How Can I Get A Custom Email Address For Free

How Do You Set Up A Professional Email Signature

How To Get A FREE Custom Email Address In Less Than 5 Minutes!

If youre using Gmail, set up your email signature by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then select Settings and scroll down to find the Signature box, where you can input your signature.

Alternatively, you can design a professional email signature using a signature generator like WiseStamp. WiseStamp lets you create a customized professional email signature that includes images, links, icons, and morewith no coding knowledge. Learn more about the best email signature generators.

Setup Professional Email Addresses

Weebly uses G Suite to provide a complete email solution for its users. Getting started is easy just click on the G Suite tab in the dashboard of your account.

To continue, youll need to enter the username you want for your email address and use the drop-down menu to select the domain youd like to use. Note that your domain must be pointed to Weebly in order to sign up for G Suite through your Weebly account. Choose a password and click on the purchase button to pay.

Next, and once youve gone through that procedure, youll be in your brand new inbox.

Going forward, you can log-in to this inbox by going to or by going to . You can also log into your inbox right from the G Suite tab in your Weebly account using the convenient Go to Inbox option.

How To Get A Free Email Domain

If youre running a business, its smart to obtain an email domain thats consistent with your branding. Using a personal address to communicate with your customers doesnt look professional and might undermine your credibility. However, finding a free email domain can be tricky.

Many web hosting companies offer free email domains if you purchase one of their plans. Some of them are a real bargain, and you can easily connect them to your Gmail account. Alternatively, if you dont want any associated costs, there are other solutions that might better suit you.

In this article, well discuss three methods you can use to create a free email domain, with or without purchasing web hosting or your own domain name. Lets dive right in!

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Imap Internet Message Access Protocol

IMAP is a lot more flexible than POP3 since it enables you to sync your emails across multiple devices. So, if you want to be able to check your email from different devices, as well as integrate your custom email address with webmail services such as Gmail or Outlook, you should use IMAP to set up your email.

However, one downside of IMAP is that it does not delete any messages on the server. This means that if you receive a lot of emails, you can exceed your storage space quickly.

Get A Free Email Domain With Mailcom

Hacking Gmail to use custom domains for free

If you want a 100% free email domain without needing to purchase your own web hosting and/or domain name, this is your best option.

This method wont enable you to create a custom email domain, so it may not be the best solution for established businesses. However, if youre a freelancer or just starting out and dont mind using a generic domain name, it could be optimal for you. enables you to set up an industry-specific email account thats completely free. You can pick from a variety of domain names such as or Simply sign up for an account to get started:

Once youve filled in your details and chosen your password, click on I agree. Create an email account now. Then, click on Activate your account now, and youre done:

Note that, unfortunately, this option wont allow you to send and receive emails via Outlook or Gmail. Youll have to log in to each time you want to use it.

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Where Can I Get More Help Setting Up My Custom Email Address

The best source for help setting up your custom email address is through the provider where you purchased your domain name. For example, if you registered your domain through Bluehost, contact its customer service team for additional troubleshooting help via phone or live chat. If youd rather have someone set up your custom email address on your behalf, you can find technical support freelancers on Fiverr for as little as $5.

Who Owns My Domain

You own your domain and GoDaddy is the registrar that manages it for you. You can set up a website with your domain or transfer it to another registrar if you prefer. However, if you transfer your domain away from GoDaddy, you will no longer be able to send or receive email with using your personalized email address.

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Communicate Professionalism In Your Small Business

Beyond that, your email address can communicate a level of professionalism in your business. When people see you use a free email address like, it communicates that you may not be a very reputable company or maybe you have not been in business for very long. Having your own domain name with a personalized email address like can give people a place to go to check out your business. When they see in your email address, they will likely go online and check out your website. Youll want to make sure to have a professional and informative website or at the very least some basic info in case people visit your website. Check out your options below

What Is A Custom Email Address And Why You Need It

How to Create A Business Email For Free (And Use It with Gmail)

Custom email addresses are typically used by businesses and individuals with a web presence because they make them look more professional, are easier to remember, promote their brand, and add instant credibility.

However, you can create your own unique email address even if you don’t have a website, and we explain how in the next chapter.

Get rid of email clutter and simplify email management with Clean Email.

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Email Addresses: Creating Your Own Email With Gmail + Any Domain Name

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to create an email address using your own domain name, and learn how you can send and receive emails using Google Gmail.

Written by Frank Moraes

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Your business image is important. Its your companys brand. Everything from your business website to the email address you use is a reflection of your brand. The better your brand looks, the better the relationship youll have with past, present and future customers.

One mistake many first-time entrepreneurs make is using a personal email address. Its hard for customers and clients to take a business seriously if it sends email from an address like or

With modern hosting platforms like Bluehost, you dont need to use these unprofessional email addresess. You can create an email address using your custom domain like and connect it directly to your Gmail account. This means youll get all the convenience of the Gmail platform, but with your business name in the email address instead of

Heres how you can send and receive emails using Gmail so that your customers will see the emails as coming from your own domain name.

Add A Custom Email Address Into A Free Gmail Account

Back in 2010, we wrote an article on adding a custom email address into a free Gmail account. What this technique does is allow you to use the storage flexibility and spam protection of Gmail with a custom email address for free.

We are updating our tutorial since Gmail has changed the way it handles things when adding in a custom email address. With that being said, follow along with the video to get yourself setup. In addition to having a free Gmail account setup, you will need access to your hosting panel, as well as know your SMTP and Port settings. If you are unsure of those pieces, contact your hosting provider.

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The Guide To Getting Your Own Custom Email Address

Custom email may seem like a small detail in the larger branding picture, but its hugely important. In a single glance, this is what it means to your customers, clients, and/or acquaintances:

  • Custom email address = youve created a real business
  • Your old or email address = this is your weekend hobby

So lets patch up your branding right now and set you on the path to legitimacy. Its an inexpensive bit of branding that will make a world of difference.

How Can I Find An Available Domain Name

How to get a free EDU email address

Ideally, your domain name will be your business name with the .com domain extension. However, it can be very difficult to find an available domain name as the vast majority of common names are already taken. To help, try adding keywords, prefixes, or suffixes to your business name to find a suitable domain name that is available. Get more information on how to get a free email domain.

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Connect To Your Favorite Third

If you got your domain name through a web hosting provider, you can connect your email to a third-party email host like Gmail or Apple Mail . The exact process for doing this differs with each email platform, so choose your desired email host from the list below to get step-by-step instructions on how to connect your free business email to one of the leading email platforms.

For example, heres how to connect to Gmail:

To get started, youll need to first log in to your Gmail account. If you dont already have one, you can quickly create a free Gmail account here. After logging in to your new or existing Gmail account, click on the gear in the top right corner and select Settings.

Navigate to the Accounts and Import tab at the top. Then click Add a mail account.

This will open a new window where you can enter the email address you just created we are using Bluehost in this example. Enter your full business email address and Bluehost password in the window. You do not need to add POP server information. Once completed, click Add Account.

Important: Be sure to enter your full business email address in the Username field, including your domain .

You have now connected your Bluehost email address to Gmail this means all email sent to your Bluehost address will land in your Gmail folder. However, you also need to update Gmail so that you can send email from this address too.

Which Is Better: Google Workspace Or Office 365

The answer to whether Google Workspace or Office 365 is better for your business boils down to your needs and unique preferences. However, if your business wants the best value and the most user-friendly tools, youre likely to find Google Workspace to be the better option. To learn more, check out the complete breakdown of .

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Why You Need A Business Email Address

Here are the important reasons for using the business email address:

  • It is a custom business email address and thereby is more professional.
  • Business email address is short and can be remembered easily.
  • You can ensure that every email you send has a standard format and therefore maintain consistency.
  • Sending emails with a business name enables you to promote your brand.
  • Professional email addresses are less unlikely to be marked as spam by customers.

Add Mx Records For Email

How to Use Gmail (FREE) for Your Custom Domain Email Address

Once youve verified your domain name, you also need to add another type of record called MX records so that Google Workspace can manage the email for your domain name.

You can do this via the same interface where you added the TXT record. Or, many web hosts include a built-in tool to help you add the Google Workspace MX records.

For example, with the cPanel dashboard at SiteGround, you get a dedicated Set Google MX tool in the MX Entry interface:

And thats it! You should be ready to use Gmail with your custom domain name.

Remember if you want a more detailed look, .

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Our Top 25 Domain Names

First impressions countmake your mark with

Here at, we think that different email domains are a great way to bring a little personality to your email address or to give it a professional touch. We offer more than 200 domain names, but these are the undeniable favorites:

Set Up The Email Client

The email configuration page is incredibly useful, especially if youre setting these business email addresses up for your entire team. You can print/copy the information at the bottom of the page so they can set them up themselves, or you can click any of the links at the top of the page to run automatic scripts for the machine youre on, and cPanel will configure the email client of your choice.

After that, youre done. Just log into whatever client youre going to use and get to sending and receiving with your new business email account.

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Synching Mail Calendar And Contacts

As mentioned, a big benefit of having an account is that you can sync your Mail, Contacts and Calendar with multiple devices. These devices dont have to be PCs or laptops but can also be tablets or smartphones .

It is recommended to use the Outlook app for iPhone and iPad and Android as it supports the most features for an account and it can configure your account without needing to enter any server information.

However, you are free to use any other mail app as well. Most devices have built-in support for configuring accounts but in case you need to do it manually, you can use the following configuration settings to configure is as an Exchange ActiveSync account which syncs your mail, contacts and calendar.

CertificateAccept the SSL certificate when prompted

If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, then you can also configure your account in the Mail, Calendar and People apps to get Lock Screen and Start Screen information about upcoming appointments. For details see: Live Tiles for Outlook on Windows 8.

Using Mailgun For A Free Custom Domain Email Address

How to get a work email that Upwork asks for when you sign ...

Ive been using Gmail for my primaryemail address for over 13 years. I should thank my sister for making me use myname and not my now embarrassingAIM username. Heres a look atthe welcome email back in 2005. Gmail wasnt even a year old yet.

Gmail has served me well since then, but mostly for fun , I recently set up anemail address on my own domain. I ended up going with afree solution that involves Mailgun and is goodenough for my purposes. I wanted to still use my Gmail account to actuallyreceive and send the custom domain emails. It isnt important to me right now toactually have a separate inbox or to stop using Google for email.

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