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Restore Calendars From The Icloud Website

How To Check iCloud Email | iCloud Email Login

Restoring calendars works the same as contacts: the archived calendars you restore replace all your existing iCloud calendar events. Again, iCloud creates a new calendar archive first, allowing you to revert to it if you ever need to.

When you restore calendars from iCloud, you lose all the sharing information in them. As a result, you need to invite or be invited to any shared calendars again after restoring the archive.

How to restore calendars from the iCloud website:

  • Go to and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Click in the top-right corner and select Account Settings.
  • Beneath Advanced at the bottom of the screen, click Restore Calendars.
  • Click Restore next to the date you want to restore your calendars from.
  • How To Setup An Icloud Email Account On Your Iphone Ipad Ipod Or Mac

    Once you have created an iCloud email address, you might need to make sure it is turned on in the iCloud settings to see it appear in the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or in Mail on your Mac.

    To turn on your iCloud email account on an iPhone, iPad or iPod: Open Settings > Click on your name > iCloud > Toggle on Mail.

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    To turn on your iCloud email account on a Mac: Open the Apple Menu in the top left > Select System Preferences > Tap on Apple ID > Select iCloud > Make sure the Mail box is ticked.

    On Your Windows Computer

    While this might sound a bit strange but you can actually view your iCloud email address on a Windows PC. Apple has developed an app called iCloud for Windows, and if you have this installed and set up on your machine, you are just a few clicks away from getting access to your lost email address.

    Just make sure that you are already logged into the app or this method will not work.

  • Open the iCloud for Windows app on your computer.
  • On the main screen, you will see the email address that your Apple ID uses for your account. You can click on Account details if you want to view further details about your Apple account.
  • View the iCloud Email on a Windows PC

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    How To Create An Icloud Email Account On An Iphone Ipad Ipod Or Mac

    To create an iCloud email account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on your name at the top
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Toggle Mail on and press ‘Create’ when the pop up appears
  • Choose the iCloud email address you want
  • Tap on ‘Next’
  • Make sure you are happy with it as you can’t change it afterwards
  • Tap on ‘Done’
  • To create an iCloud account on your Mac, follow these steps:

  • Choose the Apple menu in the top left corner
  • If you’re running macOS Catalina 10.15 or later, click Apple ID then iCloud
  • If you’re running macOS 10.14 or earlier, you’ll just need to click iCloud
  • Select the tick box for Mail
  • Choose your iCloud email address
  • Tap ‘OK’
  • Five Icloud Email Tricks You Probably Missed

    How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 ...

    If you have an Apple ID, then you have an iCloud email account. This free account gives you up to 5GB storage for your emails, minus what you use for documents and other data you store in the cloud. Its easy to work with your iCloud email from Apples Mail, on the Mac, or on an iOS device. Still, you may not know about the many extra options and features available if you log into iCloud on the Web.

    Before you can take advantage of any of the following tips, you need to turn on iCloud. If you already have an Apple ID, which you use on the iTunes store, you may never have set up iCloud. Read this article to get it up and running. Once youve done that, you can use your email account and these five tricks.

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    Set Up Icloud For Mail On All Your Devices

    After you create a primary iCloud Mail address, you can use iCloud Mail on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Windows computer, and on For an overview of what you can do with iCloud, see Send and receive iCloud Mail on all your devices and keep Mail settings up to date. If you have an iCloud+ subscription, you can also set up a custom email domain to personalize iCloud Mail.

    Note: Make sure youre signed in with the same Apple ID on each device. If you have devices where youre not signed in with your Apple ID or that have iCloud Mail turned off, you wont be able to send or receive email from your iCloud Mail address on those devices. If you have devices that have iCloud Drive turned off, your Mail settings wont stay up to date on those devices.

    How To Recover Deleted Icloud Emails

    If you are also wondering can you recover deleted emails from iCloud, then the answer would be YES. This is because when we delete emails from the iCloud Mail inbox, they are not removed right away. Instead, they are moved to the Trash folder in the iCloud Mail where they are stored for the next 30 days.

    Therefore, if it has not been 30 days already, then you can easily recover deleted iCloud emails. To learn how to recover deleted iCloud email from its Trash, you can follow these steps:

    Step 1. At first, just go to the official website of iCloud and log-in with your account details. From the home screen of iCloud, select the âMailâ option.

    Step 2. This will display the iCloud email interface on the screen. Now, go to the sidebar and just click on the âTrashâ folder.

    Step 3. It will automatically display all the deleted emails that are saved in the Trash. You can select the emails you want to recover and click on the âMove toâ icon from the toolbar.

    Step 4. In the end, just choose to recover iCloud emails and move them to the âInboxâ where you can access them later on. Apart from the iCloud website, you can also recover deleted iCloud emails from the iOS Mail app or the iCloud desktop application.

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    How To Find Lost Icloud Email Apple Id Or Password

    If you happen to have lost your iCloud email ID and password, worry not because they could be restored. However, have the password or user ID restoration job while everything is in their safe state like your Apple device is not lost or stolen and you can still remember few credentials like your alternate email address and its password which you used to create an iCloud user ID things like that.

    Because if you forget everything and accidentally lose grip of your iPhone , you would certainly be in a deep sea without a submersible. You dont want that!

    Try An Apple Id Email Recovery Tool

    How to Recover Lost iCloud Email Password

    The efficient Apple ID recovery tool AnyUnlock iCloud Activation Unlocker is worth trying. With simple clicks, AnyUnlock can find out your Apple ID email instantly. This is especially workable when you forgot the Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and can not look up the email address by any means. Besides, it can free iOS devices from iCloud Activation Lock.

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Step 1. on your Mac or Windows PC. Launch it and click Find Apple ID as shown below.

    Step 2. Then you need to read What is jailbreak carefully. Make sure and choose Start Jailbreak.

    Choose to Start Jailbreak

    Step 3. AnyUnlock will start to download the right jailbreak tool for your iOS device. If your device has not entered into DFU mode, follow the on-screen guidance to do. Once your device entered into DFU mode successfully, the jailbreak process will start immediately.

    Step 4. Tap on Find Now button. When the finding process is finished, you can view the detailed Apple ID account information in the list. And you can Export in TXT Format.

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    How To Setup Your Icloud Email Account On Android In One Simple Step

    If you are switching to an Android device from iPhone or iPad, its likely that you are carrying your iCloud email address with you.

    Good news is, you can access your iCloud email on Android. But the process is complex on Gmail you need to add your iCloud account as IMAP, input incoming and outgoing SMTP server addresses, Port number, etc. All you get is the cluttered Gmail interface.

    Newton to the rescue

    Newton Mail makes it easy for you to access your iCloud account on Android, with a simple one-step setup. Heres how you add your iCloud account to Newton

    Go to Settings > Email Accounts > Add More > iCloud.

    High-Level Security

    Newton supports login via App Specific Password. For those who are not familiar with App Specific Password, it maintains a high level of security and ensures that your primary Apple ID password wont be collected or stored.

    Sign Up Once, Use Everywhere

    Once you create a Newton account, you can use it to login to any new device and all your email and preferences will be synced automatically. Newton is available on Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

    Next time you change your device, you need not go through the pain of setting up your email from scratch.

    Dont just access your email, Supercharge it!

    Newton comes loaded with a host of powerful features like Email Tracking, Send Later, Undo Send, Sender Profile, Snooze & more which works across all types email accounts including Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and IMAP.

    Change Icloud Account On Iphone

    If you need to change the iCloud account or Apple ID account on your iPhone, you must delete the existing iCloud account on the device. Because this option is worded as Delete Account, many users believe that all content in their iCloud storage drive will be deleted. This is not the case. When you delete the iCloud account from the iPhone, your content remains in the cloud. Only the iCloud account settings are deleted from the device.

    To delete the existing iCloud account, launch the Settings app, and then tap the iCloud tab. On the iCloud screen, tap the Delete Account option. Enter the old Apple ID or iCloud email address, along with the password for the account. Next, set up iCloud by logging in with your new iCloud email address or Apple ID.


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    How To Check Icloud Email From Windows

    Your iCloud account is compatible with the Windows 10 built-in Calendar and Mail applications, allowing you to access your email, appointments, and reminders via your PC’s default feature set. Follow the steps below to get iCloud email set up in Windows 10.

  • Add your iCloud account to Windows. Enter settings in the Windows Search box, located in the lower-left corner of the screen next to the Start button.

  • When the pop-out menu appears, select Settings: Trusted Microsoft Store app, found under the Best match heading.

  • The Windows Settings interface should now be displayed, overlaying your desktop. Click Accounts.

  • Select the Email & app accounts option, located under the Accounts header in the left menu pane.

  • Click Add an account, found in the Email, calendar and contacts section.

  • The Add an account dialog will now appear, containing a list of account types. Select the one labeled iCloud.

  • Enter your iCloud account credentials in the fields provided and click on the Sign in button once complete.

  • A confirmation message should appear, informing you that your account was set up successfully. Click on the Done button to exit the Add an account interface.

  • Enter mail in the Windows Search box, located in the lower-left corner of the screen next to the Start button.

  • The Windows Mail app will now launch, with your new account configured to download both your iCloud email and your iCloud calendar.

  • How To Recover Deleted Emails In Icloud Via A Saved Backup

    How To Transfer Photos From Old iPhone To New iPhone

    Another popular method to learn how to recover permanently deleted emails from iCloud is by extracting a previously saved backup. Needless to say, this method would only work if you already have an iCloud backed saved.

    The process can be followed to recover deleted iCloud emails via its website, desktop application, or iOS app. Here, I will let you know how to recover iCloud emails from their backup via its web interface.

    Step 1. Firstly, go to the official website of iCloud, log-in to your account, and select the âSettingsâ option from its home.

    Step 2. As the iCloud Settings would be opened, go to its âAdvancedâ option from the bottom and choose to restore your data.

    Step 3. From here, you can choose a backup file to restore and simply extract your deleted files back to your account.

    Alternatively, you can also reset your iPhone and while performing its setup, you can choose to restore its data from an existing iCloud backup.

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    Forward Emails To Another Account

    You probably dont have just an iCloud account you may have another account for work as well. If you get some emails in your iCloud account, you can choose to forward them all to another account. This is a good way to use your iCloud account for some of your email, and download it when you check your main email account. Instead of checking two accounts, you can just check one.

    Click the gear icon at the top-right of the iCloud Mail page, click Preferences, and then click General. Next to Forwarding, check Forward my email to, and enter an email address, such as your other account. You can also check Delete messages after forwarding, if you dont want them clogging up your iCloud mailbox.

    Recover Saved Icloud Email Data From Your Computer

    If you have already saved your iCloud mail data on your local computer storage or an external device, then you can easily get it back. To recover your deleted iCloud Mail data from these sources, you can use Recoverit Data Recovery.

    It is a professional and user-friendly data recovery application that can help you get back your photos, videos, documents, and so much more. You can even preview the results on its native interface and select a location to scan. To learn how to recover emails that were deleted from iCloud Trash with Recoverit Data Recovery, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Select a source location to scan

    To begin with, you can just launch Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer and mark a location to scan. For instance, you can select any partition to scan or even choose an external source . To save your time, you can browse to specific folders from where you lost your iCloud data.

    Step 2: Wait for Recoverit to complete the scan

    Now, you can wait for a while and let Recoverit recover deleted iCloud emails from your computer. Since it might take a while, you can just let the process be completed. Although, you can check the progress from an on-screen indicator and even halt it in between.

    Step 3: Preview and Recover your iCloud Emails

    Once the process is completed, you can view all the recovered data under different categories. You can also use the inbuilt filters and search option of Recoverit to look for specific files of your choice.

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