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Switching From Optimum Online Need A Few Pointers Please

How to import and redirect your email with Microsoft 365

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Hey all, recently I’ve been pressing on switching over to FiOS because of the dedicated fibre optics and the better TV service than I get now from Optimum. TV can really go either way, it’s internet that’s getting to me.

I need to know a few things about Verizon’s service before I make the swtich

– With Optimum I have a static IP. Although I’m in the dynamic pool for Cablevision, I’ve had the same IP for years because I’ve kept the same MAC address on my master router. With FiOS, I understand that my IP will change quite more often than I’m used to, but can someone give me a heads up on *how often*? I could use ZoneEdit for DNS for what I need it for, but I’d like to know before I dive in head first.

– With Optimum, the only INBOUND ports I have blocked are 80, 8080, and 25. What ports are blocked on FiOS? I need to be able to host FTP, SSH, and HTTP on my server. This is crucial, probably the hammer’s blow on wether or not I’m going to switch.

– The deal that Verizon’s been advertising for quite some time now , that comes with the 10/2 package if I’m not mistaken. Now, if I wanted to up that to 20/20, would that invalidate the rest of the deal? I’ll pay the $20 extra for 20/20 vs 10/2, but I hope that doesn’t screw up the rest of the combo with the Phone/TV mix that’s been advertised.

Can I Keep My Plusnet Webmail Address

Plusnet offers a mail-only package, for customers who cancel their Plusnet broadband but still want to keep their email.

It costs a small fee each month, paid by direct debit like your broadband, and gives you access to all the same email functions as well as some Member Centre features.

However, make sure you request the mail-only package when you cancel your broadband – otherwise it’ll be too late and your account will be deleted.

Forward Emails To Outlookcom

Go to and select the settings cog in the upper right corner. Scroll down to and select “View all Outlook settings.”

Select Mail > Sync email and then select either “Gmail” or “Other email accounts.” Youll fill out your name, email address and password and choose where your imported email will be stored: Create a new folder for imported email or Import into existing folders . Depending on your old email provider, you may have to enter your email settings manually. You can also “Set default From address,” which is important as you move people over to your new email account.

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How Do I Know If I Need Pop3 Or Imap

If it is important to you to save space on your desktop, or if youre worried about backing up your emails, select IMAP. This means that your emails will be stored on the server of your email provider.

POP3 will download your emails to be stored locally and then delete them from the server. This will free up space on your server, but if anything happens to your local storage, those emails wont be available online. If you are comfortable exclusively having a local copy of your files, POP3 is a viable option.

Can I Keep My Optimum Email Address If I Switch To Fios

Sorry, you can

It is becoming increasingly urgent to have streamlined internet services and phone services. Consumers will choose the internet service provider who promises high-quality services and does not compromise on performance. People dont hesitate to switch networks. If youre wondering if your Optimum email address can be kept if I switch over to FIOS, we have the answers!

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Try To Keep Your Old Email Address As Long As Possible

When switching accounts, youll want to hold onto your account for a little while to ensure the process has worked smoothly. If youre switching jobs or leaving school, find out how long youll have access to your old email address before its deactivated and plan accordingly. Most organizations wont let you access your account, but some may forward email for a length of time to your new account.

Places You Can Use Optimum Wifi

How can I tell if I am in an Optimum WiFi hotspot?

Using your WiFi-enabled device, look at the list of available networks and make sure that you see the network name “optimumwifi”. This is sometimes called the SSID. If you don’t see “optimumwifi” in the list, you are not in a hotspot. You can check the map to find a spot close by.

Is Optimum WiFi available outside of the Cablevision service area?

While outside the Cablevision service area, Optimum Online subscribers can access WiFi hotspots in select areas from the following cable operators:

  • Time Warner Cable
  • Bright House Networks
  • Cox Communications

You can access these partner hotspots by selecting “CableWiFi” in your device’s network settings. Click here for more information.

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Is It Possible To Keep My Optimum Email Address If I Switch To Fios

The short answer to this question is no. If you move to another service provider, you cant keep your email address. People used to leave their telephone numbers the same way as they were in the past. If youre wondering why the Optimum email address cannot be kept when switching to FIOS, it is because the account will be closed and the email address deleted.

Optimum will not forward your emails if you have closed an account. An internet service provider can do this. Optimum is the owner of the email servers, so you might ask them. You should only get an email account that you can move around with, as you can create one on Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.

Once you have an email address, it is possible to forward it to your previous internet service provider to make it available to you for switching to the new account. Before you can sign off, this step must be completed. You may also need to make changes online, but this is not a problem.

You can create filters by creating a Gmail account. The filters will label the requested email addresses at the top. The labeled addresses will be forward to your new account. This means that you can track all important emails via the old email address.

Option One: Buy Your Own Domain

How to set up your work email with Outlook

This is really the only way to ensure that you never need to change your email address again.

Go to a domain registrar (Im partial to SimpleURL and then find and purchase an available domain name. Yes, most of the cool names are taken, but there are still many options. Your last name might be available or perhaps a variation of your last name: in my case, perhaps something like would make for a great email domain name. This is a fine time to get creative, within reason. Remember, youll be telling all of your contacts to use this domain for your email from now on.

When you register your domain name, youll typically be given the option of choosing email services to be provided along with it, perhaps at an extra cost:

  • Nothing. Youll need to set up DNS and arrange for whatever email processing that you want to have happen elsewhere.
  • Hosting. This is typically an extra cost option with email hosting, your registrar actually provides the email server and services that you would use to send and receive your email, much like your ISP has in the past. Of course, the difference is that it doesnt matter who your ISP is. You access your email on your domain directly from the registrars servers.

Which approach is appropriate for you will vary based on your own needs and desires.

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How Can I Import My Old Emails

If your old emails are still available in your account, they will automatically be imported. IMAP protocol syncs your emails and folders with the email server, making it possible to manage your emails on any device that is connected to your account.

Once you add your account to Mailbird, it will grant you access to your emails immediately, no further action is required.

Note: If your emails are from your local server, it wont be possible to import them because of IMAP protocols.

How Do I Change My Internet Provider And Keep My Email Address

The smartest thing to do is get an email account that will move with you. You can get a free email account from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or, just to name a few. Then, once you have setup your new email account, you can set up forwarding on your old ISP email account to your new email address before you close it.

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General Information About Optimum Wifi

What is WiFi?

WiFi is a technology that allows you to connect to the Internet at broadband speeds without any wires. Faster than dial-up and 4G, and with hundreds of millions of devices already in market, WiFi is the most popular way to wirelessly connect to the Internet.

How do I change my username and password?

You can manage your Optimum ID here. Use the Manage Options drop down next to the Optimum ID to change your password and other information.

How many access points make up a hotspot?

An Optimum WiFi hotspot can be made up of any number of access points, depending on the size of the public space. Sometimes just one will do for a small park, other times many may be called upon to provide coverage for a large downtown area. Each hotspot is uniquely designed for Optimum coverage in the specified area.

How far does each access point reach?

The effective Optimum WiFi reception area will vary with many factors, including signal reflection off of buildings and other structures, and even weather. The Optimum WiFi network is made up of clusters of access points called hotspots that are strategically placed to give you the best coverage throughout the area. We are constantly expanding the Optimum WiFi network – please click here to find hotspots in your area.

Can I Keep My Email Address If I Leave Optimum Answerstoall

7 Amazing Ways Email Triggers Can Keep Customers and Grow ...

Can I keep my email address if I leave optimum? The short answer is no. This means that you cannot keep the email address if you change the service provider. In the old days, people had to leave their phone numbers in the same way. In the same way, Optimum cannot forward your emails when you have closed the account.

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Porting: Keeping Your Phone Number When You Change

Contact the new company to start the process of porting your number. Provide the new company with your 10-digit phone number and any additional information required. Are there fees for porting? Companies may charge you to port your number, but you can ask whether any fees can be waived or negotiated.

Can I Keep My Talktalk Webmail Email Address

When you cancel TalkTalk broadband, you’ll still be able to send and receive mail from your email address for up to 12 months.

However, you won’t be able to access My Account, so you can’t actually manage the email addresses associated to it – including things such as changing passwords.

And if there’s no action on your email account for six months, TalkTalk will automatically delete that email address.

So, it’s best to set up a new account from another service, and migrate things across from your TalkTalk email as soon as possible.

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Optimum / Cablevision Outage In Yonkers New York: Current

Optimum problems in the last 24 hours in Yonkers, New York. The following chart shows the number of reports that we have received about Optimum over the past 24 hours from users in Yonkers and near by areas. An outage is determined when the number of reports are higher than the baseline, represented by

Import Your Contacts From Your Old Email Address

How to create a group email address for your business in Microsoft 365

Chances are that you have an address book associated with your old email account and youll want to import them for use with your new account. Before importing contacts, you’ll need to export your contacts from your current provider to a CSV file or, for Google Contacts, a CSV or vCard file. Search for “export contacts from ” for instructions.

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Can I Keep My Email Address If I Leave Optimum

Looking for an answer to the question: Can i keep my email address if i leave optimum? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: Can i keep my email address if i leave optimum?

Findemailaddressesthat have been used on your computerwith web-based emailprograms,such as Gmail or Hotmail. First go to the login page for that emailservice. Click on the box where users would input their emailaddressto log in. Click the down arrow on your computerkeypad.

A: Unfortunately,when you changeservice providers,you cannot take your emailaddresswith you. It’s just like it used to be in the old days with phone numbers you just can’t transfer them. When you close that account,your emailaddresswill be closed with it.

Thus,you can keepusing the old emailaddressand also add the new one from Gmailin your chosen emailprogram. However,if you use the Road Runners web-based interface you can save a little time and still keepthe emailaddressby forwarding all messages from it to the Gmailaccount.

To updateyour emailaddress: Log in to your account. Click your Account name as shown in the photo below: Click ACCOUNT INFORMATION and then you may updateyour emailaddressunder the “emailaddress” field.

Tip: Stay Firm But Be Friendly

It never helps to yell at a retention rep. For one thing, itâs not nice and they have a hard job. Itâs also very common for them to âmake a mistakeâ and leave your account open or apply additional charges. If you are friendly and ask about their day, theyâre more likely to make sure they do everything right.

Of course, that doesnât mean being a pushover. Donât let them talk you into staying if you donât want to. A simple âNo, thank you, I just need to cancel the serviceâ goes a long way.

Theyâll try to talk you into staying, but continue telling them you want to cancel service. Eventually, theyâll put through a disconnect order. Make sure they schedule it before your billing date. Ask them for a confirmation number and write it down. Before you hang up, confirm that the account is set to disconnect and the disconnect date. Then, youâre done with the hard part! Awesome work! You cancelled Optimum. But if you have any Optimum equipment, youâve just got one step left.

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