Can You Embed A Video In An Email

Embed A Video In Outlook Emails By Linking It To A Picture

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Email

If youâre using the Outlook desktop application, pasting the YouTube link wonât work. But as suggested in this article, you can embed YouTube videos into Outlook emails as follows:

Step 1: Take a screenshot of your video and embed the image in the body of your email.

Step 2: Link it to the video hosted on YouTube – see further below for a tip of how to get your videos onto YouTube faster.

Step 3: When viewers click on the picture, it will allow them to view the video by opening it in a new browser window.

You can even add a play button over the center of the image using Photoshop or a similar program to make clicking the video more obvious.

We recommend linking to a video hosted on YouTube as thereâs a better chance Outlook will allow the image to be displayed automatically, over one that links to a video on other sites. An important point to respect is that of making the email pleasant to read in order to improve the user experience.

You should also use a call to action as your ALT image attribute for people who have their email images turned off. For B2B email marketing, adding videos to your email is a also great way to get your messages noticed.

Alternatively, you could embed a link to your video into your HTML email signature. Just use an online signature generator like MySignature to easily make your images clickable. Adding a play button on the image thumbnail could engage people to click on the link.

A/b Test Product Launch/announcements

Email from Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is known for their marketing videos. In fact, theyre one of the prime examples of early adopters to video marketing. Since their original video, theyve been able to craft other entertaining videos to promote new products, like body wash, that they know their audience will love.

They really swung for the fences with massive hero video. If youre just getting started you a simple talking head video might also work well for a product announcement video.

Verify Your Video’s Size

If the file is too large, you may have difficulty adding it to your email. For example, if your video is too large for Gmail, you’ll have to add the video through Google Drive. But a better option may be to include a thumbnail for people to click on to get to your landing page, and let them watch the video there.

If your video is too large as an attachment, another option is to upload it to YouTube first.

Did you know? Unfortunately, several email marketing providers flag embedded videos as spam, so it’s important to attach them correctly. Check out our list of the best email marketing services if you’re searching for a reputable email marketing partner to help you.

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Theres No Opportunity For Further User Engagement

Theres a reason why open rates and click-through rates are so important to marketers who run email campaignstheyre jump-off points. Theyre not the last step in an email recipients journey but the very beginning of it. And you cant have those jump-off points that lead to your website or other company pages if youre embedding video directly in your emails.

Getting people to watch your videos is great, but as a business, you need more than that. You want those same viewers to actually engage and interact with your brandnot just add up vanity views that lead to nothing. Whats the point of all those hours you spent crafting the perfect subject line and picking the right product screenshots for your email if a user just watches your video and deletes the email?

You want your video subscribers to actually engage and interact with your brandnot just add up vanity views that lead to nothing.

When your video is on its own landing page, you have more control over your viewers next action. They can leave a comment, ask a question, or start a discussion immediately after watching. They can explore other content on your site and consider signing up for an account. They can even share your contentand the people they share it with can embark on their own brand new journey. This keeps the cycle going.

Use A Linked Static Image With A Play Button

How to Embed Video in Email: 11 Steps (with Pictures ...

You can create an illusion of a video by using a static image with a play button: just link the image to the full version of your video so that when people click the play button, they are redirected to where the video is hosted. To add a link to an image, follow these simple steps:

  • lick the Compose New Message button in your email client.
  • Add an image from your computer.
  • Drag over the image to select it.
  • Its very important to use a powerful image from the video. It should be the most interesting or intriguing part of the video something that will make people click play and watch the full video. Heres what it looks like in practice:

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    How To Make A Video For Your Email

    What if you want to make a video for your email before embedding video in Outlook email or Gmail? For this purpose, FlexClip video maker can help you make a video online with ease. It offers a lot of video templates and you can customize it online to make an awesome video.

    Step 1. Open FlexClip video templates and choose a template to start customizing it.

    Image board: How to Make A Video for Your Email – Step 1

    Step 2. Then you can edit this video like add music, add text, add watermark, add stock media, upload local media, split, trim and more.

    Image board: How to Make A Video for Your Email – Step 2

    Insert A Static Image With A Link

    Pause the video and take a screenshot

    Static images that link to a video are probably the most frequently used solution. In this case, a screen shot or a video still is included in the email body. This image can be neutral or contain a play button or a call to action .

    Adding images to email is super easy using Sendinblues Drag & Drop email editor. Open a free account now to get full access to this handy tool.

    Once someone clicks on the image in the email, theyll be taken to a website to view the video. The forwarding can either be directly to a landing page that youve built, or to a video service like Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook.

    The big advantage of this solution is that the chances of display issues are slim. Images are loaded immediately and automatically in the vast majority of email clients.

    Whichever landing page you use, it should be mobile friendly, because lots of your contacts are going to be opening and viewing your video on their smartphone.

    For as simple and user-friendly as this solution can be, there are some disadvantages. The contact needs to leave your newsletter to view the media, and he or she might not return. The landing page should be appropriate and perfectly linked with the newsletter.

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    Pros And Cons Of Adding Gifs For Embedding Videos To Your Emails

    Just like the other two methods of video embedding, GIFs arent free from yays and nays. Neil Patel highlights some of the ayes of using GIFs for embedding a video in an email. Some of these pointers are:

    • GIFs dont require any HTML or video coding language
    • They add value to your message by capturing your audiences attention
    • They pair the best of both other video embedding methods

    Besides, the motion that GIFs support entice readers to watch the full video. The biggest spanner in the works here, however, is that high quality or long GIFs can be slow to load and play. They may even eat up your subscribers data plan .

    Both these issues can be annoying for your audience, so you need to be sure about reducing the file size to 200-250 KB.

    Onbrand Summarizes A Big Event

    Tech Tip: How To Embed Video in Your Emails in Microsoft Outlook!

    Heres one more video example showcasing company news. Specifically, a summary of an annual conference from OnBrand. These sorts of recaps can help keep your audience up to date on whats going on in the company, without spending hours monitoring the news.

    This is a great example because it

    • Repurposes existing content. The brand already has this content ready to go so why not optimize its reach by sharing across email, social, and its website?
    • Synthesizing a message. OnBrand distills the conference down into digestible takeaways in a format that can easily be shared and distributed, even by those who didnt attend the event.

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    How To Embed A Video In Your Emails

    So now that you understand why you should include video in your emails, how do you do it?

    The truth is, you don’t necessarily have to include a whole video in your email. Adding a video’s thumbnail image will entice subscribers to click and then be taken to the video’s landing page. Here are the steps you’ll take to embed a video in your emails.

    Why This Alternative To Embedded Video Works

    Embedding videos in email this way may not produce a totally seamless experience, since the video doesnt play directly in the recipients inbox. However, this method offers a few things that the direct play method doesnt.

    More control over the viewer experience.

    Since your video plays outside the recipients inbox, you can house your video on a custom landing page where you have complete control over the messaging, call-to-action, and other links on the page.

    Obviously, this takes a bit more work than simply uploading the video to YouTube. But it gives you far more control over the end-user experience and eliminates all of the other distractions in the users email inbox.

    Access to better analytics.

    Your email marketing program tracks key actions like open rates and click-through rates.

    Guiding the viewer to a separate page creates even more trackable actions and gives you more data for optimizing your emails. Youll be able to see exactly how many people watch your video and how many take the next step in the process once they watch. If people never leave their inbox, its much more difficult to quantify their actions.

    Fewer email deliverability issues.

    A video that plays in the inbox doesnt guarantee that your emails will get marked as spam or blocked. But it does make it more likely.

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    Using Video To Support The Cta

    Before adding video to your marketing email, think about the goal behind the email. What are you trying to achieve? What specific action do you want the read to carry out?

    Any video you add should support and encourage this action. If not, then best find a better fit for the video on one of your other marketing channels.

    Like all other content, videos need to be relevant and add value.

    If you want to use video in your newsletter, consider this: do you need to include an entire video, or just a shorter clip? If its an entire video, where should the person view it, and what information will he or she find there? Can a short video clip be more effective than a GIF? And what about a Cinemagraph?

    Embedding Videos In Outlook Emails Using Html5

    Can You Embed a Video in an Email?

    If you have a knack with HTML5 you can add code to your email that will embed your video along with a preview image of your choice. Make sure that the added code is correct to avoid having error code.

    Just look through the code and replace the preset titles, video, and image with you own. For example, in the following set of tags, you would update the text between the title tags to suit the content of your email:

    < !doctype html> < html> < head> < title> Video in Email Test< /title>

    Depending on the device and email server youâre using the exact code needed is a little different. There are also fallback codes for cases where recipients email servers or devices donât allow for HTML5 embedding. If youâre having any issues, check out this article for more information.

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    Embed Video Into An Email

    If youre sporting some technical know-how and feel comfortable with HTML, then you may consider embedding video in your emails. But, before you start including videos in all your email campaigns, consider that not all email clients support the ability to play the video directly in the inbox.

    If youre going to embed video, HTML5 is far more robust and offers more options where video is concerned. Support for HTML 5 video is still limited, but the clients that do support it represent over 62% of the market, according to our friends at Email on Acid.

    Furthermore, email applications, like the native iOS client, Apple Mail, and will allow recipients to play your video within the email client itself. Other clients like Gmail and the Android devices will display a fallback image.

    Email clients that support playing video in the inbox:

    • Apple Mail
    • iOS Mail
    • Samsung Mail

    If a large number of your subscribers use the above email clients, you definitely have reason to try embedding a video using HTML5 in your email.

    One other consideration with video embedded in email is the ability to determine how many people that click the video actually end up watching it. To track clicks, custom click tracking would also have to be implemented.

    If you want a guide to getting started on adding video into your email code, check out this post.

    Take Note Of Video File Size And Hosting

    Another thing to consider is the video itself. File size and where its hosted are major factors thatll determine if the video will even play within your emails.

    For your video in email, we recommend no more than a 1MB file size due to extended load times hindering your subscribers experience. Larger file sizes take longer to load and require more from your subscribers data plans. Keep your subscribers engaged by keeping your file sizes low.

    You also need to keep in mind where youre hosting the video. YouTube or another video hosting platform will not work. You have to host the video yourself and then link directly to the video file. This may cause issues if youre looking to track video views. But, you can also work with third party video-in-email companies to host and embed a video if you want to track video engagement.

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