Can You Fax To An Email

How To Send An Email To A Fax Machine

How to send a fax from your email

Nowadays most people prefer sending emails than faxes, you might even feel like connecting a fax machine to send an occasional fax document its too much work.

Regardless, technology allows people to send and receive fax documents without the need of a faxing machine.

The best way to do so is by getting one of many online fax services. Those can convert your emails into fax documents, so they can be sent from your computer directly to someones fax machine.

There are many options out there when it comes to online fax services, our recommended choice is RingCentral, you should give it a try and get your FREE TRIAL to get an account with them.

Once you have your account up and running, you can just start composing emails as if they were fax documents.

Upon finishing your email, you wont be sending it to an email account like you usually do. Instead, you will be sending it to a fax number.

And its done! You just successfully sent an email to a fax machine.

Email To Fax With Fax Machines Vs Internet Fax Services: Which Is Better

Note that while some fax machines can convert fax to email and email to fax, you still need to connect them to a phone line. You will also need to configure them to work with your email. This can take some doing.

With online fax services, you dont need a fax machine, nor do you need a phone line. Its all taken care of for you behind the scenes. Its also significantly cheaper than the other option. We recommend using an internet fax service over using a fax machine with email support.

How To Fax To A Gmail Account

Fax-to-email services allow you to send faxes to any email address, including a Gmail account. The fax appears in your Gmail inbox as an attachment. You can send the fax to your Gmail account using either a fax-to-email service or a traditional fax machine. Examples of fax-to-email services include MetroFax, eFax and myFax.


Go to the homepage of a fax-to-email service and select the “Free Trial” option. Fax-to-email services typically offer a free trail period of up to 30 days, during which you can evaluate the service.


Enter the requested information to create an account. Typically, the fax-to-email service asks you for your name, billing address and credit card information. In addition, you have to enter your email address. Enter the Gmail address you want to use with the fax-to-email service.


Select your fax number. Fax-to-email services allow you to select a phone number in the location of your choice.


Complete the signup process. The fax-to-email service sends a message to your Gmail account. Open the email message and click the activation link to activate your new account. The activation email also contains your new fax number.


Send a fax to the new fax number assigned by the fax-to-email service. The fax appears in your Gmail inbox.


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How Do I Receive A Fax To My Email

The process is pretty much the same as sending a fax from email.

Once someone sends you a fax to your email account, your internet fax provider receives it, digitalizing it by transforming the content of the fax into a PDF and forwards it to your email account, just like any other email you ever received.

Simple enough right!?

While Specifics Will Vary With Different Electronic Fax Solutions The Usual Steps For Emailing To A Fax Are:

How To Fax From Your Computer, PC &  Mac Online in 2020
  • Open a new email

  • Put the To fax number into the email address

  • Create a subject line and the email body

  • Attach any documents

  • Send the email the fax service converts the email information to a fax and calls the fax number

  • Receive the confirmation the fax service will send an email confirming whether the fax was successfully transmitted

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    How To Send Fax Online From Google Drive

    The feature enables you to send fax from multiple Google apps and services, including Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Sheets. This Google integration is a perfect choice for those who store their documents and spreadsheets on Google Drive and looking for a way to fax such files right from the Google Docs app and Google Sheets. To start integrating FAX.PLUS with Google, simply download the and send your faxes with ease.

    Learn more about how the Google fax feature works on different product:

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    How To Send A Fax Via Email

    Wondering how to send a fax from email by using CocoFax? Its very easy. If youre used to writing emails, the process should be a breeze.

    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to fax from email with the help of the service:

    Step 1: Register for a CocoFax account. It only takes a few minutes. You can use any device like your phone or PC for signing up.

    During the first part of the sign-up, youll be asked to choose a free fax number, like in the screenshot.

    Afterward, youll be asked to provide some personal details including the email address. Be sure to register the email address you wish to send and receive faxes from during this stage.

    Step 2: For the next step, access the email client on your PC or smartphone. You can do so from your web browser or via an app, whatever is most convenient for you.

    Step 3: Now were at the stage where we write the actual fax. Its a lot like writing an email.

    Choose the Compose New Email option in your email client. Then fill in the following:

    Refer to the screenshot for an example fax draft.

    Step 4: Click on Send after youre done. Thats all there is to it, youve just sent your first fax!

    You will receive a confirmation in your inbox when the fax reaches the recipient successfully. The confirmation will also appear on the CocoFax dashboard, which you can access from any web browser.

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    Send An Email To A Fax Machine Using An Online Faxing Service Or Mobile App

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    We all probably thought faxing would be over by now, and yet there are still times when we’re asked to fax an essential document. Although you don’t need your own fax machine to fax a document, you’ll still likely need a valid email address, and either a mobile app service or access to an online faxing service.

    Here are three ways to email or send an online-only document to a fax number.

    What Do You Need To Send Fax From Gmail

    How To Send A Fax With Outlook

    In faxing from Gmail, you probably expect something similar to a fax machine, but thats far from the truth. On the contrary, these are what you need to get started:

    • Gmail Account
    • CocoFax Account
    • Stable internet connection

    Note: The Gmail account to use should be the same as the one you used to sign up for the CocoFax account.

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    How To Send A Fax From Outlook Or Hotmail

    Microsoft recently bundled Outlook and Hotmail together under one name: Outlook. If you havent signed into your Hotmail email address in a while, then you will find that it has been switched into an Outlook address.

    Its the same service just branded under a different name. Heres how to easily send a fax over Outlook or Hotmail:

    Sending A Fax Without A Cover Page


    A. Send a fax to 1-413-283-8709 without cover page fields.

    SRFax will only accept email messages destined for outgoing faxes from valid SRFax users. The from field of the e-mail message must match an email address specified as an authorized user in your settings for Sending Faxes.

    The message body will be ignored when sending a fax without a cover page.

    To check on the status of the fax, go to the Faxes Outbox folder. An e-mail with the final status of the fax will be sent to the Email addresses entered in the settings for Sending Faxes.

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    Cmo Obtener Un Nmero De Fax Virtual Paso A Paso

    • Paso 1: Elija uno de los muchos servicios de fax en línea y encuentre el que se adapte a sus necesidades.
    • Paso 2 : Regístrese, complete el formulario y elija un número de fax local o gratuito
    • Paso 3: Vincule el número que acaba de adquirir a su cuenta de Gmail.
    • Paso 4: Inicie sesión en su cuenta y agregue tantas direcciones como desee, para saber dónde va a recibir sus faxes.

    The Benefits Of Online Faxing From Microsoft Outlook

    Can You Fax To An Email

    Online faxing contribute to a clean environment while ensuring that the information you transmit remains safe and secure. Email is easy to set up and use, environment-friendly, affordable, and progressive, and it also does not require any technical integration.

    Using Microsoft Outlook with the iFax app provides an extra layer of protection over your files, as Outlook supports both S/MIME and Microsoft 365 Message encryption. Encrypting an email in Outlook converts the plain text into scrambled ciphers, and the only way for the message to be readable is if the recipient has a private key.

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    Ventajas Del Nmero De Fax De Gmail

    Estas son algunas de las muchas ventajas que ofrece tener un número de fax de Gmail.

    • Hace que las comunicaciones sean mucho más seguras
    • Envíe faxes desde teléfonos inteligentes y cualquier dispositivo móvil
    • Funciona con Google Drive, Dropbox e iCloud
    • Puede contener firmas, lo que hace que los documentos sean legalmente vinculantes.
    • Realice un seguimiento de sus documentos con un fácil acceso al almacenamiento.
    • Ahorre dinero, no depende de una línea física ni de instalaciones.
    • De uso gratuito , con uno de los muchos servicios de fax durante un período de tiempo limitado.

    How Fax Machines Work

    This isnt as easy as it should be. Fax machines are all connected to the plain old telephone lines. When you use a standard fax machine, that fax machine places a phone call to the number you specify. The fax machine at the destination number answers and the document is transmitted over a telephone call.

    This process was invented before the Internet and seems laughably archaic at this point. To perform a fax, a person may type up a document, print it out, and scan it into the fax machine which sends it over the phone line. The person receiving the fax may then scan the faxed document and turn it back into a digital file. Theyve come full circle the document was sent from one computer to another computer with much additional work and lost image quality.

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    Ideally, youd be able to submit a document via email or a more secure online method. Many businesses consider fax a secure method of transmitting documents, but it really isnt if someone was snooping on the phone line, they could easily intercept all the faxed documents.

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    How To Send And Receive A Fax Online

    If you no longer have access to a fax machine, you can send and receive faxes over the internet.

    Faxes are so 1980s. Who faxes anymore? Well, lots of folks do. Business offices. Small companies. Large companies. And why? Well, let’s say you want your doctor to send you a copy of your latest lab results. Or your financial analyst asks you to send a document authorizing a certain transaction. Snail mail can be too slow, and email isn’t secure. So that leaves us with the decades-old, but still reliable, fax.

    But I don’t have a fax machine, you say. How can I send or receive a fax? Lucky for you, an array of web-based services exist that can send or receive faxes without much effort.

    How To Send A Fax From Gmail

    How To Send a Fax from Gmail

    Gmail is one of the worlds most popular email providers. Hosted by Google, Gmail started as an invite-only service before evolving into one of the worlds leading email leaders in terms of user base, features, and connected services.

    Sending a fax from Gmail is extremely straightforward. If you already have an email fax provider like Ringcentral, then you wont need to install any special software or hardware on your PC. Instead, all you need is the following steps:

    Step 1) Start a free trial with an email fax provider or sign up for a paid subscription account with the fax to email provider of your choice. You will absolutely need to do this before sending a fax from Gmail.

    Step 2) Log into your Gmail account at

    Step 3) Compose a new email. Address the email to your recipient by typing in the recipients number at your fax services website. If your recipients number is 123-4567 and your fax provider is, then you would type into the contact field.

    Step 4) Attach the documents you wish to fax. Most computer fax providers accept .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF documents, although depending on your provider, other file formats may be supported. Most providers also accept between 5 and 10 documents per email.

    Step 5) Click send and your fax will automatically be sent to your email fax providers server before being directed to your recipients fax machine. The entire process doesnt take more than a few seconds from start to finish.

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    Are There Other Methods To Send A Fax Besides Using Yahoo Mail

    Besides using your Yahoo email account to send faxes, you can also use your fax service members dashboard, where you just need to fill a form with all your fax details on your web browser. Depending on the service, faxing this way also give you access to additional features. Another way to send a fax is through your provider’s mobile faxing app.

    Envo De Faxes En Lnea

    Deje su teléfono y deje de buscar servicios de fax cerca de mí porque ya no necesita levantarse del sofá para enviar un fax. Eso es correcto hay una forma de enviar un fax a través de Internet en lugar de dirigirse a su máquina de fax local. Ahora, hay dos formas en que esto puede funcionar. Un método es un fax virtual o e-fax, que va directamente al correo electrónico y no se imprime desde una máquina de fax.

    La otra forma es obtener un número de fax virtual que pueda enviar faxes a máquinas de fax reales. Estos números virtuales están conectados a la red telefónica, por lo que puede cargar un documento, especificar el número de destino y su fax llegará como si lo hubiera enviado a través de una máquina. Aquí hay un par de opciones a considerar.

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