Can You Search Tinder By Email

How Does Tinder Work

How To Find Someone On Tinder? Search for Someone on Tinder Instantly

Tinder is a dating app . Users scroll through potential matches and swipe right if they like what they see and swipe left if they want to pass and move on to the next one. When perusing through possible matches, users can see a brief bio, pictures, and links to the person’s Facebook, Spotify, or Instagram profiles depending on how they set it up.

Finding A Tinder Account

If youve just created a new Tinder account for snooping, you may be curious to find someone in particular. There are two ways to search out a Tinder account. The first one takes a lot of time, the second one may net incorrect results, but if you have enough information about the person, its actually pretty great.

Option 1 Search Tinder

  • Get a cold drink and find a comfortable place to sit this is going to take a while
  • Open Tinder and change your settings to narrow down your matches age, location, etc.
  • Swipe left until you find their account
  • Option 2 Search the Internet

  • Snoop out information from their other social media profiles to increase the likelihood youll pull the right Tinder profile
  • This wont show you any information about a person on Tinder but it is useful for finding out whether a person has a profile. For example, if youve been married for ten years and find that your spouse has a Tinder profile, it may raise some questions about their activities.

    Assuming youve found the perfect match and no longer need the service, be sure to completely delete your Tinder profile otherwise, your other half may suspect youre up to something you arent. Even if your account is inactive, you may show up in a search somewhere, or your account could be hacked without you knowing.

    How to Delete Your Todoist Account

    How To Browse Tinder Anonymously: 3 Best Methods

    15 Feb 2022Louis FarfieldsHow does Tinder work

    So, you want to browse through Tinder anonymously?

    You can, but you have to be clever

    Because there are multiple methods that will do the job.

    Today, youre getting:

    • 3 Ways to succesfully use Tinder anonymously
    • How to make 100% sure that youll avoid family and colleagues on Tinder
    • The best and safest way to arrange dates without being spotted by people you know
    • 7 Things women find attractive about men
    • 5 Examples of anonymous profiles
    • A free method to use Tinder anonymously
    • More tips

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    What About Dating Profile Finder Tools

    There are many websites and apps claiming that they can search dating sites by email and find every single dating account that a spouse hides. But in fact, there is no guarantee to achieve that, even if there is a Tinder profile finder on their site. Thats because the web is full of sites, blogs and that information is not that easy to collect. In addition, some apps showcase themselves as dating profile finders when they simply look for public data on social media.

    That brings us to talking about the availability of information online to search dating profiles. That requires lots of resources, servers, tools, and technicians to search for big data and import it into their sites. All that wont be possible without a team of experts who work days and nights to let the system work correctly. These systems crawl and fetch Facebook dating, Tinder, Tagged, Zoosk, POF, and other websites for every single piece of information about people.

    Then, a good dating profile finder system should be able to distinguish between a regular profile on Facebook and another account on the sites dating version . Also, there are many levels of classification to tell if a dating account belongs to a given phone number, name, etc

    Thus, if you want to see if your spouse is on dating sites and get his accounts there without joining any of them, then, use these solutions, especially the first one.

    Using Google To Do Your Search Searching A Tinder Profile By Name

    What is Tinder? Walk

    It is one of the two ways to find someone on tinder for free. This one is not very accurate, but it is still worth trying. Here, are the steps:

  • Type in the search bar:
  • See what the results show you
  • We made a tool that would be easier for you to find someone’s specific Tinder profile, just write down their name:

    Using Google to search people on tinder by name might not sound like the best idea, but youd be surprised, trust me!

    If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to find the person on Tinder or any dating app, then SocialCatfish or Spokeo is what we recommend.

    Now, Ill give you an example so that you dont search for the same thing as I wrote above, and get lost on google.

    Ill open google on my desktop and use the name James because its pretty basic . What Ill be typing on the google search bar: james

    Here are the results I got:

    Note: you mustnt search with a capital letter.

    Now, I clicked one of the James i found, and heres the profile I could see without having a Tinder account:

    You can give it a try and find your James, Timothy, Laura, or any other name youre looking for.

    Keep in mind that in this case, youre not trying to guess their username. You want to search them by name, by what you think theyd use as a Tinder name.

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    Find Out If Someone Has A Tinder Profile With Our Tinder Profile Search

    Do you know the phone number of the person that you want to lookup on Tinder or reveal hidden social media profiles that they own? Now you can search people on Tinder in a nicely prepared report which is easy to read and shows all the information such as Social or dating profiles, full name, address, phone numbers, pictures and more.

    How To Find Someone On Tinder In 9 Steps

  • Go to and download the app
  • Create a fake account
  • Scroll down till you see Maximum Distance
  • Please set it to 1 mile or less
  • Scroll down to till you see Age Range
  • Choose the proper age for the person you are searching for. If you think they might lie about their age, increase the range at least by two years both ways.
  • Once you are with that person or close by refreshing your GPS location on Tinder
  • Start swiping
  • Keep swiping until you find them. If you have a free account, you will have to do this maybe more than once, due to swiping limits.
  • Congratulations, you have found them! Now at this point, it depends on what you want to do with this information and if youre going to interact with them on Tinder.

    If you decide to do so, swipe right on their profile. But now you have work to do if you are using a fake account, you will have to make it look real. And more importantly, it needs to be perfectly tailored for that person. You have just swiped right on. Go to your profile, upload photos of the person he would like. And try to create a perfect description that will lure him into swiping right back on you!

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    Get 50+ Social Media Profiles With Intelius

    When searching for someones Tinder profile by phone number, youll want to make Intelius your first stop. It is one of the best people search services that comes with a powerful reverse phone lookup. Just enter a phone number, itll flip through billions of public records and 50+ social networks to help you find the owner, the Tinder profile and other hidden dating profiles and more.

    1) Open the Intelius search page.

    2) Enter the phone number and click Search.

    3) Wait for Intelius flips through millions of public records. This may take a while if theres a lot of information linked to the phone number. Once it locates a match, itll generate a report containing all the phone owners real name, contact, photos, and 50+ social media profiles.

    4) If you cant find a Tinder profile in the report, you can choose one of the usernames in the report. Then type on the address bar and hit Enter key. You may find what you want.

    5) Or type site: Name .

    Can You Secretly Use Tinder

    How To Search Tinder Profiles By Name Without an Account

    How about secret Tinder use, Steve? You cry.

    Well, secretly isnt easily defined. You can stick Tinder into the weather or health sections on your phone so no one sees the logo. You can hide in a cupboard and use Tinder there. But you cant really use Tinder totally secretly, with guaranteed anonymity.

    You can use a burner email and fake photos on Tinder, but it is banned per their security policy and generally not a good idea. Assuming you will use this trick only for good, heres how to do it:

    Although its simpler to just click signup with Facebook, Apple, or Google you can also create an account with an email address or a phone number, neither of which have existing account information attached to them.

  • Sign up for an email address
  • Enter that email address into Tinder to sign up
  • Put in a name that isnt your name.
  • Enter a date of birth, maybe not yours.
  • Skip all the profile building questions.
  • Add the required two photos I bet you see where Im going here thats right! Theyre not actually you.
  • There you go, youre using Tinder, secretly!
  • Technically, you could also make a brilliant Tinder profile for a person who doesnt exist. Catfish do it every day! Thats probably why, as I said, its against Tinders house rules to lie about who you are on the app or use photos that are of someone else.

    Its important to ask, why is it that you want to be on Tinder, but also NOT on Tinder?

    Video Recommendation

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    So How Can I Look For Someone On Tinder

    You can only search for a specific person on Tinder if youre matched with that person. To search for someone in your match list, tap the message bubble icon on the main screen. Then, press and pull down on the screen until a search bar appears. Type that persons name in the search bar.

    You can try to modify your settings via trial and error. To determine if that person will pop into your searches, but its not an ideal method. Traditionally, to find a user on Tinder, youd have to do it via a third party.

    If you reading this article and you are one of many users, using the app, the next couple of paragraphs can help you find a user, on tinder.

    What does Tinder make Public?

    You need to understand what information Tinder makes public for everyone to see. By understanding this, you can kind of work out what information can then be searched using their own internal search tool, and ours!

    Find Someone On Tinder

    According to Tinder, abandoned accounts will not appear in peoples stacks. Profile cards are selected from active users within the criteria you set. There is no point showing profiles of people who arent going to reply or swipe back so they arent picked up by the algorithm.

    Long story short, if your other half has appeared in someones swipe stack, they are using the app.

    That doesnt mean they are actively using it. They could have simply logged in to delete their photos or something harmless. There are two ways to find out. The first, and arguably best is to sit them down and have a conversation about it. Explain what happened, that they came up like a friends Tinder match, and that they shouldnt have. They answer that they were just removing their pics and closing their account down. Question answered and you live happily ever after.

    Or. You set up a fake Tinder account and go and see for yourself whats going on. While the first option is the best, I bet a good majority of you will opt for this one. Now Tinder doesnt demand Facebook, you can set up an account with any email address and enjoy your time on the app in secret.

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    Use Social Catfish’s Tinder Lookup Search

    Designed to reconnect people and verify online identities, Social Catfish is also a People Search Service.

    What makes Social Catfish stand out is their unique Tinder profile searchbar.

    Simply key in a person’s:

    • Name
    • Tinder username or
    • Profile image

    and let Social Catfish sift through more than 200 billion records to reveal a lot of information on individuals that match your search criteria.

    Our quick test of Social Catfish’s search bar exposed the social profiles, home addresses, usernames and shared photos of individuals.

    Users can also filter their search query by country, state, city and age range for more precise results.

    Tinder Search With Third

    You Can Share Tinder Dates With Coworkers

    There are two kinds of third-party tools you can use to run Tinder searches for a specific person. The first is Tinder-specific apps that attempt to extract the information from a Tinder profile, if the person youâre searching for has one. These apps vary in quality but typically charge by the search. That can get expensive in a hurry, especially if youâre using trial and error to find the person youâre looking for.

    Often, itâs a better option is to use people search tools. Spokeo allows you to search for whatever information you actually have â a name, a phone number, an address or email â and will provide you with as much additional information as it can find from public sources. This often includes social media or dating-site accounts associated with a given email address, so your search might be successful right from the start.

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    Am I Going To Get Banned For This

    The information that you are using is totally public, all you did is gather it and send an email.You can also go straight to the person and ask them for an introduction, but then , you would probably not need Tinder !As I said before, you can try it out, but there is a very small probability that you could receive a notification from Tinder.Just be sure that if you receive a negative in the first place you stop insisting and leave behind any Cyrano de Bergeracs like passions or you may end up getting sued like Tinders co founder Justin Marteen and appear on Vanity Fair

    . . .

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