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Your From Information Is Wrong Or Misleading

How To Check If Your Emails Are Going Into Spam Gmail Spam Checker

A major reason that your emails may end up in spam is incorrect From information. The From line, the one that tells your recipients who sent the email, needs to be accurate and not misleading. In some cases, a tool on your site such as a contact form plugin might be sending spoof emails with From details that trigger spam alerts.

If your contact form emails are getting flagged as spam, the fix is usually pretty simple. Youll want to make sure that the From field in your contact form settings has the admin address for your site, rather than the email address entered into the form. If youre having the contact form send you email notifications, also make sure the addresses used in From and To are different.

Its Not Clear What Your Subscribers Are Signing Up For

Transparency is key, especially when it comes to building your customer base.

When filling out your signup form, users should be fully aware of what kind of communication theyre going to be receiving in the future.

Its not alright to advertise one service and send emails about another one unless youve specified that in your web form. Or to say that youre just collecting submissions for a competition and end up using the email database for marketing communication.

Be crystal clear about what youre going to talk about in your emails and then deliver on that promise. When you do that, youll see that your unsubscribe, and complaint rates will drop. And your sender reputation will improve.

Pro tip 1: Make sure that your web form, the thank you page following it, and your welcome email clearly state what your users are signing up for. Doing this early in the subscription process improves your chances of building strong relationships with your audience. And, reducing the likelihood of your emails going to spam.

Pro tip 2: If you want to lower your unsubscribe rate a good idea might be to fill out your email list description visible in your subscribers preference center. This will help your audience decide which lists they want to stay subscribed to and which ones they want to opt out from.

How To Stop Emails From Going To The Spam Folder

There are several best practices and tips that you can follow to improve your reputation and deliverability. We created a free white paper that lists 34 factors that can impact your deliverability, but also highlighted the top tips to follow and adopt here:

Sender addresses:

Avoid using free web-based email addresses for your sender addresses.

Use a custom domain email address that is linked to your website. You will then be able to setup DKIM & SPF, which will allow for email authentication by the recipient servers.

Ensure your website is active and running. Sending email from an address that is linked to an inactive or blank website will make ISPs suspicious.

Contact lists:

Do not purchase, borrow or copy any third party contact lists. Not only do these types of lists typically contain many spam traps and poor quality email addresses, it is against our sending policy. Note: A spam trap is an email address that is not used for communication and it should never receive emails if it does receive email, then it is automatically considered to be spam

Develop good quality contact lists by collecting email addresses via an opt-in from your website. A double opt-in process is recommended to eliminate mis-typed or fake email addresses.

Regularly update and clean your contact lists. Monitor your mailing results, and remove older non-engaging or blocked email addresses. Focus on the people who are most interested in your newsletters.

Email content:

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What Is A Spam Checker Or A Spam Filter Test

Even if you follow all of the above best practices, inevitably you may have missed something, or even more likely is that there might be something going on that you could have never caught with the naked eye. In fact, 70% of emails show at least one spam-related issue that could impact deliverability.

Thats why its so important to run spam tests to check the potential of your email being delivered to both the ISP and the ultimate inbox.

Unlike your naked eye, or even your picky colleagues eye, a spam test reviews your email to determine whether different spam filters will flag it and keep it out of inboxes.The test looks at everything from the content of your email, subject lines, where you are sending it from, and your domains reputation. To use our bouncer analogy from before, its like showing up hours before the evening gets started to have your bouncer pre-approve you for access. It might not always work but it certainly gives you some assurances you didnt have before.

You Dont Set An Email Sending Frequency

why are my emails going to spam gmail

Another reason behind you might be flagged as spam is that you might not have an appropriate schedule for your emails. If this is the case for you, please start making one!

Try not to send e-mails to your customers at inconvenient times. Also, as you get to know your audience’s taste, you can set an email sending frequency.

If they prefer to get an email from you once a week, you should make that happen.

78% of consumers unsubscribe from emails because brands sent out too many emails. Make your offerings easy for people to take advantage of otherwise you may not be as successful as you want.

You dont have to send spam to be considered a spammer. If your IP address gets flagged as spam then your reputation is at stake.

Also, an email service provider is an important metric. For example, you may use MailerLite to send your campaigns. That means, your emails are sent through their servers. So, if someone sends spam messages through their service, then your reputation and deliverability can be affected as well.

My advice is to use a reputable email service provider because they prevent such scenarios by means of strict procedures and regulations.

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Send Content Relevant To Your Email List

The core of any successful email program is a commitment to sending relevant, interesting content to your recipients. This means being intentional about your sending practices and not sending for the sake of sending. Aimless sending can cause your engagement to suffer, and thats the last thing we want. The emails you send should resonate with your recipients, otherwise, you risk getting ignoredor worse, sent to spam.

The next time you draft an email, consider the following before hitting send:

  • Am I sharing new, urgent, or relevant information with my recipients?
  • Have I shared an update about this topic recently? Is it too soon to send another update?
  • Do all of my subscribers need to know this information? Should I update a specific segment of my list instead?
  • Would I find this email valuable as a recipient?
  • Finding what email content works best for your brand often involves trial and error, so feel free to try new things and experiment with new styles of copy as you get to know your recipients.

    You Werent Given Your Customers Permission

    Take your customers’ permission if you haven’t yet. This is the golden rule of email marketing. Believe me, people aren’t interested in your special discounts or products if they dont know you.

    If youre sending emails randomly, you should know that it is unethical and ineffective. There are lots of marketers and business owners that buy an email list, which is a total mistake!

    There is nothing you can benefit from an email list that was bought from somewhere else. You should create a target audience and do your best to convert them into loyal customers.

    So, you should add someones email address if s/he only willingly opts-in to your list.

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    Heres Why Emails Go To Spam

    Email has been and continues to be an absolute workhorse for marketers.

    Research from the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric found, Email had a median ROI of 122 percentmore than four times higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search.

    So it definitely gets the job done.

    But theres an issue that all email marketers must contend with and thats falling into the dreaded black hole that is the spam folder.

    Return Paths 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report discovered that 20 percent of all commercial emails wind up as spam.

    And lets be honest. An email is almost always a goner at the point.

    I mean how many people are actually going to take the time to sift through their spam folder to see if maybe, just maybe your email was inadvertently diverted there?

    My guess would be zero.

    This is hugely problematic because the average open rate is only 32 percent and even lower for certain industries.

    So when you factor in emails going to spam, that number diminishes even more.

    Right now Im going to discuss some common reasons why emails go to spam and how to ensure that yours dont wind up there.

    Spam Test : How To Do It Right To Skyrocket Your Deliverability In 2022

    How to check if the email is going to spam with GlockApps seed list test

    Damien Brenelière

    Regularly running a spam test is one of the best practices to avoid the spam filters and improve your deliverability. At MailReach, weve seen that most of the time, spam testing is often done in an incomplete or biased way. In this article, well cover how to properly run a spam test and check if your email will land in spam, categories or inbox.

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    How To Prevent Email Being Marked As Spam

    Scan your email using the email spam test tool above to identify any potential issues with DNS records or even the message’s content or subject line. Validate that your SpamAssassin score is as close to 1 as possible. Take the appropriate steps to solve these issues such as delisting your IP address from blacklists and removing spam traps. If all recommendations by our email spam checker have been completed, then move onto the next step of email validation.

    Trusting an email validation service that can verify emails and also identify complainers, spam traps, and emails likely to bounce is crucial to maintaining healthy sender scores. It is strongly recommended to never blindly message a marketing list, even if you directly collected the email addresses yourself. Emails can be deactivated or turned into recycled spam traps due to inactivity, so the risk for older contacting lists greatly increases. If a mail service provider notices a bounce rate over a certain threshold, they will blacklist the sending IP or domain.

    It can also be helpful to check if any malicious links are present in your marketing messages. IPQS also offers a free tool to check URLs for malware, which could identify issues with message content. If a mail service provider suspects a link is related to phishing or misleading advertising, it can greatly impact inbox deliverability.

    What Will Be Tested

    SpamAssassin ScoreSpamAssassin is a widely used spam filter that assigns a spam score of 0-10 to each email. We check your email with SpamAssassin and show you which issues were detected.

    Gmail Spam FilterGoogle Gmail is the most widely used email provider in the world. It is therefore elementary that an email is not classified as spam by Gmail. Our Spam Checker tests whether your email ends up in the spam filter or in the inbox at Gmail.

    Gmail InboxGmail divides the inbox into 5 different categories . Only if your email lands in the first category, the recipient will see it directly. Our tool shows you in which category your email has been placed by Gmail.

    SPFIf you send the email using your own domain, be sure to create a valid SPF record to increase deliverability. The records shows the recipient that you are authorized to send an email with this domain. Our Spam Check verifies if there is a valid SPF record.

    DKIMDKIM also helps to increase deliverability by adding a digital signature to the email. Our tool checks whether a valid DKIM record exists.

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    Why Are My Mailchimp Emails Going To Spam

    Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider that gets so much buzz nowadays and for a good reason. For one, you can send as many as 10,000 emails per month for up to 2,000 contacts for free!

    It also helps email marketers design newsletters, integrates them with services they already use, shares them on social networks, and tracks results. This platform is an all-in-one email publishing platform.

    With Mailchimps professional-looking templates and drag-and-drop builder, you can save time optimizing your emails and focus more on engagement.

    However, despite being a good email marketing tool, Mailchimp emails may land in your subscribers junk or spam folders instead of your subscribers inboxes.

    And you are left wondering, why does this happen when Im sending campaigns with Mailchimp, even though Im not a spammer? Well, thats what were going to find out today.

    So, without further ado, lets dive into how to fix Mailchimp emails going to spam and ways to avoid it from happening to finally streamline your email marketing efforts!

    Advice On How To Send Bulk Email Without Spamming

    Why your emails are going to the spam and what can you do ...

    Sending bulk email that consistently lands in the inbox unfortunately can be a pretty frustrating process, especially if youre not staying on top of your lists, campaigns, and sending processes.

    Thats what Mailjet is here for, to not only optimize our platform for world class deliverability, but also to arm our customers with the latest tips and best practices to ensure deliverability.

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    Audience Wants Html Format Emails

    Maybe your segmented audience prefers to get emails in HTML format and your emails don’t follow that format!

    In that case, you should

    • Make sure that your HTML code is simple and clean. Stay away from complexity.
    • Never send image-only emails with no text and of course, compress them for the ideal size.
    • Use fonts that work across platforms, unknown fonts dont work everywhere.
    • Make sure that your emails are mobile responsive.

    Your Content Triggers Spam Filters

    Spam filters check for certain words . If an email gets enough hits or contains those words in addition to some of the other items on this list, it can end up in spam folders. Spam trigger keywords can include:

    • Free
    • Multiple exclamation points or dollar signs in a row
    • Words with unnecessary spaces or punctuation
    • Words that are in ALL CAPS

    In general, these are words that are either heavily sales-oriented or clearly designed to get around spam filters . While using a handful of these isnt necessarily a death sentence for your messages, using too many of them can be.

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    Of course, some of these keywords are tough to avoid, especially if youre sending ecommerce or financial emails. To get around this problem, you can use varied language and try to get creative about how you phrase things.

    Above all, its smart to avoid pushy or salesy language and make sure youre following proven best practices for writing email content were highlighting here.

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