone to verify the one-time generated code whenever they wish to log-in to your Outlook.

      Tip 3: Check the trusted devices

      To make the log-in process easier, Outlook lets you mark some devices as “trusted”. Whenever you would log-in on a trusted device, Outlook will not ask for a verification code. Therefore, you should make sure that only your devices are marked here and you should be logged out of all the other sources.

      Tip 4: Encrypt important messages

      Tip 5: Avoid phishing or other security threat

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