How Can A Retailer Track A Shopper’s Email Address

Drawing The Invisible Surveillance Line

How to Find Someones Email Address (in Seconds)

Although shopper surveillance hidden in a mannequins eyes is not viewed as a privacy violation by some shopper-tracking systems, Steve Russell, founder and CEO of Prisms, said that retailers who track customers by pulling information from their cell phones have gone too far.

He said that his heat-map tracking system should be viewed as an alternative to a privacy violation, since once the security camera footage is analyzed with a heat, all visual traces of the customers are expunged.

Before, a merchant could only look at the register to see what was selling, Russell said. Now, you can see what products shoppers are spending time with. If somebody is picking something up and playing with it but not buying it, that tells the retailer the item may be overpriced. In the past, merchandising decisions typically have been made based on a merchants gut feeling. Heres a way to make them based on data.

But those retailers, such as Nordstrom, which have used WiFi or Bluetooth signals from shoppers smart phones to track consumers habits, often argue that the system is one way we can learn about our customers foot traffic and find additional opportunities to improve the service we offer them.

Nordstrom doesnt currently use any software to gather information about its shoppers from their smart phones, but when the company ran a nine-month trial using the technology called Euclid, many shoppers complained about the tracking system on social media and to Nordstrom employees.

Getting Shopper’s Email Address With Liquid

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I’m trying to integrate javascript user tracking, with shopper identification by email .

I have my tracking code running on every store page, but I need to pass any email addresses whenever shopify is given one .So far, this seems to work fine with }, but I dont’ seem to be able to get any other email addresses out of the Liquid fields below:}

Remarket To Customers Based On Purchase Data

We mentioned using tried-and-true technologies in new ways to improve your ecommerce marketing performance. Lets start with one of the most important.

You know by now that remarketing is one of the most powerful tools at an ecommerce advertisers disposal. It dramatically increases customer lifetime value and, in return, your overall ROI. But are you using it to the full extent of its capabilities?

If youre not remarketing to your previous customers based on purchase data, specifically purchase date and amount, wed say no.

Segment those of your customers that havent purchased in 90-180 days, for example, and further segment that list by order value. Your best customers are customers you want to keep, so send them a special offer.

Most stores send discount codes to disengaged customers because its highly effective, but think of ways to take that to the next level.

It makes sense to send customers with lower order averages a discount, but why not send $20 or more of zero-obligation credit to your best customers to keep them engaged in your funnel? They may buy more than that $20 with their next order, they may not. The point is that they are highly engaged with your store and that could be very valuable when it comes to future orders.

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Data Analytics In Retail

Imagine understanding how your in-store traffic compares to similar businesses. ShopperTrak Market Intelligence arms retailers with people-counting insights to benchmark performance of a group of stores against the rest of the market by geography or sub-vertical and understand the performance of your stores at the city, region or country level.

What Do Shoppers Think About The Cameras


One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, called the technology creepy. Another shopper, Bella Milizia, said, Its an invasion of our humanity and who we are as people.

But not every shopper was concerned about the cameras, such as Janet Sternson, who said, If youre an honest person and youre not up to anything in the store, I think its fine.

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Customers Are Opting Into Data Collection That Gives Them Something Back

Theres a reason why seemingly every brand has an app and wants you to use it as much as possible, or encourages you to create an account and log in whenever you browse its website. This way, they can collect a ton of user data, usually tied to personally identifiable information that customers provide when creating accounts names, email addresses, home addresses, credit card information which can be reliably connected to a specific customer and tracked over time.

Apps can even track users movement through stores. Tiny Bluetooth beacons, which transmit signals to any Bluetooth-enabled device within a certain proximity, can detect devices through store apps to get a sense of where a shopper goes and how much time they spend looking at certain products or in certain sections.

Because youre using their app in proximity of beacons, they can correlate the data thats coming over the wire pretty easily to you, Sean OBrien, founder of Yales Privacy Lab and principal researcher at ExpressVPNs Digital Security Lab, told Recode. So some retailers dont have to rely as much on third parties as Id say they used to maybe five years ago.

You can build customer loyalty, OBrien said. These are other tangential effects that are really helpful for businesses as well.

Why Should You Have An Abandoned Cart Strategy For Your Woocommerce Store

You can create a single abandoned cart email automation to do all the work of recovering lost customers for youwhile making more money. Sounds pretty great, right?

In fact, research shows automated abandoned cart emails have an open rate of 41.18 percent, a click rate of 9.5 percent, and a revenue per recipient of $5.81, which is pretty outstanding.

Whats more, data also shows conversion rates for abandoned cart emails are three times greater than those for other email automations, on average.

Once you set up your WooCommerce abandoned cart emails, or abandoned cart email series, and determine your cart recovery strategy, you can let technology do all the heavy lifting for you and gain new customers while you sleepor at least while you spend your time on other critical aspects of running your business.

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How Retailers Use Smartphones To Track Shoppers In The Store

POS: How to add retail locations || Shopify Help Center

    Retailers aren’t only tracking consumers online they’re also doing it when consumers shop in brick-and-mortar stores. Robert Siegel talks to Latanya Sweeney, chief technology officer for the Federal Trade Commission, about how the tracking works and whether consumers can opt out.


    Now, from tracking you where you work to where you shop. This doesn’t just happen when you shop online, but in actual brick-and-mortar stores, too. And for more on this, I’m joined now by Latanya Sweeney. She’s chief technology officer for the Federal Trade Commission, and she has written about how this works. Dr. Sweeney, welcome to the program.

    LATANYA SWEENEY: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

    SIEGEL: And you’ve actually written on your own blog. This isn’t in your official capacity with the FDC.

    SWEENEY: Right. The views that I have are not in my – are not of the FTC or any of its commissioners. They allow me to blog on the site solely to open up discourse in the topic.

    SIEGEL: OK. So how are retailers able to track me, a consumer, when I’m in a store?

    And by using these constant probe requests by the phone looking for Wi-Fis, you could actually track where that phone has been, how often that phone comes there, down to a few feet. Which is much finer than, say, the GPS location that your phone might be giving.

    SIEGEL: So how is this helpful to companies, and to what extent are companies doing this?

    SIEGEL: In the jewelry department.

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      Monitoring What Websites You Visit In Their Store To See Who The Competitors Are

      Nearbuy Chief Executive Bryan Wargo said that retailers could use this to advertise on that store’s site. “Meanwhile, a department store that learns many of its customers log on to while in the electronics department could move an additional store employee to that area,” the WSJ reported.

      So What Is An Abandoned Cart Email

      An abandoned cart email is an email or a series of emails that shoppers receive after theyve added an item to their online shopping cart without making a purchaseeither they left the website without checking out or they havent purchased after a certain amount of time. For example, if an item is sitting in a shoppers cart for five hours without them making a purchase, you can safely assume they arent still actively shopping.

      There are a million reasons that shoppers might leave your site after adding an item to their cart and not purchasing. An abandoned cart email reminds them that they were interested in your products and often entices them to purchase with a special offer or through some other strategy .

      Most abandoned cart emails are automated, which means that theyre sent to shoppers based on certain triggers that are set up by someonemaybe you as the business owner, an email marketing specialist, or someone else on your team.

      Many modern email service providers and even some ecommerce platforms allow you to send cart abandonment automations and will often even have pre-made templates.

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      Target Emails Based On Campaign Data

      With list-growing tactics in place, you can take your ecommerce email marketing to the next level by segmenting your list based on the results of your previous campaigns.

      For example, segment your list based on customers who have converted on previous remarketing emails. The customers who have converted on these types of offers are more likely to convert on the same types of offers again, allowing you to build a list that possesses strong conversion potential.

      Then, segment those who didnt convert and test different campaigns with different tactics to determine what triggers these shoppers to convert. SwiftERM use an advanced predictive analytics algorithm to individually target each individual consumer, which is why it runs at the same time in parallel, to commonly used .

      Shopping In The 21st Century

      How Retail Data Analytics Are Shaping the Future of ...

      1. As the customer browses the Shoe Co. websiteâs selection of wingtips, cookies track their browsing history.

      2. In the Shoe Co. store, an alert pops up on their phone asking if theyâd like to opt in to in-store promotions.

      3. Meanwhile, millions of other shoppers also browse wingtips online and in the store, where theyâve also opted in.

      4. Shoe Co. analyzes the online and in-store shopping habits of all its customers to find the perfect deal for the customer.

      5. So when the customer returns to the store to buy his wingtips, he receives a Buy-One-Get-One-Free promotion for a pair of wingtips and argyle socks.

      Smarter Purchases. Better deals.

      Once a customer is inside, however, GPS coordinates are no longer very usefulâtheyâre not precise enough to determine what aisle a shopper is in or what type of products theyâre browsing. In fact, exact physical coordinates are much less interesting âthan whether theyâre in the shoe department or not,â explains Sima Nadler, IBMâs worldwide research lead for retail. To address this need, Nadler invented IBM Presence Zones, a system that helps transform raw location data into contextually defined areas that are actually useful for businesses. That way, âif you want to run reports about all shoe departments, you donât have to worry about the different XYZ-coordinates in each store,â says Nadler.

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      Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails: 5 Effective Strategies And Best Practices

      So how do you win back a shopper who added your product to your cart and then left your site without clicking that confirm purchase button?

      There are a few abandoned cart recovery email strategies you can use to entice consumers to come back. But its also important its to understand why people abandon carts in the first place. While some of these issues may be more of an indication of on-site user experience, they can inform your abandoned cart strategy and how you choose to tempt shoppers back to your site, too.

      You can see from Baymard Institutes research that half of the respondents claim that the top reason they abandon their carts is that extra costs like shipping and taxes are too high.

      Additionally, in the same study, Baymard Institute found that over 58 percent of US online shoppers have abandoned a cart because they were just browsing and/or not ready to buy.

      Here are a few ways your email marketing strategy can alleviate some customer concerns that prevent them from completing checkout:

      Whiskey Loot Brings New Ideas

      This example from whisky subscription brand Whisky Loot is really unique and deviates from the typical abandoned cart email, which works really well for the brand.

      Instead of trying to convince shoppers to buy with an offer, they focus on communicating the value of their products through this clever infographic that provides various ideas of things you can do with your Whisky Loot box.

      Some are more realistic than others , but that just adds to the charm.

      Plus, including an FAQ at the bottom of the email is a great way for the brand to alleviate common purchase barriers by getting ahead of frequent questions shoppers ask.

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